What Questions Makes Woman Melt?


What Questions Makes Woman Melt?In a male-dominated world, a lot of women feeling insecure even at their own homes. Rivalries happen even when the salary of a wife is more than the husband. Women have to keep silent because of in-laws and her family’s reputation.Some women balance the financial condition of the home when the husband is not getting a job despite putting effort. The husband works as a freelancer and earns better. The wife comes home tired after 7:30 pm.QuestionsHusband: Give me your bag?Wife: No you carry with your work.Husband: Work will be done anytime.Wife: House is looking clean.Husband: Thanks.The husband should bring a glass of water and should make his wife drink water with own hand.Wife: Give me glass in my hand.Husband: Relax yourself you must be tired due to office work and travel.A husband should caress the hair of the wife with the other hand while feeding her water. The wife will look in the eyes of the husband.Wife: Why you take so much care of me?Husband: You are the breadwinner of the family.Wife: Even you earn from home. Nothing strange.Husband: Leave it. You refresh.After refreshing, the husband should serve tea of coffee for the wife with snacks.Wife: So sweet of you.Husband: This much I can do for you.Wife: You do so much for me.The husband should avoid excessive eye contact with his wife. Speak with her politely.Husband: Was there too much rush by bus or train?Wife: Yes but I am habituated.Husband: Did you get hurt in crowd or muscle strain?Wife: You are such a unique caring man.Husband: Enjoy catching jokes on me. I won’t mind it seriously.Wife: Can I ask you some questions?Husband: Yes sureWife: While talking with me, why you avoid eye contact with me? Am I a stranger to you?Husband: It’s nothing like that. I feel awkward that I am not able to fulfill your wishes.Wife: I have no regrets that you are sitting at home and earning. Be straight forward.Husband: That’s so kind of you. How was your day at the office?Wife: As usual as normal.Husband: Any quarrel with a senior employee?Wife: A little bit happens every day. Why do you want to know such stuff?Husband: Sorry. Because female hides torture and wounds facing the outside world.Wife: Even my mother doesn’t ask so many bahis şirketleri questions.Husband: Your family surrendered you to me. I feel sorry for not fulfilling their promises (in tears).Wife: Don’t be so emotional.Husband: I had kept a few pieces of apple and bananas for youWife: But I brought custard apple and g****s from groceries.Husband: Never mind. You can eat those.Wife: You give me an apple and a banana.Husband: Custard apple creates a cough inside the human body.Wife: I need a change in life.The maid comes and prepares dinner. Husband busy in his work.Wife busy in the TV serial. After dinner.Husband: If you don’t mind, shall I massage your forehead?Wife: Stop caring so much about me.Husband: Sorry.Wife: Hey wait. my tongue slipped. I am extremely sorry.Husband: It’s alright. It was my mistake of over possessiveness towards you.Wife: It’s not your duty to massage my forehead.Husband: Shall I relax your toes if it’s painingWife: Why you ask such questions. Being a husband, you should never touch the legs of the wife.Husband: Bury that mythology below ground. I don’t believe such stuff.Wife: Don’t pull my toe fingers with force.Husband: Fine.The husband relaxes the toes of the wife. The wife starts feeling sleepy. The husband puts a sheet to cover the wife’s body and he sleeps on the floor. After 2 hours, the wife gets up for the toilet and finds the husband sleeping on the floor. She switches on the light and wakes up her husband.Husband: what happened?Wife: You ask yourself what happened to you?Husband: I didn’t get it.Wife: You are married to me. Sleep with me.Husband: I get some strange feelingWife: Shall I go back to my parents’ home?Husband: I am getting up.Early morning.Husband: Good morning. You need to get readyWife: Same to you darling.Husband: Shall I switch on the geyser?Wife: Yes.Husband touches wife forehead and neck for feverWife: Oh god. Nothing is wrong with me.Husband: I must check.Wife: Shall I take a shower now?Husband: Sure. Hahaha.The husband prepares protein shake and fruit salad as breakfast for the wife.Wife: I feel bored of daily fruit salad. Can you boil an egg for me?Husband: It’s a hot climate outside.Wife: Please for todayHusband: Fine I will make it.The wife leaves bahis firmaları for office. Husband texts message to wife after 2 hours asking about any complications during travel. After reaching the office, the wife is busy in a meeting. Suddenly after 1 hour, the wife feels vomiting sensation. She excuses herself for the sickness issue. She vomits in the office washroom.She leaves for home and finds husband waiting for a taxi. The husband holds plastic near the mouth of the wife so that she could vomit. After reaching home, the husband makes her comfortable with water and medicine.Wife: I should have eaten fruit saladHusband: It happens. Don’t be stressed. Did you read my message?Wife: No.Husband: You take rest. I will massage your forehead.Wife: Love you.Husband: Love you, too.The husband keeps cucumber slices on the eyes of the wife as it was turning red. He gets busy in his work as the wife is deep asleep.During sunset, the wife gets up and reads the message of the husband. She smiles with a glow on her face. Slowly she gets in the common room and covers the eyes of her husband and kisses his cheeks.Husband: How are you feeling now?Wife: Much better.Both start gossiping while watching TV. News of a married woman groped by 4 men is shown. The husband changes the channel.Wife: Please reverse the channel.Husband: I don’t like such news about sexual assaults happening in women.Wife: If the same things happen with me then?Husband: Please don’t say such a thing in front of me.The husband gets up and goes into the bedroom.Wife: Please don’t misunderstand me. My intention was not to hurt your feelingsHusband: Your questions gave me goosebumps. Shall I wait outside your office?Wife: No need. When I will leave late from office, I will alert youHusband: Some devices should be made so that when the female is in danger, her parents or husband will come to know about itWife: Your thinking makes me feel safe and secure.Husband: I brought some mouth freshening mint for youWife: I got bad taste. No hungry feeling.Husband: Due to vomiting, you must be having a bad breath?Wife: How you know what’s happening inside of my body?Husband: Some talent can’t be shared.The wife consumes mouth freshening mint.Wife: Can you guess kaçak bahis siteleri when will I get the next menstrual period?Husband: After 10 days.Wife: Let’s see.Husband: Extremely sorry.Wife: Be frank with me.Husband: My mother told me not to ask or discuss with the wife about her menstrual periods.Wife: Never mind. I can feel respect for me in your eyes.Husband: You might be feeling hungry.Wife: Very much hungry.Husband: Will you eat food by my hands?Wife: I would love it.The husband feeds a wife with his hands. During sleeping, the wife puts her one leg over the leg of husband. No reaction from the husband. Then she puts her hand over the arms of husband.Wife: Are you awake or sleeping?Husband: Just thinking whether your next step will be kicking down from bedWife: Funny, hahaha. Your mother didn’t guide about how to treat wife in bed?Husband: Taboo stuff was not discussed in my family.Wife: When I go office, you visit womanizing websites?Husband: Check my web history. Nothing is deleted.Wife: Bring your laptop.The wife doesn’t find any adult or websites about womanizing techniques.Husband: I will sleep in the common room.Wife: You get nervous easily.Husband: I have no shy feeling about talking about sexual topics with you. I feel guilty that it will make you insecure in your own home.Wife: What’s wrong with you?Husband: Nothing wrong. You are the breadwinner of the family. If you wanna dominate me, blindfold and tie my hands to bed cornersWife: Sleep quietly next to me. I will not harass you.Next few days very few conversations will happen between husband and wife.The wife reaches home tired and directly sleeps on the bed. The husband warms water on gas and puts it in a hot water bag. He knocks the door of the bedroom and his wife allows him to come inside.Husband: Are you having too much weakness, body pain?Wife: Yes.Husband: Keep this lukewarm water on your abdomen.Wife: Will you do it for me, please?Husband: OKWife: Your guess about my periods came true.Husband: Don’t praise me. Drink watermelon juice. After 2 hours, I will give you coconut water.Wife: That day whatever I said don’t feel bad.Husband: You are not a sex commodity for me. If you crave for making love with me, I will breathe inside you.Wife: It’s not just breathing it’s entering inside my womanhood.Husband: You are in the menstrual periods’ phase. Don’t talk about sex.After 5 days, the husband and wife enjoy sex.If you liked my story which is true respect for sex,

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