What the Boss Orders

Big Tits

The company I work for is managed by a couple well in their fifties who are absolute workaholics. They constantly think of work and do not hesitate to contact employees at home no matter what time it is. I am in my mid thirties now, a bit heavy but not overweight. My department is on the top floor of a seven-floor building and is out of view from other departments.

The woman, Ginger, is in her mid fifties and none would ever hint that she is attractive. Her weight has increased with age and her face is rough and wrinkled. Having been a full time athlete in her early years, though, her legs are well shaped still. Despite the number of years she has, she is very energetic but a very foul tempered woman. She always dresses in short skirts and the way she sits with her legs wide open, displays her lace knickers and well-shaped legs. On top, she prefers to wear thin silk tops, but nothing else underneath so her breasts and nipples are clearly visible swaying and bouncing as she stumps in the offices.

Terry, her husband is in his late fifties, going bald and quite heavy, with a wrinkled face and an equal foul mood, looking every single year of his age.

That day, Ginger was in her daily visits to the department asking for various details of our tasks and duties. That day she was wearing one of her usual short dresses, and a thin blouse sitting in her chair with her legs spread displaying, not a lace panty as usual, but a perfectly trim, shiny wet but over used pussy. The lips were slightly parted and it was obvious that she was horny as it was soaked and drippy. Her nipples were straining the thin fabric, anxious to be set free, yelling for some abuse. Ginger was a picture of a bitch in heat.

Although not an attractive view, what was on display in front of my bare eyes was not something usual, especially from my boss, so I just couldn’t get my eyes off her, her wet pussy or puffy nipples, and I soon got caught. The other 4 young guys in the office were ‘fortunate’ not to esenyurt anal yapan escort experience the sight I was now viewing as they all had their backs turned to her.

Noticing my hungry stare at her bare ‘goods’ Ginger being the person she is called up in her rough voice. “Do you like what you see young man?” I blushed and shyly nodded. What does one do at such situations really anyway?

“Come and get it then!” was her reply and with that she hiked her skirt up, spread her legs further apart and parted her lips even more. I froze! “Come on!” she called, and with that I went over to her and put my hand on her wet pussy, slipping two fingers up her aged cunt. And with my free hand raised her blouse and found her large sagging tits and erect nipples. She moaned deeply and bucked to meet my thrust. That naturally caught my colleagues’ attention and they all turned to watch, a couple of them displaying notable bulges already.

“Is this the best you can do!” she groaned, “Come on, give me more!”

I was shocked. “Hasn’t this gone a bit far?” I muttered.

“You’d better finish what you started, young man.” she replied implying a grim prospect if I did not do what she ordered. That was Ginger all right, and that was all I wanted to hear at that time.

“Ok then, if that’s what you really want Mrs. Ginger.” And with that I knelt in front of her and stuck two more fingers in. With my free thumb I toyed with her swollen clit.

Ginger closed her eyes and let her head drop back. Grimaces of joy decorated her face whose wrinkles had been partially concealed by a series of surgical acts.

“Yeah, great, more, faster, yeah.” I was doing a good job.

Suddenly Ginger lifted her head, opened her eyes and barked to my colleagues, “What are you all looking at?” That caused a commotion as they froze and stopped rubbing their cocks through their trousers and turn around. “Get your trousers down and give me some esenyurt escort young cock.”

They turned and looked at each other and then me as I was pumping feverishly four of my fingers in and out her.

“Come on, don’t be late, I want cock!”

There is no need for further encouragement after this really, especially when it comes from your own boss.

All four of my colleagues hastily removed their clothing and gathered around Ginger’s chair and she grabbed one cock in each hand letting out soft moans while one of the bravest managed to feed his in her fat heavily painted lips while my fingers are still working in and out of her. With this going on I was not really sure what to do, but seeing the action I knew I needed to do something too, so without losing pace I managed to unzip my trousers, release my swollen cock and with one move replaced my fingers with it. The sensation was amazing. Despite the fact that her aged pussy was not an attractive sight, the warmth and softness I felt in Ginger’s pussy was amazing, and the way she used her vaginal muscles made the whole experience unique. I know though that I could not let go as Ginger would squash me in her if I did. I controlled my urges and started pumping in and out of her, receiving muffled groans with each stroke as proof that I was on the right track.

The guy receiving the blowjob however did not last that long and with a sudden grunt he emptied his load in Ginger’s mouth. Soon, however, another cock replaced the one that deflated in her and Ginger readily accepted the treat managing to utter, “That’s the way I like it, don’t you dare stop!” between treats.

All this was much more than I could handle and after pumping furiously in and out of this welcoming pussy I exploded in her filling her with my juices. At her age I was sure we would not have to worry about getting Ginger pregnant.

“Where do you think you are going,” was what I got as I started withdrawing esenyurt eve gelen escort after there was nothing left to pump into her. “Get back where you were and get fucking. I want cock in my cunt!” and with these words she went back to sucking the young guy who was in her mouth and soon flooded her with his come only to be replaced by another. The two guys that had come yet were still ‘enjoying’ her hand job, obviously aroused by all this but equally uncomfortable by the fact that this cock hungry bitch in front of them was their employer. Seeing that their colleague had come in Ginger’s mouth, they looked at each other and one of them tried take their place. I still was in her trying to maintain my stiffy to pleasure my boss more as ordered.

“No, that’s not what I want now,” she called, her voice altered by the cum that had filled her mouth. “I want you both in me and I want him in my mouth,” she ordered in a tone that meant she would not take no for an answer. So, as we all moved away from her, my cock slightly deflating after having come in her she ordered one of my colleagues to lie down and she moved her heavy body on him, driving his cock in her. A task not so difficult for a used cunt like hers lubricated by my cum which was now streaming out of her. After bouncing on my colleague a few times she placed her hands on her butt cheeks and spreading them said, “Come on, fuck my ass, and don’t be lazy, I warn you!”

With that my other colleague went behind her and with some effort her his fat cock in her making her cry. Whether of pain or joy I never know.

Remembering what she had said I stood in front of her as she was pounded from both holes and stuffed my cock in her mouth. She hungrily took my member, who soon became hard and I watched her fucked on both ends soon exploded in her mouth together with my colleagues. Ginger would not have it of course and spotting the rest of the group lazily playing with their again erect cocks ordered them to take their places under and behind her.

We all worked overtime that day filling Ginger’s openings with our cum and at the end of it all exhausted were happy to talk about job satisfaction.

The next day the account’s department called us in and we were all handed our notices. That’s the thank you one gets for doing what the bosses commands after all.

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