What We Will Do


I will look at you. Stare into your eyes, melt into them a little, hold your gaze for as long as I can bear. I will hold you. You will rest your head on my shoulder and I will tangle your hair around the tips of my fingers, gently idling with your silky curls for a minute as we breathe slowly and deeply, your arms around my waist.

We will draw closer, my fingers twisting your hair a little harder, and we will look at each other again, a steady, measured gaze softened by constant, concentrated love.

We will kiss. Softly, lips warm, barely parting. I flick the tip of my tongue against your lips and feel you relax. Your hands move, one cupping the side of my face, the other running gently along my spine, moving upward, becoming lost and tangled in my hair. You will start to pull at my hair, barely felt at first, then more urgently, as our kiss becomes harder, my tongue running along the sharp edges of your teeth. My hands move to your shoulders, my nails starting to dig through the thin cloth of your shirt and into your skin.

As you start to bite at my bottom lip I drag my fingers across your shoulder and down to your long, slim waist, roughly pulling at your shirt, freeing it from your jeans. We breathe a little faster, a little more heavily, your hands moving from my face and fingers breaking free from my hair, hands moving together to the collar of my shirt. In one swift, strong movement you tear open the flimsy material, pushing the torn cloth over my shoulders, exposing me. As your rough hands move across my pink, hard nipples I fumble with the buttons of your shirt, flustered, unable to concentrate as I feel warmth start to flood below. I pull your shirt open, still struggling, moaning a little. Wanting you.

I tug at your belt, urgently needing to release you, my hand pressed against the hardness of your cock. Our eyes meet and we kiss again, my naked breasts crushed against your bare chest. Now you wrestle with my skirt, pulling it over my hips, groaning as you slide your hands up my thighs, groaning louder as I finally unbutton your jeans and tug them down. They fall to the floor and I clumsily kick away my skirt, wearing nothing more now than a pair of tiny, black, cotton panties. With more fast, assured motions you tug at them once, twice…then tear them away. You stop kissing me abruptly, step away and gaze at my naked body. Your eyes slide over my shoulders, following the flow of dark hair as it brushes against breasts that rise and fall quickly in time with my breath, then move down, taking in the gentle rise of my stomach, the curves of my pelvis and finally the thatch of black hair that your hand slowly moves towards. You pull me towards you again and as your fingers find their way into wet, warm darkness I gently release your swollen dick, gasping a little at your touch and by the size and readiness of your manhood, my fingers gently stroking your balls before my hand slides along your shaft and grips it firmly. I am now in control.

The day is warm and sun streams through open windows. Smiling, I take your hand and lead you outside. You close your eyes and turn your face toward the sun, relishing the breeze that dances across your skin. Long grass is heavy with dew and you wriggle your toes and enjoy the moisture seeping across the top of your feet.

I drop your hand and turn to face you. I try to look into your eyes, but need to kiss you, so instead I take a deep breath, press my lips to yours and open my mouth a little, forcing your lips apart. Your tongue darts into my mouth, teasing at first, then thrusting more fully, battling with my own tongue, probing smooth teeth as your hands grab my buttocks and start their lingering journey to my hips, waist, spine and shoulders.

You start to push, softly at first, then harder, realising that I won’t be taken easily, your thumbs digging into my collar bones. I resist for a while, enjoying the game, enjoying the kiss that still connects us, then we sink slowly as one, shivering a little as our knees press into cool, wet ground.

My hands roam over your body, the feel of your toned arms, your taught, flat stomach and hard, firm nipples exciting me. Blushing a little, I realise that my own nipples are erect, and as they brush against your bare chest I tingle inside and feel a rush of warmth in my loins. You move your hands to my breasts, squeezing them gently, then kneading harder. You stop abruptly, then tweak my hardened nipples, smiling as I arch my back involuntarily, an intense jolt of pleasure, pain and excitement surging to every nerve ending.

Still smiling, you stand and take your stiff dick in your hand, starting to run your palm up and down its shaft. You stand behind me now, and still gently massaging your cock you kneel once more, pushing me onto all fours. Your fingers find my wetness, and as you push them deep inside you revel in the way I writhe, the sound I make as I gasp.

You release your cock and run your hand over my buttocks and hips, sliding them over my stomach then upwards, towards my breasts, now hanging pendulously towards the ground, nipples tickling against fronds of dew-coated grass. One hand works at massaging them, tweaking the nipples playfully at first, then harder, pinching at soft, pale flesh. The other hand, now running with my wetness, works between my legs, gently manipulating my engorged lips, rubbing softly, rhythmically, then harder, harder, harder…

You sense that I am close to orgasm, so move your fingers away, teasing me, running your wet hand through the hot, damp hair that surrounds my sex. I moan, frustrated, excited and desperate for you. You play lazily with your cock again, pulling at my pubic hair, revelling in my frustration, becoming more aroused as I writhe at your touch.

It’s as if you know that I can wait no longer and you thrust your fingers into me once more, delighting in my moans of pleasure as you rub your thumb against my swollen nub. You feel a fresh flood of warm liquid against your fingers as you run your fingers over my lips, back and forth, feeling me rock against your hand, urging you on and on until I feel a sudden, explosive crescendo of heat, of electricity and of raw, intense feeling. I cry out, a sound that is both loud and almost primal, then collapse to the ground, grateful of the cool and damp grass beneath.

It takes a minute or two to recover, aftershocks still sparking inside me, the cooling ground making me shiver a little. Slowly I stand, wanting to take control again, wanting to feel you inside me. Now it is my turn to place my hands on your shoulders and force you to the ground, stopping only when you are lying prone on your back. I gaze at your body, admiring the sheen of sweat that covers you. My eyes move to the tight, black curls that frame your erect cock and I stand astride you, lowering myself onto you, easing you into me, clasping your waist with my inner thighs and bending over you.

Our eyes meet. We hold each other’s gaze for a mere second before I reach forward, pinning you down by the wrists, all the time making sure my breasts are hanging tantalisingly close to your mouth. I start to rock, your manhood filling me completely, fitting me perfectly. I tighten my muscles around your shaft and squeeze as tightly as I can, stopping suddenly as you lift your head and bite at my nipple. I pull away and rock back and forth again, arching my back, raking my nails across your chest. You flinch in pain and desire as I lower my head, letting the tips of my hair tickle your skin, teasing your nipple with my teeth. It takes you a second to catch me off-guard.

Easily breaking free of my grasp, you roll me roughly onto my back, clamping yourself to me, making sure we are still joined together. Now you sit astride me, your dick deep inside, and pin my arms above my head, bending forward and dragging the tip of your tongue across my breasts, tasting salt as you absorb the beads of sweat that have started to form there. You stop as you reach one stiff and tender nipple and begin to flick at it with your tongue, only becoming more excited as I squirm beneath you.

You start to ride me roughly now, thrusting so deeply the resulting ache makes me gasp. I relish this exquisite pain, live for the times you are inside me and close my eyes, wanting to concentrate on nothing but this moment, this feeling of completeness. I hear you groan as you push harder, your hands ravishing my exposed body, leaving small, dark bruises on my arms and shoulders and crescent-shaped whelts where you repeatedly bite at the pink flesh of my breasts.

We move to where we began. Once again I am on all fours, you on your knees behind, thrusting hard and fast into me. You hold onto my waist, using me to anchor you, to ground you, and thrust harder, faster. I feel your fingers digging into my flesh and sense that you are going to cum. Quickly you remove your cock and grasp it, your hand moving easily over the lubricated skin, your arousal only heightened by the warmth and the wetness left by my sex. Closing your eyes you masturbate in front of me, knowing that my gaze cannot leave you. You grow closer and closer, hand moving up and down, up and down, faster, faster, your other hand flat on my stomach, clawing at the soft flesh as you reach your own explosive climax. You cum in a series of long, powerful arcs, raining your liquid over my body and moaning hoarsely as you release your load and sink back, exhausted, to your knees.

You are gone for a minute. I stretch out, luxuriating in the warmth of the sun, the cool breeze drying the sweat from my naked body. You return with a damp towel and a blanket and kneel beside me, using the towel to wipe your still-warm liquid from stomach, breasts and chest. Taking me in your arms you pull the blanket over our waists, covering our entwined legs. I look at your chiselled, handsome features and kiss you once more, gently and firmly on your lips before resting my head on your chest, breathing in your scent, hearing your heartbeat become slower and steadier as we drift into sleep.

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