When the Girls Are Away


To say that Bob’s cock was hard was an understatement! He looked down and could see his swollen member pushing against his jeans. And, god, did he ache. Even sitting wasn’t overly comfortable. He had been home alone. Shelli was out with one of her friends. Problem was that Bob couldn’t get her off his mind. And the more he thought, the harder he got. It had gotten to the point where he just had to do something about it – With, or without Shelli.

Grabbing his belt, he stood up from the couch, having to bend slightly at the waste to accommodate the pain it caused. Belt undone, he fumbled with the button on his pants. His mind was in bed, with his dick in Shelli, making concentrating impossible. Sliding down his zipper definitely helped with the pressure. That felt better, but not good.

Pushing his pants to the floor he stood up. Looking down, Bob could see the head of his cock sticking out the top of his underwear. With a thumb on either side, he slid his underwear to his knees, where gravity took over, and they fell to his ankles. Free of its binding, he cock stuck out in front of him, angled upwards.

Sitting back down, Bob grabbed himself in his right hand, and began stroking up and down. His head dropped back onto the back of the couch, his eyes closing. He kept pumping on his member. Pulling upwards, he squeezed as his thumb and fore-finger reached the swollen, red helmet. It felt so good. Pre-cum began to leak from the end of him, lubricating his head, making it feel even better. He kept stroking, wanting a release.

Bob let out a moan. He was not very far from cumming. He was focused fully on the feeling in his crotch. So much so, he didn’t hear the door on the other side of the room open.

Shelli’s voice broke his concentration. “Hi babe, we’re…”

“Oh my! You’re right Shell. He IS big!”, another voice interrupted. Bob’s eyes snapped open, his hand stopping mid-pull.

“Jane!” he exclaimed. “Uh…I….was….um….,” was all Bob could stammer.

“Oh, I think Jane and I can SEE what you were…um…,” Shelli said with a grin. Bob leaned forward trying to cover his cock with his arms, not being completely successful, his head still poking out from behind.

“Awwwww, I guess the show is over,” Jane said with a pout in her voice.

Shelli glanced over at her with a mischievous grin. “It doesn’t have to be,” she replied. She turned back to Bob. “If Bob doesn’t mind”

“Well…,” he said, not fully convinced this was happening.

“Let’s give him some encouragement,” Shelli said, winking at Jane. Jane paused for a moment, then nodded, and with that, both women began removing their tops. This definitely got Bob’s attention. Especially when they simultaneously reached behind their backs and undid their bras.

As both sets slid down the bayan gaziantep escort women’s’ arms, he was treated to a showing of two pair of absolutely amazing tits. Shelli’s 36D boobs, Bob was used to. He’d often enjoyed them with his eyes, and hands, and mouth, and dick. But he got a real surprise with Jane. At 34DD, she was even bigger. With a full, round shape Bob just stared. “See something you like?”, asked Shelli. He nodded, not taking his eyes off them.

Leaning over, Shelli took Jane’s left nipple in her mouth, sucking on it. Jane gasped, grabbing her other tit in her hand, and squeezing.

Both women turned towards Bob, who was now unable to take his eyes off of them. The moved to beside him on the couch, one on either side – Shelli on the left, and Jane on his right. Shelli pulled his shirt off, saying, “You’re NOT going to need this!” With a hand on each shoulder they pushed him back so he was fully upright. And with that, they each began licking one of Bob’s nipples. Bob pulled his arms back, taking one tit from each girl in a hand. This let his full hard-on stand straight up from his groin.

Shelli caught a glimpse of his manhood standing tall and erect. Looking across at Jane, she nodded towards it. Jane’s eyes moved down and then back up to look Shelli straight in her eyes. Shelli nodded her consent. All the while, Bob was completely unaware of the communication, his head rolled back, moaning softly. The ache in his cock grew stronger than ever.

Jane reached out with her right hand, putting it on Bob’s knee. With her index finger, she traced up the inside of his thigh until she reached his crotch. Sliding her hand down, she grabbed his sack, squeezing gently. She ran a finger up the bottom side of his shaft, moving all the way from base to the very tip and back down again. About half way down, she stopped, and took his cock in her hand. Holding on firmly, she began stroking him.

“YES!” Bob gasped. Still sucking and licking, both women looked at each other with a twinkle in their eyes. Reaching across, Shelli grabbed Jane’s right tit, giving it a squeeze. Pinching her nipple, Shelli again nodded towards Bob’s big, hard cock. “Go for it. Do you want to?” she said. Looking back, Jane nodded.

The girls both stood up. “Hey! Don’t stop!” Bob groaned.

“You just lay back on the couch, lover. We’re not done yet,” said Shelli.

“Not by a long shot!” exclaimed Jane.

As Bob stretched out on the couch, the girls proceeded to get out of their pants. As Shelli dropped her tight jeans, Bob could see how damp her boy-short panties were. Curious, his eyes swung over towards Jane as she bent over to take off her pants, her ass towards Bob. The leopard thong she had on looked incredible, but that bayan escort gaziantep view didn’t last long, as it too came off. Turning around, Bob could clearly see Jane’s shaved snatch.

Shelli just watched Bob’s reactions. “Time for a little snack,” she giggled. With that, she pushed off her panties and climbed onto the couch, straddling Bob’s face. Eagerly, he began licking at her pussy, tasting her juices. Reaching around her legs, Bob pulled her towards him, burying himself in the task.

“Hey, Shell. I think he likes that. Look at his dick!” It was obvious Bob did enjoy eating Shelli out. Pre-cum leaked from his dick, which was throbbing in time with his pounding heart, his blood making him as hard as rock. Bob slid his left leg off the edge of the couch, his foot now on the floor. His right leg was propped on the back of the couch, giving free access to him, the invitation obvious.

Jane worked her way up on the couch, kneeling between Bob’s legs. She leaned forward, extending her tongue towards her friend’s boy-friend’s cock. Making sure her tongue was flat against the bottom side of him, his helmet just outside her mouth, she grabbed the base of his cock with her hand. As she began to pull on him, a stream of pre-cum ran out onto her tongue. “Mmmmmmmm,” Jane sighed. With that, she released her hand, and dove down, taking as much of Bob into her eager mouth as she could.

Bob moaned loudly under Shelli. He was in heaven. He pulled Shelli towards him even harder, mashing her wet pussy against his mouth. With his tongue, he probed around her. He pushed it as far as he could into her hole. Enjoying the feeling, she leaned forward a bit, and ground herself into his face, willing him to go farther, but knowing it would never be as deep as when he fucked her. He worked his way up from her hole, towards her clit. As he hit it, she tensed, the feeling filling her body. He flicked is tongue back and forth. Then, getting a quick breath, he opened his mouth and began sucking on her.

“Ahhhhhhhh,” she said, her body beginning to shake. Reaching up, she took one boob in each hand, and began kneading herself.

Meanwhile, Jane continued to slide her mouth up and down Bob’s cock. He was definitely big. Bigger than any guy she’d ever had. She reached down to feel herself, already knowing the result. She was soaking wet, and two fingers easily slid in. The fingers inside her felt so good. She wanted more. She wanted him inside her. But this was the first time she’d ever shared a guy. Straightening up, she drove them deeper.

Looking down at Bob’s cock, she longed to straddle him. “Oh Shelli. I…..want…..I want to…..”. She just couldn’t finish it.

Shelli grinned across at Jane. She knew exactly what she wanted…and escort bayan gaziantep why. She also knew that she, herself, was getting close to an orgasm. “Do it!” she exclaimed. “Do it NOW”

Jane didn’t need more prompting than that. She moved back far enough to grab Bob’s legs and move them together. Crawling forward she straddled his shaft, again grabbing him in her hand. Positioning the head of him against her pussy lips, she began to lower herself onto him. God, it was like being impaled! She could feel him stretching her, driving deeper and deeper. It felt like he would never end. As he disappeared into her, she reached down with her left hand and began working her clit. Tremors began to shake her body. She began bouncing on Bob’s cock, each time felling him bottom out inside her. It was amazing.

Reaching forward she squeezed Shelli’s left tit. Shelli straightened a bit. “Suck on it”. It was more a command than a plea. Jane complied, and began sucking and nibbling on Shelli’s very erect nipple.

The three were all in ecstasy. But Bob had a head start on the two women. He pushed upwards with his hips, shoving himself end-to-end into Jane. With a guttural moan, he came, filling her with his seed. He pushed and pushed, until he was finally empty.

But it was now Jane’s turn. Feeling the swelling of Bob’s cock, the pounding of him in her, the cum blasting out the end of him, combined with sucking on Shelli and her own touch finally had its effect. Her body shook, and she came too, the muscles of her pussy clamping around Bob’s cock, squeezing the last drops out of him. “YES,” she screamed, releasing Shelli’s nipple from her mouth for an instant, then sucking even harder.

Bob redoubled his efforts on Shelli, feeling that she was close. He slid his tongue around on the smooth patch of skin between her clit and her hole, working closer and closer to that magic opening. Reaching it, he pushed his tongue in, sliding it round inside her. Jane had finished touching herself, and reached over, now rubbing Shelli’s clit. She pushed it and pinched it, working to help Bob.

This combined action was too much for Shelli to stand, and she came, spraying all over Bob. The orgasm was so intense, she collapsed forward, Jane catching her with one arm and her shoulder. She shook and shook. All the while Bob and Jane kept licking and rubbing on her, not releasing her until she was completely spent.

Shelli slid back off Bob’s face, Jane off his now flaccid cock. They were all panting, and had to catch their breath. After a while Bob sat up, and the two girls snuggled up to him, one on each shoulder. The three of them stayed like that for quiet a while, recovering from their unexpected encounter.

“Well, THAT was amazing, ladies” Bob said, his breathing now slowed. “But I thought you were going out for dinner”

“We were, but we figured we’d see if you wanted to join us,” replied Jane.

“Well, I supposed we could always head out now, if you want.”

“Well lover, I think we’ll just eat in tonight,” grinned Shelli. And with that, she dropped her head into Bob’s lap, taking his cock into her mouth to get him hard for another round!

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