When Wishes Have Come True


N.B. ‘When the Pandora’s box is opened, beware…you may not like what you let out’ …welcome to the second third of ‘When Wishes Come True’.


The baking heat of the summer heat soaked Shorehaven in a warmth that was both relaxing and enlivening, even as the night was dark and far from young. It was a night of peace, a night of smiles, and a night of pleasant dreams throughout the vast jewel city, none more so than within the now silent apartment shared by Nick Greeves and Alicia Brookes.

But a few hours earlier their apartment had been alive with sounds and noise, what with the constant squeaking and creaking of the bed and Alicia’s moans, groans and screams of pure ecstasy as the man above her fucked her senseless on the bed…though that man had not been her boyfriend Nick. Now that bed, that room, that apartment, and that gorgeous brunette girlfriend lay silent and peaceful, and that man lay opposite her while her boyfriend lay with his arm around her, holding her lovingly as they slept.

A few hours had passed since the three of them had decided to head to bed, this time to sleep however, and due to the imposing heat of that night the three of them lay naked and asleep on the wrinkled covers that had seen so much action that night. All three of them had welcomed sleep not long after their heads had touched the pillow, however dreams soon began to change within the gorgeous sleeping girlfriend, and with them, so did the night.

At first loving and warm dreams of her boyfriend had filled her mind, but then the occasional memory of what had happened crept in and Alicia found herself feeling sensations of horniness at the memory of watching Nick watch her while his friend relentlessly pounded her pussy with his unbelievable nine-inch dick. Dreams of her boyfriend interlaced and flicked between dreams of Eric, his friend, and his muscular body, or his handsome face and short, dirty blonde hair, or increasingly more often, of his hard, oh so fucking good, thick cock that had given her the biggest orgasm of her life.

As the dreams continued, Alicia’s heart began to beat slightly faster, then slightly more, until she was breathing harder, and then, as she heard Nick tell her he wanted Eric to fuck her doggie style over the couch…she woke up.

All was still and silent except for the occasional soft touch of a gentle breeze passing the window, however Alicia found, as she looked around the room, that her heart still beat a touch fast and her breathing was a touch heavy, causing her large, heavy 36D tits to rise and fall tantalisingly on her chest above her boyfriend’s arm.

Taking a moment to settle herself, Alicia ran her hand along Nick’s arm and heard him murmur softly as he slept and gently tightened his hold on her. With a small warm smile as she thought how sweet her boyfriend was, Alicia felt her heart begin to slow to normal and her breathing settle, that was until her eyes wandered and fell on the sleeping, naked form of her boyfriend’s friend a little way from her.

At first Alicia’s heart jumped slightly, her dream had ended with Eric looking very pleased at Nick’s suggestion, however as the stunning girlfriend noticed that her boyfriend’s friend was still asleep she soon calmed herself down. She really had to get a hold of herself, she thought as she looked over at Eric lying there asleep. What had happened that night had all been to give Nick his fantasy…well, she had more than enjoyed it of course, but still, it was over now and things were going to get back to normal between them. She couldn’t keep letting herself get all jumpy like this, they were all adults, they had all agreed, and it had just been harmless fun, just harmless, good, sex….well, harmless incredible sex.

As the beautiful brunette tried to calm herself with her thoughts she was unaware that her eyes slowly took in all of Eric’s features. His handsome face, his strong, chiselled body…and finally, she became aware that her eyes had travelled down his hot body when her eyes suddenly fell on his full, hard, nine inch dick.

Staring at the impressive, huge member made Alicia’s pussy tingle and sent butterflies to her stomach. How had she ever taken all of that long, thick cock inside her? Fuck! It was so beautiful! It had made her feel…so….well…unbelievable! With her eyes fixed on Eric’s solidly hard cock, Alicia was unaware of her boyfriend’s friend’s eyes opening slowly, or that he watched her staring lovingly at his huge member for a good few minutes as part of her yearned for it.

“See something you like?” A voice suddenly asked and Alicia looked up, a little startled as she had thought both Nick and Eric were asleep. She quickly recovered her composure, though, as her grey eyes fell on the slightly smug smile of Eric’s handsome face.

“Maybe” She answered with a hint of mystery and a gentle gleam in her eye. Eric’s smug smile deepened slightly and Alicia’s lips couldn’t help but softly curve also. “I thought you were asleep, I didn’t expect you to be ‘awake’ so soon.”

It was almanbahis giriş only after the words had left her mouth that she realised what she was doing. Why was she flirting with Eric? Sure, having him catch her staring at his big, hard, naked, cock…well, that had made her stomach flutter, not to mention a slight tingling in her pussy, but still, Nick was asleep right behind her! She had to calm herself down, she thought as she tried to keep her eyes on Eric’s face without appearing to have to.

Unfortunately, her boyfriend’s friend had obviously caught on to the meaning of her words as he glanced down at his hard…thick…dick, before he looked back at her with pride clear on his face. Oh, he knew exactly what that big dick of his had done to her earlier.

“How could I not be when you’re lying naked right near me.” Eric answered, and as he continued his voice grew softer and more enchanting, and Alicia felt her heart quicken. “You’re close enough to just touch…” He said gently, his hand moving closer to her though it came to rest a few inches away from her tits, so tantalizingly close, yet he didn’t cross the line…oh how her body wanted him to though. “…close enough for you to touch me.”

Eric slowly slid his hand to one of hers, and gently taking it, he began to slowly pull it along the bed covers, down slowly towards his thick, naked, nine-inch cock that stood proudly at attention and held Alicia’s eyes as she followed the path Eric led for her hand.

About two inches from touching the hard rod Alicia suddenly stopped him. Her heart was pounding and her pussy was on fire. Here she was naked, in bed with her boyfriend and his friend, with her boyfriend’s arm around her waist, while his friend was trying to lead her hand to grab his hot, fat cock. Oh, it was tempting, especially with the memories of how that thing had made her feel not so long ago, and she did consider the fact that Nick had been the one to fantasise about her being with another guy, but that was with him watching, and right then he was asleep, so it was just like it was her and Eric alone. Fuck! She was glad it wasn’t, it took all of her willpower right then to not let him pull her hand closer.

“I can’t.” She said finally, her breathing a little heavier now. “Not without Nick agreeing.”

Taking a deep breath she pulled her hand back from under Eric’s and raised her eyes to once more look her boyfriend’s friend in the eyes. A feeling of pride and relief warmly spread through her, melting the cold stony disappointment in her stomach and pussy, as she felt proud of her restraint. She had always been faithful to Nick, and despite what had happened that night…which didn’t count as it had been Nick’s idea, not to mention he watched…she had no intention of changing that, even if Eric had took her to new heights with his huge…no, she had to stop thinking of his big…

Fortunately Eric spoke and broke the brunette’s train of thought.

“That’s a shame, I think you could have helped me get to sleep. I might be ‘awake’ all night now.” He said with a small smile and Alicia was glad of the darkness as it hid her heating cheeks. Damn, she was getting horny as fuck again! “It’s not like we would have done what we did before…you know, having hot sex…you could just use your hand, it wouldn’t be the same, after all, after tonight I’m sure Nick wouldn’t object to a little…’helping hand’.”

Alicia’s large tits heaved up and down, brushing against her boyfriend’s arm, as she breathed a little deeper, a little quicker. Eric was right in one sense, she thought hornily, after what had happened Nick surely couldn’t be bothered by a little hand job…but then, she reasoned a little more calm and clearly, he had been watching before, and now he wasn’t, he might think she was cheating on him if she did that, and that she didn’t want, she loved him too much for that.

“You know, I think I liked it best when you were on top tonight…damn it was hot watching you fuck yourself on my dick.” Eric added and Alicia’s breath caught as her pussy blazed hornily, a deep moan desperately wanting to escape her soft lips which she only just managed to hold back.

“I bet you say that to all the girls.” She replied, trying to calm herself down as her mind reeled from the feelings inside and she glanced back briefly to look at Nick as he murmured gently. Oh, how she would love her dream to come true right now!

“I’ve never watched one of my friend’s girlfriend’s ride up and down my dick before,” Eric replied and Alicia had to squeeze Nick’s arm, not to mention her legs tightly together, to again stop herself from moaning. “But still, you’ve got to be the best and hottest girl I’ve ever had. Damn, you know how to fuck!”

By this point Alicia was too horny to reply, not to mention at war inside with herself, and so instead she just gave Eric a smile. Damn, why was she so turned on by all of this when she had the best boyfriend in the world right behind her, who she loved more than anything!?

“Are you sure you almanbahis giriş don’t want to give me ‘a hand’?” Eric asked once more, and Alicia lay there and watched him silently, her heart pounding in rhythm to the heat in her body.

However before she could reply she suddenly felt Nick’s hands flex around her as if stretching before he shuffled behind her slightly.

“Hmm?” He murmured sleepily before kissing the back of Alicia’s neck softly, “You guys awake?”

The sound of her boyfriend’s voice made Alicia’s heart jump at first, however she once again managed to hide her startlement as she half-turned to kiss him gently and lovingly.

“We couldn’t sleep,” Alicia replied softly, her voice surprisingly not trembling at all, unlike her heart and pussy. “Did we wake you?”

“Hmm? Oh, it’s alright.” Nick said as he smiled sleepily before reaching up to yawn and rub his eyes a little more awake; they sparkled softly in the light. “It’s hard to sleep when she’s lying next to you, ah Eric?”

Alicia raised her eyebrows slightly, a little surprised by the comment, though after earlier on she didn’t know why.

“Haven’t been able to get much shut eye at all with your girlfriend looking so tempting man.” Eric replied and Alicia turned to look at him briefly, her heart beating a little faster, before she once more looked at her boyfriend. Well, if they were going to talk like this, she may as well join in.

“Eric’s too ‘awake’ babe, he says he can’t sleep without ‘a hand’.” She teased jokingly, though her heart and pussy pounded together in unison as she emphasised the words.

Nick obviously got the meaning as a large amused smile spread across his face before he looked over at his friend.

“She didn’t tire you out earlier, ah?” Her boyfriend said amusedly and Alicia looked over to his friend with a small, amused smile. “Yeah, she does the same to me.”

With the last words Nick once again kissed the back of Alicia’s neck, sending shivers down her spine and a pulse through to her pussy. She had to squeeze her legs tight again she was that horny.

“Are you guys done talking about me like I’m a piece of meat?” She asked jestingly, glancing between the pair of them.

“Well, we have both ‘boned’ you.” Eric retorted and Alicia looked over at him, raising her eyebrows in mock disdain, though the brazen words stoked the fire within her and her eyes glistened, something that her boyfriend’s friend didn’t miss. “Seeing as we’re all awake now, perhaps you’d like it if we both gave it to you at the same time?”

As he spoke to her, Eric slid a little closer, his eyes devouring her already, and the play on words he made regarding her comment about Nick not being awake sent a thrill through her body.

“I think you boys need a cold shower.” She replied, her chest rising and falling as her breathing deepened in her ever-growing horniness.

“That’s no way to treat a guest Liss.” Nick suddenly said behind her as he began kissing the back of her neck just the way she liked it. Oh, it instantly made her shiver. “The least you could do is give him a hand to get to sleep.”

Her boyfriend’s words sent a blazing fire to her pussy and a swirl of lights to her mind, not to mention a shock to her system. Those were words she hadn’t expected to hear.

“But babe…?” She began to ask in a voice that was a little unsteady, though the question was honest and came through to Nick, even though she didn’t finish her words as she looked at him.

“It’s still the same night,” He began, his words reassuring her that he was alright with it, which made sense as it wasn’t like it was a whole new time or anything, it would just be like finishing the whole fantasy off; which is what Nick said next, though in not quite the same words, but with his lips still softly kissing the back of her neck, Alicia could hardly think straight. “You might as well finish off what you started.”

Eric’s eyes lit up and he smiled as Alicia turned to look at Nick, kissing him softly as she felt his arms around her.

“Are you sure you want me to do this?” She asked lovingly.

“It’ll round the night off well I think.” Nick replied, kissing her tenderly, “I’d love to watch you do it, but only if you want to.”

This time Alicia smiled a playful, and oh so dirty smile, that brought a gleam to her boyfriend’s eyes.

“You want to watch me jack your friend’s dick off baby?” She asked, and decided to embellish the whole thing when Nick’s eyes lit up in the same way she knew hers had. “You want to see me play with Eric’s big cock until he cums in my hands, so he can go to sleep?”

Perhaps it was the innocent tone she put on, but whatever it was, Nick suddenly looked ready to fuck her right then and there.

“Fuck, you’re hot!” He growled in a whisper and Alicia smiled.

Seeing her boyfriend so turned on by her, turned Alicia on even more, and so she decided to tease him a little more.

“Down boy, if I’m going to help your friend get some sleep, you better not distract me. So just almanbahis yeni giriş sit and watch.” She teased lovingly and Nick smiled hornily as she turned around, still in his arms, to once more look into the burning-horny eyes of his friend and co-worker. “I hope you know you’re asking your friend’s girlfriend to jack your dick off and let you cum in her hands while her boyfriend holds her.”

The words had the desired effect on both Eric and Nick. The room suddenly grew hot and electrified.

Sliding her hand across the bed covers she had shared only with her boyfriend until that night, Alicia slowly inched her delicate fingers closer to the gorgeous scene that filled her eyes; Eric’s long, hard, thick, nine inch cock. Her hand gently slid up his leg before her fingers deftly wrapped around his thick shaft, tightening slightly to give the hard rod a gentle squeeze before she once more raised her eyes to his with a smile.

Her body was on fire as she felt Nick’s arm around her and Eric’s dick in her hand. Fuck, so this was a taste of what a threesome would be like!

“Fuck!” Eric sighed as Alicia slowly began to slide her hand up and down his nine inch shaft tightly, squeezing as she slowly began picking up the pace a little at a time.

“Is that better Eric?” The hot, brunette girlfriend asked, her body tingling from the knowledge that she was jacking her boyfriend’s friend’s dick off while her boyfriend held her in their bed and watched.

“Much, damn!” Her boyfriend’s friend replied in a slightly tighter voice as Alicia began to speed up her hand’s movements, jacking her fist up and down his rigid, thick cock a little faster.

Looking over her shoulder as she continued to work her hand up and down Eric’s dick, Alicia gave her boyfriend a small smile, relishing in the rush that flooded through her body as she saw the lust burning in his eyes.

“Your friend’s wide awake baby, this might take a while.” She teased Nick heatedly and made sure to squeeze Eric’s dick a little tighter as she spoke to him. Fuck this had her hot!

“Maybe you should put some more effort into it.” Nick replied, softly kissing her lips which sent a visible shiver down Alicia’s spine.

“Mmm, maybe you’re right…” She said in return, her breathing growing a little heavier as she grew horny as hell.

Rolling over once more to face Nick’s friend, Alicia locked eyes with him as she began to pump her hand up and down his thick cock with vigour. It felt so hot having Eric’s big dick in her hands, not to mention while Nick had his arm around her waist! Oh fuck she was so turned on right then she would have done anything they asked!

“Fuck, Nick man, this is the way to get to sleep! Damn!” Eric grunted, leaning his head back on the pillow before he reached over to stroke Alicia’s hair briefly, their eyes still locked.

“Damn right!” Alicia heard her boyfriend agree from behind her, but right then all the stunning girlfriend could think of was his friend’s eyes burning on her as her hand flew up and down his nine-inch dick in a blur, her large tits jiggling lustfully above her boyfriend’s arm from the force.

“I bet you never thought you would have your friend’s girlfriend with her hand around your dick, jacking you off so you could get to sleep, did you?” She asked half-hornily and half-amusedly and smiled as the two guys laughed lightly.

“Ungh! Fuck Liss! I’m grateful…fuck…sure am!” Eric grunted as Alicia’s hand continued sliding tightly up and down his thick cock expertly.

“That’s alright,” She replied with a pleased smile, she loved seeing she was getting to him, “You’re our guest, I have to be a good hostess now.”

Eric smiled back at her before his face once again contorted in the pleasure her hand was giving him.

For a few more minutes Alicia continued to pump her boyfriend’s friend’s cock, occasionally glancing down at the magnificent shaft that her hand was lovingly wrapped around, before she once more looked up into Eric’s hungry eyes. Nick continued to hold her tightly around her waist, kissing her neck or brushing her hair back every now and then as he watched his girlfriend jack his friend’s dick like she desperately wanted him to cum. Of course, right then, Alicia did indeed want Eric to cum. He had filled her with so much cum earlier on…and damn had she felt full of cum!…and now she wanted to see just how much he would fill her hands with. Although, after a few minutes Eric still didn’t show any signs of cumming, even though from the look on his face he was more than enjoying her attentions.

Alicia’s arm was beginning to grow tired, she had been fucked the life out of earlier even if this guy refused to give up, and so with a rush of horny-electricity through her body and a playful smile on her face, she decided to tease her boyfriend’s friend. She would see how long he could last now.

Glancing down at his impressive cock, Alicia bit her bottom lip before she looked back up into Eric’s eyes, her own sparkling from the horniness raging within her. Keeping her eyes locked on his, she smiled wickedly at him before she opened her mouth and began to teasingly move her tongue, touching her teeth and running it slowly over her soft lips as she stared intently at him, her eyes conveying the ‘hungry’ meaning behind her actions.

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