Where Dreams and Reality Collide


He had no idea when he woke up that morning that events would end up spiraling out of control the way that they did. He figured it would be just another day in his boring existence. Wake up, shower, go to work, go about his mundane, every day business, come home and sit in front of his computer screen until its time to pass out and do it all over again. Hell, even when she asked him for a ride home he didn’t expect anything crazy to happen. Its not the first time he’d given her a ride back to her place. Just a small detour on the path back to his stale life.

As he pulled up to the front of the house, he got out of the car to open the door for her, like he always did. On any other day, she would just stand up, give him a hug, say thank you, and head on into her house. He’d drive off and that would be the end of the story. And it started just like that, with the hug, with the gratitude of a “thanks so much.” But as he turned and started to walk back to the driver’s side, she called out his name.

“I don’t want you to leave…” she said, almost crying. “I cant spend another night alone.” She reached and placed a hand on his cheek. “Stay with me.” She grabbed his hand and pulled him, longingly to the door. The passion between their fingers intertwined was practically visible as she closed the door behind them. Pressing him against the door frame, she wrapped her arms around my neck, and stared boldly into his eyes.

His mind suddenly raced off into about a thousand different directions. “Am I really standing here right now?” “How did this happen?” “Its all so sudden.” “Why me?” “Why now?” He didn’t even know she was interested in him, to be honest. Nothing more than the standard work-casual relationship. Sure they flirted from time to time but since when does that actually mean something?

He had no idea what she had in mind at this point. It was as if her arms were a great wave somewhere in the Pacific Ocean and he was completely caught up, with absolutely no control over his body. Wrapped around his neck, her eyes staring at his, he stood there in that doorway, unable to utter even a single word, in unabbreviated shock, completely blown away.

She stared into his eyes for a long time, trying to figure out the best way to convey every thought that she had in her head. Once the initial wave of emotion passed through her, she gently placed her hand back into his and pulled him through the house, and finally to her room. The sound of her door closing echoed through her bones. There was no turning back now. The decision was final. And so she turned to face him, once again, and pressed her lips into his. That single moment in life where everything makes sense, and at the same time, a want for more so badly that her breath caught for a moment. “I want you,” she whispered softly in his ear as her lips brush against it. “I always have.”

The reality of those words took a while to set in. You see, secretly, he had always wanted her too. He just never thought she could feel the same way about this lonely loser who never had anyone before. He couldn’t even believe she was saying those words to him. Her with her beauty and grace, her unparalleled charm. “How could she want me?” he thought to himself. But as she pressed her lips to his and he felt the tingle shoot up his spine, he knew that he shouldn’t question it. His tongue piercing passed her lips, she opened her mouth for him. His hands turned on autopilot, flying without any control, up and down the sides of her body, as he got lost in the focus and passion of the kiss.

Nothing prepared her for the realization that the feelings were mutual. That this single moment has been the thought in both their heads since the beginning. She kissed his bottom lip, tugging at it softly with her teeth as she pulled her lips away. She moved along his jaw bone, working her way to his ear, her breath hot against his neck. She caressed his collarbone with her tongue, and pulled him softly onto the bed beside her. His hands hot against her skin, like a fire that fueled the burning passion going on. She took one of them gracefully, pulling it upwards and putting it to cup her breast, and squeezed the hand shut.

No longer in disbelief, he was now running on instinct. With every touch she gave him, every lick, every nibble, his breath got shorter and shorter. For the first time of the night, he found the strength to actually speak. He stared into her eyes as his hand gently caressed her breast and told her “You look so beautiful. I can’t believe how lucky I am right now.”

As he finished his sentence, he leaned in to kiss her once more, the most passionate yet. Their tongues dancing as his hand squeezed tighter and tighter. As the kiss escalated, so did his hands, his other reaching under her shirt as he began to lift it slightly.

She couldn’t help but smile. From the first day they met, he had been nothing but kind to her. An ear to listen, a shoulder to lean on, a reason to smile. She kissed him again, pushed him onto his back, and straddled him, her leggings so tight on her skin she could feel the warmth between their lower halves. She sat up from the kiss, and looked into his eyes again, softly this time, and ground against his groin. She undid his belt buckle without ever breaking eye contact, or losing the smile she had on her face.

She spoke softly and slowly, “I want to be as good to you, as you have been to me.” She ran her hands up his shirt, pushing it up as she went, and came back down, dragging her nails softly down his sides, and pushing down on his hips. The grinding was a constant slow rhythm, like a heartbeat between the two of them.

“You deserve the world, and tonight I will give you every piece of it I can. You can do with me what you please. Your fantasies are my script.” She leaned down, kissing the inside of his elbow, moving slowly down his arm. She reached his wrist and bit down, slightly rough, all the while her hand intertwined with his.

He let out a moan when she bit. “Really? Anything I please?” He said with a slightly sinister grin on his face. Its been so long since he’d been with anyone, it was like every feeling was brand new. And every single motion was emphasized ten-fold. He reached down and undid her belt buckle, to match his own. He reached down to her stomach, under her shirt and lifted his hands up, her shirt coming with him. He lifted it up, over her head, and threw it across the room.

She pushed his shirt up the rest of the way, and once it was over his head she kissed him hard. The feeling of skin against skin was so sensual to her. She continued to grind at the same pace, but harder now, for she craved the hard-on she felt rubbing against her clit. She kissed down his chest, and then softly dragged her teeth down his stomach all the way to his pelvis, and slid her tongue against his hip line. She looked up, smiling at him and laughing as she said, “Anything you please my love, this is where dreams and reality collide.”

He didn’t even hear the words that came out of her mouth. He was lost, completely gone in his own fantasy world. The sensations that he felt all over his body, from her hands, her tongue, her teeth, her pelvic thrusts, he just lost it. He was no longer in a state of conscious reality. He was completely lost in a state of pure euphoria. There isn’t a drug on the planet strong enough to compete with the feelings she was giving him, as his heart raced and my lungs gasped for air.

She placed his hands on each of her hips so that his fingertips were touching her butt on either side. She pulled the belt off of him, and leaned down, undoing the button and zipper with her mouth. She kissed the area right above his now rigid shaft, dragging her tongue ring along his skin. She sat back up and kissed his forehead, and each of his cheeks, before going right back to his lips which she pried open with her teeth and kissed once again.

His dick was absolutely throbbing, practically bursting out from his shorts at this point. He tried to focus on her kiss, but he surely failed. At this moment there was only one thing on his mind: the monster raging below her. Her lips felt good but it was painful how badly he wanted them somewhere else.

She slid down his body, pulling herself off the bed, and pulling his shorts and boxers off with her. His erection stood at attention, and she kissed his thighs on the inside, working her way up. She stuck out her tongue and dragged the tip of it against the vein on the back side all the way up to the tip of his cock, then opened her mouth and slid his wholeness inside of her mouth, pushing down so hard her lips met his pelvis.

He let out a loud moan when he felt her take his entire length inside her mouth. No one had ever been able to do that before without gagging. He looked down at her sucking on his dick while she looked back up at him, knowing how much he was enjoying it. She had that evil look in her eye. He felt so damn good that he didn’t even know what to do with himself. His hands clenched the sheets as he writhed around, awaiting her next move.

She lifted her head back up, seeing his body tense was a turn on in itself for her. Moaning because she knew how good it felt, she slammed her head back down, completely engulfing him again. As she pulled back up, when she reached half way, she stuck her tongue ring out and let it drag upwards, until the ball fell in line with the head of his cock, and dragged it along the gap. She put her mouth around the tip, clenching her teeth softly right behind the head.

At that point he just let out a string of expletives “ohhh fuck… shit.. god damn.. oh my god.. oh my god.. OH…MY…GOD,” that summed up how he was feeling. He was back in a state of unconsciousness. Like another being had possessed his body and he was off in a different universe. Those are the heights that she had taken him too. Bliss doesn’t even begin to cover it.

She kept her mouth on him, rhythmically sliding up and down. After a moment, as she slid up on him, her hands move up his sides. And as she slid down, she once again clawed down his sides, in a grabbing motion as if she wished she could fit more of him inside her, as if she couldn’t get enough. She reached for his hand and forced it to wrap around the back of her head, using her hand to force his to push her head down farther. She gagged, but in a good way, and let out a soft moan.

He got the hint that she wanted to play this a little rough and no longer needed her hand to push his. Snapping himself back into consciousness he rhythmically pushed her head up and down his long shaft, fucking the back of her throat. Each time she gagged it just made him want to push it down harder and deeper. After a good while of this, he let her come back up off his dick, as she desperately gasped for air. Once she caught her breath, she giggled a little and smiled that same sinister smile from before. He could only imagine what else she had up her sleeve.

She wiped the tears from her eyes, the natural reaction from gagging, and grabbed his hands, pulling him up to a sitting position on the bed. She stood and turned around, grinding her ass against his groin, her back against his chest. She turned around, reached up, and unclasped her bra, letting it fall to the floor. Her pierced nipples protruding and swollen, yearning for attention. She turned back around and continued dancing against him all the while slipping her pants off, and waiting for him to make the next move.

His dick throbbed and engorged just that much larger as she turned him on that much more with her strip tease. He broke down and lost his reservations. He couldn’t help it, with her naked body in front of him, he grabbed her by the waist and threw her down to the bed. He started to kiss her neck as he laid on top of her. That kiss turned into biting as he moved down, down to her huge, heaving breasts, to her hard nipples, which he immediately inserted into his mouth to suck, flick with his tongue, and bite down, soft at first but then harder. He worked one with my mouth as he massaged the other in his hand, switching every so often.

He continued his journey down her gorgeous body, kissing over her stomach until he finally reached her cleanly shaven pussy, glistening from her wetness. He couldn’t help but immediately dive in head first, finding the little pleasure button that is her clit and just going to town, flicking it so fast with his tongue that she couldn’t help but squirm. He held her hands down by the wrists, to keep her as still as possible while he licked, up, down, across, from her clit down to her asshole, all over his tongue danced faster than anything she had ever felt before.

She moaned loudly as her back arched and her arms tried to move. When they couldn’t, she moaned again because of the sheer pleasure of being pinned. She wrapped her legs around his head, trapping him between her thighs because she wanted him nowhere else. She lets out an “Oh Fuck..” as his tongue thrashed against her clit. She lifted her torso as she craved more.

His tongue continued its tango, as his hands moved from her wrists down to her ass and he started squeezing it, hard. It had been tragically neglected, minus his tongue. “You taste so fucking sweet,” he told her as he looked up at her panting, breathless body, before he darted back down to her clit, her lips and her ass. As soon as he got enough room out of the leg lock she held on him, his hand jumped up in between her legs. As his tongue now solely concentrated on her sweet little clit, two of his fingers slid past her lips and inside of her. He dug them in deep, curving them upward, rubbing the upper wall of her vagina. All the while his tongue moved so rapidly over her clit that it drove her bonkers and his pinky finger slipped into her ass. He continued licking and fingering upward furiously, until her whole body began to shake uncontrollably.

“Oh my god,” she moaned, over and over again. She had no control over her body, like she was a puppet on his wondrous hands that had now explored every piece of her body. She shuddered, her climax rapidly approached as she seized upwards and she only managed to cry out “I’m gonna!” before she clenched tight around his fingers, and her head rolled back onto the bed. She let out a brief sigh and for a moment, had not clue what to do with herself. But that moment evaporated as she rolled over onto her hands and knees, sticking her ass out into the air, and with that sinister grin she said. “Take me.”

“Take me.”

The words were still ringing in his ears. He stared at her body, her ass raised, her pussy soaked, ready to be penetrated. He’d have been lying if he said he wasn’t nervous. How could he not be? The girl he’d admired from afar for so long was bent over in front of him, ready to be ravaged. He was petrified of disappointing her. At the same time, he was so overwhelmingly thrilled at the sight of her kneeling body, her perfect ass, and eagerly awaiting pussy that his dick couldn’t possibly have swelled any bigger. He wanted her. He needed her, and he was going to take her.

He approached her on the bed from behind. His hands took hold of her round, bodacious ass. Squeezing tight, he made her jump. He placed one hand on his dick, carefully guiding it towards her restless vagina. When the head came into contact with her lips he almost lost it right there. He took a deep breath, and then another.

She gasped as she felt the tip of his rigid dick touch her sensitive lips. Her body cringed with vicious lust. She grinned, and slammed her ass backwards, shoving his hand aside as his dick slammed into her tight vagina. She screamed in pleasure, and her back arched as she ripped at the sheets. It was more euphoric and breathtaking then she could have imagined. In that one moment, they were whole. She eased off his dick slowly, feeling the actual length of him as she did and moaning softly at the tender pleasure it gave her.

It took everything he had not to erupt the moment she forced herself back upon his length so suddenly. His breath vanished immediately as her pussy gripped his girth like a vice. He couldn’t help but let out a loud moan, and the words “Oh shit,” escaped between his gasps for oxygen. The way her pussy rocked back and forth on his pulsing dick was overwhelming. She kept going, eager to please as she had been the entire night, until he finally got a grip on himself, which took what seemed like hours, but can you blame him? He was inside of a smoking hot girl that couldn’t get enough of him. He honestly couldn’t believe it was real, that’s how ecstatic the whole situation was.

He did, however, manage to regain consciousness, and at that point, realized exactly what he had here. He immediately placed one hand on each cheek of her ass and started to squeeze, at which point she stopped her slow motion fuck, letting him take over. Using her ass as leverage, he proceeded to force himself deep within her tight hole. Feeling the grip so tight as he stretched her, wider than she had ever been stretched in her life. He matched her slow pace at first, but then started to thrust faster.

With every stroke, her heartbeat raced faster. Everything but the pure bliss that ensued was a complete blur. His hands firmly on her ass, she knew it was going to bruise and yet somehow she wanted him to grip harder. Her body radiated with desire, and sweat began to form on the small of her back. It felt like a never ending battle, the harder he thrust himself inside of her, the harder she wanted the next stroke to be. He was everything she ever wanted, smart, cunning, and powerful. She felt helpless as he took her, and she wanted it that way.

As he continued, stroke after stroke, she began a rhythm of pushing back with every inward stroke, tightening herself so she could feel his girth slide through her now soaked and dripping pussy. She placed her head down into the pillows and let her natural instincts take over.

Her instincts weren’t the only ones taking over. With every thrust of his shaft he fell more and more into a zone, rhythmically attacking her soaking wet pussy. He felt animalistic as each pump made him want to force himself harder. The rhythm getting faster, his nails digging into her ass harder. Moaning, groaning, grunting as he fucked her harder, faster, deeper with all the force his legs could provide. He pulled a hand off her ass and spanked her, hard. He knew its what she wanted. Then again with the other hand. Over and over until her ass shined bright red. Then he reached forward, grabbing her heaving breasts with my hands, using them to force himself deeper, harder than ever before.

She loved every vicious thing he did to her. Her body accepted the pain as a source of passion. Her ass stung now with every thrust he made. She cried out “Harder!” as best as she could, but her voice was cracking and her brain was ceasing to function. There was no need to think through any of this. It all just came fluidly to the both of them. A mutual understanding of want. When his hands grasped her breasts she sat slightly upwards, allowing him to slam into her even harder. She placed her hands over his, helping him keep grip, but also doing it in a reminder that not everything was just physical want in a brutal way.

He continued to pound the shit out of her until the crushing blow of sheer exhaustion took over. His lungs burned and his muscles screamed. His whole body was aching. He wanted her so badly but there was just no way he could keep up the blistering pace of such a brutally hard fuck. He started to ease back, slowing his rhythm, panting, unable to speak, his erection still rock solid. Her grip slowly began to release him as he pulled out and collapsed onto his back.

She let him regain his breath as she regained hers. She looked at him and smiled. He was perfect. She began to crawl on top of him, kissing his stomach and up his chest, no longer biting. She made her way to his neck and eventually his lips. Oh, those lips. She had just tasted them for the first time today, and yet it felt like she had missed them for an eternity. She placed her hands on his cheeks and kissed him, over and over again.

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