Subject: “where ravens roost part 3” Gay Adult Youth Nifty is a wonderful resource and needs to be funded to continue. I ask that you please donate if you fty/donate.html Contact me at [email protected] This story used to be posted under a different name. I decided I wanted to go back to the beginning and do things better this time. So whether you are a old reader or a new one, I hope you enjoy it. I welcome any feedback and would love to hear if you are enjoying this story. There is a lot more to come, so stay Tuned ! There is a website created for this story! The aim is simply to give readers a more dynamic experience. New content is being added all the time, and new chapters will be available on the website before anywhere ess/ Please give it a look! When the boys got to the stop sign at the end of John’s street they stopped and looked at each other. “I have to go home” Henry said sadly as he looked at John, “I’ll miss you” John said sadly. The boys embraced in a hug before Henry got on his bike, began to pedal to his home, gave a wave to John as he rounded the corner, while John watched until Henry was out of sight, and then pedaled to his home. The following week in school was fun for the boys, they had picture day on Wednesday and a field trip to the zoo on Friday. Their teacher paired them together at the zoo, they got to hold hands the entire day without the worry about being teased. Life became a routine, the boys would spend as much time as possible together, and played with their dicks every chance they got. The friendship between the boys and the men grew stronger as time went on. One weekend they were all in the woods, John’s heart was heavy as noticed by Billy, “What’s wrong John?” he asked concerned, John looked down at the ground and shuffled his feet nervously. “Come on John, this isn’t like you, what’s wrong?” Billy persisted, John looked up at Billy as tears welled in his eyes, “Billy, can you be my dad?” he asked. Billy was shocked to hear what the boy before him had asked, “John, I’m flattered you would ask me that, but I can’t be your dad,” Billy responded. The tears started to roll down John’s cheek, “My dad’s mean and you’re not and..” John started to say as he began to sob. Billy scooped up the boy and held him in his big arms, and took a seat on a nearby log. Billy took John’s head and pressed it against his chest as the boy continued to sob, “There there” Billy said as he patted John’s head. William and Henry came over to see what was wrong. “You are so nice,” John said as he sniffled and snorted, “why can’t you be my dad?” John added. Billy and William looked at each other a little confused leaving Henry to explain about John’s dad and the abuse as best as he could, “I’m so sorry you had to go through that John,” Billy said. William ran his fingers through John’s hair as Henry took his hand, “I’m sorry too, John,” William said. “Please cheer up, John,” Henry said as he placed a kiss on John’s cheek, whose tears dried up shortly as he was surround by love. Billy picked John up and placed him on his feet, and Henry embraced him in a a hug afterwards. “Unfortunately, John, I can’t be your dad,” Billy said, “But it’s okay if you think of me like one,” Billy added. “I don’t have a dad either, maybe I could think of you like one too” Henry said. “Does that make me mom ?” William asked, “Yeah you can be the mommy” Henry replied with a giggle. Henry looked at John’s face, in hopes he would smile at the silliness, but his friend still looked very sad. “I’ll take John home” Henry said as he took hold of John’s hand and smiled at his friend. The boys got dressed, Henry led them out of the forest, the men followed behind and everyone hugged each other before they parted ways. As John and Henry rode home, “I’m sorry” John said as he began to feel he ruined the day. ” It’s ok you are my friend, and I love you,” Henry said happily. That night the boys went to sleep snuggled tight against one another. As the boys laid in bed they grinned at each other, “Can I ask you something ?” John asked calmly, “What ?” Henry asked. “What happened to your dad?” John asked nervously, as Henry’s face took on a serious expression. “Mommy doesn’t talk about it much, he flew planes in the Air force and one day two men came to tell us my daddy wasn’t coming home” Henry said as he begun to cry. “I’m sorry” John said as he held Henry tight, and began to feel guilt. Henry cried out his pain, and eventually composed himself due to the warmth of John, “He came back but he was in a box, they said I couldn’t see daddy” Henry said with a sniffle as he cuddled into John harder. “I love you” John whispered, “I love you too” Henry whispered back, the boys eventually drifted off to sleep cuddled up together. John began to have a nightmare about his dad. He woke up with a scream, his bladder broke loose, flooded the bed with pee, and woke Henry up startled. “John, what’s wrong?” Henry asked. “I’m sorry, I’m sorry,” konyaaltı sınırsız escort John said on repeat like a broken record, as he realized he not only wet the bed, but he wet the bed with Henry in it. Henry took John’s face in his hands and said, “It’s okay.” Henry then took his hands and thrust them under the covers. John soon felt a warm wetness hit his tummy, he threw back the covers, and was shocked at what he saw. “Are you,” John said, “Uh-huh,” Henry said with a big smile on his face. Cheryl came in at this point, John had thrown the covers back over them when he heard the doorknob turn. Henry managed to get decent again in a hurry, “What’s wrong, John?” Cheryl asked. John sat up and looked towards his lap, “I had a nightmare and wet the bed” he said sadly. Cheryl threw her arms around her son and hugged him tightly, as Henry sat up and took hold of John’s hand. Cheryl threw the covers back to see how bad things were “You boys are soaked! You got to get in the shower!” she exclaimed. John got out of bed, his mom helped him pull the shirt over his head, the boy then slid his soaked underwear down and off, and handed them to his mom. Henry got up and pulled his shirt off, his face bright red from embarrassment, as his hands went to the waistband of his underwear. Henry turned around before he pulled his underwear off, as he turned back around he had his underwear in his left hand, the right covering his privates, and his face was an even brighter shade of red as he looked at Cheryl. “Henry, let me have your clothes please so I can wash them,” Cheryl said kindly to him. Henry walked awkwardly over and gave her his underwear and shirt, using his now free hand to cover his butt. John watched as Henry dashed in the bathroom, “he’s so silly” John said to his mom, whom ruffled his hair, and sent him into the bathroom to shower. Once in the shower the boys danced around under the warm water. John noticed Henry begin to act strange, “What’s wrong?” he asked him, “I didn’t finish” Henry replied sheepishly. “Finish what?” John asked confused, “Peeing!” Henry replied excitedly. “I was peeing, and your mom burst in. I didn’t finish” Henry added which made John giggle. Henry got a huffed expression and said, “It’s not funny! I really got to pee!” as he began to clasp his hand around his dick. “Then pee silly,” John said, “Here?” Henry asked. “Uh-huh” John replied and took hold of Henry’s dick, and twirled it as his friend began to relieve his bladder. “It’s like a fire hose” John said, which made both boys break out in giggles. “Good grief! How much did you pee? This bed is soaked!” Cheryl yelled out, “Thank goodness for the waterproof mattress pad” Cheryl added, mumbling. The boys stepped out of the shower, Henry resumed his cover, his left hand covered his butt and his right covered his dick and balls. Cheryl called the boys into the living room, they made their way down the hall, Henry was in front with John behind, whom giggled at the way his friend had to walk to keep himself covered. Henry turned around and glared at John, clearly upset with his friend. When they got into the living room Cheryl was seated and had two white fluffy towels in her lap. There was a makeshift bed in the floor with sheets, blankets , and pillows to sleep in. She smiled and beckoned the boys over as they took a position on each side her. Cheryl had a sweet smile on her face as she dried John’s hair, and started at her son’s feet and worked upwards to dry him off. When it was Henry’s turn he was the color of a tomato, which caused John to giggle again. Henry took his hand that once covered his butt and poked John the ribs, “OW!” John exclaimed as both boys broke into giggles, “Boys, settle down,” Cheryl said. Cheryl lovingly dried Henry’s hair and then started to dry him as she did John. She bypassed his groin, covered still by his hand. John giggled again, causing Henry to glance over and glare at his friend. Cheryl held out a pair of underwear as John stepped into them, and helped him get into his shirt next. “Henry, I didn’t go through your bag so you will have to get your underwear,” she said, with a shirt ready for him to put on. Henry waddled over to his bag, released his hands momentarily, bent down, unzipped his bag and started to pull out some fresh underwear. “I can see your balls!” John blurted out, “John!” Cheryl exclaimed. Henry twisted his body around just enough to glare at John, turned back around and began to put his underwear on. “Now they are dancing!” John blurted out with a giggle, “John, I’m warning you,” Cheryl said sternly. Henry pulled his underwear up, went back to Cheryl, and she helped him get into the long white shirt. The boys crawled into the makeshift bed and laid their heads on the pillows. Cheryl pulled the covers over them as she knelt next to John and kissed him on the forehead, “Sleep well and no bad dreams,” she said as she ran her hand down konyaaltı türbanlı escort her son’s cheek. Cheryl went over and knelt next to Henry, “Henry, thank you for being such a good friend to John, he is lucky to have you.” She then whispered in Henry’s ear, got up, turned off the lights, walked into the back and left the boys to sleep. Henry turned over on his side facing away from John, upset at how his friend had acted. “Henry, I’m sorry, please forgive me,” John pleaded, but Henry didn’t respond. John placed his hands on Henry, and began to shake him “Please” he whined but again Henry didn’t reply. John then began to tickle Henry’s sides making him squirm, as giggles escaped his mouth. John hit all of Henry’s most ticklish spots and made his friend giggle loudly and squirm . Henry threw the covers back and went for John’s feet, his only ticklish spot. As Henry tickled John’s feet mercilessly, his butt was pointed in John’s direction, whom began to playfully spank the ample bottom. When Cheryl heard all the commotion she returned and flipped on the lights,”BOYS! Go to sleep!” she shouted as she turned the lights back off , and returned to whence she came. The boys scrambled to quickly get back into bed, both knew they were pushing their luck. Henry again flipped to his side away from John, “Hmph” he said as he pouted. “Henry, I’m sorry please forgive me,” John pleaded nervously as he placed his thumb in his mouth and began to suck on the appendage. John only did this behavior at times of extreme distress, and Henry knew it. He turned over, both boys now looked each other in the eyes. “I’m sorry I teased you,” John said with the thumb still in his mouth. “I was embarrassed,” Henry replied earnestly, “I love you, Henry,” John said. Henry giggled and kissed John on his forehead saying, “I love you too John, I forgive you, now quit with the thumb sucking silly”. John removed the thumb from his mouth, puckered his lips, not satisfied with a forehead kiss, and Henry kissed John softly. “What did my mom whisper in your ear?” John asked curiously, “She said to take care of you” Henry replied quietly. “Are you?” John asked shyly, “you know going take care of me” John added. “If you quit being a meanie” Henry replied with a giggle as the boys snuggled up tightly and were soon asleep. The last day of school came, and Henry got an award in math. John looked upon Henry fondly as his friend stood there and beamed with pride as he held his award. When it came time for applause, John’s was the loudest. As the boys rode the bus home from school they talked excitedly about their joint birthday party being held the on Sunday, they were turning eight. At the bus stop they hugged each other and headed home, Henry was unable to spend the night. He and his mom had plans on Saturday, much to the disappoint of both boys. As the boys laid in bed that night they thought of each other and wondered what presents they might get for their birthday as they drifted off to sleep. The morning of the party arrived. John jumped up excited and ran to pee, and angled his morning wood down so he didn’t make a mess. After he washed his hands he went in the kitchen in search of his mom, “Good morning birthday boy!” she said excitedly as she hugged John. “How about some birthday pancakes?” she added as she ruffled John’s hair, “Yes please” John replied with a smile and a nod of his head. “Okay, you go watch cartoons while I fix them,” Cheryl said with a smile. John went into the living room, turned on the TV, and was happy to find the Rugrats cartoon on. Towards the end of the first episode Cheryl arrived with the pancakes topped with syrup and John ate them as he watched another episode. As he took his dish to the sink, “Okay, you need a bath before your party” Cheryl said. “Ok mom” John said happily, which made his mom chuckle. What’s so funny?” John asked curiously, “It’s just I used to have to fight you to take a bath, I think Henry has been a positive influence,” Cheryl replied with a smile. John’s face blushed as his mom added, “You used to be my little stink monster!”. “I do not stink!” John exclaimed, “Yes, you do my little stink monster! Now go take a bath!” Cheryl clapped back. “Hmph!” John said as he pouted and marched to his room, removed his clothes, headed for the shower, turned the water on and waited for it to warm up. As it warmed John brushed his teeth while he thought about Henry, which made his dick get hard. After he stepped into the shower John danced under the water, as he got used to the temperature. John leaned back, took his dick in hand and began to masturbate. As he stroked his shaft up and down at various speeds, little moans and sighs escaped John’s mouth. He jerked himself faster and faster, and used all the techniques he knew to bring him pleasure. As the pleasure grew John closed his eyes, and focused on the sensations. The tingles washed over his body konyaaltı ucuz escort as the pressure built deep inside, the boy raising on his toes as his boygasm hit, “Ahhhhhhh!” John squeaked out. He fell forward and had to support myself on the tiled wall, as he panted and his body tingled wildly. When John composed himself he got washed up, stepped out, wrapped up in a towel, went to his room and sat on the bed. It wasn’t long before John’s mom was at the door, “John, I came to check on you, what are you doing silly?” she asked. “I’m ok mom” John said with a grin as Cheryl stepped in and took a seat on the bed next to her son. “Are you excited about the party today?” she asked, “Yep!” John exclaimed, with a nod of his head. “I can’t believe my little stink monster is turning eight, I’m so proud of you honey” Cheryl said as she kissed John on the head, “I don’t stink” John mumbled as his face blushed. “Maybe not now” Cheryl said with a chuckle as she went to John’s closet, pulled out clothes for him to wear and laid them on the bed. “Okay my little stink monster, get dressed,” Cheryl said as she exited the bedroom, “I do not stink!” John yelled out. Once dressed John went to show his mom, “Don’t you look handsome?” she said. John’s face blushed as the doorbell rang and he ran to answer it. As expected, it was Henry and his mom, Katherine. “Henry!” John exclaimed, “John!” Henry exclaimed as the boys hugged each other tight. “Hi, Katherine,” Cheryl said, “Hi, Cheryl,” Katherine said. The boys took each other by the hand and ran outside to play before the party started, “Don’t get your clothes dirty” Katherine yelled behind the boys. “Honestly” Katherine said to Cheryl as the moms began to talk. The boys found the side yard done in a Batman theme, with yellow and black balloons tied on the fence. John and Henry proceeded to play tag as they waited for other kids to show, they had invited their entire class. Eventually the boys tired, sat on the picnic table, looked longingly at the street, and hoped to see a car. Bill and Ruth arrived, “Grandad!” John exclaimed as he ran and hugged Bill, “Grandma!” John exclaimed next as he hugged Ruth. Henry came over and stood next to John, “This is Henry, he’s my best friend” John said proudly, “Hi” Henry said softly. “Happy birthday you two” Grandad softly as he ruffled both boys hair, “I’m going to go find your mom, you boy beheave” he added with a chuckle as him and Ruth went inside. John and Henry returned to the picnic table, and realized none of their classmates had come to their party . “At least we have each other” John said as he threw his arm over Henry’s shoulder, “Yep” Henry said with a half hearted smile. Cheryl and Katherine came out and sat next to their sons, “I’m sure the other kids just couldn’t make it honey,” Cheryl said, “Yes, I’m sure that’s what it is,” Katherine added in. “How about cake and ice cream ?” Cheryl asked, “Yes!” Both boys exclaimed as they jumped to their feet. Ruth brought out a large Batman cake with black and yellow icing that she had made for the boys, as Bill helped Cheryl and Katherine get the plates and ice cream ready. Once it was all was in place the adults gathered round and sang “Happy Birthday” to the boys, as they looked on and smiled at their loved ones. A large piece of cake and a big scoop of ice cream were handed to both boys, “Thank you” they said in unison. As Henry ate he got yellow icing all over his nose which John giggled at, in payback Henry dipped his finger in the remaining icing and smeared it on John’s nose. “Hey!” John exclaimed as Henry giggled, the boys starting to paint each others faces in yellow icing. “Boys!” Cheryl exclaimed causing them to stop and look sheepish at her, “Honey they are kids, let them have fun” Bill said with a chuckle. The boys giggled at each other before finishing their cake and ice cream, and the family moved on to gifts. Henry wanted to give John his first, the shy boy handed his friend a large comic book made out of construction paper that he had made. It was him and John as superheroes, Henry proudly pointed out all the details as John flipped through the pages, “You like it?” Henry asked nervously. John looked at Henry before throwing his arms around his friend, “I love it, thank you!” John exclaimed. Cheryl handed John the present he had picked out for Henry, with a little help from his mom. John approached Henry with it held behind his back, “I know you like comic books and pirates, so I thought you might like this?” John said nervously as he handed a copy of Classics Illustrated Treasure Island to Henry, who looked at the cover “This is cool!” he exclaimed. As the boys looked at one another distracted, the adults approached until they were circled around the boys, “You boys are going to Disney!” the adults shouted as John and Henry began to freak out. The boys hugged each other, excited to go to Disney, more excited to go together. After a round of tear filled thank yous from the boys the party started to wind down, John and Henry played as the adults talked until it was time for everyone to depart. Katherine took Henry home after the boys hugged each other, they would return in the morning bright and early to leave out. John and Henry both were so excited it was hard for them to go to sleep that night, but they eventually did.

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