Whistle While You Work


The day I met him, I knew that something was bound to happen. I had just started a job at the local toy store, working my way through college, he had been working there for a while when I started. He was typically like almost all my other boyfriends but there seemed to be something different about him, he was adorably cute but yet seemed dangerous at the same time. It’s always funny how you know you’ve been in a store before but once you start working there you can’t seem to remember ever shopping there. It’s the same with people I guess, I knew I’d seen him somewhere before but I had never placed his face with this job.

I had mixed feelings about the job from the start, I hated retail but this store was a whole lot better than the one I had worked at before. I first only saw him in passing, we worked in different ends of the store. He was in charge of the video games and I worked in the creative toys section, management had thought it a good idea since I was going for an art degree in school, though I have no idea why they thought it would make a difference.

Our first official meeting came merely by accident. He was heading to the back to get stock and I was coming around the corner of my area only to run right into him. When he placed his hands out in front of himself he caught my arms to steady me and partly him. I felt twinges of heat go down my arms when he touched me, all I could do was stare into his deeply beautiful eyes. He smiled at me and asked if I was okay, I replied with a yes and prepared myself to just walk onward past him, but he simply stood there.

I looked at him fully, drinking in his image. Nervously I pushed my reddish hair behind my ears, his eyes followed my hands. Finally breaking the silence I introduced myself to him.

‘Hi, I’m Hannah.’ I extended my hand to him, he took it and held onto it, his fingers rubbing slightly on the inside of my wrist.

‘I’m Nathan.’ That was all he said, but its not like I was really paying attention.

His fingers caused shivers of lust to ride along the nerves of my fingers and hands. Fluttery lids enclosed my green eyes as I looked at him, his hand was still on mine. When I raised an eyebrow at him, he let my hand go, slightly blushing as if he hadn’t meant to hold it so long.

I had been in the middle of doing something so I told him I would talk to him later, not really knowing if I actually meant it. As I walked away I could feel his eyes on me, watching the movement in my hips as I walked. I could feel myself grinning slightly as I first considered that this job might be dangerous.

After the first encounter with him I began to wonder more about him, but as I said we worked at different ends of the store and because of my school schedule I had odd shifts so I barely ever saw him and he was always either busy or talking to someone else. This way of life went on for a while. I would walk home at night wondering where he lived, if he was involved with anyone and imagining what it would be like to be with him. Some nights were filled with erotic dreams while others were just filled with images. I began to notice that I really was not acting like myself.

Since the move from home to go to college I had acted more reserved than I would have normally. I knew it had nothing to do with the move because I was always more comfortable in places I didn’t know than the house I had lived in for fifteen years. But I did realize that if I had been at home this guy would have already been crawling on his knees to be a part of my life. Deep inside I knew that this would probably not happen, he wasn’t like most guys I dated, and he was different. I would crawl for him if it came to that.

I didn’t have a car so it was very lucky that I was in walking distance from work, school and a local bar. On my one night off a week, the one night I didn’t work or go to school, I decided I would let myself loose. I wore my usual bar outfit of a tank top with a skirt and setting it off was my knee length boots, showing enough skin to catch interest but covering enough to grab intrigue. Almost all my inked oddities were visible and the strains of my nipples pierced with small hoops were ghost-like cebeci escort under my tank top. My hair was upswept and my ears glittered from the several piercing they held. Looking this way I knew that even if I couldn’t get Nathan out of my head I would at least find someone to fantasize with.

Stepping into the intoxicating atmosphere of smoke, alcohol and sweat, I somehow felt more at home. Striding up to the bar I felt a pair of eyes on me, but dismissed them. Ordering my drink I went over to sit on an over-stuffed couch that sat near a far wall. Sitting down I propped my foot up on the edge of the couch, letting the fabric of my skirt slide up my thigh and letting my dragon free of his cage. I could feel eyes on me again a twinge of heat traveled up my leg as I imagined they were his, his dark eyes roaming my inner thigh. Nervously I tucked a piece of fallen hair behind my ear, letting the music filter through my skin.

I hadn’t realized that I had closed my eyes until I felt a hand on my bent knee. My eyes met Nathan’s so quickly I felt I was dreaming. In a moment he sat down beside me, with his hand familiarly touching my knee. I could feel his skin burn against mine, he was talking to me and if I hadn’t been concentrating on his mouth so much I probably never would have noticed he was talking. His eyes were burning into mine, filling me with a languid warmth that caused wetness to form between my thighs. I silently prayed he wouldn’t notice, but all prayers were lost when he pulled me to sit sideways on the couch to face him.

I still sat with one leg bent in the air while the other dangled dangerously close to his. We began talking in a normal-type conversation until I noticed that his eyes had barely left the dragon that graced my inner thigh with its head hid neatly underneath my skirt. I shifted strategically so that my skirt slid up higher and more of the dragons red neck was exposed. When I saw Nathan’s tongue slide across his lips I felt a jolt that hit me where it hurt the worst. I was painfully wet and nearly jumped out of my skin when I felt Nathan place his fingertips on my pet, lightly tracing its outline.

Uncontrollably I slid closer to him, causing my legs to part somewhat and my skirt to lift softly up my thigh. As his fingers got closer to pet the dragons head, my fingers gripped the couch. Teasingly he stopped right before its head, merely inches away from the dragons cavern. As he stilled his fingers and looked into my eyes I felt like teasing myself. Never breaking eye contact I enclosed both of his legs with my thighs as I straddled his lap. I knew I wouldn’t cause discomfort since I didn’t weigh much so I leaned into him.

I captured my mouth with his in a kiss hot enough to burn. Our tongues flashed together, his hands ran the length of my back and stopped to grip my thighs. He pulled me closer to him, letting my warm wetness radiate through my panties and onto him. I could feel his excitement through his jeans and all I wanted to do was have it fill me completely. We still kissed deeply and as I felt his hands slide up my thighs under my skirt I pulled back, remembering that we were in public.

I kissed his lips softly, teasing his lower lip with my tongue. My hands were twined around his neck as I looked around the bar. I realized we must have been talking for a longer time than I had thought because there were only about a handful of people left in the place. Looking back at him I grinned and raised an eyebrow. His smile back at me was sexy enough to warm my body. I knew that I was lubricated enough for him to take me that instant but I wanted to tantalize him.

Still straddling his lap I used my skirt as cover to unzip his fly. I put my thumb in my mouth, wetting it and biting on it a little. When my other hand felt the first feel of his erection I silently thanked the man that put the hole in men’s boxer shorts. I kissed Nathan again, deeply and slowly. I felt him moan against my mouth as my hand with the wet thumb grasped the head of his member, my moist digit rubbing light pressure on the tip. His sound of pleasure only mounted on my pleasure. His hips rose slightly to çukurambar escort meet the pressure I held on him, they followed the motion of my hands. I felt him thicken under my touch and as our mouths danced I sensed his hand moving the elastic of my panties to the side, giving him full access to my dripping center.

It was my turn to moan into his mouth at the sensation of him fingering my engorged clit sweetly. I could feel him spreading my juices over my thighs with small force as his fingertips dug into my thigh as I raised my hips. I guided him inside of me with one hand while my other hand was still at the back of his neck, bringing his lips closer to mine. His hands engrossed my thighs as he began to pump my body up and down on his member. I felt like crying and it was wonderful. Our moans and grunts mingled inside of each other’s mouth.

I vaguely remembered that I was thankful that we were in the corner, but I don’t think I even cared at this point. I could feel him stretch my insides as I forced myself sweetly on him, our bodies rocked. My body was floating, filling with warmth that I had truly never felt before. I could sense my vaginal walls quivering as I worked myself on him. Nearing my plateau of pleasure I had to lean my head back in ecstasy. His lips worked their magic on the column of my throat. I felt like moaning out loud but I kept it in, but as I felt my climax swell I grabbed his mouth to mine, consuming it.

His mouth mated with mine until my shaking body calmed, his hips continued to gyrate. I could sense he was nearer to release, so I reached down to glide my fingertips on his throbbing member each time it withdrew from me. He moaned louder into my mouth at this action, my fingers found his testicular sac and I squeezed them softly. At this he nearly shouted in my mouth as he released warmly into me. My back arched with the feeling of it. The music in the room seemed to fade into oblivion. I kissed him softly as I dislodged his erection from me, still sitting on his lap. He stared into my eyes, their depths drowning me.

We situated our clothing and rose to leave. He held my hand sweetly as we left. Walking out in the night air, a slight breeze caressed my already sensitive skin. We stopped in front of the store.

I looked at him questioningly, he simply grinned at me as he kissed my tender lips sucking on them before releasing me. The store was closed but somehow it didn’t surprise me that he had keys.

He pulled me inside and devoured my mouth before the doors could shut. Kissing in the vast darkness was strangely eerie but erotic at the same time. He flipped a switch but it wasn’t the front lights. Somewhere in the back I saw a pale light, I knew that he had only turned on the display case lights so we would be able to see. He moved me closer to him, kissing my neck, a feeling I don’t think I could ever get tired of. He raised my arms above my head to drag my shirt up. Exposing my bare breasts to him for the first time, the swung with a natural weight and their peaks stood proudly out. He seemed transfixed with the small hoops that hung from them, taking them between his fingers and slightly tugging on them. I sighed with the feeling of it. He bent his head to take one of them into his mouth, my knees threatened to fold under me. He held me steady with his hands on my lower back.

He knelt to undo my skirt and he kissed my navel as he slid my panties down my thighs. My body quivered and my nipples became harder than before. My name whispered across his lips and my body became warmer and wetter. As he rose to stand before me again I kissed him and as my lips met his my hands traveled down his chest until they rested on the ends of his shirt. I pulled it up towards the ceiling, seeing the planes of his chest made me bite my lower lip in anticipation. My hands felt glued at the front of his pants, fingertips lightly tracing the band of it, making him shiver slightly.

I undid the button to his fly and let his jeans slide past his hips and to his feet, he kicked them out of the way in stride, making me laugh softly at his eagerness. He stood before me clad only in boxers and ankara escort I stood in front of him beautifully nude. His hands roamed my body in exploration, causing small sighs from certain areas that he touched. I finally knelt before him to remove his last article of clothing.

Letting them glide down his legs I saw fully his erection for the first time. It was beautiful. I took it in my hands, its shape becoming more familiar. He groaned and thrust his hips slightly forward. My mouth hungered to taste it. Leaning forward to lightly lick the tip he moaned. I inwardly grinned at myself. I could feel him grow and thicken at each touch of my velvet tongue. As I continued to love him he finally had to stop me, I looked into his eyes and knew he wanted more. I stood before him once again. He gently cradled my head in his hands to kiss me.

I looked around at our surroundings, we had ended up in the aisle that had children’s furniture, beanbags and body pillows. I looked back at him, wondering if he had planned it this way, his sly grin was the only answer I got but it was all I needed. I grinned back at him and closed my eyes as he lovingly kissed my neck, his fingers held at my bare hips. I could feel the heat of his fingers on my skin, my body cried out for it. When he placed my clit between his fingers my legs quivered and I gripped his arms tighter. His lips were still at my neck and my head was lent back in pleasure.

He let my hair fall loosely down my back and he ran his hands through it, bringing our lips together. The kiss deepened as he leaned me against the shelves, one of his hands ran down the length of my thigh, lifting it. My knee was bent and I felt the coldness of metal against my skin as he leaned further into me. My thighs burned and were wet with anticipated sweat and partly my own juices, my eyes fell into his and I simply whispered, ‘please’. I felt his hands tighten on my thigh as he rammed into me, strong and steady.

I cried out his name and a euphoric wave hit me. My arms wrapped around his neck as his biceps strained more to lift me up higher, getting deeper in me. His strokes were sturdy and very sure as he slammed up into me. Our moans mingled in with sweat into the vastness of the empty building. His arms quivered as he lay us down, never dislodging from me. Laying among a pile of beanbags his strokes sent me sliding at times and we both couldn’t help but laugh softly.

I could feel the familiar heat rising from my toes and gyrating up to my hips. My cavern walls quivered as my body was let go into the freedom of bliss. Crying out for him I could feel my juices drip on him as he continued to thrust into me. I locked my ankles around his waist, keeping him deep in me as his strokes got harder and more persistent. I could feel his member swell to the point of release inside of me. I reached my arms behind me, to find an anchor. Holding on to the shelves behind me I begged him to practically fuck me harder.

His final slam hit home and I cried out in orgasmic bliss again, this spurned him over the edge as he released into me. This last thrust was powerful enough to shake the tall shelves and I heard a couple toys fall in the next aisle over. Immediately after our shared release the air was filled with that mechanical music that comes from toys. It began to sing ‘Hi-Ho’ from Snow White, we both began to laugh. We lay there curled up in each other’s warmth for a long period afterwards. When he finally looked at the time we got dressed. After walking outside and he locked the doors we stood at them and kissed. Our tongues gliding over and under in our mouths.

I left him then to walk the few blocks to my apartment, smiling inwardly the whole way. That night I slept more peacefully than I had in a long time. When I arrived at work the next day I walked in on my boss scolding the girl that was in charge of the furniture area and kept asking why it was a mess. Feeling slightly bad I made my way to the back to clock in. As I passed the now infamous, for me any way, toy aisle, I saw a child playing with one of the Snow White toys. As it began to sing I grinned widely and felt a rush of wetness hit me between the thighs.

I heard his voice close to my ear, ‘You know, that movies ruined for me from now on…’

Turning to him, I kissed his lips and couldn’t help but say, ‘Well, I’ll refrain myself from whistling while I work.’

He laughed at this and we walked towards the back hand-in-hand.

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