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White PussyBoy PT3 Blacken GayI had left Jay’s apartment after our last evening together listeningto him chuckle as I carefully took smaller steps than usual to give myabused hole as little movement to lesson further pain as possible. Jay had fucked me threemore times over the course of the next several hours, taking longer andlonger each time to shoot his cum. My ass was sore and hurting and I hadbegged him several times to stop for a minute, to please give me a break,but he just kept pounding into me, telling me that as his bitch I needed tolearn to take his black cock however he wanted to give it to me.Now, three days later, I was beginning to feel halfway normalagain. My ass had seemed to recover from Jay’s at times brutal poundingthrusts. I had tried to keep my thoughts away from the black stud and histhick cock and had concentrated on dating my current girlfriend and fuckingher each night. But she left each night and when I awoke the next morning,I found hand sliding to my hard cock and my thoughts sliding to Jay’s firmchest, hard cock and ebony skin as I beat my meat. It seemed I couldn’thelp myself. Something about Jay – I didn’t know what – had taken over mythoughts. Maybe it was the way he had taken control, or the many acts ofphysical and mental domination he had shown. Maybe it was the contrastbetween my fair skin and his ebony complection. My mind was too confusedto figure work out any answer.I had made two trips to the building in which Jay rented formaintenance the day before, but fortunately, or unfortunately, I didn’t seeJay. I am not sure what I would have done if I had encountered him alonein the stairwell or hall. Even more importantly, I am not sure what Jaywould have done. And I knew deep inside that whatever he would have wantedto do, I would have agreed. The next day, Todd, another tenant in thatbuilding called asking me to please stop by to look at a leakingfaucet. Since he also offered to pay the back rent he owed, I agreed. Inhis apartment, I found myself staring at the young man more than I should.Todd had a dark complection, not swarthy or latino, but just well tannedwith very dark brown hair and brown eyes. He hadn’t shaved for a day or soand I found his stubble to be strangely exciting. Todd is 25 and standsabout five ten or five eleven, just a bit shorter than me, and clearlyworked out.I forced my thoughts away from him and concentrated on fixing theleak. There was also a problem with the drain and as I lay under the sinkworking on it, Todd sat on a chair at the kitchen table chatting with me,just trying to be polite. Unfortunately this gave me a good view of hismuscular legs and glances up the inside of his shorts to his boxers. As mycock grew harder and harder, I announced that I needed some different toolsand asked if I could come back to finish another time. Todd told me thathe had some errands to run, so I grabbed the rent check and got out thedoor as quickly as I could. I had to make a conscious effort to keepmyself subtly turned to hide my hard cock from the view of the athleticguy.In the hallway, I breathed a sigh of relief and leaned against thewall for a second. I turned to leave, my cock still visibly hard, andstopped dead in my tracks. Jay stood at the end of the hallway. The lookon his face was one of amusement and superiority. I tried to hide my hardcock, but he had already seen it and the sight of him, tall, straight andtoned only made it more visible. Jay’s door was halfway down on the otherside of the hall. He stepped up to it, slid his key into the hole andopened the door. Jay glanced again at me as he moved through thedoorway. “Get in here.”As if I had no will of my own, I walked down the hall and stepped intoJay’s apartment. He was only standing about five feet in the apartment,hands on his hips which jutted forward, showing me that he was hard too. Ifelt my knees go weak and a shiver run up my spine aydın escort at the sight of themuscular black stud. He wore low slung jeans and a tight fitting whitet-shirt which emphasized the development of his chest and arms.”You know where you belong, whiteboy.” It was a command as much as astatement. I looked up at Jay’s face as I stepped forward and sank to myknees. “Good boy. Now you know what to do.”I turned a bit to swing the door closed but Jay grabbed my hairpainfully. “Did I tell you to close the door, bitch? Did I?” he demanded.”No, sir.” I managed to reply.”Then do what you were born to do, cocksucker.” He popped open thebuttons of his 501’s as he said this. I was unable to tear my eyes away asI saw he was wearing no underwear. His thick black cock sprang out towardmy face seconds later. Acutely aware of the door standing wide open behindme, I still leaned forward to take him in my mouth. He stopped me with thepalm of his left hand against my forehead. He grabbed the base of his cockwith his right hand and began to beat my face with it. I felt the head andthe shaft slapping against my cheeks, my lips, my chin. I was worried thateven this sound may carry down the hall, but there was nothing I could do.For some reason, I couldn’t make myself stand up and walk away from thisblack buck dick slapping my face. I wanted to be on my knees there takingit. My cheeks were as much red from my embarrassment as from the slappingof his cock.Finally, even though I had my lips open, trying to catch his cockheadbetween them, Jay ordered me to open wide and sank his cock into my head inone smooth slow thrust. With his hand now gripping the hair above myforehead, I could do nothing but let him make the slow insertion, feelingmy throat stretch as he shoved his entire length into me. He let out amixed moan and sigh of pleasure as my lips, tongue and throat muscles allworked to milk his long black shaft. I slid my hands up to his hips,enjoying the feel of his leg muscles and the bones of his pelvis just belowwhere his abdomen tapered upwards, solid with muscle. It was so differentfrom that of any girl I had fucked. Since he didn’t tell me to stop, I ranmy hands further up, felling his chest widen as I slid them under hisshirt. I moved my hands to the front of his chest and my fingers ranacross his pecs. I lightly played with his nipples, squeezing them gentlyand feeling them harden.Jay was moaning more loudly now as he used his left hand to move myhead in time with the slow thrusting of his hips, pulling my face down eachtime he thrust forward. I had learned early on how to cover my teeth, sohe had a warm wet receptacle for his cock – my mouth. Jay was breathingdeeply, and I was able to tilt my head some and raise my eyes upward. Onceagain, Jay towered over me, looking dominantly down at me, his kneelingcocksucker, worshiping his cock.”Go ahead and play with your boy cock, faggot. You know you want toand I like watching you jack yourself while you suck me.” I really thoughthe was being nice, allowing me to stroke my cock while going down on himand quickly opened my own jeans and pushed them down. Jay watched me for amoment and just after I grabbed my cock, he surprised me by pulling hisdick from my mouth. Jay’s hands grabbed my shoulders and with brute forcehe spun me around on the floor on my knees so that I faced the opendoorway. I felt him drop onto the floor behind me, his knees coming downbetween my calves, forcing my legs wider apart, nestling in close to my nowexposed ass. Jay used a hand on the back of my neck to force me forward,making me catch myself so that I ended on hands and knees. I looked up atthe wall across the hall out the open door as the head of Jay’s cock foundmy hole. He held still for a second, then brutally plowed forward, forcingevery inch of his thick cock into me in one swift motion.”Ahhhhh! Fuckkkk!!” I cried out.Jay lowered his aydın escort bayan chest onto my back and wrapped his arms underneath mearound my chest. His mouth was next to my ear. “You better not make toomuch noise, whiteboy, or else Todd may come down here to see what’shappening. Do you want him to find you on your hands and knees on thefloor with my big black dick fucking your butt?” Jay thrust in again andagain, brutally hard, obviously trying to get me to make more noise. Iclamped my lips shut which were still tingling from the friction of hiscock sliding against them as I had sucked him, and waited for my ass beganto adjust again to his invasion of my body. “Then again,” he continued,”with that boner you were sporting coming out of his apartment, maybethat’s exactly what you want. Huh, whiteboy? You got a hankering for somewhite dick plowing your butt? Or maybe down your throat? Todd’s a realman. Not a piece of shit, white pussyboy like you. I bet he’d be plentyhappy pumping a few loads into you. What do you think. Maybe we shouldget him down here and you two could negotiate a new rent amount.” As hesaid this, Jay’s thick cock continued its assault, plowing my ass open,then withdrawing, only to ram back in deeply again.The thrusts were forcing grunts out from deep in my chest and I waspowerless to stop them. Then to my horror, I heard the door down the hall,the door to Todd’s apartment, swing open. My mind registered the squeakyhinge and that I needed to oil it, of all things. Then I remembered. Toddhad said he needed to go out to run some errands. “Oh my god,” I thoughtmiserably. “This hot looking guy, who could be a friend of mine, and who Ihoped would be a friend, was going to find me on the floor of Jay’sapartment, mounted like a bitch by the muscular black young man. I loweredmy face to look at the floor, but Jay grabbed the hair on the back of myhead and pulled me back up. I heard Todd’s door shut and the jingling ofhis keys as he locked up his apartment. The jingling stopped and Iresigned myself to my fate. Just as I thought Todd must appear in thehallway, Jay reached out and swung the door shut, sealing us into hisapartment.I was letting out a sigh of relief when Jay redoubled his assault onmy boypussy. I heard Todd’s footsteps on the hardwood floor pass along infront of Jay’s door, and managed to keep my mouth clamped closed, butworried that just the squelching sound of Jay’s pounding cock and hispanting breath would carry through the door to Todd’s ears in the hallway.But the footsteps faded and I relaxed a little mentally. Jay’s roughpounding forced me to keep my elbows locked to support Jay’s weight on myback and keep my balance under the onslaught of Jay’s brutal thrusts. Thefriction of Jay’s speed and force was also having an effect on him, aswell. With a loud moan into my ear, I felt Jay tighten his arms around mychest as he began to cum. He sank his cock deeply into me and held itthere. I could feel its pulsing as he pumped spurt after spurt of hot cuminto me.Jay let out a satisfied sigh and relaxed his grip, settling onto myback. I kept both of us supported, wanting the black stud, whose cock wasstill deep inside me to stay buried deeply in me for as long as he wanted.Jay’s breathing finally slowed to normal and he raised himself upwards. Icould feel the back of my shirt soaked by both his sweat and my own as thecool air hit it. Jay’s cock slid out of me, leaving me feeling empty andstrangely incomplete. I wondered for a brief second if I could call out toTodd. Call him in and have him fuck me. The reality of what I wasthinking suddenly hit me and the shock of it brought me out of my sexuallyinduced trance.My cock was still hard as I had been unable to stroke it and supportmyself and Jay during his fucking. It throbbed almost painfully, as hardas it had ever been in my life. I raised up onto my knees when Jay told escort aydın meto and turned to face him. He told me to open my mouth and as I sucked himclean, he allowed me to beat my cock. I came within a minute, hissoftening black cock now clean in my mouth.Jay watched me cum, my sperm shooting onto the floor. He let me suckhim for a few seconds longer, then pushed me away. I watched him as heturned and sauntered to the couch. His ass cheeks were round, firm andtight, the skin not as dark as his cock, and I found myself longing not toshove my cock between them, but to use my tongue again. Jay reached thecouch and sprawled on it on his back. His cock flopped over his thigh,pointing at me. Jay glanced over at me and told me to clean up the floor.I knew what he wanted from the look on his face and in his eyes. I leanedover and licked my cum from the floor. Jay was smiling when I looked backup at him, his teeth gleaming.”You’re learning pretty quickly, bitch. But I suppose you want more.Right?” He looked at me.”Yes sir. I want more, if you do.””You want it from me, or from Todd?””You, Jay. I want your cock.””Does that mean that you don’t want Todd’s?” When I hesitated, helaughed. “That’s what I thought. Already you’re wanting more and moredick. Well let me tell you boy. If I ever find out that you’ve been someother guy’s bitch without my permission, you will never get this,” hegrabbed his cock, “ever again. You understand that?””Yes, Jay.””Good. Then get over here and you can suck another load outta myballs.”Obediently, I crawled to the couch and buried my face in his crotch,taking his cockhead in my mouth. Jay just relaxed on the couch, enjoyingletting me do all the work. His cock quickly grew in my mouth forcing meto climb up onto the couch to get the right angle to get his cock all theway in my mouth. Jay spread his legs, giving me room on the couch to workhis cock deeply in and out of my throat. Suddenly the phone rang and Ibegan to pull off his cock. A hand on the back of my head held my mouth onhis shaft. The phone was on the table beside the couch above Jay’s headand with his other hand, Jay reached behind him and grabbed it.”Hello? Hey bro. What’s up? Really? Yeah, kind of a slow day then.Me? Just having a bit of fun here. Nah, not that. Closer, but not quite.Closer still. That’s it. Yeah, it’s good head. Some of the best I’vegotten.” I couldn’t believe that Jay was talking about getting his cocksucked with some guy on the phone. “No, not her. Not her either. Youaren’t gonna guess, ’cause you don’t know the guy. Yeah, that’s right,it’s a guy. I know. Found me a little whiteboy who likes dick.Especially black dick. No, I’m not k**ding you.” Jay used the grip on myhair to move my head up and down his cock. “Yeah, listen.” He held thephone down by my mouth and I knew whomever was on the other end couldclearly hear the slurping and sucking sounds of my mouth on Jay’s big blackcock. He pulled the phone back to his ear.”See, what did I tell you. Getting head. No, it’s a guy. Like Isaid, a fucking whiteboy. Guy is a complete cock slut. I just blew a loadup his ass too. Yeah. Buttfucked the pussyboy like he was a fifty centwhore. Yeah, I’m serious. Here. Hold on.” Jay looked at me as he pulledmy mouth off his cock. “Say ‘Hello Bobby’,” Jay ordered.”Hello, Bobby,” I said. I could hear a male voice saying “Holy shit”as Jay pulled the receiver away.”What did I tell you? Yeah, busted this whiteboy’s cherry not toolong ago, both of them, mouth and ass. He’s been a slut for my black dick eversince. I fucked him until he could barely walk a few days ago.” Jaylaughed, either at his statement or at something the guy on the phone said,I wasn’t sure which. “Yeah, I know. We always talked about fucking oversome white dude. Now I am doing it – literally. Yeah, I know. You wantto? Well, I am sure that something can be arranged. Yeah. Yeah. Heydude. I am getting close to blowing a load down this fag’s throat. I’llcall you later.”Jay almost dropped the phone onto the cradle and used both hands topush my head down into his crotch. My nose was buried in his wiry blackpubes as he pumped his sperm into my mouth.

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