White Women found by African Chief cyber RP

White Women found by African Chief cyber RPLydia: *I look around at my map, very confused and annoyed.* Dammit, this thing has to be wrong! How did I get so lost?!?Josh: *as i and my bodygaurds are out hunting, we hear a voice talking in the distance and begin to follow it. we come upon you and your beautiful features as we see you i step out and bgein walking towards you*Lydia: *I’m still bothering with the map, so I don’t quite notice where you are.* This thing is just about useless ot me now… I doubt I’m gonna be able to make out now…Josh: *i walk up behind you and look over your shoulder at the map, i reach forward and point to a spot on the map* this is where we are now.Lydia: *I jump out of shock and surprise when I’m spoken to, blasting a good foot into the air and two back.* G-Good god you scared the hell out of me!!Josh: i am very sorry, i did not mean to frighten you. you are such a beautiful woman, and i couldn’t think of something to say. that is until i heard what your problem is.Lydia: *I try to calm myself down.* Well, thanks for the help… I at least know which way is north, so I guess I can get myself back on track from here…Josh: i wouldn’t go anywhere for a few days, we are about to have the monsoon pas through this region and you would most likelly get lost again and die. if you would like you could come stay with us until the monsoon passes?Lydia: I never thought this place was vulnerable to monsoons… Well, I guess I shouldn’t take the chance… Go ahead and lead me to where you are.Josh: *i begin walking and as you do my bodygaurds come out from where they were hiding and begin following us* oh by the way these are my men. i am the chief of the wakanda tribeLydia: *I softly bow before the five of you.* It’s a pleasure to meet you all. *I start following you.*Josh: the pleasure is all mine! to accompany such a beautiful woman back to my camp and be her protector is an honorLydia: *My face turns a soft pink.* Wow, you’re quite the charmer… *I start coming closer to your guards, feeling strangely comforted by being surrounded by black men.*Josh: well even though i am only 13 i am the chief so i have had to mature my attitude and language much quicker than others would at my ageLydia: Thank you for offering to protect me, though. It’s nice to know I won’t have to go it alone for too long.Josh: i would be happy to help you with anything you may need while you stay *i push through some brush and walk straight into our camp and keep walking towards my tent in the middle of camp*Lydia: *I look around the camp to see all of the people I’ll be living with for the next few days*Josh: so what would you like to do first?Lydia: I’m not sure… What can we do?Josh: well if you would like to get more comfortable you can bath and get in clean clothes, if you’d like to meet the rest of the tribe you can, or you could just get some restLydia: I think it would be pretty goof to meet the rest of the tribe.Josh: ok then let us goLydia: *I head out with you to see the tribe*Josh: *i begin walking you around the camp and introducing you to all the other people in the tribe,telling them of your situation, talking with one of the elders i say* yes she was lost and we found her, i invited her here to stay until after the monsoon passes. she will e my personal guest in camp and will stay in my tentLydia: Are you sure it’s ok for me to stay in the same tent as you…?Josh: of course! you are my personal guest and i want to make sure you are protected, and the most protected place in this camp is my tent.Lydia: I just don’t want to be a burden on you is all…Josh: not at all! i promise you won’t be!Lydia: If you insist… *I give you a gentle smile*Josh: i do! [smile] so my lady, what would you like to do next?Lydia: I’m honestly not too sure…Josh: why don’t we get you cleaned up and ready for bed the sun is about to be setting soonLydia: Well, I’m honestly kastamonu escort not really that tired yet… But I suppose it wouldn’t hurt.Josh: *i walk you to my tent and open it up letting you step inside first, then follow you in. leading you to a golden tub in the back of my massive tent* warm or cold water?Lydia: Warm, please, and GEEZ, this tent is absolutely massive!!Josh: *i grin well it has to be massive to allow for air flow and other massive things that are often in the tent. *i lean over and turn the warm water on* would you like me to help you get undressed?Lydia: I should be ok getting myself undressed. *I slowly work myself out of my clothes.*Josh: ok *i walk behind a curtain to give you privacy* let me know when you are in the tub and i will bring you some soap and a towelLydia: You don’t have to worry about seeing me. I don’t get embarrassed about things like that. *I fully strip myself down.*Josh: as you wish *i walk back around the curtain, i also am completely naked letting my 9inch soft cock hang between my legs as i walk towards you with soap and a towel.* if you don’t get embarressed neither will I [wink]Lydia: *I turn around and spot you naked, my face going red.* Ok, this one I wasn’t expecting…Josh: what is it? i will change it immediatllyLydia: I-I didn’t really expect you to get naked with me…Josh: oh, well the only way for me to bath you is to be naked with you so my clothes don’t get wet eitherLydia: *I slowly slip myself into the bath you readied for me*Josh: *i walk to the side of the tub and begin splashing some water on you to get you readyLydia: This is definitely something I would never have expected to happen to me…Josh: why do you say that?Lydia: Well, I never thought I’d get the chance to even go on a trip to africa, let alone end up getting taken into a tribe that’s so nice…Josh: *i cup water in my hands and begin rubbing your arms and legs as i continue to get all your body covered in water* well i’m glad we have made a good impression on you. most other tribes in the area would have taken you back to camp and ****d you sense you are an outside woman that doesn’t fallow their waysLydia: Good thing I managed to be found by you… *I sigh contentedly as you wash me up.*Josh: *i then get the soap and in one hand wash your arms rubbing all over your arms with soap then rubbing it down with both hands and water, doing the same with your legs, soaping them up then massaging your legs as i rub all the soap off of your body* you have very smooth skinLydia: I always do my best to keep it that way. Never know if a guy’s gonna strike my fancy, so I always have to be ready.Josh: and what kind of guy does strike your fancy? *i begin to make my way to your stomach and abs with my hands as i ask you, soaping and massaging your body under the water*Lydia: Well, you’re definitely meeting the type I like, I can say that much… *I let out gentle moans as you go on.*Josh: oh really? why is that? *i them put my hands on your breast and squeeze them gently, massaging them before i rub the soap on them and then massage and squeeze them again as i clean the soap off*Lydia: *I moan softly as you massage my chest.* Well, you’re really kind to me. You’ve cared for me since I got here.Josh: *i lean into your ear and whisper* i will always care for you my queen *as i say that my right hand slides down your down and rubs over your pussy, lightly touching it under the water, then i begin to rub you slowly but strongly as i to the whisper into a kiss on your neck*Lydia: *I jolt from the massive surprise of you calling me your queen and start rubbing my pussy.* Qu-Queen…? What do you mean…?Josh: *i keep rubbing you pussy as i release my kiss and whisper again* i don’t want you to be just my guest, i want you to be my queen in the tribe. i’m not just the chief of this tribe, but i am the king of this whole region. and i want escort kastamonu to make you my queen *as i say that i slide 2 of my fingers into your pussy and slowly finger you*Lydia: (Are you here?)Josh joined the chatJosh: yes sorryJosh: (accidently closed my browser)Lydia: Th-That’s insane… *I moan lightly at your touch, my pussy slightly leaking on your hand.* I-I can… be your queen…? But why me…? Why not one of the women of your tribe…?Josh: because you are so beautiful, and you are not of this land so you don’t have an agenda about trying to take the power from me. i would protect you and make love to you every night! *i start speeding up my fingers, sliding them in and out quickly as i move my mouth to your nipples as i kiss them and suck on them*Lydia: Y-You can get in the tub with me if you want… s-so you can do what you want more easily…Josh: *i stand up and remove my hand, i step into the tub with you, and lay across you i lean forward and kiss your lips as my left hand goes to your tits and my right hand goes to you ass, squeezing and massaging as my 13y/o begins to stiffen at half erection my cock is 13 inches and sways in the warms water between out bodies*Lydia: You’re amazing… My boyfriend couldn’t make me feel half as good as you are right now… And you care for me so much more than he does even though you’ve only met me a few hours ago…Josh: its because i love a woman and her beauty and return the favor to her for what i get to see every day *i get between your legs and rub my almost fully erect cock on your pussy as i keep kissing your lips and neck*Lydia: Are you sure you don’t want me to prove myself with my mouth first, sir…?Josh: you are my queen you don’t have to prove anything, but if you would like to see what will soon be inside your womb* i stand up and my now fullyerect 17 inch penis hangs down infront of your face*Lydia: *I kiss the tip of it softly and gently grab a hold of your balls, making sure they feel good too*Josh: mmmm prove yourself my queenLydia: *I slowly but surely slip about 13.5 inches of your cock into my mouth, stroking the rest of it with my hand*Josh: oh my queen you are amazing!*i grab your head and gently thust a little more into your mouth*Lydia: *I start to slightly recoil at it, but I try my best for you*Josh: *i take my hand off and let you prove yourself without my help*Lydia: *I do my best to slowly but surely work the rest in, but it’s somewhat painful for me to do it.*Josh: *i feel my cock sliding down your throat as you take more and more, i look down and see your throat buldging with my cock down it*Lydia: *I pull back out, shaking my head and sufficing sucking on the 13 inches I’m comfortable with.*Josh: mmmm yes that is amazing my queen!Lydia: *I gently care for your balls as I suck your cock, looking up at you submissively.*Josh: mmmmm thats good, but i want to truely make you my queen nowLydia: *I start to speed up, eager to taste your cum*Josh: oh damn! you want your kings fertile juice down your throat?Lydia: *I nod gently, bracing for it*Josh: *my balls tighten up as i release my young sperm into your mouth and down into your throat, shooting stream after stream into your mouth* oh god yes! that is it my queen take my cum!Lydia: *I swallow every last drop, then pull off slowly and kiss it gently all over to clean it off.*Josh: mmmm that was amazing! now its your turn *i kneel back down between your legs and spread them with mine, as i rub my young cock on your cunt getting you ready for what about to happen* now i truely make you my queen *i press the head of my cock into your pussy and push as deep as i can in one thrust*Lydia: SH-SHIT!! *I start to gently bleed from my pussy, panting heavily from having my virginity taken.*Josh: *i push 9 inches into you pussy* are you ok my queen? i don’t want to hurt you *i begin to slowly pull out*Lydia: I-I’m fine… kastamonu escort bayan Y-You just took my virginity is all…Josh: i didn’t know you were a virgin or i would have been more gentle. *with the water around my cock i didn’t notice your hyme break on my cock. i gently push my 9 inches into you again then hold it there until i feel your pussy adjust, before i push another 4 inches into you and hold* my queen you are so tight and wet it is amazing! how do you feel?Lydia: I-I feel like I’m being filled to the brim… like your cock is filling my entire body with pleasure…Josh: pleasure is all i want to bring you *i begin pushing again trying to barrie my whole cock inside of you, i push another 2 inches into you* let me know if it is too much my queenLydia: *I moan happily as the pain begins to fade away.* M-My boyfriend is only a third your size… Y-You taste so much better and feel absolutely amazing…Josh: i am happy to please you, *i push the final 2 inches into your womb, and i am now balls deep inside of you* that is my whole cock my queen. how does it feel?Lydia: L-Like I’ve gone to heaven… M-My cervix opened wide up for your cock, and it doesn’t hurt at all…Josh: good *i begin to pull my cock out, everything except the head of my cock is out before i drive my whole cock back into you, rocking the water around us so that is splashes out of the tub, i pull back out and drive into you again, splashing water around you*Lydia: M-My king, your cock feels so good inside me… I-It’s carving me wide open…Josh: your pussy is so tight it is amazing my queen! *i start thrusting quicker, only pulling about half way out before driving back into you, i lean down and kiss your lips as more and more water splashes up around us*Lydia: I-I feel so full… So fulfilled… like I was supposed to be here…Josh: you are supposed to be here my queen! *i pull my cock all the way out and lean back as your gaping pussy is visible after all the water has splashed out of the tub* how do you feel now?Lydia: S-So good… So open… I-I love this… I-I don’t think I ever want to leave now…Josh: good! you will never leave my side my queen! *i pull you up to me and kiss you as i reach around and squeeze your ass, i then lean down and kiss, suck, and nibble on your luscious tits, then i turn you around and lean you over the side of the tub and slide my cock back into your pussy* mmmm tightened up even after only a few minutes without my cock.Lydia: Well, I’m not used to suck a massive rod being inside me… But it feels so good to have you caring me open so gently…Josh: you will be very soon! *i slap your ass a few times as i grab your hips and begin fucking you with long deep strokes*Lydia: EEP! *I jump at the spankings, not exactly happy about it.*Josh: *i keep fucking you long and slow as i reach up and pull your shoulders back, i reach around and squeeze and massage your tits with one hand and run my other hand across your stomach feeling it bulge everytime i push balls deep*Lydia: O-Oh my god, I feel like I’m getting split in two… Y-Your cock is amazing!!Josh: your pussy is amazing my queen! it will birth many strong c***dren for me! *i keep pump in and out of you squeezing and massaging*Lydia: *I start to moan loudly as you take me for yourself*Josh: *i start fucking you harder and faster not pulling out much keeping most of my dick inside of you as i do, my hand on your bulging stomach. i rub and pinch your nipples as i kiss and suck on your neck as i take you as my queen*Lydia: I-I don’t know if I can take much more…Josh: yes you can my queen! *i barrie my cock as deep as i can inside of you, as i begin emptying my balls into your virgin pussy, your stomach already bulging it slowly begins to swell even more as i shoot more and more cum into your pussy*Lydia: *I slowly but surely begin to pass out from the pleasure*Josh: *once my balls have emptied into you i pull my cock out as i roll you back over onto your stomach and elevate your pussy so the least amount of cum escapes your pussy. i get up and leave you in the tub naked with a gaping pussy filled to the brim with cum, as you are passed out from pleasure.*

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