who knew daddy little girl loved me so much

who knew daddy little girl loved me so muchwell my story begin with my 30 year old daughter Brandi she has allway been day little girl she has grown and a beautiful woman i would say is 36d 22 36 with beautiful follow red hair and my best friend. she was brought to me one night by here beautiful asst oh did i tell my daughter is a lawyer but anyway her asst is named kelly another beautiful young lady i think she would be in her early 20,s 5; tall 36c 22 34 with beautiful blond hair anyway Kelly brought Brandi to my house because she had to much to drink a party and i mean she was really drunk they come in and we all had a glass of wine about half way thru Brandi glass she went to sleep on the couch. so i sat there with Kelly as he had another glass of wine we talked about every thing after about 3 glass of wine so look at me and ask me did i find her attractive i told here she was very attractive. the she said well why havent you tried to kiss yet.so i did not miss my chance so i lean over and gave a long wet kiss before i knew it i was play with here beautiful bolu escort bayan boobs she was moaning by this time my lips on here sucking her nipples and my hands down her pants rubbing her clit. i took my time kissing her sexy body all the way down to her navel i slide her pants off and exposed her beautiful pussy with a small patch oh hair cut in a small landing strip i began to kiss her my tounge running thru the small patch of hair and worked my way down to her beautiful pussy i dove in and start to suck on her pussy lips worked my way to her clit and suck on it intill she cum twice it was so good the she undone my pants and let my cock out her eye got as big as saucer and she took it and started to suck it she ask me could i lay down and let her suck it she wanted to enjoy it because she never seen one that big so i sit down in the chair and laid back and she went to sucking my cock i laid back and close my eyes she was like a wild woman all of a sudden she stop i could feel her hand still on it did think much about and she went back to work escort bolu on it nice and slow this time i open my eye and saw something that scared me my daughter Brandi was sucking my cock i didnt know what to do so i just closed my eye for a few minutes as Kelly started kissing me as my little girl worked on my cock she stop sucking my cock and said to me i have dream of that big cock in me for years i wasted no time because i have dreamed about her to she give me a long wet kiss as Kelly start playing with her tit and taking her blouse off i was in heaven she exposed your beautiful tits i started to suck one and KElly had the other a reach down and began to rub my little girls pussy she was so wet and hot i started to work my way down her stomach as Kelly was kissing her i pulled her pants off to expose her pretty pussy with that bush well trim i lick my way down to her pussy my tounge was so eager to eat my little girls pussy i started to suck her clit i look up ans she is eating Kelly after eating her she cum 3 or 4 times she look down and said daddy bolu escort please fuck me so i slide my head in it so tight i slide in slow and easy 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 1/2 all the way in her i just grinded against her pelvis and began to slow pump it in and out maybe 4 or 5 times and she squirted all over me oh that really turned me on i start to pound that pussy she cum again and again i stop and pull my cock out of her and Kelly start to suck my cock licking all the pussy juices off my cock she look up at me and said it my turn for that cock she got on all fours and said fuck me as she started to eat Brandi,s pussy i grab her hip and slid my cock in her pussy pumping it fast like a wild man for about five minutes she cum and look back at me a said in my ass her and Brandi was in 69 positon Brandi started to lick my ball as slide my cock in Kelly,s ass my cock was throbing as i pumped her ass i lasted about another 5 minutes or so i told her i was fixing to cum Brandi said give it to me so i pulled it out of Kelly ass and shot my load all over my little girls face and it was the biggest load i ever shot and then Kelly began to lick it off her face we fucked and suck all weekend. I ended up marring Kelly and she still works for Brandi and we still have week end were our daughter come to visit.

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