Who was that SSBBW in the cabin pt.2 (her adventur

Who was that SSBBW in the cabin pt.2 (her adventurIF you are not into big women, do not need to read this.Welcome back to my another part of that SSBBW from the cabin. This story isn´t in cabin but at her place. Those who has read the previous part, write in comments who you think she was and your thoughts about her. Those who hasn´t read it, please read my previous part before this.I will call this SSBBW(44) in the story (V) and Oldman(45) – (L)I have moved in their basement few weeks ago because i sold my apartment to save for a bigger. I am staying in their basement now. It has two entrance, outside and from inside. I told them i am going to stay at friend for one night. I left in afternoon but then i decided to come back to basement from out entrance at 20:00. I saw many cars in driveway, i knew something was happening inside. After i went in basement, i could hear many men talking and laughing and moans with extremely dirty talks. I also was hearing loud sloppy thrusts and her begging for more and more. I was becoming more curious to take look of what was happening. I walked up the stairs( but remained below so i wasn´t visible to anyone) to see countless naked men with hot bodies and cocks from standard size to huge big ones and all erect pointing to ceiling. All sinop escort the furniture was pushed to walls making space for giant mattress on the floor. I saw all of them had lust in eyes, cocks twitching and they were playing with them waiting for their turn. Old man(45) had control over everything, he was among the men who had big and thick cocks.There she was in the middle of the giant mattress, all naked full of sweat and cumshots on her breasts and belly. Her legs were held up by two of his friends while they jerked off and touched her SSBBW belly and breasts. Her pussy was leaking with cum. Her moans were so loud and asked to fuck her hard and she needed more cocks. I wasn´t sure how many she had taken already but the amount of men present there i can say five to six cumshots in her and rest on her body. There was more than two dozen men. Another man positioned himself in front of her missionary pussy and fingered her to push more cum in her and dropped a big squeeze of lube on his cock to make it more sloppy. Old man told one of his buddies to go get his cock sucked by her. He first kissed her and told her he always wanted to fuck her fat body and he was in love with her body. He positioned himself in a way that he could fuck her mouth. He fucked her escort sinop mouth and then shoved it deep down her throat, she gagged and everyone laughed and gave her nasty dirty comments, some even came to suck on her breasts and to touch her body. He kept fucking her throat and she threw up saliva down her neck, he pulled out and few more men did the same. Old man told the man fucking her for half-hour to clean her neck and let others enjoy. Some came and finished in minutes but stayed to watch or prepare for another round. All of them took turns and made out with her also talking dirty with her while thrusting in her fat pussy. All the wetness of her pussy and body made the thrusts sounds so loud, almost everyone enjoyed hearing sloppy thrust sounds.After hour another semi SSBBW came to house. After seeing her face, i realised she was wife of that old man of my friend i mentioned in my previous story. I will call that man “Rolf” He told “L” to take her while he get busy with “V”. “L” took that SSBBW in his arms and made out with her while underdressed her, many other men would come and feel her ass and belly and then go to “V” who was in doggystyle to fuck her and mouth fuck her. ” L” took this SSBBW and made her sit on the sofa and lifted her legs up, he also sinop escort bayan asked “V” to get in same position beside her. Both SSBBW were on sofa with legs up in air, except “V” had her pussy leaking with cum. Everyone started to jerk off while Old man “L” licked them both and fucked that new SSBBW first with full thrust and speed, i was so surprised to see him fuck like that, he then pulled his cock out and stuck it in “V”, he fucked her sloppy pussy good and told her how sexy she was and he loved her so much. After intense fucking he motioned everyone to join in the fun. Rolf patted his shoulder and told he enjoys watching his wife getting fucked by him.Rest of the night everyone fucked both SSBBW wildly and filled their pussies with cum, they fucked them in several positions. At the end of the night, they made them both SSBBW go in missionary again to see big loose pussies dripping of cum. Old man “L” and Rolf started with fingers and went to fisting them, they also allowed others to enjoy fisting their pussies filled with loads of cum before they left. I heard many of them asking if they could bring more friends next time, my old man told them they don´t need to ask, just bring along.It all lasted till 3:00 am and i don´t know when it started.Please comment after reading and tell me if you want me to tell you more about their future adventures. You can also pm me for more info about them. If you are curious to know how she looks like, there are similar pictures in post i wrote in profile.

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