Wife Exposed on Whitingham Lake Ch. 04


Facts are intertwined with fantasy in this episode.

Chet and Hank each handed me a hand full of bills, passing them to my wife to deposit in her purse, without either Troy or his father seeing the transaction. Chet said to meet at 105 Second Ave at 5 PM for the second half of the adventure. It was starting to rain, my wife and I went to a restaurant to eat. On the way back to our Hostel we passed Second Ave.

My wife was sexually excited revealed by her flushed facial features, I unlocked the door and started into the room, before the door was closed my wife was nude: ran to the bed, jumped on it and laid on her back.

She spread her legs wide while rubbing her pussy saying, “Would you like desert now?”

I answered her by dropping between her legs and pulling her to the edge of the bed for better access to her pussy, using my fingers to stroke her clit, while licking her flower of life. My wife is so hot she came all over my face in only 2 minutes. Waiting for her to come down off her after orgasm high, I removed my clothes ready to finish our lovemaking. I slid between her open legs pushing my hard cock into her molten pussy. We are still very excited and it took a short time before I could feel her pussy sucking and clamping down on my cock during another orgasm. She pushed me over the top dumping rope after rope of cum into her pussy giving us a delightful finish to our afternoon delight.

Exhausted we took a nap and awakened approximately ten to five. My wife dressed in another skirt and button front top with bra and panties, after she took a shower. When she finished getting ready it was almost 5:30. We entered the truck, as it started misting, and headed to the address we were given.

We were mystified the address was a Medical Clinic, we waited outside, figuring we were late and the two older men left, but just as we were leaving, Hank came outside apologizing their meeting went longer than they expected, but they received a large order for their efforts. I looked at my wife.

She said, “I have a sinking feeling in my stomach. What are we doing there?”

Hank said, “It will be explained when we go inside.”

My wife very hesitantly exited our truck and walked into the building in front of us with Hank opening the door for her. She was greeted by Chet, Troy and another man in a doctors white coat, who introduced himself as Dr. Dave. (Not his real name.) By this time my wife was ready to run out the door, she hates doctors and being examined, she is having a premonition she will be examined before the day is out.

Calling me to the side my wife said she didn’t want anything to do with this next adventure. I said OK and we started to walk out of the door. Chet came over to us walking with us outside. My wife started to enter the truck.

Chet asked my wife, “How much more do you want?”

She asked, “What will I have to do?”

Chet said, “What do your think will be involved?”

“You want to examine me in front of the young kid who is almost as old as my son.” She said.

“OK, so how about 400 dollars to do it.” Chet offered.

I couldn’t believe my wife was thinking of giving him an answer.

She said, “Double it and I will think about it.”

Chet said, “If you consent to have a European Exam and I will give you $1600.00.

My wife reluctantly disembarked the truck and went back inside not knowing what a European exam entailed.

Dr. Dave told my wife she would have to sign a waiver before he would examine her in the presence of the Maltepe Öğrenci Escort group of men. A man in a suit my wife and I did not see, appeared out of the corner, with paperwork in hand. He turned out to be Dr. Dave’s lawyer. The document was at least 10 pages long and my wife and I started to read it, but it was all in legalese and not easily understood. The lawyer told us in essence, my wife will have to do as the doctor directs and we could not sue him for any improprieties during the exam. It also included my wife giving consent to be examined by anyone present during the exam.

My wife called Chet to her and told him. “I don’t want to do this.”

He said no problem, “Have a good night.”

My wife started to have second thoughts when Chet regarded her refusal so casually, saying. “I really don’t want to do this, but I want the money”, as she went to the lawyer and initialed each of the pages and signed the last page before she lost her nerve.

The lawyer witnessed it. When done the lawyer asked my wife, “Can I stay for your exam?”

My wife said, “What the hell is the difference, one more guy seeing me being examined, after what I have done already this isn’t a big deal, but it will cost you 200.00 dollars.”

Chet explained, “The patient is nude during a European exam. The Doctor will demonstrate their new endocam we developed for real time video of the interior of a woman’s vagina to her cervix.”

With the explanation of the exam complete my wife was ushered into a large procedure room, where she was asked to undress completely with everyone in the room. She slowly removed her top and skirt, folded them and put them on a chair in the corner she was trying to hide in. My wife turned her back to us and slipped the bra straps off her shoulder, turning it around so she could unhook the bra and put it with her outer clothes. I could see her take a deep breath as she hooked her thumps on each side of her panties, pushing them down, stepping out of them. She gave us the first view of her labia and rear when she bent down to pick up her panties, putting them under her other garments. You could hear a collective breath being taken by all the men who witnessed her exposure.

She turned to us with one arm over her breast and a hand in front of her to preserve what little modesty she had left. She waited for the inevitable command to be given.

Dr. Dave said to my wife, “Please go sit on the exam table.”

My wife walked timidly to it and the doctor put a stool in front of the table to step on, helping her onto the exam table. He had Troy come to the front of the table next to him as he started the exam checking her eyes, throat, nose and ears, the exam started to get more interesting to us and more humiliating for my wife with the breast exam. The doctor showed all of us how to perform a breast exam, asking my wife if Troy could examine her breast. She reluctantly gave the young man permission. He was very rough with my wife’s breasts and she reprimanded him for his rough breast exam, showing him how to be gentler, while the doctor showed him again how to perform the exam.

As far as I was concerned this exam was a fantasy come true for me and something we would be doing in the future, but that is another story. My wife siting nude with six men watching was something I didn’t figure would ever happen. As for my wife she was crimson she was so embarrassed at her exposure, but it was only beginning, she did not realize the full extent her exposure, before this exam Maltepe Çıtır Escort was over.

The doctor was telling my wife he would perform an internal on her as he was placing the stirrups. I could see my wife press her knees together and rest her hand at the juncture of her legs while resting her arm over her breast.

It was only a matter of time before the Doctor helped her put her feet in the stirrups and spread my beautiful wife open for all to see. She was sexually stimulated by this time, her vaginal lips were engorging, a sure sign of her arousal and I could see her breathing becoming labored another sign she was on her way to an orgasm, along with her flushed completion and rock hard nipples.

Laying back she put her hands over her face, she was so humiliated, not from the fact she was totally exposed, but the fact she was so close to orgasm caused by her exposure. The doctor as he was explaining to Troy the exam, he noted to all present, on this occasion he did not need any lubricant to perform the internal, as my wife was emitting copious amounts of fluid lubricant from her vaginal opening. (His words not mine)

Troy watched his eyes wide and a tent forming in his pants. The doctor inserted his gloved finger into my wife’s engorged, naturally lubricated vaginal opening, while explaining to the young man the proper way to do the exam. The Doctor gave Troy a pair of gloves; to his complete surprise the doctor asked Troy do an internal on my wife, mimicking the doctor.

Troy took more time than the doctor did exploring my wife’s pubic area and giving her an internal. After he completed the exam each one of the other men had the same chance to explore my wife’s pussy. By this time she was panting so hard I figured any second she would explode in a tremendous orgasm, but they stopped the manipulation just short.

Doctor Dave asked my wife, “Do you need to cum?”

Humiliated to think this group would be seeing her at her most intimate time, but she needed relief, my wife moaned. “I need to cum before I go crazy.”

The doctor called me to help. I was fondling her breasts, as the good doctor manipulated her distended clit. It was another fantasy coming true my wife totally exposed to a group of men, including a very young man. She came hard, as the good doctor inserted his fingers into her overheated pussy. She had her hands over her face crying, I thought she was very humiliated. Seeing this I had every one leave the room, so I could talk with her privately. I told her she could quit at any time, it was OK with me. She told me it was not humiliation causing the tears, but the enormous pleasure of her orgasm. She also said she wanted to continue. Women who can figure them out! My wife was still in the stirrups and spread wide while I was talking with her.

I called everyone back in and my wife thanked the doctor for the orgasm, she loved it. She was embarrassed when she realized what she just had admitted to. Doctor Dave had Troy bring in equipment from another room consisting of; a TV screen, A computer and video equipment with wires protruding.

Placing all the equipment at the foot of the exam table, the doctor explaining the use of the endocam, Chet and Hank sold the Medical group. The doctor was going to demonstrate the new equipment while examining my wife.

The doctor turned on the computer and the screen lit up, it was showing something on screen looking like part of the room. He picked up a piece of equipment which looked like a dildo with a light on it Maltepe Elit Escort and a rounded glass end. The doctor asked my wife, if she would like to insert the cylindrical instrument in her vagina or would she want someone to do it for her. She had her hands over her face again, saying she could not possibly do it in front of everyone, so she asked they insert the instrument was a camera.

My wife was asked by the Doctor, “Can Troy insert the cam under my direction?”

My wife said, “Yes, as long as he is gentler inserting the instrument in me than he was examining my breasts.”

This took place while my wife had her hands over her face lying back on the exam table with her legs spread wide.

Troy was blushing, while he took the cam and started to insert it into my wife’s pussy. You could see the walls of her passage as it was inserted, sliding in further and the young man was being very careful with the insertion going very slow with my wife’s last orgasm no lubricant was needed. Finally the cam was fully inserted into my wife and everyone could see my wife’s cervix and the small opening into her womb was seen.

Everyone standing around the video screen looked at the most intimate video most of the group has ever seen of a women and it was my wife. It made me very proud of her for having the courage to expose her intimate being to the group assembled. A video capture was saved from the endocam exam. The instrument was very carefully removed by Troy and my wife was told she could get up and dress.

She remained in the exam position for another 10 minutes answering questions from the group. A few asked to view her vagina again, so she let them insert the cam. My wife sat up with Troy helping her remove her legs from the stirrups. She sat on the end of the exam table answering more question and asking some of her own, when the Doctor played the video.

Getting off the table she remained nude conversing with all the men. They thanked her profusely and thought she was a great lady to let them view her so intimately. The doctor and two older men, the inventors of the endocam, were left in the exam room. They gave her money she earned for being the model for the endocam demonstration. She remained nude while she counted the money and deposited the cash in her purse. My wife walked into the reception area still nude, at the direction of the doctor, he showed her the entire office.

My wife dressed leaving her panties and bra off, depositing the intimate garments in her purse. We were invited to supper by the two inventors. The doctor and Troy came along. The inventors thanked my wife for her time. My wife forgetting about her exposure was happy she made more money in a couple of hours than she has ever made before. The two older men even paid for the supper for the group.

The doctor and Troy left after supper. The inventors, my wife and I were left at the restaurant. I noted the two older men wanted to discuss something, but they were hesitant to start the conversation.

They asked my wife, “Did you mind being examined with the group watching?”

She thought for a few minutes before she said. “It was very humiliating to begin with, but I could see the necessity to demonstrate the instrument to doctors, so they will know how to use it properly.”

They smiled and said, “We are glad you feel that way. Would you like to be our demonstrator? We can pay you whatever you would like to do a video and also some live demonstrations.”

My wife said, “I will think about it.”

We left the restaurant going to our hotel room, the men retired to their room.

It was after 10:30 when we entered our room, my wife was tired, and so we watched TV for the remainder of the night, going to sleep after the 11 PM news, with the hope tomorrow will be sunny and warm and a lake day.

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