Wife Fucked Hard By Stranger On A Cruise Ship


Wife Fucked Hard By Stranger On A Cruise ShipWife fucked hard by stranger on cruise ship The first time was so exciting that we couldn’t wait until we had a chance to try it again. It’s all we talked about for weeks after it happened in a San Diego hotel. It was such a hot fantasy fulfilled, that we fucked each others brains out dozens of times in the weeks following, with the catalyst each time, being the memory of that incredibly hot night! We knew we could do it better the second time around, but in order to even give it a try, we had to be staying in a nice hotel. Let me explain what I’m talking about.The next few paragraphs are taken from my first story, “My Wife Picked Up In A Hotel Bar”. I’m using this to explain how the whole idea got started, and how it progressed from there.The explanationI always loved the stories I heard about a husband and his wife going into a bar where she sits by herself at the bar, and the husband sits nearby to secretly observe while men hit on her. I liked them so much, that I told my wife how that particular scenario had actually become one my most intense fantasies. All I did was think about it for several years, until my wife, Ann actually pulled it off one night in San Diego. We were down there for her to be one of the bridesmaids in a friends wedding. We were staying in one of the hotels in the Gaslamp District. We always shared our fantasies, so like I said before, she was well aware of my bar pick up fantasy, and we had even played it out a few times before when we stayed in hotels. I would find a nearby, but discrete place to sit and observe, while she went up to the bar. As a 28 year old, gorgeous blonde, Ann was very good at flirting, and we had fun with the roll play game. It usually stopped with no more than her flirting with some lucky guy, but she would always get very wet from all the strange men wanting to fuck her. Each time we played that game, Ann seemed to be allowing it to go a little further, and the last time we did it, she even let the man she was talking with, finger her pussy discreetly while at the bar. She was so horny, and her pussy was dripping when she walked away from that guy. She eventually made me look like a stud when she came back to the room with only me. I could already tell, this night was going to different! When we reached the entrance to our hotel bar this time, I had a strong feeling that something could possibly happen. Ann somewhat confirmed what I was thinking when she said, “Are you sure you’re ready for whatever happens, cause I’m fucking horny tonight!” I told her to go for it, if she wanted to. Ann walked in first, with me only a few seconds behind. Ann’s first strangerAnd that night was different, because Ann didn’t stop with the sexy flirting at the bar. She actually went through with it, taking a stranger back to our room. That’s where I secretly watched them fuck each other, until their combined cum was all over both their bodies. If you’re curious about the rest of the nasty details, please read the first story. Anyway, it was so fucking hot, we couldn’t wait to do it again.What we learnedThere were three interesting things we had realized about ourselves by then. I had shared Ann several times before, but that was always with my best friend Bob, never a complete stranger. Most of the times Ann and Bob fucked, we all knew it was going on, and in fact several times it was a threesome, But the first two times she was with Bob, I had watched them fucking secretly. Or I should say, it was a secret to Bob. Ann loved participating in the planning to help it happen just the way we fantasized about it, so it was no secret to her. The reason that watching them secretly those times is so important will become apparent in a minute. It’s almost an understatement to say,Our sex life would catch fire in the weeks following one of our adventures, and that intensity became an irresistibly intoxicating addiction. We had to have it, and we had to make it a little more erotic, and risky each time. We were already fully aware that Ann was an exhibitionist, and I was a voyeur, so we knew that was the underlying motivation to do these crazy things, but the first realization occurred, when it became clear that these out of the ordinary sexual adventures had become something we craved so intensely, that we had become a team, plotting together to make them hotter each time, and neither of us wanted to stop. Sometimes we spent hours thinking up small things we could do to make the experience even hotter. I’ll tell you about a couple of them later.The second thing we realized, was virtually every time one of us brought up one of those sexual memories to get the the other fired up, and horny as fuck, The vivid mental images of Ann doing everything imaginable with another man came from one of the times when I was watching secretly. The first two times with Bob, and most recently, the guy in San Diego were clearly the episodes that turned us on the most. But then It made perfect sense after we talked about it. When the men weren’t aware of the husbands presence, they were much bolder, and forceful. No matter how much I reassured Bob, or any other guy in the future, that it was cool with me for them to do whatever they wanted to with Ann, they still treated her like my wife that they were being allowed to share. On the extreme other hand, when they believed that they were totally alone with Ann, she was no longer anyone’s wife. She was their private slut to use however they wanted to, and the uninhibited, aggressiveness in the things they said to her, but more importantly, the things they did to her sexually, took a leap of several magnitudes. We frequently used talking about one of the hot adventures to get the other one fired up, and horny as fuck. It became obvious, the reason Ann or I always picked out one of the times when the man fucking my hot wife, thought he was alone with her was easy to see. It was because she got fucked harder, longer, and in much nastier ways, when the man fucking her, or jamming his cock down her throat, didn’t know he was being watched by her husband.Our third realization doesn’t require much explanation. Our first wife sharing, or swinging if you prefer, had occurred with our longtime friend, Bob. It was hot, fun, nasty, and exciting, but neither of us had any idea how much the sexual fire would explode in intensity when we involved a complete stranger in our game. When Ann seduced our very first stranger in San Diego, the things he did to her, turned her on more than good old Bob ever could have. My sexy blonde wife admitted that the mere thought of meeting a man one minuet, and having his cock down her throat, face fucking her, and demanding, “Suck my cock whore!” a few minuets later, woke up the slut in her. I think all women have an inner slut hiding inside, always trying to get out. some women never let it get out, while other women like Ann just need a little outside push to start the escape. The inner slut that lives within Ann is a horny, no limits cunt that will do just about anything for cum. Her own, and as much of his as she can get. The decision to do it againSo with our very exciting, first time with a stranger event, a few months behind us, we found ourselves craving a new erotic adventure, and not knowing exactly what to do. Experience told us it was never a sure deal to just show up at a nice hotel for no other reason, so we didn’t want to waste money trying that way.It was Ann who came up with the brilliant plan where we couldn’t loose. Ann had never gone on a cruise ship before. I had taken several, and I’m sure my descriptions of the fun times I had experienced influenced her thinking. One particular cruise line that I won’t name, had always stood out to me as the one that typically had a younger, and defiantly wilder crowd. They even called themselves “The fun Ships.” We booked a week long cruise to Mexico with the mind set that we would go have a relaxing, and fun trip. If by chance some guy happened to fit into another hot, sexual adventure, that would be icing on the cake.Boarding the cruise shipJuly 15th finally came around, and it was time to take our cruise. We had booked the cruise pretty late, so there was a scarcity of cabin choices, except for the expensive ones. After considering our options, I finally said fuck it, and sprung for one of the super nice Vista suites. It would end up being a great decision.For those of you who have been on cruise, you probably remember what the standard rooms are like. For those of you who have not been on a cruise, you can visualize a standard room by imagining that someone puts a set of bunkbeds, and a bathroom inside a large phone booth. It’s pretty cozy! This was my first time to have a suite, and we were both very pleased with it. I’m going to describe it just a little, because it’s important to what we did, and what happened later. If this next section is too boring, or painful to read, I have posted a gallery with the title “Cruise Ship” which has a few captioned pictures of the places, and sexual activities referred to in this story. Each picture has a number in the lower right-hand corner. As I write the story, I will occasionally refer to a picture that illustrates what I’m talking about by stating (See Pic # ?). Most of the pictures are from the internet, so the cabin pics are not necessarily our exact cabin, but the furnishings, and layout are identical. When it comes to the fucking, and sucking pictures, with only one exception, the pictures of sexual activity are not pictures of Ann, but I looked, long and hard to find pictures that accurately represent what I was actually watching, as it happened to her. The final picture is Ann’s leaking pussy, after her hard fuck with the stranger. I hope they will enhance your enjoyment of reading this story.The Vista suites are at the very back of the ship, and known for their extremely large outdoor decks. (See Pic 1) Even a large suit on a cruise ship is a compact space. As I recall, the Vista suites were around 250 ft.² When we arrived at our cabin, our cabin steward introduce himself, and swung open the door. (See Pic 2) Ahead of us was a short hallway that opened into our small living room, containing a sofa, two upholstered chairs, and coffee table. The back wall was all floor-to-ceiling windows with a wide deck outside. Serving as the left wall, was an entertainment center which had a bar, a desk, and a flat screen TV. There were doors on both sides of the entertainment center, leading to the rest of the cabin. The door on the left, gave access to a vanity room with lighted make up mirrors surrounding three sides of a surprisingly large, built-in desk. If you were seated on the upholstered makeup stool, directly behind you were two more doors. One was the door to a nice double sink bathroom, with a large shower, the other door gave access to a reasonably spacious walk-in closet. The very closet that I would hide in, not too far in the future.One step through the door at the far end of the vanity room, and you were standing at the side of the king size bed. (See Pic 3) The distance from the walk-in closet, to the bed was only about 6 feet. If you were standing in living room, and both doors to the vanity room were open, the bed was fully visible. (See Pic 4)The door on the right side of the entertainment center, opened to a passageway with the large sliding glass patio door, and more floor-to-ceiling windows along the right side of the passageway. Outside those windows was more of the same wide deck. At the far end of the passageway was a second door to the bedroom. Only one step through that door, and you were at the foot of the bed. I would end up there before our adventure was over. The cabin was great, but that deck was spectacular. This suite was at the rear corner of the ship. Our deck went a good way across the back of the ship, and then turned to go several feet up the side of the ship. It was around 7 feet wide, and I estimate 30 feet long. It was furnished with tables and chairs, as well as numerous chase lounges, and was totally private, unseeable by anyone. Once the cruise was over, Ann and I commented that we needed to take another cruise to see what the rest of the ship looked like. With the fantastic room service available, and the warm weather, getting even warmer as we sailed south, we rarely put on clothes, or left that awesome deck.(See Pic 5)Bon voyageAnd so, at 4 PM on Saturday, the big ship sailed out of Long Beach with us sitting on our deck. I think it was probably around 4:18 when Ann felt we were far enough from the docks, to strip naked, then unzip my shorts, and begin the first of many expert blowjobs she would give over the next seven days.We were so relaxed, and our accommodations were so enjoyable, that the adventure we had been so fired up about was momentarily forgotten. We never left our cabin that evening, or half the next day. There was a dress code in the dining room, but we were enjoying our own dress code, and excellent room service meals. Finally, Sunday afternoon, Ann wanted to take a look around the ship so we went exploring. This thing was like a city, with shopping malls, a Huge theater, and dining areas everywhere. There were at least 8 to10 separate bars, ranging from large areas that you had to walk-through as you traversed the ship, to small intimate nooks one could hide in, and have a drink. Each bar was themed in a completely different way. Some were indoors, some were outside on open decks. Some of the bars were bright and airy, while others were dark and cave like. Depending on the time of day, only certain ones were open in a normal sense, but the doors were never locked. If one of the bars wasn’t officially open, you were still free to hang out for as long as you wanted to. A roaming bartender might pop his head once in a while to see if anyone was in there, and if they needed anything. Other than around the swimming pool areas, I never got a sense of a crowd.Ann spots the stranger she desiresAs our tour continued, it was one of the swimming pools that caught Ann’s attention, and finally started the sexual ball rolling. The adult pool area was packed with people of every description, but generously dotted with some damn good looking men that Ann began pointing out to me. Some were in the pool, but most of the guys who caught her eye, were working on their tans, as they kicked back on one of the hundreds of lounge chairs surrounding the pool. The pool was open to the sky, but a higher deck which was also covered in lounge chairs, surrounded the pool deck, and had an excellent view from above. As Ann was scanning the hard bodies, I asked her if she saw anyone that looked interesting. I asked her the question, because even though she was scanning, she seemed to be repeatedly stopping on one particular guy. He was getting a closer investigation than the rest. Her feisty answer made my dick twitch a few times as I pictured what she said. She pointed at the guy I suspected and said. “I wouldn’t mind having him spend a little quality between my legs. Look at the bulge in his swimsuit. He’s either trying to smuggle a stick of pepperoni to his cabin, or he’s hung like a pony! Lets go to the cabin so I can change into a swimsuit.” That look was back in her eyes, and I knew this could get exciting!Outrageous seduction attemptA few minutes later, we were headed back to the pool. Ann had chosen a shimmering, light blue, or pale turquoise Bikini, that hadn’t required a great deal of the thin material to manufacture. It wasn’t a thong bottom, but the material covering her shaved pussy couldn’t have been more than 1 inch wide at the crotch, and it was unlined. Any man who didn’t notice the hot cameltoe Ann was walking around with, would have to be dead. The same was true of the bikini top, as far as being unlined. Ann doesn’t have huge tits, but they are large C cups, perfect in every detail. As she strolled into the pool deck area, I was positive that it had to be some nasty thoughts Ann was having, rather than the temperature, that made her nipples look like they were trying to rip through the flimsy fabric. She looked fucking hot, and her entrance caught the attention of every man she walked near.It was getting later in the afternoon now, so much of the crowd had cleared out. At least enough so that Ann could find an open lounge chair where she wanted to position herself. I made my way up the stairs to the deck above. Once Ann was seated, I chose my perfect voyeur perch, and excitedly waited to see what my very hot wife was going to do. Ann chose a spot directly in front of the guy, no more than 10 feet away, and turned her lounge chair so it was facing his. I was sitting with the sun to my back, and directly to the side of them. With the great lighting, and my unobstructed view from above, I could see their entire bodies, but more importantly, I could observe both their faces. My horny wife didn’t waste any time getting a line in the water as she fished for her next prey. She was damn good at choosing the right bait too. Ann turned her back to our stranger, then straddled her lounge chair with one foot on each side. She shook out her large beach towel, then bent forward at the waist to start arranging it until she had it smoothed out perfectly.This took quite a while, and of course bending over that way had pulled the Bikini tight enough to look like she had painted her pussy blue, instead of wearing a swimsuit. You could see every fold, with her labia clearly defined, and an unmistakable little bump where her clit was getting stiffer by the second. When Ann gets aroused, Her beautiful clit starts to engorge with the extra blood flow, and increase in length, just like a little penis. When that happens, it gets too long to be contained by her pussy lips, and pokes it’s head up to be seen. Ann clearly had some nasty slut thoughts raging in her mind, because her clit was protruding like a little cock.Ann’s provocative display had caught the attention of several men who were gawking at her. They in turn, were poking their buddies who hadn’t noticed yet. As an exhibitionist, Ann loves this shit, and the voyeur in me was starting to get charged up as well. All these men were drooling over my hot wife, but none more so than her target. I don’t think he even blinked his eyes while she was bent over. Our guy went so far as to sit upright, and then lean forward just to get centimeters closer to her. His eyes remained transfixed on Ann’s film covered cunt like a tractor beam until she finally finished her task and turned back to sit down. I also noticed, that throughout Ann’s seductive display, the stranger had been gripping the area of his elastic swimsuit where she had pointed out the bulge to me. It looked like he was trying to hide it out of embarrassment. When Ann turned back and sat down, the aroused man was still so mesmerized that for a moment, he forgot to stop staring. She looked him square in the eyes, and gave him a very flirtatious smile. I almost broke out laughing at what happened next. When he realized they were making direct eye contact, instead of acknowledging her smile by smiling back, he quickly diverted his gaze in a different direction, trying to act like he didn’t notice the beautiful woman smiling at him. The poor guy looked like he had stolen something. For the next several minutes, Ann played a subtle game or hello, by sliding her ass lower down on her lounge chair, and lifting a magazine to block her face. When she noticed where I was sitting for the first time, she looked up and mouthed the words, “Is it working?” When I gave her a big thumbs up, a huge smile stretched across her face, then Ann, still behind her magazine, stuck her tongue out and wiggled it side to side. I couldn’t decide if she was indicating that she wanted her pussy eaten, or wanted to rim his asshole. She loves both, so it could have been either one, but there was no doubt she was getting hornier by the minute. During the time Ann was playing her enticingly subtle game, I had been assessing this fellow she selected. She had always been attracted to older men. I’m 10 years older than her, and her newest lust interest, appeared to be couple of years older than me. I guessed his age at 38 to 40, and there was no denying that he was a very handsome guy. He was as tall as I am, at about 6’ 2”, with a nicely cut body, and sandy brown hair. A decent tan made him look pretty damn appealing. Overall, sort of a clean-cut, Marlboro man look. Ann sure knew how to pick them, and it didn’t surprise me at all that she had focused in on what was a noticeable bulge in his swim trunks. He was trying so hard to not stare at Ann constantly, but not doing a very good job. Every few seconds his eyes were back on her sensuous body.Ann was beginning to scoot her butt around on her chair the way everyone does when they’ve been sitting in the same position too long. She tried it this way, then she tried it that way, and finally seemed to get comfortable by lying almost flat on her back, with her feet up on the lounge chair near her hips, and her knees raised. As my wife relaxed into her new comfortable position, her knees drifted apart several inches, which once again gave our friend a perfectly framed, direct view of her almost naked pussy. I was watching him more closely than I was her, and the look on his face told me something was different. His hand had gone back to his cock again, and this time he couldn’t help himself. He was trying not to be seen, but the dude was rubbing his cock. One look back at my wife, and I could see what got his motor running so hot. There between her legs, in the exact spot that any fool knows is the opening of her tight love hole, was a wet spot the size of a quarter, and visibly growing. The pale blue material was turning dark with her lustful secretions. It would only be a few more minutes before we started to lose the sun, and most of the people were gone now. She had been teasing him for more than an hour, but she hadn’t looked at him again after that initial eye contact. I was beginning to wonder if she was changing her mind.My answer came seconds later when Ann, who was still reading her magazine, reached between her legs to adjust her suit. Everybody does it to get comfortable, but Ann’s adjustment seemed to be more difficult than what you normally see. It was probably because of the vey clingy nature the material, but it required her to slip a finger under the leg band, and then pull it several inches away, and to the side of her snatch before letting it snap back in place. Each time she did this adjustment, Ann’s delicious pink lips went on totally bare display for several seconds, (See Pic 6) and protruding from the middle of that kissable lady part was her most suckable clit, sticking out as large as a fingertip. He and I could both see that she was struggling to get it fixed, because she had do it seven, or eight times, and every time this poor uncomfortable woman tugged her suit away from her pussy, an exquisite string of viscous girl cum stretched from her glistening pussy to the wet spot in the crotch of her suit. It appeared that she finally gave up trying to adjust it because on the final attempt, she struggled even harder, pulling it further away, and for longer than before, and when she finally released the elastic, it missed the mark completely, and wound up right down the center of her slit, with one shiny, wet pussy lip, and that pulsing clitoris hanging out for our viewing pleasure. It was hard to tear my eyes away from Ann’s pussy, but I was also dying to see how he was reacting, so I was looking at him when my cell phone rang. I had purchased the onboard phone package, and it would turn out to be an incredibly erotic tool before this was finished. Ann was calling me from behind her magazine, and the first thing she asked was, “Do you think he has noticed what I’ve been doing?” My reply was something on the order of, “Holy Fuck, They’ll have to mop up the drool after he leaves!” Then she asked me if my cock was hard. I hadn’t been paying attention to it, but now that she asked, I had to admit that my cock was so hard, it felt like it would shatter if I bumped into a solid object. Ann laughed and said, “Good! The show was for both of you. Can you tell if he’s hard?”I looked back down at Ann’s chosen stranger, and for the first time, since she picked him out of the crowd of men, I felt a sharp twinge of jealousy, and an even sharper gut punch of fear, as I muttered into the phone, “Yes baby, His cock is hard, and it’s fucking scary huge!” Ann said, “So I guess he wasn’t smuggling a whole pepperoni after all.” I was still trying to get over my shock when I told her, “If you are going to accuse him of smuggling something now, you better make it an entire stick of all beef baloney! Pepperoni doesn’t come that big.” Ann abruptly said, “I gotta go.” She hung up the phone, and quickly sat upright, dropping one foot to the deck on either side of her lounge chair, with her pussy parts still hanging out. One of the poolside waiters was standing next to her with a tall tropical drink, that was a whitish color, and looked like a piña colada. The Waiter then pointed to Ann’s big dick stranger as the person who had sent it to her. Always a quick thinker, and never one to miss an opportunity, Ann took the drink, and before looking at her guy, she quickly guzzled about a third of it.He was clearly on pins and needles, awaiting her reaction when Ann turned her face to him with a gigantic, genuine smile beaming his way. Ann raised her drink glass and said, “Thank you kind sir. I’ve been getting so hot since I came out here. I was just fantasizing about getting something creamy down my throat, and then you make it happen.” From the look on his face, he didn’t know whether to shit or go blind. How exactly did she mean that, had to be what he was thinking. I couldn’t wait to see what his next move would be when a whole new twist got added to the equation. Foiled by the WifeAn attractive woman about his age walked up beside him and said, “Why did you stay out here so long? Our dinner seating is in 30 minuets and you haven’t got time to shower and get ready now!” Then I heard him speak for the first time when he discreetly looked back directly at Ann. Then speaking to his wife, but looking at Ann, he said, “Sorry, But there are some things that are far too beautiful to walk away from. His oblivious wife looked around her and said, “It really is nice out here isn’t it, but Come on now, we have to hurry!” And then he was gone.Ann fucks me out of frustrationBack at the cabin, we had barely stepped through the door when Ann ripped her Bikini off and pulled me out onto the deck. Climbing onto one of our lounge chairs, Ann took up the exact pose as her stranger had watched earlier and said, “Tell me how big his cock is while you fuck me! Somebody has to fuck me right now. I started fucking my ravishing wife’s soaked pussy as well as I was capable, while telling her repeatedly, my best estimate on the size of his cock, and asking her how badly she wanted to fuck him. Might as well use this fresh fantasy fuel while it makes us both hot. We teased each other with all the nasty things we imagined him doing to her, and fucked forever, until we both exploded in orgasm. I pulled my cock out and moved to the recliner next to her to catch my breath. I watched the long strings of cum slowly oozing out of Ann’s pussy, and stretch downward to coil into the puddle forming on the teak deck, then I said, “I’m sorry he turned out to be married, and you’re not going to get your fantasy.” Ann shot back. “Bullshit, She doesn’t change anything! If she fucked him good enough, he wouldn’t be looking at me the way he did.I’m not finished yet!” And she wasn’t.We had been at sea ever since we sailed out of Long Beach on Saturday afternoon, and now it was getting late Sunday evening. The ships first port of call was to be Cabo San Lucas, and arrival was scheduled for 10 AM the following morning.It seemed a bit odd to me that we were going to spend both Monday, and Tuesday in Cabo, but the ship would arrive at 10 AM Monday, and anchor offshore. Anyone wanting to go into the town was ferried to the docks by one of the smaller boats provided, but they had to be back on the ship by 5:30 pm for the ship to go back out to sea and cruise around all night. Then at 7:00 am Tuesday morning they would anchor in the same spot again, and repeat the same drill with the small boats, but on Tuesday, everyone had to be back on board by 3:30 PM. It just seemed very odd to me, but Ann and I didn’t care. We had stayed in a timeshare in Cabo a couple of years earlier, so we didn’t feel like we were going to miss anything by staying on board enjoying our fabulous cabin. A big gambleSo it’s Sunday night, and the two of us were all fucked out, at least for a while, but we still had energy, and felt like having some kind of fun. Ann looked through a list of the ships activities, and decided she wanted to try her luck at the casino for a while. A lot of people go to the casino right after dinner, so they are still dressed in their fancy clothes. Never a girl to not look hot, Ann selected a short black skirt, and a shimmering, silver colored top, that I think was probably silk. I say that because the elegant top she chose to wear, wasn’t at all tight fitting, but the shiny material was so thin that it bursa escort clung to her tits like a second skin. My cock got hard as I watched her getting dressed. Somewhat surprising after the amazing fuck I had a bit earlier, but that’s just how sexy Ann is. I also noticed that when Ann announced she was ready to go, she hadn’t bothered to include a bra or any panties as part of her outfit. She tries and fails again, but he fingered her pussyWhen we got to the casino, Ann got on a hot streak of luck that lasted for the next three days. It’s just that her hot streak of luck had nothing to do with money. Guess who was sitting at a blackjack table with an empty seat right next to him. He hadn’t seen us entering the casino, so when we spotted him, we stopped in our tracks and looked at each other, with big grins starting to spread across our faces. Ann asked,”Is it okay with you if I play a little blackjack?” I told her, “Enjoy yourself for as long as you want to.” Up to this point, our handsome stranger knew nothing about Ann, except that she was hot! I thought it was best for now to leave him in the dark about her being married. She could tell him herself when the time was right. It was time for me to take a step back, and for Ann to buy some chips!I made my way to nearby video poker machine, which had a good view of the table where she was about join him. My hot blonde wife walked up behind him, and to his left where the empty chair was, and asked, “Is this seat open?”The look on his face was priceless when he turned and saw it was Ann! He got up so quickly to pull the chair for her, that he almost spilled his drink. They were all smiles as they got settled, and started to play the game. I glanced around the casino to see if I could spot his wife, but it appeared that he was alone again.For the first few minutes I had no idea what was being said, except for the times when they were excited, and almost shouting, but they were chatting quite a bit as they continued to play cards. It was easy to see things were starting to warm up. Ann is so good at making a man feel at ease with her when she wants to do it, and she was working her magic on him. Turning her face to look at him and smile at just the right moments, and grabbing his leg to give it an excited squeeze when he won a big hand. He was eating it up, and beginning to return some of the small physical touching which Ann reinforced with positive reactions. Whenever he would put his hand on her skirt to give her leg a squeeze, Ann would quickly put her hand on top of his to squeeze it back, and also to control how long his hand remained on her leg. He showed no resistance whatsoever to her exerting that control. They were winning hand, after hand, along with the rest of the table when the dealer got on a terrible streak of busting. The hot table was drawing a crowd of spectators as everyone got more excited. Ann and the stranger were so immersed in the action that I knew I wouldn’t be noticed if I walked over to stand close behind them as another onlooker. When the sexy stranger hit another blackjack, he grabbed Ann’s upper thigh and exclaimed, “Oh my God! I am getting so lucky tonight!” As usual when he got excited, the strangers hand was on top of Ann’s thigh again, and her hand was covering his, but this time it was different. Ann’s already short skirt, was raised several inches higher, and her knees were parted by a good 8 to 10 inches. No one in the casino except me was looking under that table when Ann leaned close and put her lips near his ear. I crept a step closer to hear her say, “Nice blackjack Rod! If you want to keep getting lucky, you can come back to my suite with me.” At the same time Ann was saying that in his ear, she was pulling his hand between her open thighs until I could tell she had his open palm pressed against her bare pussy. I don’t even have to wonder if her cunt was soaking wet. I know Ann, and her pussy was dripping by then. I worried a little that he would be so shocked by Ann’s aggressive forwardness, that he would pull his hand away instantly, and then leave the casino offended. My worries quickly subsided when his hand remained in place for several seconds, and Ann’s eyes rolled back in her head. There was no doubt that this total stranger had at least one of his long fingers inside my wife’s eager pussy. They could only get away with that kind of activity for a brief moment without getting caught, and with Ann biting his ear lobe, I thought they were pushing that moment about as far as possible. When they swiveled back to play the next hand, the redness of both their faces remind me of two teenagers in heat. So anxious to get at each others private parts, but not knowing exactly how to do it. His wife cock blocks Ann againThey were less animated over the next few minutes, and their talking was lower, and more private. He seemed nervous, and must’ve checked his watch at least a dozen times. I knew for positive that Rod, Yes Damn It, That’s the fuckers name! It even sounds like a big dick sort of name, but anyway, I knew for positive that Rod had not refused her offer completely, because Ann was still extremely excited. It’s pretty easy to tell with Ann, because her beautiful nipples never tell lies. It wasn’t cold in the casino, and her nipples were so stiff, they looked like they could pierce through her top at any second. They’ve always been reliable indicators of how aroused my wife is, and at that moment she was on fire with lust! Here’s a quick side note about Ann. One time right after she had an exceptionally strong orgasm while I sucked her nipples and fucked her, She told me she really believed she had a nerve that ran directly from her nipples to her clit. She said they were that sensitive, and erotic for her.So my wife was obviously highly aroused, with a dripping pussy burning to experience the stranger’s big rod, but Rod himself looked frustrated, and bewildered, all at the same time. He was clearly trying to figure something out. After another two or three minutes of thought, he borrowed a note pad, and pencil from the dealer, then scribble down something quickly. He seemed so conflicted when he pressed the note into Ann’s hand. Anyone could see that he had to do something right now that was very different from what he really wanted to do. He took another quick look at his watch, then he stood up beside her. Reading his lips was easy when he said, “I’m so sorry, but I have to go right now”. Rod hurriedly rushed out of the casino.Ann would tell me later, that she didn’t find out very much, other than him telling her that he, and his wife do a lot of things separately, but how pissed off she got when he was late for something they planned to do together. It was reminiscent of the pool scene she made earlier that day, when he was late for dinner. Apparently, Rod had promised to meet his wife in the main dining room, for some special midnight, lobster buffet the ship was having, and it was midnight. There was no way he was going to get away with spending a few hours in another woman’s cabin.Hot masturbation on deckUnsure of where Rod, or his wife might be, we left the casino separately, with me stopping to pick up a quick pie at the 24 hour pizza place. I was less than 10 minutes behind Ann. When I walked in to our cabin I spotted Ann out on the deck. She was partially reclined on a chase lounge with her back to me. I pushed the sliding glass door open and asked, “Who wants some pizza?” Her slutty voice that only comes out when she’s extremely horny said, “Fuck the pizza! I want your tongue!” I stepped around the lounge chair to see what Ann was doing. She was still wearing the sexy silver top, and her black high heals, but the skirt was gone. She looked pretty fucking hot dressed that way, with her legs spread wide, while she furiously worked her clitoris with a small bullet vibrator. (See Pic 7)The slut spoke again saying, “I swear to god, if I don’t cum soon I’m going to die. I’ve never been more horny in my life!” Now I understood why she was demanding my tongue. She kept getting this guy close to being in her bed, only to get shot down and frustrated again. It was driving her nuts, and had launched her into a horny state of erotic overdrive that wasn’t going away until she gets the Rod she is craving. I dragged her ass down to the end of the chase lounge, then sat down on the wooden deck with Ann’s visibly throbbing pussy at my face level. I said, “I know this isn’t what you want in your cunt baby, but I’ll do my best.”I pushed Ann’s knees back until they almost touched her tits, and then roughly forced them wide apart. The volume of her sexy juice is truly amazing when she is extremely randy like this. A small river of her fragrant cream was trickling down the crack of her ass. Possibly the wettest pussy on earthAnn is the wettest fuck I’ve ever encountered, and I think that’s what accounts for how foamy fucking her can get sometimes. When an unusually large load of male sperm gets blasted into her cunt, to mix with the huge volume of pussy juice Ann produces, if you keep fucking her, all that mixedmale / female cum begins to whip into a sexy, foamy mess, with the bubbles getting smaller, and smaller the longer you keep fucking her pussy. That can happen noticeably in the first 30 seconds after you shoot your load in her, but If a guy keeps fucking Ann for several minutes after he cums, the foam gets so aerated that it become a white froth. It’s happened with me, but I saw it even more when she fucked the guy in San Diego. I could never have imagined the sight that I would witness, only inches away from my face in a couple more days. Cum on my faceBack on the chaise lounge, with Ann’s delicious cream streaming down her ass, I know this woman well, and the reason I’m dragging her roughly down the lounge chair, and jamming her knees back against her tits, then ripping them wide apart, is because times like this, are the only times when Ann gets even more turned on by a little pain. She likes being tossed around a little, and verbally degraded. In the normal course of things, calling Ann a fucking cum slut whore, would only serve to get you slapped. But saying the same thing to her when you find her in this state of mind, and instead of slapping you, she’ll cum all over your cock! Well, my cock was worn raw from the earlier Marathon fuck, but my tongue was just fine. With Ann’s knees positioned just where I wanted them, and her legs splayed wide open so that both of her sexy holes were pointing up at the stars, I slipped both hands under her silky top, where I located a hard nipple to grasp between each thumb and forefinger. When my grip on her nipples was perfect, I stuck my tongue out as far as I possibly could, then I rolled it into a pointed shaft and plunged it deep into her dripping hole while absolutely crushing both nipples. Ann’s cunt immediately went into hard spasms, as if trying desperately to milk some cum from my tongue. That was the fastest I’ve ever made her cum. It might have had a little to do with the fact she had spent hours thinking about another man’s large cock fucking her brains out, and the time she spent on deck with the intense little vibrator torturing her swollen clit, but it was still me who made her cum. At least that’s the way I’m going to tell the story!The noteThroughout all that fooling around, I had completely forgotten to ask Ann what was on the note. I was blown away when she told me she didn’t know. When Rod walked out so soon after fingering her pussy, Ann said she was so sexually aroused, she almost ran back to the cabin for some relief, instantly dropping her skirt, and grabbing her vibrator. She said the note was still in her small purse. I had to laugh at how wobbly Ann’s legs were as we made our way inside to eat cold pizza, and see what Mr. big dick had to say. It turned out to be almost nothing, but at the same time, it was pretty fucking hot!The note read, I haven’t figured out how to do this yet, but I have to have you. This is my number xxx-xxx-xxxx, so put it in your contacts so I can text you tomorrow when I have a plan. My wife is the problem, but I promise I’ll find a way.The plan, almostAnns text alert woke us up about 9:00 am. The ship would be anchoring in Cabo in another hour, and the great exodus from the ship would begin. Almost everyone goes ashore when possible, leaving the ship a quiet cost town for the most part. Todays stop in Cabo was a pretty short one, with all passengers having to be back on the ship by 3:30 pm. Rods text simply said he didn’t have things worked out yet, and that his wife was all fired up about shopping, so he couldn’t get out of going ashore with her. He said he was going to tell her he wasn’t feeling well, and try to come back on one of the earlier shuttle boats. He said he knew she would always be on the last boat returning when shopping was involved. Rod would text again when he knew more details.Ann is waiting, nervouslyRod’s vague text left Ann unsure of what to do. He made it sound like he was going to get away from his wife, and get back to the ship early enough to have some fun with Ann, but he didn’t give her any time frame at all. It could be in another hour, or early afternoon, or maybe even later than that. She was as nervous as I’ve ever seen her, and after pacing for a while, Ann said, “I guess all I can do is be ready to see him whenever that happens to be.” She asked me if I was still cool with the whole thing, and willing to let her have the cabin on a moments notice. I told Ann I was totally cool with it, and from the way I was getting fucked with her only thinking about it, I couldn’t imagine how hot the sex was going to be after she finally fucked him. That’s when I sprung the idea on her that I had come up with overnight. Ann had been so preoccupied with trying to make something work, that she hadn’t even thought about my voyeur needs, but I had. I was pretty sure I had it all worked out. I told Ann to go lay down on the bed in a normal position, then I stepped into our nice little, wood paneled, carpeted, walk in closet. Things can get a little musty at sea, so this closet even had its own ac vent. We had stored all our extra sodas, and bottled water in there, along with some snack stuff we brought along. With some kind of Jug to pee in, and a towel or two to jerk off in, hell I could stay in there for days if I had to. When Ann was in position on the bed, I asked her if she could see me. She said she didn’t know where I was. I told her to sit up and look around. She still couldn’t locate me. I told her to do something weird and I would tell her what she was doing. Ann raised one arm, and scratched under her armpit. When she laid back down, I told her in detail what I watched her doing. She got out of bed and walked right past the closet without noticing me inside with the door cracked 1 inch. The thing was, with all the lights off in the vanity area, it was quite dark even in the daytime, because it’s the only area that had no windows. Trying to see anything in there with even minimal light in the bedroom was hopeless, but at the same time I could view the bed perfectly from only six or so feet away. I could see all of the bed with the exception of where their heads would be if they were both lying with their heads toward the headboard end. My unobstructed view was from their shoulders down all the way to the foot of the bed. Fine tuning our planBy Ann knowing where I would be, she could manipulate the sex to keep it in the best position for my viewing pleasure. She had become a practiced expert the times we set up a hidden camera to video her and my friend Bob fucking. Ann got off from watching the homemade porn videos just as much as I did, so she made sure to always turn, and angle herself in a way that allowed the camera to zoom in with my help, and capture the nastiest bits of his cock, or tongue probing whichever hole that was being used at the time. One of the hottest threesomes we have ever had, was the night we told Bob about the videos, and then the three of us watched one together. Ann got more cock and cum that night than any other time in her life. So anyway, now we knew how I could get away with watching my wife get it on with a stranger. Technology at its finestAnn came up with another brilliant idea through pure accident. On Sunday, before we started touring the ship, and discovering Rod, I left the cabin for a few minutes to go grab a couple of cold drinks from a smoothie bar we passed when we boarded the first day. It was a couple of decks down, and near the middle of the ship, so I was probably gone 15 minutes in total. The smoothies ended up being so tasty, that I went back again today for our second round. It was a good excuse to get out of the cabin, while Ann took one of her incredibly long bubble baths, that are so boring for me. I explored a little, and poked my head into a few places to see what was happening. Nothing was happening. The whole ship was empty, but I saw some cool places, and eventually returned with our smoothies. Getting back to Sunday, Somehow, right after I left our cabin, I accidentally butt dialed Ann’s number. My phone was in my front pocket so I couldn’t hear her at all when she answered. Ann said she was even screaming into the phone trying to get my attention, but I still never heard anything. All the while, my phone was serving as the perfect microphone for Ann to hear everything going on around me. She could here everything I said, to anyone I spoke to, as well as everything said by anyone who was near me. I remembered receiving a few butt dials myself, and she was right. It’s amazing how sensitive the phones are, and how accurately they pick up every nearby sound. Ann suggested that I take my phone into the closet with me, along with my earbuds. She would discreetly dial my number, then place her cell phone on the narrow ledge that ran beside the bed. She added, “You won’t have to miss a single sticky, sloshing sound while he fucks me!” That was a perfect idea. All we needed was our stranger to show up.Ann prepares her body for himAnn may be a cum loving slut at times, who can’t wait to get messy during sex, but before she crawls into bed with you, she is a hygiene freak, when it comes to being squeaky clean herself. You can bet on her tasting good, no matter where you want to put your tongue. The fact that she didn’t know when Rod would want to hook up with her was making her a nervous wreck. She finally decided she would simply have to “stay” ready for him, so she started her routine of douching her pussy, then shaving it, along with her legs, her asshole, armpits, and anywhere else she imagined an undesirable hair might grow. Then a long, fragrant bubble bath, and all the endless other things that beautiful women do to be fresh and sexy for a man. When she was finally perfect, she put on a sexy silk robe, and waited for Rod’s text. That was in the morning. A little before noon she left the deck where we had been relaxing, and when she didn’t come back for a while, I went to see what she was doing. Another empty douche bottle was on the bathroom counter, and she was sliding into her second bubble bath within a few hours. I didn’t even question her logic, because I know how she is. I was a little surprised to see the empty enema bottle in the trashcan. Was Ann considering a little ass fucking with Rod? That bothered me, because she still doesn’t let me fuck her in the ass. Bob was the only one to ever get away with that, and she was so turned on at the time, that he could literally have done anything to her, and she would have thought it felt good. Considering how worked up she was about Rod, I couldn’t help wondering if he might get lucky enough to slip his big cock in through the back door. Only time would tell. The text finally cumsAnn finished all of her preparation again, then slipped into her silk robe again, and waited again. She was sitting out on the deck with me, nervously holding her cell phone, when the text alert finally went off at 2:30 pm. It startled Ann so much, she almost through the phone overboard. Rod’s text said, Sorry, but I couldn’t get away from her until now. I’m just getting back to the ship, and she will be back on the last boat at 3:30. We would have less than an hour, and thats not enough time with you. let’s meet somewhere now. At least we can talk privately for a while, and figure out how to get together tomorrow. Where do you want to meet up? Ann looked at me and said, “What should I tell him?” My earlier exploring during the smoothie run was about to payoff. While I was poking around, I discovered a closed bar that would be the perfect place for this rendezvous. I said, “Wait three, or four minutes before you respond to his text. That will give me a chance to get downstairs. Then tell him to meet you in Billie’s piano bar in 10 minuets. (See Pic 8) Tell him you will be waiting for him in the big booth that’s all the way at the back. Tell him the bar is closed, until later tonight and it’s deserted except for one or two people you saw in there reading their books.” Ann told me she understood the instructions as I grabbed a nearby book, my phone, earbuds, and a big floppy golf hat I brought along for sun protection should I need it. Ann was quickly picking out something sleazy to wear. As I was going out the door to head down to the bar, I said, “Don’t forget to call my phone!” Getting set for actionI hurried down to Billies, and found a strategic viewing spot that wasn’t too close to cause them concern. Especially if I didn’t appear to be paying any attention to them. It was another of the large booths that mostly obscured me from where I had told Ann to sit, but I could peek over the top of my booths seat back, and see directly into the horseshoe shaped booth they would be in. (See Pic 9) With my floppy hat pulled down, it’s very likely Rod would never notice me at all. It was perfect! Just as I had hoped, Ann showed up first. As she got close to my booth, I had to admit, Ann was looking hotter than fuck again! She had selected sort of a one-piece sundress that was very loose fitting, and flowing with large arm openings, and a low scooped neck line. The thin material had a white background with a pink floral design. A pair of open toed, strappy sandals showed off her perfectly painted toenails. Ann’s lightly tanned skin, and silky blond hair made the whole package pop with sex appeal. She pause next to my table and leaned slightly forward. The entire sides of her beautiful tits were visible through the arm openings. When she caught me looking, Ann pulled one of her favorite, false modesty moves. She has a way of pressing her arms inward that of course closes off that view through the arm holes, but at the same time is squeezes her tits together making them bulge upward, and causing the scooped neckline to droop lower. The net result is, you can’t see the sides of her tits anymore. But now her gorgeous pink nipples, are on full display. Ann was obviously super horny again. The condition of her nipples always gives her way, and they were at full attention! She asked me, “You like what you see?” I nodded in the affirmative.Ann pointed at the booth she was supposed to sit in and inquired, “That one?” I again nodded yes. (See Pic 10) As she turned, I heard her say. “Calling you now.” I popped in my earbuds, and pulled my hat down to cover most of my face. I figured if I looked like I was sleeping, it would be even better than reading.I took the incoming call as Ann was sliding into her booth. She jokingly said, “Can you hear me now?” Mocking the old phone commercial. I smiled at that one. Ann had one last tease for me before we got the party started. She slipped the phone into the little purse she was carrying with the pick up microphone pointing outward, then said, “Check this out.” When I looked across to her booth, Ann lifted the hem of her sundress, which was long enough to d**** over her knees. Billy’s piano bar wasn’t brightly lit, but there was plenty of light for me to see my wife’s bare pussy, glistening with the wetness of her excited arousal. She was ready! Sucking cock in Billie’s piano barRunning a few minuets late, big Rod finally walked in. It’s a big bar and he was all the way at the front. From under my hat, I saw him making a quick survey of the place. Other than myself, and of course my wife, there was only Rod, and one other guy who was sitting right by the entrance. Since Billies’s piano bar wasn’t officially open, they only had maybe half of the lights turned on, but it was still plenty of light to see well by. Rod started making his way to the back as he had been instructed. I really don’t think he even noticed me as he walked by. As soon as he spotted Ann, his eyes became completely fixed on her. He rushed past me, and quickly slipped in beside my sexy blonde. They immediately grabbed for each others hands, and both started trying to talk at the same time. For simplicity sake I’m going to share their comments, with the things Ann said in italics, the things Rod said in bold type, and my observations, or comments in parenthesis.Oh my god. We’re finally alone. I know, can you believe my wife’s timing. I couldn’t get away from her today until it was too late. Is tomorrow going to be any different? Absolutely, I promise it will be different. In fact, that’s why I’m late getting here. I had to get everything set up. As soon as I got to the ship, I called a work colleague. He’s also a friend. I needed to get his help. He’s going to call tomorrow morning, first thing, through the ships switchboard. He’s going to apologize to my wife for having to steal me for the day. A work crisis has come up, and they have to have my help. Tomorrow we’re in Cabo from 7 AM until 4 PM. She will leave on one of the earlier boats, and I guarantee she won’t be back until the last boat. We will have hours to do whatever we want. (Ann was stroking the inside of his leg and she’s never shy about getting right to the point) Do whatever we want you say, well tell me, what is it you want. I want to spend some time with you. What do you want? I want you to fuck me with this big cock! (The gasp of breath coming from Rod told me Ann was now rubbing his cock.) That feels so good. I can’t believe you let me finger you in the casino last night. Your pussy was so wet! It’s even wetter now. You should feel it. (I watched his hand snake under Ann’s dress, and moments later picked up the sloshing sound of his fingers banging her cunt fast and furious. The sloppy finger fucking sounds were almost being drowned out by Ann’s moaning. When I heard the distinct sound of a zipper, I looked across, and sure enough, there it was in all its glory. Now that it was fully exposed, Rod’s cock ended up not being as huge as we had talked about, but even so, Rod had a seriously big cock! It was half again longer than mine, and just as thick.) Did you know this is why I picked you out of the crowd?Because of my cock? Yep, I’ve been waiting to get my lips on this since we were at the pool. (lots of sucking sounds) You’re not a real romantic are you? No I’m not, and this isn’t a date. It’s a nasty sexual encounter between two married strangers on vacation. You’re married? Yes I am, happily in fact. Is there a chance he could catch us? Sure there is. (cock sucking sounds get much more intense and I can see Ann’s head bobbing up and down rapidly.) What would your husband do if he caught us? Would he try to kill me? (Pause to sucking and a giggle) No, he wouldn’t try to kill you. He might just want to watch us fuck, or he might want to join us and make it a threesome. He’s generally a pretty polite guy, so at least he would be fair and take turns with you fucking me.Wow, That’s so hot! So has he ever watched you get fucked? Yes he has, but shut up and fuck my mouth! (Rod groaned as he laced the fingers of both hands into Ann’s hair. I watched his hips bucking as he started thrusting his long cock into her mouth. The occasional gagging sound coming from Ann confirmed that he was forcing his lengthy cock into her throat. Something she doesn’t care for, so she handled it in her own sexy way.) Do you see anyone else in here? No, I think it’s just us. Good, take your shorts off all the way, or at least take this leg out and put your foot up on the cushion. Why? Because I want to lick your magnificent balls, and your fingers in my pussy are making me crazy! Oh fuck! Okay. My wife never does that. I know, that’s why you’re here with me. (Intense moaning from Rod, with both sucking, and slurping sounds as I watch Ann alternating between holding his ball sack up to lick the underneath side of his nuts, and furiously sucking the head of his cock.)Look again, is anyone else coming in? No, It’s still just us.Thank God! I’m so fucking turned on! Now lay down flat on your back, and rest your other foot here on the table. I don’t understand why, but I’m not going to argue with you! You’re catching on fast. (Rod’s shorts were lying on the seat cushion above his head as he scooted down to lay flat on his back with his head pointing to my right. His right foot was on the cushion with that knee raised. His left leg reached over to rest his heal on the small table.) (See Pic 11) We’re almost out of time, and I need to get some too. (With that said, Ann swung her right leg over Rod’s head and climbed onto the cushion with her left knee on the near side of his head. Look bursa escort bayan again in my gallery “Cruise” to see the booth, and how wide the cushions are.) Oh my God, your pussy is Beautiful! (The longer sun dress covered Rod’s head like a tent as Ann settled into a 69 position with him. Before lowering her head to resume sucking his cock, Ann’s made a quick scan of the bar for unwanted company, and then her eyes locked onto mine. We were smiling at each other as she reached back to gather up all of the skirt material, and lift the entire dress then let it hang it over her back, giving me a clear view of her pussy hovering inches above Rod’s waiting mouth. Still in lustful eye contact with me, Ann said,) Eat my pussy baby. I need to cum!(Ann’s pussy was spread wide open, and literally dripping her sex juice when she pressed it against his mouth. Wet slurping sounds, and passionate sucking could be heard again, interrupted only by the strangers need to turn his head slightly once a while, so he could breathe. With his lips sucking her clit, and his tongue probing inside her vagina, Ann’s smile faded, and her eyes slowly closed as conscious thought gave way to the blank expression of pleasure. Ann savored the intense pleasure for a few moments before slowly lowering her open lips to Rod’s rigid, waiting cock. They were both somewhat frantic at first, which was understandable given there frustrations from the first two encounters, but now that had morphed into the slow, sensuous passion of first time lovers, desperately trying to get their immediate needs fulfilled. My earbuds were filled with all the steamy sounds of hot wet sex for the next several minuets.Knowing Ann the way I do, I’m able to read her breathing patterns, and even the way she moans, to know where she is on her path to an orgasm. The closer she gets, the more any taboos she may have had, start to become acceptable things to do. Right now is when you ram your cock in her asshole, if that’s what you wanting to do. Ann is a woman who swears she hates anal sex, and would never agree to it before hand, but when she reaches this state of arousal, she becomes sexual putty, both giving and receiving kinky sexual activities she would never admit to enjoying. Right now, she wants to cum so badly, that she will accept any nasty behavior from the person, or persons she’s with to make her feel slutty. Feeling like a slut makes Ann cum hard. You still wouldn’t want to ask her if you could do it. She would have to think about it then, and she would say no. This is when you just spin her around, kick her knees apart, and bury your dick balls deep in her asshole. It’s guaranteed Ann will cum within 20 seconds. Rod doesn’t know any of that, so he continues doing the same thing to her as before. I think it’s completely subconscious, but when she is faced with that problem, Ann can make herself feel like a slut, and she was about to do just that. Since they started their hot 69, the sounds of wet passion have been continuous, but not a word had been spoken, until I heard Rod say,) FUCK, Oh Fuck! No one has ever done that! Oh Fuck! You’re going to make me cum if you don’t stop!(During the several minutes they were going at each other in the 69 position, I had listened carefully, but I had become lazy about watching the action. I hadn’t noticed when Ann changed things up. Why was Rod’s reaction so intense? I focused my eyes again, looking closely to see what new twist she had added. Ann’s left hand had his balls pulled up almost to his stomach, while her right-hand jerked off the top third of his long dick. She had forced both his knees behind her elbows to leverage his ass so it pointed at the ceiling, and there was my sexy wife becoming the nasty slut she needed to be as her tongue swirled around Rod’s asshole. Ann was rimming a strangers asshole, with the tip of her tongue picking up speed like a small tornado then suddenly coming to a stop and rolling into a long pointed bolt of lightning, striking repeatedly, as her tongue probed inside as deep as she could push it. Rod repeated himself.That’s gonna make me cum! That’s what were here for baby. Tell me when you start to cum so I can put your cock in my mouth. In your mouth? Yes, I want you to cum in my mouth, so tell me when your going to shoot your load. Fuck, I’ve never done that either!Make your tongue wide and flat, then push it against my clit hard. (Apparently Rod got his tongue into the right position as Ann’s hips started rocking back and forth, raking, and smashing her swollen clit against the rough tastebuds of his flattened tongue. The pace of Ann’s bucking hips kept getting faster to match each probing thrust as she tongue fucked his asshole. Ann’s breathing became shorter, more rapid gasps as she worked harder until she was panting. Ann was so close now!Fucking your face! I’m Fucking your face! Fucking your fucking face! Ooooooh Fuck! I’m Gonna Cum! Oh! Oh! Oh GOD I’m Cummin I’m Cummin So Hard! I’m gonna Cum, I’m Gonna Cum Right Now! Oh Shit! Give me your cock baby! Cum in my Mouth! (Ann frantically grabbed for his cock until she had a grasp with both hands, and was guiding the throbbing head toward her waiting mouth. She was lined up, and within an inch or so of her open lips when the first powerful blast jetted directly up her nose as she was inhaling. Startled, but still determined to let Rod experience his first true “Cum In Mouth”, Ann was continuing to open her mouth wider when the second, and significantly larger hot stream of cum, shot straight through her mouth and splattered against the back of her throat. A second later Ann had managed to close her lips tightly around the head of Rod’s pumping cock, and she courageously hung in there sucking away until his orgasmic grunting, and the hard pulsing of his big dick were finished. What a SlutAnn had a mouthful when she quickly crawled forward to be clear of Rod, then swiveled into a normal sitting position. I don’t even know what the look on her face was when Ann’s eyes found mine again. Shock, confusion, surprise? Like I said, I don’t know what was, but it was almost funny. Without all the heavy breathing, and noise from bodily fluids being sloshed, or sucked, it’s suddenly got extremely quiet. My wife and I were still looking directly at each other, so I was watching when the sensitive microphone picked up the distinctive, “gulp” sound of Ann swallowing that big load of cum. She was a real cum slut sight, with her dress still gathered up around her waist, and her blonde hair a mess, going in every direction, but the best part of Ann’s slut look, was her pretty face. She may not have gotten her lips closed around his dick as quickly as I thought, but more likely that first sperm shot was larger than I thought. Whatever the cause, there was my very sexy, and currently slutty wife sitting a few feet away from me. Her big blue eyes were watering and each time she exhaled she blew small cum bubbles with her nose. That’s slutty!I quickly did a mental summary of the last 35 minuets. This is what I came up with.My pretty wife had met up with a complete stranger in an empty bar. He fingered her pussy while she sucked his cock, and then she crawled into a 69 position where she fucked his face, while at the same time, she rimmed, and tongue fucked his asshole until that made him cum in her mouth, but she was slightly late getting his cum spurting member into her mouth, and that’s why she is sitting over there trying to cough some cum out of her lungs as her watering eyes send tears streaming down her face to mix with the cum dripping from her chin, which shouldn’t be confused with the different blast of cum that is now coming out of both nostrils, and hanging from her nose like stretchy icicles.Not her finest moment, but on the upside, it looked like she had a great orgasm, and had finally broken the ice with a guy she was hot for. Not only that, but they seemed to have solid, and workable plans to do it again tomorrow morning. The great escapeIn the few seconds since Ann sat up, and while I was making that assessment, Rod had located his shorts, and was still on his back, struggling to pull them up over an uncooperative, half hard cock. After zipping his shorts, Rod sat upright again and nervously looked around. At that moment, the rest of the lights flickered on in the bar. The distant den of noise in the corridor outside the bar was growing louder. It was one of the ships main promenades, and the crush of late boats bringing most everyone back at the same time must have hit. Rod’s wife would be along anytime now. Another glance at the orgasmic pair almost made me laugh. In the brighter lighting, Ann looked even more slutty than before. It was partly the fucked up mascara being washed down her cheeks now, but those damn strings of cum dangling from her nose really made her look like a whore. It sort of made my dick hard! Rod on the other hand looked perfectly normal. His wife wouldn’t notice a thing, as long as she couldn’t smell Ann’s perfume, or pussy all over him. Oh, and there was that other little thing. From the bridge of his nose, to the bottom of his chin, and from ear to ear, Rod looked like a fucking glazed doughnut. When Ann was finally able to cum, she had her cunt spread wide, and plastered to his face, as she rode it like his tongue was her saddle. When Ann added her usual huge gush of girl cum to what was already the wettest pussy in town, she soaked him down, All of that was now quickly drying into milky clear potato chips that completely covered Rod’s face. Their conversation resumed.Wow, That was awesome! Awkward would be more like it! No, seriously. In 20 minutes you did things I’ve always wanted to try, but never had a chance. It’s hard for me to believe that. You’re a great looking guy. You must’ve been with lots of women, and surely some of them would let you cum in their mouth. I haven’t been with that many women. But you look like such a sexy stud! Where are you from? Iowa. Oh shit! So how many women have you been with? 4 including my wife. Now you make five. Were the other three before, or after you got married? They were before, while I was in high school. How old were you when you got married? I was19. Oh my god, I feel horrible. You haven’t had sex with any other women until me, since you got married? That’s right, it’s been 22 years without any strange pussy. That’s why this is so awesome!(Enter a bartender who waves and says, “Hi folks. Can I get you a drink?” No thanks, we have to get going. (Now they look at each other and Ann speaks. Oh shit, your face is a mess! Do you know you have a little cum dangling from your chin and your nose? And your make up is kinda messy. (Ann pinches the the stringy cum off with her fingers and looks around for someplace to wipe it.)Are there any napkins, or anything around here I can wipe my hands on? I don’t see anything, but I have to get out of here now. It’s already past the time for the last boat to arrive. I’ll shoot you a text tomorrow morning as soon as I can come to your cabin. Are you positive your husband isn’t going to kill me? Don’t worry at all about him. He’s doing a shore excursion tomorrow. He’s leaving early to go ride 4 wheeler ATVs all day long, but are you positive you want to do this? Cheat on your wife I mean? I absolutely want to do this, and quit feeling bad. I wanted to do this for a long time, but didn’t have the right opportunity. I’m lucky it’s you who gave me the chance. I would never have the nerve to hit on someone as hot as you are. Besides, my wife refuses to do, far too many sexual things. If she was fucking me good enough, I wouldn’t be looking at you. Shit, where have I heard that before? Okay then, get a good night sleep. We’re going to experience some new shit together tomorrow! But hey. Don’t let your wife see you looking like that. We should both go to the bathrooms and do a quick cleanup. I’m going to, but there aren’t any bathrooms in the bar. The bathrooms are out in the corridor. The closest are about 50 yards to the left. (Ann rubbed at her face with her hands, trying to remove some of the mess.) Is that helping? Not at all. I guess we’re out of luck until we get to the bathrooms. The bartenders already seen us together, but split up soon soon as soon as we get to the front door. Now go clean your face. See you in the morning sexy! (Ann hung up her phone, ending our secret call, but I could still see them talking. It’s like they were ready to leave, but had some last second thoughts. I wondered what they were talking about, but I soon forgot it.)When Ann, and her Iowa stud passed me on their cum walk to the bathrooms, I pretended to be sleeping again. As soon as they had stepped out into the corridor, I stretched as if waking up, then headed towards the door. When I was walking past the bartender he inquired, “Did you see what those two were doing? They were a mess.” With no expression, or emotion I replied, “I think they were eating candy.” As I reached the door, I glanced back to see the bartender shaking his head, and I heard him say, “Messy candy!”When I got back to the cabin, Ann was already in the shower. I cracked open the bathroom door and said, “Hi Baby!” Ann replied, “Well that was weird.” I spent the next few hours convincing her she wasn’t a home wrecker. After a couple of stiff cocktails out on our private deck, I suggested we should finally get out of the cabin and go have a nice dinner in the dining room. Ann perked up at that idea, and so while I showered and got dressed, my hot wife started getting sexy and beautiful again. Most ships have assigned seating in the Main dining room, and this one was no different. I guess they keep track of you, because when I handed the maître d’ the slip showing our table assignment, he immediately said, “Oh, Welcome to your first dinner with us. We have been missing you.” We were seated side-by-side at a table with three other couples. The usual introductions kept us busy for about five minutes, and then the first course arrived. It seemed the three couples must have already heard the stories you tell to strangers in a situation like this by telling them, and crossed telling them until the stories were worn-out. That made us the new blood and it was our turn to hear all of their stories. I am a polite person, so I made eye contact with each individual as they told their story, and dutifully listened until they finished. As this was happening, we were served a delicious multi course dinner. The stories, and dinner finished up at about the same time. We were having coffee, and awaiting desert when one of our table mates looked across the table to Ann then asked, “So tell us what you did today Ann.”I think it was fortunate the sip of coffee Ann was just taking went down the wrong pipe causing her to cough, and cover her mouth with a napkin. I patted her on the back, and jumped in with a fabricated answer. I have no idea what Ann might have said to them, but I wasn’t risking it. I said, “She got pampered today. Instead of walking around in a Mexican town, she went down to the ships spa, where she was rubbed, and touched, and made to feel fantastic.” That was followed by envious remarks from the ladies of “That sounds delightful” “Oooh I wish I thought of that!” and finally, the horny looking MILF asked Ann, “Was it sensual at all?” Ann could breathe again by then and had totally picked up on my bullshit. She decided to play along, and have a little fun with the older ladies. Ann looked at the MILF then spoke to the table. “I’m sure that depends on what your definition of sensuous is, but for conservative little me, I thought it was very sensuous. The various ways I was touched, and rubbed, was so invigorating. It’s the kind of stimulation that gets all of your nerve endings tingling, it felt so good!” Another lady asked. “Were any special creams applied?” Ann answered, “Oh yes, My favorite one was a silky, smooth white cream that’s applied warm, using a special wand about 9 inches long.” The oldest lady asked, “Why do they use the wand dear?” The answer she got was, “It keeps the cream nice and hot until it’s applied to your skin, and the texture of the wand makes the cream feel even better. The Milf spoke again asking, “Where is it applied?” Ann paused for an uncomfortable moment and nudged me in the ribs, then excused herself for a second. She leaned closer, and softly said, “Look straight ahead, two tables over.” When I did, there was Rod, with his wife is sitting beside him, and it seemed that both of them we’re looking straight at us. Not knowing what to do, I smiled and gave them a friendly wave. Rod saw it and looked confused. I don’t think his wife noticed. In the meantime, Ann apologized for the distraction, and started answering the MILF’s question of where is it applied. Ann looked totally serious when she said, “I think the people with the wands would put their cream wherever you requested. I have had it all over me, and there isn’t a single place I didn’t enjoy it. Today was mostly a facial type treatment, and I got some in my mouth. It turns out that cream is actually nutritious, and I think it tastes great. I swear I could drink gallons.” The MILF again, “So do you think you’ll do it again?” Quickly glancing at me, Ann broke out in a big smile and said. “Absolutely! I’m doing it again tomorrow, and I can’t wait!” One look at Ann’s nipples and I knew she was telling the truth. Rod and his wife left before we finished dessert, so we said good night to our new table friends.As we were stepping away from the table, Ann bent down and whispered something in the MILFs ear. The MILF sat straight up in her chair and exclaimed, “Then I’m going tomorrow!” as we were walking away. I asked Ann, “What did you say to her?” Ann said, “I told her it made me wet.” We had a laugh, then went to the cabin for some sleep before another hard dick day. Training dayThe ship anchored at 7 AM, and lots of people were already gone by the time Rods text woke us up at 8:00. It said, “She’s gone for the whole day. When can I visit you?”Ann simple answer was, “You can Cum any time after 9:30, and then you can cum as many times as you want till you have to leave 🙂 Just text me 5 min b4 you knock with a heads up. cabin # xxxx”Ann jumped in the tub, and I ran down to grab some pastries and coffee. Ann finished getting ready quicker than usual, but a lot of that was because she didn’t have to pick an outfit to wear. The pink silk robe, high heals, and nothing else would do nicely. While having her coffee, Ann talked about being amazed that a guy as handsome as him could reach his age, and be so inexperienced. I remarked that from the things I saw him doing, he didn’t appear all that inexperienced. Ann said, “After I hung up on you, but before we walked out, I asked him why he knew about all these sexual things, but hadn’t experienced them. His answer made perfect sense. He told me that out of frustration from his wife’s extremely conservative attitude toward sex, he had been hooked on porn for years. He said, he had seen it all thousands of times, but had actually done almost nothing. Any time he proposed something the slightest bit different she would get upset, and if it was a bit nasty, or kinky in her opinion, he said she would call him a pervert, and cut him off for weeks. I really feel bad for him.”I was imagining how horrible that would be for me when I told Ann, “I feel bad for him too.”Ann’s request Ann looked like a little one asking mom for a candy bar while shopping at the grocery store when she said, “Can I get your approval ahead of time, to take things a little further with him, if I feel I could help him experience something he might never get a chance to try again?” I thought about her question for a minuet, then I asked her,“What on earth could that be? We do pretty much everything as normal. What sort of thing would you have to ask about, unless you’re talking about letting him fuck your ass. Is that what you have in mind?” Ann said, “No, not really. The only reason Bob got away with that is because his dick is smaller than yours. This guys dick is bigger than yours so I can’t imagine having it in my ass.” I said, “Look Ann, you’re a grown woman, and I trust your judgment. We already have enough fantasy fuel to keep us fucking for months. Whatever you do today is just more fantasy fuel to fire up our sex life. You do whatever you want to, I’ll just tell you one thing, if he ends up getting to fuck your ass this afternoon, keep it well lubed, because I’ll be fucking it tonight.” Ann said, “That’s fair, but not what I was thinking at all. What I was thinking about trying, is once things get going pretty hot, and I really don’t care how we get to that point, but once he is totally into it, I want to become completely subservient. All he’s ever done, is ask a woman’s permission to do something, and get refused. I want him to experience just one time where he doesn’t ask for what he wants, he just takes it.” When Ann put it that way, it made my cock hard! I told her to go for it. Just then, she got the 5 min warning text. Ann brushed her teeth, and I quickly adjusted the lights to help me stay invisible in my closet. We had decided not to bother with the phone again, because the cabin was quiet enough for me to hear everything, so long as they didn’t turn on loud music or start whispering. Everything was ready to go.When the tap on the door came, I stepped into the closet and pulled the door almost shut. I wasn’t worried about the opening being the same all the time. The cabin doors on a ship swing open and closed all the time if they’re not latched, just from the ships movement. I could adjust my door whenever I needed to without raising any suspicion. Hell, if Ann kept him in the right position, with his head anywhere near the headboard, I could open the door completely, and even stick my head out of the closet without being noticed. Ann came to the closet door and pulled it open. She planted a hot wet kiss on me that I responded to by reaching through the opening of her robe and easily sliding two fingers inside her dripping pussy. Ann broke the kiss and said, “Get an eye full, cause I’m gonna get a pussy full!” Then she went to answer the door.Ready to rumbleThe first three or four minuets after Ann greeted Rod at the door, consisted solely of his raving about how fantastic the cabin was. He accepted the drink that Ann offered him, and then I heard the glass door to the patio sliding open. I heard Ann telling him she wanted to show him the awesome deck. I hadn’t thought about them starting out there, but it wasn’t a problem. These sweets are built with reflective glass on the outside, and on the inside of the windows are thin sheer curtains, backed up by heavy blackout curtains. The blackout curtains were all wide-open, but all the shears were closed. Standing inside, the sheer curtains hardly obstructed my view at all, but from the outside, it was like you were staring at a window made from solid black Glass. I casually walked out and sat on the living room chair next to the window. I was 8 feet away, watching them clearly, but they had no clue I was there. I couldn’t hear them when they were out there, but that didn’t matter. It wasn’t long before their actions started speaking.They were facing each other talking when Rod placed his hand against Ann left tit. It occurred to me, that he hadn’t’t really seen, or touched Anns tits before. It must’ve been one of the first things on his mind. After petting the side of her breast for a minuet from outside the silk robe, he started rubbing her nipple with his thumb. I could actually read Anns lips when she said, “Do you like them?” Rod must have said yes because Ann pulled on the loosely tied belt letting the front fall open. She took both of his hands and placed them on her tits. Rod stood dumbfounded, simply staring at them until finally, he began to work both nipples with his thumbs. At that moment, I thought the sky itself was in danger of being ripped. That’s how hard Ann’s nipples were. After some brief attention from Rod’s thumbs, Ann reached up to put her hands behind his neck. Clasping her fingers together, Ann slowly pulled his lips to her left nipple. That was the one closest to the window where I’m sure Ann assumed I would be. Stooped over the way Rod was, he needed something to do with his hands. He solved the problem by dropping his gym shorts, and holding his cock with one hand while he began fingering Ann’s wet pussy with the other. I knew he had her going when she grabbed the railing for a second to steady herself when her knees became wobbly. Ann was getting that look in her eyes. The one she gets shortly before turning into sex putty, to be molded in any way a man chooses. She dropped to her knees and pulled his cock from his hand, then a second later, it was deep in her mouth. Ann’s cheeks went hollow as she sucked so hard, on as much of his long cock as she could take in that position. Once again, Rod had his fingers tangled in Ann’s shiny hair pulling her face toward him as he thrust his hips forward trying to push his cock deeper. It had never been a gag reflex that stopped Ann from deep throating a cock. For some reason, she hated the feeling of a longer cock banging into the back of her throat. Rod was trying to fuck her face, and I thought to myself, “Any second now, Ann will tell him she doesn’t do that.” I was about to be amazed. Just as I expected, Ann was trying to pull away, and clearly protesting. That caused Rod to slow down, and then he stopped his assault. Ann was looking up at him, and he seemed to be explaining something to her. She smiled as he took her hand and help her from her knees to her feet. When they took a couple steps towards the sliding door, it was my cue to hurry back to my hiding place. As the door slid shut behind them, I heard my wife say, “Wow I’ve seen that in the porn videos too. I’ve never done it myself, but I’m willing to give it a try. How do you want me?” I thought to myself, the subservience has started. Rod said, “Just lay down on your back here at the foot of the bed, then I’ll put you where I want you.” There was an excited look on Ann’s face as she scrambled onto the bed, then rolled onto her back looking up at Rod standing at the foot of the bed. Ann said, “I’ve never tried this before, and just thinking about it is making me even wetter!” (See Pic 12)With her head at the foot of the bed where Rod was standing, He reached under Ann’s back and pulled her toward him until the top of her shoulders were at the edge of the bed. Then he said, “That’s perfect. Now just let your head hang straight down and relax. Ann complied without hesitation. I heard Rod say, “See what I mean. Now your mouth, and your throat, are in one straight line.” (See Pic 13) Ann’s left hand moved quickly down her belly until reached her wet pussy. Using two slender fingers, Ann spread the pink lips, exposing her engorged clit. (See Pic 14) It was so erotic to watch my wife’s throbbing clitoris stretching upward, begging for attention. (See Pic 15) Ann’s right hand was beginning to give it a little of the attention it craved when Rod said, “Open your mouth, and remember to breathe when I’m on an out stroke. Ann Opened wide and the first few inches of Rods long cock disappeared into my wife’s hot mouth. (See Pic 16)Rod went slowly at first, but was soon increasing the depth of his penetration by tiny increments constantly. One more millimeter now, was three more millimeters 30 seconds from now. And 10 more millimeters a minute from then. The strangers steady, rhythmic pace seemed to be allowing Ann to get in sync with him, so that even having her airway obstructed didn’t panic her. She was following his instructions, and just like he told her to do, she was taking a good breath each time he withdrew his cock. (See Pic 17) A certain comfort level seemed to be developing in Ann. Like a confidence that this wasn’t going to hurt her. As she visibly relaxed, Rod kept pushing his rigid cock deeper until two thirds of it was passing through her lips with each stroke. Ann couldn’t speak a single word, but even my reading of her lusty moans said she liked it. Rod had gotten very lucky that the King size beds in these suites were almost a foot higher than a normal bed. They were raised that way to allow storage space for all the suitcases underneath. In any event, his cock was lined up perfectly with my wife’s mouth, without him even flexing his knees.The first orgasmWith Ann relaxed and breathing in rhythm, there really wasn’t much to limit Rod now, and he knew it. He was starting to perspire lightly when he reached out with both hands, to take control of Ann’s sensitive nipples. Remember, Ann believes those sexy nipples have a direct nerve connection to her clitoris. Ann couldn’t move her head more than a fraction, but when she turned her head that fraction of an inch to the left, then strained with her peripheral vision, Ann could see the closet door slightly cracked open, and she knew I was there watching. With Ann furiously rubbing her fully erect clit, things were heating up in a hurry. Rod started viciously twisting both her nipples, and that’s when I saw it. The look in Ann’s eyes had become one of total submission. It was obvious to me, that Rod knew he had complete control over Ann at that point, and that’s when he seemed to remove any controls he had placed on himself. The torture he was inflicting escort bursa on Ann’s nipples must have been horribly painful, yet she seemed to not even notice that they were becoming bright red, and raw. I saw Bob get her to a similar place once, and it was a little scary. Rod’s entire 9 inches was disappearing through Ann’s lips now. Each stroke only ended when his closely trimmed pubic hair touched her chin, and his full balls came to rest on her nose. Something even more bizarre was happening that freaked me out at first. Even so, I continued to watch it happen, mesmerized by the sight of what this stranger was doing to my wife. My cock was Rock hard, and literally drooling pre-cum as I watched the nasty throat fucking becoming more intense. What I’m talking about is seeing the bulbous head of a strangers cock form a round bulge that rippled down my wife’s throat like the Adams apple when a man swallows. (See Pic 18) Over and over I watched that huge swollen head stretch my wife’s throat to the bottom of her neck and then slide back up, and out until it appeared at her lips, only to turn around and plunge back in, balls deep. My wife gags as he pumps his cum down her throat.As Rod became more and more aroused, I hoped it was my imagination, but his cock actually seemed to get longer and thicker as he peeked. In his last 10 strokes Rod was thrusting so hard that his balls made a heavy slapping sound as they impacted Ann’s face. Suddenly Rod’s ball sack that had been swinging wildly knotted up into a tight round ball, and he roughly grunted, “I’M GONNA CUM IN YOUR FUCKIN MOUTH!” The last withdrawal, looked like he pulled the bulging head of his cock all the way from Ann’s lungs until it finally popped out of her red lips. Rod grabbed his shaft with his right hand, and squeezed it hard, trying not to shoot his load just yet, but he was too late to stop the onrushing flood. Rod held that tight grip as he tried to take a quick aim, and the same commanding voice said, “Open Your Fucking Mouth!” Once again, compliance came instantly with Ann’s mouth gaping open, and straining upward to accept his load. One large glob of Rod’s hot semen forced it’s way past the iron grip he had on his cock and drooled into Ann’s wide open mouth. (See Pic 19) The sheer nastiness of watching his hot cum pouring into my wife’s open mouth was plenty to trigger my orgasm. I sprayed the wall of the closet, with a load, trying to avoid the clothes. Tasting Rod’s hot cum on her tongue sent Ann over the edge as well! She was so turned on that she said something she probbaly regretted later.(See Pic 20) Ann told him to cum down her throat. Maybe this was one of those extra treats she wanted him to experience, but whatever the reason she said that, Rod wasn’t about to argue with her. While Ann, and I were both having our own hard cum, Rod rammed his hard cock back down Ann’s throat to finish draining his balls. It seemed like it took forever for him to finish shooting that enormous load down my wide eyed wife’s throat!Ann’s eyes watered profusely as she gagged, and gulped repeatedly, trying to swallow everything he had stored up in his swollen balls. (See Pic 21) I saw a few moments of temporary terror on my wife’s face when Rod didn’t give her the out stroke she had learned to breathe on. (See Pic 22) Finally, Rod’s nuts had one last big contraction that caused Ann to swallow hard to keep from drowning in his seed, then he slowly withdrew nine inches of throbbing cock from my shaken wife’s mouth. If Ann’s mission was to give him a new thrill, it appeared she had been successful. (See Pic 23) Rod squeezed the last drop of cum up his shaft, then wiped it off on Ann’s lips, then he said, “That’s all I have right now!” Ann swallowed one more time, blinked once, then closed her eyes. For the next minute, there was no detectable motion from my wife except for some of the excess sperm slowly trickling down her face. (See Pic 24) Ann finally said, “Well that was different!) I wasn’t sure how she meant that.Rod looked spent, but relaxed as he collapsed on the bed next to Ann, with his head pointed the opposite direction to hers. Ann could only manage to scoot up the bed enough that her head was no longer hanging down. I heard Ann say,“I can’t believe I was able to do that!” He replied, “I never had a doubt.” Ann asked him, “Would you care for a bottle of water? I know you gave me a lot to drink, but swallowing cum just makes me thirstier.” They both had a small chuckle, but to my surprise, Rod was beginning to doze off. For the next 30 minutes, they laid there almost motionless, with Rod lightly snoring. Finally Ann managed to crawl out of bed and go to our small bar refrigerator in the living room. As she pulled out a bottle of water, I motioned for her to come to the closet. Ann was sipping her cold water, and grinning from ear to ear, as she tiptoed over to my hiding place. She pulled my door open a few more inches and asked, “Did you enjoy the show?” I answered,“Fuck Yes, I did, but we may have some extra laundry to do.” I pointed at the load of cum inching its way down the closet wall. Ann was obviously excited by what she saw. When I asked her,“So is that it? Are you guys finished? Ann dipped two fingers into her sopping wet cunt, then pushed them into my mouth and said,“Not even close. This won’t be finished until he fucks me!”Ann leaned into the closet to give me a big wet kiss, then walked the four short steps back to the bed to slide in next to the drowsy stranger.Rod’s big orgasm had obviously satisfied him temporarily, but Ann was hot to get fucked. They had been playing a lot over the past two plus days, but my horny wife was never going to stop until she had experienced that big hard cock inside her pussy. Rod’s semi soft cock still looked huge to me, as it rested on top of his thigh. The skin appeared smooth, after being freshly moisturized with my wife’s saliva. A fat drop of cum still oozing from the tip, reflected light from outside. His cock looked heavy as Ann lifted it from his leg, and gently licked the drop of sperm away. She sucked his flaccid cock very softly, and then lifted his balls to lick underneath. Life was beginning to return to Rod’s large member with Ann’s help, and before long it was back to its impressive girth, and straining to reach the ceiling with it’s disturbing length. He’s finally going to fuck my wife! Rod was lying on his back, with his rock hard dick standing at full attention, but he was still pretending (I think) to be snoozing. That didn’t matter in the least to Ann however, because she had his dick hard again, and nothing was going to stop her from fucking him finally. The next thing I knew, Ann was climbing on top of Cruise Dude! Seconds later, Ann straddled him and hovered her dripping wet cunt hole just above the tip of Rod’s erect cock and then her slutty voice said, “I’ve waited three days for this, so you better fuck the shit out of me!” (See Pic 25) While those nasty words were flowing from her recently cum filled mouth, my horny wife abruptly lowered her ass with one swift move which left her impaled, balls deep on the strangers long cock. (See Pic 26) Ann let out a familiar pain squeal, that told me Rod’s huge cock had just rammed into her cervix It shocked the hell out of me, that Ann didn’t bother to slowly work herself into taking the full length of that monster cock, but she didn’t even raise her hips up. She stayed right where she was, grinding away on his stiff member. Ann had reached that place where she was sufficiently aroused, that the pain of taking him so deep was pleasurable for her. She muttered, “Your fucking cock feels like it’s going to push my cervix open, and split me in half. It hurts so good!” Ann was starting to ride him cowgirl. I know how her pussy feels when she rides your cock like that. It’s so good it could wake up the dead. As Rod’s eyes opened, I heard him exclaim,“Holy fuck! Your pussy is hot!” Ann’s nipples screamed the truth about how turned on she was! They appeared to stiffen, and extend to almost an inch long, as she pressed her tits into him, and raked her hard nipples repeatedly across his chest. Her breathing was already that of a woman ready to cum. I watched Ann moving her hips in a sexy, slow rhythm, creating long strokes with his glistening wet cock disappearing deep inside her. Her pussy gripped his thick cock so tightly, that the out stroke stretched some of Ann’s inner pussy outward with it. (See Pic 27) It looked like his cock was wearing a turtleneck sweater each time she raised her ass. Rod was happy to enjoy the ride for a while, but then decided to take over the hard work. He reached out to take my wife’s ass cheeks in his hands, and then placed the bottoms of his feet on the bed for leverage. From this power position, Rod began a pussy pounding fuck, that I’m certain my wife will remember for a long time to cum.Rod hadn’t been fucking Ann hard that way for more than 2 minuets before her pussy was creaming all over his big cock.(See Pic 28) Soon, there was so much that her shiny white juice was flowing in streams down his shaft. (See Pic 29) My wife’s guttural moaning had become constant, interrupted only by the occasional, nasty comment, urging him to fuck her harder. The man was banging her cunt furiously, and the increasingly heavy flow of Ann’s cunt juice began to turn white from the churning it was getting. There was so much flow that it was dripping off his balls. (See Pic 30)I couldn’t take it any longer! My cock was rock hard again, and throbbing. There was nothing romantic, or even sensualI about the fucking Ann was getting. It was almost brutal, but she had completely given in to being used by him. The whole scene was becoming very loud and nasty. I think it was the lusty moaning coming from my wife, and the loud grunts this stranger made each time his 9 inch cock bottomed out in Ann’s sloppy cunt that made me leave my hiding place. Whatever it was, I had to get closer to the action. I made my moveMy mind flashed on the first time I ever shared Ann. It was the night I had been watching her and my best friend Bob fucking around from a slightly open door in the guest room where I was supposedly sleeping. Ann flashed him with her bare pussy until Bob was going nuts. When he finally couldn’t take it any longer, Bob hit on her. From the guest room, I watched Bob eat my wife’s sweet pussy, until she reciprocated by starting a nasty blowjob. Bob eventually pulled Ann onto his lap as he sat in his big swivel TV chair. Ann made sure to turn the chair so they were facing directly at me when she lifted her dress above her waist, and then sat down on my friends eager cock. It was my first time, seeing my wife with another man. My level of excitement was off the charts as I watched his cock sliding in and out of her wet pussy. Suddenly, Bob remembered I was in the house, and got nervous. Not nervous enough to stop fucking my wife, but nervous enough to literally pick her up, and carry her into his bedroom to pick up where they had left off.Bob’s bedroom was only 10 feet down the hall from where I was, and I could hear them going at it again. This was my longtime fantasy coming true before my eyes, until Bob’s unexpected move took away all my visual pleasures. I was out of my head horny, and couldn’t let that happen. I hardly even thought about it before I found myself crawling on my hands and knees Down the hallway toward Bob’s room. Peeking around the doorframe, gave me my first glimpse of my hot wife’s ass riding another man’s cock in cowgirl position. I knew that Bob couldn’t spot me because he was lying on his back with my sexy girls beautiful tits in his face. I crawled into his room, hidden by the king size bed, and took up a position right at the foot of the bed. I raised my head, so only my eyes were peering over the end of the bed. From 30 inches away, I watched every nasty thing they did until my friend finally blew a bucket of cum into my wife’s cunt. It was unbelievable!Faced with the same situationNow that Ann and the stranger were in the middle of fucking each others brains out, my side view was no longer good enough. I had to get a closer, more direct look, as the biggest cock she had ever experienced up to that point, slammed into her dripping pussy. In a particularly noisy moment, I ducked out of the closet, looping through the living room, then down the short passageway toward the bedroom. Just before the bedroom door, I hit my knees again, and crawled to the foot of the bed. It took me several seconds to calm my breathing down enough to take my first seriously close up look. Ann’s pleasure / pain moaning was getting more intense, and I couldn’t wait any longer. My timing turned out to be perfect. I thought they had been fucking each other about as hard as any two people possibly could, but just as I popped my head up, Ann blurted out in an almost begging voice,“Oh God! I’ve never been fucked so deep!” When she said that, I watched him lift up on his toes, and start pounding her wet cunt even harder. This guy was thrusting his long cock into my pretty wife so deep, I could hardly hear the nasty things they were saying to each other over the thunder claps of his flesh slapping against my wife’s ass every time he bottomed out in her tight pussy. I have no doubt their intense fucking could be heard by anyone walking down the hallway. The thought running through my head was,“Neither one of them will last very long the way he is fucking her. Just as I suspected, Ann soon announced she was going to cum. Believe me, I know what it feels like when her pussy spasms start rhythmically gripping, and milking your dick. No man is going to last long, and our new stranger was no exception, but what he did next is what stands out in our minds.I believe I mentioned earlier, that Ann and I share a pretty intense cum fetish. We can’t help it, and it turns us on like nothing else Whenever we feel the need for some exceptionally nasty stimulation, it seems we are always brought back to this specific adventure. It happens time, and time again, with our fantasies being fueled by the sheer nastiness of what I was about to watch, my beautiful wife participating in.One look at Ann’s vagina confirmed she was fully into one of her powerful, muscle ripping orgasms, with her pulsing, pussy spasms squeezing his cock like a vise. I saw the guy slow down just for a moment, trying his best to not cum yet. During the brief pause, I could see his balls twitching, and his asshole puckered up as he tightened every muscle in his body, trying to fight off the inevitable. It only took a couple of seconds for our friend to realize it was hopeless. Rod resumed the pounding piston motion he had used all along, but with even harder, and deeper thrusts, as he unloaded his seed as deeply in my wife as he could deposit it. He let out a loud groan of relief as each huge jet of hot cum blasted my lover’s ovaries. I was only inches away as he filled my wife’s swollen cunt to overflowing.Then there was Ann’s liquid contribution. She was so sexually aroused from the start, that her normal cunt juice had completely soaked his cock and balls, with some even dripping onto the bed. While she was having her hard orgasm, the contractions expelled several additional large gushes of girl cum that were thicker, and those clung to the shaft of his cock. Now I was watching this guys undercarriage pulsing from his asshole, through his balls, and finally, as each of ten, or more huge surges of his hot sperm reached the base of his long shaft, I could actually see his urethra being stretched by the pressure build up. Each individual blast of semen started at the base, and then continued up the length of his long cock until it reached the throbbing head. That’s where the pressure of that surge could be released into my wife. Ann told me later when I was enjoying some very sloppy seconds, that while he was shooting his load in her, she could feel his cock expanding in girth with each big pulse of his cum. When I pressed her further on how it felt, Ann said it felt like a firehose was blasting the walls of her pussy with molten lava.Fantasy fuel that lasts a lifetimeNow here’s the most memorable part for me. I can replay that scene in my mind, as vividly as any high-definition video I’ve ever watched. Consider that I was watching from the foot of the bed, less than three feet away from where his hard cock was slamming into my wife’s pussy. Sneaking into that position had been easy because of the layout of our fancy suite. Besides that, I was so turned on by then, I didn’t give a shit if I got caught. I don’t think I even blinked until the final batch of man juice rushed up his cock to fill Ann’s cunt even further. I said this part was memorable, but what he did was also so unusual, in fact almost weird. Most guys probably keep fucking while they cum, but I know for myself, as well as most of the porn I have watched, having an orgasm signals the end of the fucking, and you slow down until you’re finished emptying your balls, and then you stop. That’s how most guys fuck a woman.He didn’t know when to quitThis guy didn’t get the memo telling him, that’s the way it’s done. Rather than slowing down while he filled her pussy, our shipmate actually increased his pace as he pumped his huge load inside her, and then he did the most astonishing thing of all. He kept on fucking Ann hard, and fast, using his cock like a jackhammer to bang her pussy almost brutally, and he was becoming what I considered to be verbally abusive with her. They were both talking nonstop nasty to each other, with Ann being extremely slutty, but what bothered me was him getting so aggressive. Rod was constantly saying things like,“You like it rough don’t you bitch! Sluts like to be fucked hard, and you’re a slut aren’t you! Well now you have a quart of my cum in your cunt, and I’m goin to fuck it out of you!”I was one second away from showing myself, and putting a stop to this when Ann shocked me with her reply. She was panting heavily as a lusty voice I hadn’t heard before came out of her saying, “If I wasn’t a slut, I wouldn’t be fucking a total stranger bareback would I? And today I’m your slut, so keep fucking me you bastard!” That demand gave her away, and it hit me, Holy Fuck! Ann’s about to cum again! The stranger pounded away as my wife fucked him back and kept muttering, “Fuck your whore! Fuck your whore! Fuck my cunt! Fuck that hole!”The air in the small bedroom was almost too thick to breath. It was humid with their perspiration, and had become saturated with the smell, and even the taste of hard, deep sex. Not offensive, or even unpleasant, but unmistakably the scent of sex. Ann was rapidly building toward her second orgasm, and there simply wasn’t sufficient room in her tight pussy to contain all the sexual fluids the two of them had produced. Each thrust of his rather large cock entering Ann’s pussy, caused large white glops of their mixed cum to be pushed out between her swollen labia, and his still rock hard cock. He just finished telling her he was going to “fuck the cum out of her cunt”, and now he was doing exactly that. The long dick stranger was still lying on his back thrusting upward, with Ann riding his cock for all she was worth. From my from my hiding place, only inches behind my wife’s ass, I could see her entire pubic area was covered with those sexy fluids. It was flowing down the insides of both her thighs, almost to her knees. He wasn’t clean shaven like Ann, so his pubic hair had absorbed an enormous amount of their leakage. (See Pic 31) So much had flowed down his cock and balls, that a sizable puddle was beginning to form on the comforter. The sticky sucking sounds of his cock slipping in and out of Ann’s excited pussy, and the nasty sounds of their cum soaked skin pealing apart were driving me crazy. The nonstop action of his cock pumping in and out of her cunt, was starting to churn their fuck juice into a frothy white foam that soon obscured my view of their genitals. (See Pic 32)I knew Ann was really close, when she leaned her upper body forward, and down until her stiff, sensitive nipples were dragging against his chest again. It’s something she does subconsciously when she needs a little help getting over the edge, and it always works for her. She was furiously scr****g her nipples across his chest, and begging him to fuck his slut harder. Rod obviously wanted to make his slut cum again, and he hadn’t forgotten Ann’s earlier reaction to some very rough nipple play. Suddenly the stud grabbed her nipples between his thumbs, and forefingers and began twisting them so hard that Ann yelped in pain. I thought he might stop. but my wife clearly didn’t want him to stop as that same lusty voice begged him to, “keep doing everything you’re doing, but do it harder!” Hearing his sexy whore begging seemed to energize Mr Stranger Stud. It was like he found another gear, and enough energy to slam it to her like one of those electric fucking machines. He kept up the almost violent humping for at least a solid 90 seconds more. Churn some butterWith the sharp sounds of their cum covered skin slapping together, the sex froth they had whipped up began to splatter everywhere. (See Pic 33) Each impact of their bodies coming together, sent showers of cum foam in every direction. (See Pic 34) We were definitely going to need a different comforter, and someone to clean the mirror above the headboard. I successfully dodged the occasional spray sent my way, until one particularly energetic thrust from both of them at the same time, launched such a large splash of the fragrant, foamy stuff in my direction, that neither I, or the sheer curtains behind me could get out of the way quickly enough. I had gobs of white fuck foam in one eye, one ear, and a large ball of it on my nose. I had seen this stuff once in a while when I fuck Ann, but to a much smaller degree, and it had been very apparent when she fucked the guy in San Diego. Some porn videos refer to making this white froth as “Butter Churning”,so I had seen it before, but this quantity was mind-boggling! I also learned that if you don’t keep whipping this stuff, it quickly looses the entrained air and becomes, Well, it just turns back into cum again. Proof of that could be found in the slimy string starting to dangle from the tip of my nose. I have no idea why I instinctively stuck out my tongue to catch it before it dripped off, but that’s what I did. The taste and texture shouted, Yep, that is definitely cum! I knew I had to get out of there in the next few seconds because Ann was starting to cum hard, and loud. It was the perfect distraction to make sure I wouldn’t be noticed, but I took a moment to ponder the events that had just taken place. I was definitely feeling twinges of jealousy, and maybe even a little insecurity. This stranger had fucked my wife Way better than I expected he would, and he made her cum twice. He was rough with her, and did painful things to her while calling her degrading names, and what did Ann do? She begged him for more abuse, and came on his cock twice. A cock substantially bigger than mine! Now I’m sitting here on the floor, with my wife still convulsing from her second orgasm. I’m looking straight at her quivering pussy, watching it clamp down so hard on another man’s cock, then relax for a second before clamping down again, trying to maybe milk one more drop of cum from his balls. While I’m watching this erotic scene still happening inches from my eyes, my nostrils burn with the pungent smell of fresh sweat, and a hard fucked pussy. I can’t escape the fact that the hard fucked pussy is my wife’s pussy. To confuse things even further, I can’t get the salty, slightly bitter taste of another man’s cum out of my mouth! With all of this bombarding me at once, I’m having a hard time trying to decide how I feel about the whole event. Am I happy? Am I hurt? Am I disgusted by the whole thing? Should we have never done this? I quickly made my way back to the closet while I had a chance.That’s when a long time friend jumped in to set my mind straight. I have relied on him in the past, to help me make intelligent decisions. I hadn’t even noticed he was there until I felt a warm stickiness in my left hand. I looked down to see what it was, and there was my old friend Cock. While I wasn’t paying attention, Cock shot a big load in my hand. I asked him if this was a bad idea. Without hesitation, Cock said,“Fuck no man! This was a great idea, and you’re horny as hell now! You should start figuring out the next Adventure right now. Come on man, trust me! Has your cock ever steered you wrong? I knew my cock was right! Is it my turn now?They had fucked for so long that Rod had to rush out the door right after Ann’s last big O, telling her he had to get cleaned up before his wife got back. I was happy to see him go because I was as horny as I had ever been in my life. I stayed in the closet until I was positive he was gone. When I stepped out, I could see Ann lying on the bed, face down, with her legs spread apart a few inches. She had thrown the silk robe over her ass, and upper body. I wanted to go directly to her, but I had to pee terribly, and I wanted to wash the cum off my hand. By the time I came out of bathroom, Ann was softly snoring. I knew she had to be exhausted after that incredible fuck, and three orgasms, so I decided to let her rest. No problem, I could fuck her after she woke up. That was a chivalrous plan, but an hour later, I was losing my mind, as I kept replaying all the nasty fucking, and cock sucking I had watched my wife do with a total stranger. Those vivid mental images were more than I could take. I had to at least take a peek.Rode hard, and put away wet!I had gone to the living room in my attempt to let her rest for a while, but the horniness had overcome me, as I walked to the bedroom. Ann was still lying in same position when I sat down on the bed. I couldn’t wait any longer. I had to see my wife’s pussy, so I folded the robe up over Ann’s back exposing everything from her waist down. Talk about getting an instantaneous hard on! This is what I saw. (See Pic 35)Ann’s sloppy, cum filled, and very swollen pussy, was slowly leaking another mans cum onto our bed. The same bed where he face fucked her, and shot his cum down her throat, before ravaging her again. Much of his huge load had been pumped so deep in her cunt that it was still leaking out the next morning. I wanted a better look, so I gently lifted Ann’s left leg and tried to spread her knees further apart. That didn’t wake her up completely, but it caused her to roll over. The simple act of rolling over in bed, tightened her abdominal muscles enough to expel another gush of stranger sperm. (See Pic 36) It was definitely going to be sloppy seconds for me. No doubt it was going to be the sloppiest I’ve ever had. As Ann was waking up, she put her legs together, and that’s when I first realized how swollen her pussy was. (See Pic 37) Ann laughed out loud when she saw the way I was staring at her banged up pussy. She said, “I know how much you want to fuck that messy hole, so go ahead. I think I can handle one more hard cock if it doesn’t take you too long to cum.” Ann spread her knees wide, and raised them up to her tits, exposing the inner labia that had gripped his thick cock so tightly. They were almost rubbed raw from the lengthy, hard fuck that ended only an hour earlier. I pulled her tender pussy lips open with my fingers and asked, “Are you sure your pussy isn’t too sore to fuck again?” Ann was fanning the flames of my cum fetish when she said, “I can do it if you use plenty of lubrication. Let me see if I still have some inside me that you can use.” One hard push by Ann sent a flood of bubbly white spunk spilling out of her open hole. (See pic 38) My wife’s mood turned sexy serious when she looked at me and said,“Rod told me he was going to fuck the cum out of my cunt, but I know he left a lot of it in there. Looks like I need for you to finish the job. Give me your hard cock!” I didn’t hesitate to position myself between Ann’s spread eagle legs, then sink my stiff cock into the warm pool of cum where my sexy wife’s tight pussy used to be. She knew there was no resistance, or gripping of my smaller cock. It felt more like my dick was taking a swim in a slippery hot tub, than fucking a tight pussy. Ann said, “Don’t worry. It will be back to normal before too long. Does it feel good anyway?” My mind was so turned on by the thought of what I was doing, that it didn’t much matter how stretched out, and loose her cunt was. By the time Ann finished her question, I was already blowing my load in her cunt.Just for pride sake, I fucked her gaping hole like a horny jack rabbit for about a minuet after I shot my cum inside to mix with everyone else’s. That was plenty of time to whip up a little foam of my own. (See Pic 39) lying beside Ann after I finished, I asked her if she had seen any other guys on the ship that looked interesting. A look of amusement came over her face as she told me she hadn’t been looking, but with a couple of days left in our cruise, she smiled, and said, “I’ll start checking for bulges. I’ll let you know if I bump into something interesting.”Then a puzzled look came over my wife’s face, and she said, “You were there both days. You watched everything that happened. Do you believe that guy when he claims to be so inexperienced, and how he hadn’t fucked another woman for 21 years until me?” I turned to look Ann in the eyes and said, “Baby, I’m pretty sure he’s not from Iowa, and I think you have been taught the meaning of the word PLAYER.”The end

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