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Wife’s Convert there Husband’sIt’s hard to imagine that a couple of years ago both my wife and I led a very monogamous relationship. I met Ann in college and we married shortly after graduating. Both in our mid-thirties, we enjoyed what we thought was an active sex life. However, in a short span of eighteen months both of us have come to grips with our submissive nature and have enjoyed sex with a wide variety of different partners.It began when I was seduced in a hotel sauna by another man. I had never thought of myself as having any gay leanings and even joined my buddies in making fun of guys we thought were homosexual. Then one afternoon in Chicago I found myself naked on my knees in a hotel room sucking on another man’s cock. I watched myself in the mirror, on my hands and knees, as a complete stranger drove his dick in my virgin ass. It was the ultimate turn on and I knew then that I was not the straight laced guy I always pretended to be.I tried for a couple of weeks to distance myself from the thoughts I had when I jacked off to the fantasies of going down on another man. Finally I went on an Internet chat room and hooked up with another young man who said he wanted us to explore my new found fascination for gay sex. I was later to find out that David was seeking submissive men for his dominant partner Mark. I won’t detail the story as I have chronicled all of it in a series of stories on the Literotica site called Chasing Fate. Some have questioned whether or not this is a piece of fiction or my real life story. I have to admit, neither Ann or I would have believed any of this a couple of years ago. Since then, she too has been introduced to the lifestyle of domination. I need to point out if you have not followed my stories before that Mark is black and while he enjoys sex with men and women he has never been what is referred to as a bottom. He regularly has me suck his large cock or takes me up the ass but never reciprocates.Not long after he seduced my wife and began having us service him, he took us both to a tattoo parlor operated by a friend of his and had us both marked as his property. He did not have me tattooed but he did have my nipples pierced like David’s with whom I had engaged in a heavy relationship. My wife, however, allowed Mark to have a tribal tat placed on her lower black and the Chinese symbols for slave on her right breast. Ann is a gorgeous blonde whose skin turns a light bronze under the summer sun. It is the third tattoo that really floored me when I first saw the words “Mark’s Cock Slut” in dark black letters just above her shaved pussy. Over the last year a great deal has continued to evolve as Mark spied a picture of Ann’s younger sister Cindy and forced Ann to recruit her for his wanton games. While initially Ann was distraught over the idea, eventually she succumbed to the idea. Cindy not only enjoyed the encounter but has since called Ann several times about making another visit before the end of the summer. David and I have called it quits and he has now moved away when a transfer was available at his company. He couldn’t come to terms with my desire to stay with my wife while still having a relationship with him. I do miss him but my wife and I, while enjoying a very untraditional relationship to say the least, are still very much in love with each other. As strange as it may seem, we are perhaps much more closer than we have ever been before.It is a real turn on for me to see Ann on her knees as she slides Mark’s black cock in her mouth running her tongue around the head of his dick. The contrast of her small white hand pumping his ebony cock sends me over the edge. On many occasions I watch from a chair in the living room, pumping my own dick in my hand as she slides her pink lips over the head of his cock while Mark rolls her nipples in his fingers, pulling on them gently as she moans her approval. Every so often Ann locks her eyes on mine as her head moves up and down on his slick pole. Her gaze telling me how much she loves me for allowing her to enjoy herself in the arms of another man. Occasionally we will both share his rod as I suck on his meat while she licks his balls and feeds me his stick.On some afternoons I will come home from work to find her laid out spent across our bed. Red marks on her neck and breast and her pussy glistening with fresh cum. She doesn’t even ask as I slide to my knees, kissing trails up her legs to her snatch. I press my lips to her wet box, never knowing which of Mark’s friends or whether it was Mark himself who just deposited their load of cum in her twat. My tongue gently probes her hot wet pussy as I taste her pussy juice mixed with the salty load of her partner. Stopping to suck on her clit, she pulls on my hair and grounds her cunt against my face slick with their juices. She comes hard pushing my head into her box as I snake my tongue deeper and deeper into her wet pussy. Unbuckling my trousers and pushing them down, I free my dick which has grown hard at the thought of entering my prize. My dick slides into her hot snatch which only minutes ago received another güvenilir bahis man’s cock. Her pussy is no longer the tight little snatch it was earlier in our marriage. We’ve both stopped counting the number of cocks she has taken both long and wide, stretching out her once tight little hole.While her pussy has been stretched, she has learned to use her cunt lips to tighten around my cock. I can feel her pussy contract around my cock as it throbs in her wet box. Her tongue pushes into mine like a wild a****l as she fucks my face with her soft tongue. In just a few minutes I thrust into her as I begin to shoot my own load deep into her pussy as she pulls me closer into her body.This past week, Ann arrived home a little later than usual from her trip to the gym. She typically works out three days a week after work. Ann was really excited as she relayed to me an encounter she had with another woman at the gym. Keep in mind while Ann and I had participated in many group sex scenes over the months, it never entailed her with another woman. On the few occasions another wife or woman was involved, it had always been the women servicing the guys in the room.I had over the years explored the subject or girl-girl sex with Ann and she always seemed dismissive of the subject. I have always been turned on watching lesbian pornos but had long ago abandoned any thoughts of watching my wife make love to another woman.Ann told me this very attractive woman in her late thirties had been eyeing her for a couple of weeks at the gym. It started off innocently enough when Ann stepped from the shower and her towel which had been wrapped around her body slipped down over her breast. Ann looked up and saw this woman was staring intently at her chest as she re-wrapped the towel in place. Ann noticed over the next few trips to the gym, whenever she finished with her treadmill and headed to the showers, this lady seemed to conclude her workout as well. The idea that another woman was sexually interested in her intrigued Ann so this afternoon she decided to give her a little show. Ann listened as she heard the lady take her shower and step from her stall. She confided that while she enjoyed the cool spray of the water cascading over her body, she pulled her pussy lips apart with one hand while she rubbed her little clit with the other.When Ann exited the shower, the woman was standing in front of a dressing mirror combing her long black hair. She had a towel wrapped around her upper body which hung just below the cheeks of her ass which gently peeked out below. Ann said as she stepped out of the shower, she “accidentally” let the towel slip from her body. As she moved slowly down to pick it up she saw the woman’s gaze follow her naked form. This time Ann looked directly into the woman’s reflection in the mirror as their eyes locked. As she turned and walked to her locker, she thought she heard footsteps behind her. When she turned the woman had closed the distance and stood inches apart as her hungry gaze locked on Ann’s eyes. She leaned in and very softly placed her lips on Ann’s and pulled back slowly to look again in Ann’s eyes. When she found no resistance she again pressed her lips to Ann’s this time much more forcefully as her tongue pushed between Ann’s lips.It was Ann’s first kiss from another woman. She marveled at how soft the other woman’s lips felt against hers and the faint smell of perfume as the woman’s hands trailed up her hips and began wrapping around Ann’s soft breast. Ann’s hesitation quickly yielded as she slid her tongue back into the other woman’s mouth who quickly sucked on it, sliding their lips together in a hot wet embrace. The lady tugged at her own towel which slid down bunching at her waist until she moved her hips from Ann’s allowing it to fall to their feet. Ann said she could feel the woman’s hard nipples press against her chest. The woman, who was a little taller than Ann, slid down until their breast met. Her legs widened as she ground her pussy into Ann’s smooth cunt. Ann, whose pussy is shaved bare, could feel the patch of public hair as it trailed across her lower abdomen.Ann grew hotter and hotter until the woman broke their wet kiss and spoke for the first time. “You ever gone down on another woman baby?” the woman inquired as she trailed wet kisses across Ann’s face and down her neck.”No” was her short throaty response as she tilted her head back as the other woman licked her neck, stopping to suck on her ear lobe before dabbing her tongue gently into ear before softly whispering, “I want you to eat my pussy baby. I want you to kiss on my pussy.”Ann knew she had invited this and now there was no escaping the fact she was going to do something she had never done before. The woman placed her hands on Ann’s shoulders, gently applying pressure as Ann slid to her knees on the towel below as she gazed at the sight before her. Ann had never seen a woman’s vagina this close before and she marveled at the lips and the cute little bud at the top which protruded just slightly from its folds. The woman shaved her lips but left a strip türkçe bahis of black pubic hair just above her mound.She closed her eyes as she gently placed a soft kiss on the velvet skin. There was a fresh clean smell with just a hint of wetness as she trailed kisses over the woman’s pussy before she licked the little bud. The woman sighed her sign of approval as she ran her fingers though Ann’s hair. Ann drew the little clit into her mouth tasting for the first time another woman’s juices other than her own. She ran her tongue down the slit, dipping her tongue into her canal as her lips wrapped around Ann’s face.The woman began grinding against Ann’s face as she pushed hard against her head cradled in her hands. Ann enjoyed the sounds she heard the woman make, as her pussy began flowing with juice. She loved the taste which was much sweeter than the salty sperm she had grown to love. She drove deeper wanting to suck all the sweet nectar from the flower. As she wrapped her hands around the woman’s ass, she felt her cheeks tighten and the legs harden with the impending climax.”Oh yeah, baby,” the woman hissed. “Eat my pussy. Tell me how much you love my pussy.”Ann knew she did enjoy her first taste of pussy. “I do,” she moaned into the woman’s cunt, “Your pussy’s so good.” The woman shook as she convulsed hard with the first jolt of orgasm. Ann continued to suck hard on her clit until the woman’s body began to relax against her face.Ever so gently, she began to pull upward on Ann’s hair as she moved back up the woman’s body. Stopping at the tit which hung at her face. Ann drew the nipple into her mouth as the woman groaned her approval.”Damn you are one hot little cunt aren’t you?” the woman sighed as Ann continued to lick and suck on the woman’s nipple. “I believe you might just be a little lesbian….you my little lesbian baby? You like licking my pussy and sucking on my breasts?” Ann didn’t respond. She just grew hungrier and more passionate with the words. Ann knew she loved eating pussy and this would just be her first as she tugged on the woman’s nipple with her teeth drawing a groan of approval.The woman pulled Ann’s face away from her tit as she kissed her again in a hot embrace which left Ann weak in the knees and a little light headed. “Baby we need to get dressed before someone comes in,” the woman said as she pulled back. Ann hadn’t even thought about the fact that anyone could have walked into the locker room and witnessed the lesbian spectacle that had just taken place. The woman backed up and looked at Ann with a smile and said, “I’m Diane.”Diane wrapped her towel back around her torso as Ann collected her thoughts. She asked if they could step around the corner at a little restaurant she knew of before Ann headed home. Later they made there way a few blocks to a little café where Diane ordered a couple of glasses of merlot.”So tell me Ann, what is that adorable tattoo on your breast? It appears to be some Asian symbol?” inquired Diane.”It’s the Chinese symbols for ‘slave'” Ann replied noting Diane’s eyes widen before she drew the glass to her soft lips for a quick sip. “And I take it that ‘Mark’ is your husband…” Diane countered.Ann knew that Diane had caught sight of the other tattoo which adorned her pubic area just above her cunt. The word’s “Mark’s Cock Slave” which he had requested marking her as his property. “Uh, no… actually my husband’s name is Larry,” she said quickly peering over her glass.Diane thought for a second before inquiring, “So Larry is a cuckold?” Diane saw the look on Ann’s face and knew that she was unfamiliar with the term. “A cuckold is a man whose wife enjoys sex with other men and he in turn gets his satisfaction in seeing she is properly serviced by another man…typically one who’s more endowed.” Diane enunciated the last word for affect.”No. its really not like that,” Ann retorted. Both Larry and I enjoy submitting to Mark and he sometimes brings over his friends.””So, Larry is bi?” inquired Diane. “Yea, I mean we still have sex …together…but he enjoys sucking another man’s cock as much as me.” Ann began to explain just how both she and I had ended up becoming Mark’s sexual slaves. She recounted my past relationship with David, and how Mark encouraged, if not downright forced her into recruiting her sister as his new sexual plaything. In the meantime, Diane had ordered more rounds as the tale got more and more lurid in its details.”I guess you think we’re pretty kinky?” Ann concluded when she finished telling our story. Diane sat back and with a smile added, “Not at all darling. It’s just not everyday a girl hears a story like that. I assume you know that I’m a lesbian. I’m married too but I’ve been a confirmed lesbian since my teens.”Now it was Ann’s turn to listen as Diane shared that she too met her husband at a large southern university. “Jim was very quiet and from the start I knew he was basically a pretty shy person. We had a few classes together and eventually we ended up studying together. I could tell he was interested in me but he came across pretty inexperienced. Which was fine güvenilir bahis siteleri by me as I really have never been much into guys anyway.””It wasn’t long before he figured out that my female roommates were much more than that. I lived on campus with three other girls and we all carried on a pretty open relationship. I could tell Jim loved me and I really liked him too. After graduating, I agreed to marry him but told him in very certain terms our marriage would be very different. I would still have my lesbian relationships although I would try to be discreet. While we engaged in oral sex, I’m not into having him stick his little dick in me. On occasion I would allow that quick thrill but it never did much for me. Instead, most of the time he was content to have me jack him off or perhaps give him head.” Diane continued, “Jim has never been a macho man and has pretty features for a guy. It wasn’t long before I had changed out his dull boxers for satin briefs. Then one night I gave him a blowjob and when he came, I crawled up and started kissing him. He was startled when I transferred his fresh load to his mouth but I used my tongue to pry his mouth open. Eventually he swallowed it and we continued our hot kiss. This began a regular occurrence with me giving him head and later having him take the sperm from my mouth.””One night, we were laying in bed and I asked him if he would shave his body for me. I told him that would make me so happy not to have all that hair get in my mouth. He agreed and I not only shaved the hair from his crotch but his legs and his underarms as well. Jim really didn’t have any hair on his chest except around his little nipples but we took care of them as well.””I went one step further when I encouraged him to model a pair of my panties. He initially balked but I explained how little difference there was between his satin briefs and my bikini panties. As a reward that evening I even let him fuck me. He came in minutes!” “It wasn’t long before I had removed his briefs and he was always in the panties. When we were at home, I would encourage him as we would both walk around in just our matching panties. One evening I had a couple of girlfriends over and we all asked him to model for us. Initially he was adamant that he wouldn’t. But after a few drinks and the girls rubbing up against him, he eventually succumbed. We spent the evening, all of us trying on lacey undergarments…Jim included – until we girls began an evening of lovemaking that ended with Jim jacking off on our spent bodies.”Diane could see Ann squirming a bit as she told her story. “Jim and I took a big step earlier this year. He had become accustomed to dressing up for me as “Jamie” and allowing me to wear a strapon and fuck his ass. I started off slow using my finger when I would give him head. Eventually I probed his ass with a dildo and he never said a word. The night I told him I has a surprise for him, I knew he was shocked when I came out of the bathroom with a dick swinging from my hips. But he didn’t resist as I slid the head into him and began to take his cherry. I fucked him steady and jacked his little dick with my hand until he came all over his stomach.””I knew soon that he was ready to become the woman I wanted him to be. I had been giving him morning vitamins and had recently had a friend of mine provide me with a hormone regimen of estrogen and another pill that inhibited his supply of testosterone. It took a few weeks but eventually he became much more emotional sometimes with an unexplainable outburst of tears. His nipples began to get swollen and much more sensitive when I licked and played with them.””I also noticed his hair became much finer and his features started to soften. Jim noticed it to but I assured him it was just a sign of middle age and that his softer features actually turned me on. I also had my girlfriends comment appreciatively on how pretty he looked as Jamie. He seemed to begin appreciating his new form as his breasts actually began to be noticeably bigger. I bought him thicker t-shirts to wear to work to avoid the stares from office workers but encouraged him when he was home to dress as Jamie.” “He seemed to take pride that his tits began filling the bras and tops we had purchased for him and he came quickly when my girlfriends would pull and suck on his thick nipples. I can’t describe what a turn on it is to take my husband in the ass with my strapon and reach around and feel a handful of tit.”Ann was stunned. Her story of domination and submission paled in comparison to Diane’s confession she had feminized her husband. “Does he…” she trailed off.”Still have his dick,” Diane interrupted before she finished. “Yea…and it still works although his balls appear to be much smaller and he doesn’t shoot as much cum. But what would make it all complete…what I’m dying to see is Jim take a real cock up the ass. To suck off another man. To be a real woman. Do you think you could convince your husband to help us take that next step?” As long as we can both watch.Ann looked me in the eyes as she concluded her story of meeting Diane. With everything we had done, this should not have been much of a surprise. I didn’t say a word. I merely walked over to the phone and handed it as she called Mark to give him the good news about Diane as we both smiled.

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