Wife’s First Black Experience

Wife’s First Black ExperienceMy wife and I have been married for 10 years and we are both in our mid 30’s. Katie still looks quite hot even after having 2 k**s. She is 5’5″, about 120 pounds, full B cup breasts, dark hair and eyes and athletically curvy. We are starting to get in to “sharing”. She wants to be with a woman and I want her to be with a black guy. She is reluctant but I’m hopeful…..Here is how her first experience could go from my perspective….One of Katie’s friends was turning 40 and all the girls made plans to go the male strip club. Maybe 10 of them in all, and some absolute beauties in this group. Last time they went, I made out like a bandit as Katie gave me the most enthusiastic fuck I had in quite some time. So, I was more than willing to have her go again, good thing my shift was not working that night. So off they go, they even rented a limo so none had to drive as they most likely would be drinking. I was pretty sure that the sex was going to be extra good tonight, so I just milled around the house trying not to waste any energy. Sure enough, I was right. Katie barely got into the house and she was ripping my clothes off as fast as she could.During the foreplay, Katie told me that she saw a black guys cock. The other girls were drooling all over it, but she just sat back and let them roll. Then when the guy saw that she was not as bold as the others, he strolled over and made her the center of attention. She said she was embarrassed as he whipped it out and was trying to get her to touch it. She said he kind of rubbed it on her shoulders and neck and was using it as toy. As she was telling me this, I could feel a little extra excitement in her body. She said she finally touched and then she and the girls all bust out laughing. Then the guy then shot some whipped cream on his cock and tried to get her to lick it off. A couple other girls lunged in front of her and licked the whipped cream and didn’t hesitate to suck his cock also. Again, the whole time she was replaying the story to me, I could sense a new level of excitement in her body by how she moved. Maybe, just maybe, my wife was actually thinking about fucking a black guy. She finally finished the story and we fucked like mad. I slept like a million bucks that night, but really wondered what was going through her mind.Neither one of us really spoke of that night and I was kind of apprehensive about asking my wife “so would you like to fuck a black cock?” The topic never came up and I didn’t push the issue. But quietly, I still wondered if she had considered it. I sure have, and I was kind of keen on the idea of some black dude fucking the shit out of her.Fast forward to a couple months later. We made plans to spend our 20th wedding anniversary at one of the all inclusive adult’s only resorts. As we were finalizing plans, she saw that they had a spa and she could get a massage. Professional massages are one of her favorite things. She gets very tense at work and usually gets one once a month. She has gone to the same 2 female ther****ts for several years. At times, I think they must hit some special sex spot, because she has come home somewhat aroused and fucked me with a little extra effort. I told her I would make the massage plans for her and she smiled and was excited with the thought.”Wow, a massage in tropical paradise is exactly what I need.”Needless to say, I had ulterior motives with the whole massage thing. Sounds devious,But this was my shot to see if the interracial thing might actually happen.I didn’t actually make the massage reservations until we got down there. I wanted to go in person and feel the place out to see what kind of possibilities it had. I asked the receptionist what the “Erotic Massage” was and she said I would need to talk to Michael. She sent me back to his office and he welcomed me in. Michel was a handsome guy, about 30, maybe 6 feet tall, muscular and black. We sat down and he explained the various massage offerings, including the Erotic one. He has been a ther****t for 10 years and is certified by all the top agencies in the biz. He said he moved to the island 2 years ago after going there for his own vacation. When he realized he could make 5 times more money than he was making in Boston, he decided to stay.Michael asked what I was looking for and I explained. For some reason, I felt at ease about getting to the part of doing a little more than just a massage. He said the erotic massage, was designed for couples. The husband would be in the room the whole time and it was designed to set the tone for further potential activities. He finally laid it out that most men come to him to help live out the interracial fantasy. That’s why his job on the island was such a dream. Not only did he get to massage some gorgeous women, but most of the husbands set it up so Michael could fuck them too.He explained that there were natural signs from a woman’s body that would tell him whether he had the green light to keep going, or that she was not interested. He was very up front saying, some women go and just get the massage and are not interested in anything else. He would stop any advances if he felt those signs. So there was no guarantee that he would have sex with her. But, this was still a chance I wanted to take and he asked repeatedly if I was 100% sure that I would allow him to fuck her if he got the green light. Again, I didn’t want to sound over anxious, even though I was. But I said yes, he could fuck her if she let it go.Our first few days at the resort were incredible. She was so fucking hot in her new bikinis. She bought some new ones that were a little more revealing that what she normally wears. She figured that since she knew nobody down here, she was willing to bare a little more. Of course, karabük escort the heat, the bikinis and the thought of Michael fucking my hot wife, just made me even hornier. She sensed it during our fuck sessions and it seemed to carry over to her, which just added to the already good time.We had some good sex the first few days, other than that, just a lot of lying around enjoying the weather and the beach. Katie asked when her massage appointment was, and I told her at 11 tomorrow morning. We went to an early dinner and then to the night club for some dancing. She looked so hot while we were out there that I wanted to take her back to the room and fuck her senseless. I did not however, as I wanted her to have plenty of energy for tomorrows activities.The next morning, we awoke, had breakfast and went for long walk on the beach. Her appointment time arrived before we knew it and off we went. The building with the massage room was right near the ocean and cliffs. The wall that faced them was nothing but huge glass windows, with one way coating on them, we can see out, but nobody can see in. The actual rooms had the regular equipment but this one had the most comfortable looking table. Plenty of padding and was contoured to fit the human body. It even had a pedal on the floor so Michael could control the height of the table by stepping on a button.The hostess showed Katie to the changing room and she arrived back in our room just in a towel. I knew some things that she did not and I was eager to get the ball rolling. I grabbed her and gave her a big kiss. She lay down on the table, on her stomach with her face in the padded cradle and d****d the towel over herself as usual. I sat in the big cushioned chair in the corner and prepared for the show.Michael knocked on the door, opened it slowly and asked if we were ready. Katie had a momentary look of surprise on her face as she has not had a male ther****t before, let alone a black one. Just as fast, she said were ready and Michael came in an introduced himself to us, even though I already knew him.Michael explained to Katie a little about the Erotic Massage, but left out the part about possibly getting to fuck her. She seemed ok with it and things began as expected. Her large towel was replaced by a smaller one. It was only long enough to go from her lower back to a few inches below her butt cheeks. And it barely covered her from hip to hip, but again, this was a professional and I was in the room, so she did not think anything of it. The massage was now set to begin.Michael poured oil onto his hands and then began to massage her neck and upper back. I have had several deep tissue massages myself, so I know what he was doing was the real thing…….to begin with anyhow. I think Katie liked his work since his touch was a little firmer with such large hands, compared to the small girls she is usually with. Things changed ever so slightly when he used the fingertip touch though. He traced his fingers along her side’s right where her skin met the padding. You could see her boobs had squished out a little and he hit them just long enough to see whether or not there was resistance, and of course there was not.Michael worked further down her sides and began to massage her hips as expected. Her legs were together at this point and he grabbed her hips with a little force and slowly rocked them back and forth with a little gyration. Looking back at it know, that movement actually caused her inner thighs to squeeze together and was stimulating her pussy without her knowing. I love Katie’s hips and waist and seeing his large black hands manipulate them got me really excited. I even rubbed my cock very briefly at the sight of all this.Michael began to work her lower back and even into the upper butt cheeks. Again, the movements he used and the way he pushed, was all designed to make her pussy melt and it was working. Every so often, I could see her inner thigh quiver ever so quickly. She would straighten her knee a little to fight it off, but his technique was obviously working. My wife may actually be enjoying the touch of a black man, not a massage ther****t.Then he moved further down the table and started on her legs. He worked each leg very well and allowed his hand to go further up her inner thigh with each move. Again, no resistance, so his light was still green. He laid her leg back down and I noticed, that it was spread further out than where it was before. He began to work the other leg and again, when he was done, it was placed further spread than before. She never noticed the subtle things, but they were all done in preparation for the big show. I had to keep adjusting my position in the chair so I could get a better view and to relieve the tension in my hard cock.When he finished from the foot end of the table he moved to the side. From here, he could focus on the back of each thigh and butt cheek and make things progress even more without making it obvious. He pushed into her butt cheek with his thumb and she flinched. He explained to her that it was a nodule that most people don’t know about. He said if it doesn’t get massaged out every so often, it could lead to lower back pain. Of course, she fell for it and he just looked at me and smiled with more green lights.As his fingers rotated to her now spread inner thighs, his hands would go further up the towel towards her pussy. From my point of view, I could see her gorgeous cunt and even when his finger brushed up against her vulva. Her ass flinched in response, but relaxed just as fast. He did this several times and then switched to the other side. However, each time his fingers got close to her pussy, she now took a deep breath. Yep, she was loving it. He kept this up long enough for her to begin karabük escort bayan to expect it and then quickly stopped. He informed her that he would leave the room and she could roll over. With that, he left us alone for a moment.Katie had a look of pure ecstasy in her eyes. I am not sure if she was more excited by the massage or the fact that he was black. But the look on her face told me that she was going to belong to him in just a short time. She rolled onto her back and placed two new towels across her body. One towel was about 5 inches tall and maybe 18 wide, I barely covered her tits from top to bottom and only fell to halfway down her sides. The other towel was not much bigger and just barely covered from her hip bones to just below her crotch. This left her tummy exposed which looked very sexy and I’m sure had a good purpose.As she re-adjusted I noticed a very flush appearance to her face and some other body changes. He boobs and nipples were swollen with excitement and she was breathing deeper and heavier than normal. Her pussy was juicing and he her smooth vulva skin was pouting and ready to be touched again. Her inner labia lips had parted slightly and I had a good view of her clit which is usually hidden; it was sticking out like an erection.Michael returned and said he would now continue. He stood at her feet and worked all up and down below her knees. She just seemed to relax and enjoy his thorough hands. He then moved to the side of the table and began to massage her upper leg from her knee to the bottom of the towel. He kept working his hands towards her inner thighs more often than before. He even allowed his finger to go under the towel, but no further. Her legs were still together at this point and I’m sure her wet pussy lips were trying to squirt out from between her thighs. Michael moved to the other side and did the same. Allowing his fingers to softly rub her vulva again, which brought more squirming responses.He then massaged her tummy, hips and waist. I think the movements he made around her hips actually stimulated her pelvic area which made her thighs grind away at the pussy lips. She wiggled a little, not sure if she was trying to get more, or if she was trying to prevent herself from going over the edge. Michaels fingers worked along the edge of the towel with made it move slightly and exposed the top of her pubes. Neither made a move to replace it, so he saw it as another green light. Me too……..He didn’t even bother to work her arms; he just went straight to the top of the table and adjusted the height of it with the controller. Her head lay in the cradle which stuck out about 12 inches past the edge of the rest of the table. Technically, he could straddle the head cradle with his legs just like sitting on a bike seat. Somehow, I have a hunch it was designed that way for a reason.As he scooted his body in close to the head cradle, I saw Katie look up at him and gasped a tiny gasp. She was looking straight up his shorts. Michael had lowered the table to the point that his crotch was only a few inches above Katie’s face. It was low enough so he could actually straddle her face too, if that is what he needed. I guess we’ll see how she reacts.Michael massaged her head, neck and shoulders really well. He also spent some time rubbing her upper chest above the towel line. Again, as he worked, the towel actually slid down below one of her nipples, but neither of them moved it. I noticed that her hips were slightly gyrating and I saw that she had her legs clamped shut very tightly. It looked as if she was trying to get herself off by squeezing her thighs together putting pressure on her vulva. I had to keep adjusting my position so my erection would stop aching.The towel just kept moving further off her ample tits as he kept massaging and really began to get handfuls of her breasts. I was so engrossed in watching Katie’s gorgeous boobs getting rubbed by a black guy, that I missed what she did next. Michael’s body jumped from surprise and when I finally was able to focus, I could see why. Katie had lifted her head out of the cradle and licked the tip of his huge cock which was hanging down and almost out of the leg of his shorts. She stretched her tongue as far as she could and flicked it all around his plum size knob. Michael took another green light and kept advancing slowly.He adjusted the height of the table higher so she could lick his cock without having to lift her head anymore. He also hiked up the leg of his shorts so his bulbous dick head was now sticking all the way out. Katie sucked his knob into her mouth very easily while making little suck noises. He little mouth looked like it could barely spread wide enough, but she seemed to enjoy it. His hand massaged her tits and worked their way down her smooth tummy. Just about that time she grabbed the lower towel and threw it aside.She spread her legs wide and lifted her knees a little. One hand went straight to her moist pussy while the other hand was reaching up Michael’s shorts trying to pull more of his cock out. Katie has never played with herself before, so this was somewhat of a surprise. He yanked his cock head from her mouth which made a ‘pop’ sound and backed away from the table. He undid his shorts and dropped them to the ground. His cock was every bit of 8 inches long, very veiny and very thick and it wasn’t even hard yet. He stepped back over top of her face and adjusted the table even higher yet. This gave her access to his cock AND balls. He leaned way far forward and put one hand on the table to hold himself up. His other hand replaced Katie’s on her pussy.Katie grabbed his thick member and tried to feed as much as she could into her little mouth. She sucked and slurped like she was competing escort karabük for a prize. She plopped his knob out of her mouth and onto her chin as she turned her attention to his saggy ball sack. Again she licked and sucked as if to win the contest. All the while, Michael had his hand rubbing the shit out of her juicy cunt. He was flicking her clit with his thumb and trying to bury 2 fingers into her wet slit. Her hips attempted to meet his motions as she gyrated all over the table.He finally got both fingers deep in her cunt as his palm applied the pressure on her clit. His hand pumped her cunt furiously as she closed in to an orgasm. Katie now had one hand trying to stuff black cock into her mouth and the other gripping the sheets on the table. I could see her sexy tummy quiver as she ripped out a deep spasm. Michael’s cock slipped out of her mouth as she groaned.”Oh Shiiiiiiiiittttt, I’m cuuuuuuummmmming.”Michael kept fingering her clit until she could take it no more and she removed his hand.All of the sudden I realized that my wife was now officially going to fuck a black guy. She just laid there for a moment and regained her composure and then rose up and looked at me in shock. She looked lost for a second and then seemed to realize what had just happened.”Oh my god, what have I done? I should not be doing this” she cried. “Honey I am so sorry, I did not……..””No, No dear, it’s OK, I set this up for you, for our anniversary.” She looked at me in disbelief not sure what to think.”I saw how intrigued you were with the black stripper at the club and I thought you might like to try it. Just keep going as far as you would like to go.””Wow……I can’t believe all this is happening and I never meant for it to go this way.” she said.”Relax dear, I specifically ordered this massage knowing where it would probably lead and for the fact that I got to watch. I got a little excited thinking about how you would look while being fucked by a big black cock. I guess I am going to see first hand now huh?””Michael” she commanded “Get down their and fuck me with your big cock and fuck me hard.”Michael wasted no time in getting to the foot of the table. He grabbed her ankles and dragged her so her ass was right at the edge of the table. He raised it to the level so he could fuck her hot pussy while he stood straight up. He gave her a padded cushion so she could lean back reclined, without laying all the way on her back. I know she loves this position as I have built a custom bed frame for our bed so we could fuck that way. He bent over and gave her slit a slobbery lick and prepped her for a heavy fuck.He spread her legs wide as she is quite limber. He grabbed his thick cock and placed the engorged head at the opening to her fuck hole and pushed it in. Just far enough to spread her little cunt wide open. Her inner labia spread nicely around his knob as he slid another inch or so into her. Katie’s eyes were wide with anticipation and excitement as she stared at this black cock penetrating her body. He held her legs apart by her knees and we all had a good view of the gorgeous puss being penetrated by his thick member.”Ooooooooo, that feels great, go deep, NOW.”Michael gave his cock a good push and just like that he was deep into her lush cunt. He began a good deep slow rhythm using the full length of his tool. Katie just lay there taking it all in mentally and licking her lips at the sight of it. I had moved my chair closer so I could get a better close up view. I do have to say, the sight of a huge black cock pumping in and out of my wife was pretty sweet. It got me pretty hot and I was dying to cum so my erection would go away. It was hurting pretty bad by now.Katie was pushing her pelvis into Michael as he thrust; she wanted it hard and fast, period.”God dammit Michael, fuck me fast, quite messing around and fuck me fast.”He grabbed 2 handfuls of her shapely hips and picked up the pace. Her head began to thrash about wildly from side to side as she moaned and groaned. I heard her used combinations of words like…..”Faster. Oh god. Fuck me. Go deeper.” pretty much anything she was feeling, she just said it out loud. I could hear his big balls slap her ass with every stroke. She began to grip the sheets her 2nd orgasm was building. Her breathing was heavy but she would try to hold her breath so as not go give into the orgasm just yet, but she could not hold out.”Fuuuuuuuuck…….Ohhhhhhhhhhh.” she screamed as she climaxed again.Her whole body began to convulse as he kept his cock only a quarter of the way in. I could see her pelvis pulsating and her pussy grip his cock with intensity. This was enough for him too as was about to cum also. Just as her body stopped shaking, he pulled out and blasted huge jets of semen all over her beautiful tan tummy. One big shot even made it up to her tits, while some just dribbled down her gaping pussy slit. The shear amount of jizz that he shot out was better than any porn movie I have ever seen. She looked like a glazed donut when he was done.Katie scooped up as much jizz as she could with her hands and fed herself the biggest cum treat she ever had. She must have loved his cum too as she didn’t miss much. Michael backed away slowly, breathing a little heavy himself. He gathered his clothes and said he would return in a moment. Katie just looked at me in disbelief that all this just happened. I got up and kissed her on the forehead and said happy anniversary. She lay back down just to catch her breath; she covered herself with the sheet and enjoyed a relaxing moment. I sat back in the chair and cherished the thought of knowing that I just watched my wife fuck a black guy.Michael knocked and re-entered, completely dressed. He asked if we enjoyed the massage and thanked us for the business. He gave us a business card and asked us to please refer him if we felt satisfied with his work. We shook hands and he left. I just stared at Katie, her gorgeous curves snuggled into the sheet. ‘Happy anniversary to me too’ I though to myself.

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