Wife’s on a Date Blacken


Wife’s on a Date BlackenToday would be for him… well maybe for her too. She looked over the clothes in the walk in closet trying to decide what to wear. Then she saw the special dress. The sexy red dress she wore for him after he returned from a long absence. It was his home coming gift. She wore thigh high stockings and no panties. Her heels made her already long legs look even longer and sexier. Yes, that is what she would wear tonight. But tonight she would wear it for him.Glancing at the clock Debbie decided she had time to get ready. Her husband would not be home for at least two hours. He would be so surprised. He did not think she would do it. After laying out the clothes she headed for the shower. Hot water splashing on her body, she made sure everything on her was smooth. She took extra time to make sure her pussy was completely shaven and soft; that his how he liked it. Then after drying off; she rubbed lotion all over her body. She loved the feel as her hands explored every inch of her tanned and trimmed body. She spent a little extra time building up her excitement.Debbie took time to fix her hair. She flat ironed it; her long blonde hair would look great with the red dress. As she rolled up the thigh highs, the smiled inwardly knowing the fun and excited that was to come tonight. Then she put on the heels. She admired her tall body in the mirror. Already she was getting wet thinking of the excited. Next she grabbed her camera. She took several pictures of herself before pulling the red dress on; then more pictures; pictures to show what she was wearing and not wearing. No panties tonight; they would just get in the way.Just a few more things to do. She called the car service and arranged a pick up time. Then she printed off the emails and pictures and placed them on the bed. As she did; she wondered how long it would take him to find the clues. Sitting on the bed; looking at the arrangement of emails and pictures knowing her husband’s reaction turned her on. She allowed her finger to tease her clit for a while. She was already wet. Hearing a honk from outside, she took out her finger and ran it over the emails. She walked out the door not looking back. The real adventure was just beginning.An hour or so later, a tired husband made his way home and walked through the door. He worked in lower Manhattan and computed by subway to work. On a good day it only took 45 minutes to make the transition; and work was only 10 miles away but the train was still faster than driving. Don’t even think about the parking.Normally when he walked in he could hear the sounds of activity in the house. Debbie was a very active person. But today there was just silence. She must be out doing errands, he thought. He dropped his bag by the door and went for a cold beer in the fridge. Looking at the fridge, he noticed that there were no notes on their calendar indicating Debbie’s absence. After slowly pouring the beer into his favorite mug, he walked towards the back of the house. Maybe she was taking a nap. Nothing…he glanced in the bathroom to see if she were taking a shower but it too was empty. He did notice that there were some clothes lying about in the closet. That was unusual. Debbie was meticulous in keeping the house straight.He returned to the bedroom. There were things on the bed. Maybe Debbie was working on something and left it there. He reached for his cell phone; punching in her number. It rang but there was no answer. That too was unusual. When prompted he left her a voicemail asking her to call. He glanced back to the bed and took a closer look. The pictures were the first things he noticed. Tony sat down and reached for the pictures. Debbie was wearing her special red dress; she wore that dress for him after returned from a year long deployment. But these pictures were recent. There were pictures of her in nothing but heels, stockings and bra. She looked great. There was a couple of her fingering herself. She had a very seductive look; a knowing smile. He was excited. His wite cock was throbbing. After looking at the photos he looked at the other items on the bed. They appeared to be printed emails. He picked one up. Quickly reading through them he could not believe his eyes. Blood rushed into his ears. He sat down. Debbie was having an online relationship with a man. He reread the emails. The relationship had been going on for at least two months. His name was Leroy.She finally did it. She did. He had been urging her to spice up their sex life by finding an online boyfriend. Debbie had lived an adventurous life before their marriage. She and her previous husband had a threesome with another man shortly after they were married. When Tony had first learned of it he was appalled. He could not imagine how a husband could share his wife with another man; to watch another man fuck his wife! At first Tony and Debbie fought about this; to a point where she refused to talk about it. But Tony kept thinking about it. He noticed how men looked at Debbie when they were out. How she reacted to it. After months disgust turned to intrigue which eventually turned to desire. He wanted to see his wife please a man; to watch her expressions as she had sex while he watched and maybe participated. But Debbie had been very against this which also caused arguments. She thought if they tried it that it would ruin their relationship. Well it looks like she had dived right in.The emails contained very sexual material. It discussed her fantasies and her online boyfriend’s fantasies as well. It was clear that her boyfriend had no idea that she was married. As Tony read through the explicit, intimate correspondence between his wife and this Leroy, Tony was extremely hard and excited. Without realizing it he had taken out his cock and was stroking it as he read through the emails. He also found out where she was. Tonight was their first date and it was clear that Debbie wanted Tony to know when and where. He could smell her scent on the emails. He knew she was wet as she prepared her little surprise. Tony glanced at his watch and realized that Debbie’s date started just a few minutes before. It was clear she wanted him to know. Tony jumped off the bed and headed for the shower. He was going to watch her in action first hand.As Debbie drove to her date she felt the excitement building. Her excitement was on several levels. She was excited to finally give her husband what he wanted but she was equally excited in the excitement that lay ahead tonight with potentially a new lover, Leroy. Regardless, she was still a woman and loved the dynamics of a new relationship. And the feel of a new body in her hands and in her body. She was not sure how far she was willing to go tonight; it would depend on Leroy as well as the mood. As she neared the bar, their meeting spot, her phone buzzed, She glanced down and noticed it was Tony. Good he was home. She was going to make him suffer… he would like it. But she did text her new boyfriend to let him know that she would soon be there. Of course he would recognize her; they had been exchanging very graphic photos. Leroy was already there. She told him to order her some wine. She loved a blush.The car pulled up to the curb near the bar in mid Manhattan. Debbie graciously left the car. She noticed the driver eyeing her cleavage as she stepped out. Debbie had beautiful breasts and was well endowed with a 38D cup size. They looked great on her body especially with her flat stomach and great ass. She smiled back at him and adjusted her shirt giving him a great view of her luscious tits. She canlı bahis şirketleri was feeling very naughty.She entered the bar/pub; one of hundreds along 3rd Avenue. It was classier with lots of brass and oak wood. She scanned the room as she walked in. All eyes were on her. She stood out. Then they saw each other. She let out her breath. Without realizing it she had been holding it. Leroy looked great. He was about 6′ 1″ and maybe 210 lbs. He had dark wavy hair and blues eyes. His eyes sparkled as he looked at her. “You have to be Debbie or this is one great dream,” was his greeting. She too sparkled and answered, “I am Debbie and maybe some of our dreams will com true”The two went towards the back of the bar and sat in a booth. He let her sit then sat next to her, the drink waiting in front of her. She crossed her legs and the skirt rode up. Leroy’s eyes caught the movement. He quickly looked back at her eyes but he had been caught. Debbie knew she had this one in the bag. They spent a few minutes swapping stories. Debbie put down a couple of drinks and was feeling pretty loose. Her shoe slipped off her foot and started rubbing it up her guy’s leg. She giggled as Leroy started to stutter. She loved having this effect over men. She leaned into him, her breasts running his arm. She held his hand to keep him from moving. She listened intently as he told her about his work. The only thing Debbie really wanted to do was reach out and grab his growing black cock. She was going crazy.She wanted to make her move. She noticed that there was dancing in the back of the restaurant. She asked Leroy if he could dance. He stood up, his erection clearly visibly to her eyes. She smiled and stood making sure she brushed his crotch; smiling with her eyes at him. There were a couple of other couples swaying to a slow song. She turned and let him embrace her, pressing closely to his body. As they moved to the music she could feel his erection grow. She nudged it a long as she kissed his neck and straddled Leroy’s leg. His breathing shortened. In the low lights she brought her hand down slowly and adjusted black cock making sure it was straight up. She took a minute to feel it. She purred in his ear. She wanted to taste this monster. There were no thoughts of her husband as she slowly seduced this man. This was no longer to please Tony but to get fucked.Tony was dressed in slacks and a shirt with collar. He reread the emails and looked at the pictures as he took the subway to the bar. His excitement was almost too much to contain. The thought that his wife was at a bar with another man was almost intoxicating. He exited the station and made his way to the location in the email that Debbie left. As Tony neared the bar, he took a deep breath and walked in, not sure what to expect.It took a minute for his eye’s to adjust. It was dimly lit. At first he could not see her. Maybe she went somewhere else. Maybe the whole thing was a hoax. Maybe she was at the movies laughing to herself that she pulled one over on him. He sat at the bar and ordered a Guinness. Tony looked around the bar taking his time.”Holy Shit!”There she was. She was wearing exactly what she was wearing in the pictures. And she was with him. Leroy. She did it. The two of them were dancing on the dance floor in the back of the bar. They could not see him. Tony moved to a position where he could better observe.Debbie was all over this man. She had her body pressed up against him and was nibbling on his ear and neck. Tony felt a twinge of jealousy but that was nothing compared to the arousal of seeing his wife in an intimate position with another man. He noticed that the man’s hand was resting on her ass. He could see that Debbie’s hand was groping the man’s black cock every once in a while as they danced. He could not believe how bold she was. She would never do something like that with him when they went out.After a few minutes Debbie and her date returned to their table and returned to drinking and giggling. Clearly the two were having a great time. It looked as Debbie thanked him for the dance and gave him a long kiss. Tony shifted in his seat to adjust his rock hard cock.******************************************************************************Debbie was having the best time since moving to the City. She had even forgotten she was married. This man was fun. He was attractive; a great dancer and as she just found out — a hell of a kisser. The two of them kissed. He kissed like her husband used to kiss her. His boyfriend’s kiss made her wet. She wanted this man. After the long wet kiss she listened intently as Leroy told her what a great date this was turning out to be.”I’m having a great time too,” she said as she rested her hand on his thigh. Making sure no one in the immediate area was watching Debbie moved her hand over the bulge in Leroy’s pants. Without saying a word she slowly unzipped his pants. She could see the excitement in his eyes as her fingers found a very thick and erect black cock. It felt great. She ran her hand to the shaft. With her free hand she moved his napkin over exposed manhood to shield it from casual observers. Leroy moaned as she stroked his massiveness. Her mouth was watering to taste this monster.Tony drank has his Guinness. He could see she was leaning into her boyfriend. Trying not to be too obvious, Tony carefully studied his wife as she “entertained” her date. It looked like her hand was on his crotch. He had to get a better look. Finishing up his pint he told the bartender to pour another as he found the bathroom. He knew it was in the back of the place and he would have to pass by them on his way. Waiting until Debbie was kissing her new man, Tony walked quietly back. As he passed their table he could see her hand under the napkin. She was giving him a hand job as they kissed. Tony was so turned on seeing this. He continued on to the bathroom and thankfully was alone. He removed his rigid cock and stroked it as he replayed the scene he just witnessed. She was so fucking hot!She was on fire and quickly losing control of herself. And she loved it. She felt so slutty. She was having a great time. The two French kissed; tongues exploring the other’s mouth. She sucked on Leroy’s tongue as her hand worked his black cock. She was so busy that she didn’t notice as Tony walked by. He had passed as the kiss finished. She leaned back and took a deep breath. She needed something in her hungry pussy. She knew what she wanted but knew that would have to wait until later. She leaned back and slightly spread her legs. With her free hand, she hiked up her dress so that it was riding up on her thighs. Taking her boyfriend’s hand she placed it on her thigh and gave him the look. Leroy leaned into Debbie. As his mouth found her mouth Leroy’s hand slid up her thigh. His fingers worked the short distance to her waiting pussy. As his fingers brushed her cunt she moaned taking his tongue deep her in mouth. She was soaking wet. His fingers quickly found her hole and Leroy entered her wanting cunt. His finger moved in and out finger fucking her in the bar; no one the wiser. She was in ecstasy as her soon to be lover brought her closer. She moved her hand in rhythm on his black cock; mimicking her finger fuck.Standing in the restroom Tony stroked himself. He was interrupted by a knock on the door. He had better stop– he was so close. Fixing himself he quickly washed and left the bathroom. The guy knocking on the door quickly entered needing to relieve himself from his beer.Tony quickly looked in the direction of Debbie’s table. Her canlı kaçak iddaa date was leaning over her giving her a very passionate kiss. As he passed by the table he took a quick look. The date’s arm was clearly between her thighs. He could see the forearm extending upward. No doubt that his wife was getting finger fucked that very moment. This was not helping to ease Tony’s hard on.When he returned to the bar, the bartender handed him a second Guinness. Glancing back towards Debbie he could see that the session was becoming even more heated.After several minutes of soul kissing and finger fucking, the two broke for air. Deb’s guy straightened back in his chair, his very wet fingers coming out of her pussy. Debbie took a breath. Her legs were spread and her red dress hiked up to her waist. Almost all of her thighs were visible to her guy. Her right hand was still grasping and massaging Leroy’s dick. With her left hand, she took his right hand, the hand that was fingering her and raised it to her mouth. She looked at Leroy as she sucked his fingers one at a time performing oral sex on them; her eyes teasing him. As she sucked her juices off his digits her other hand continued to work his very hard black cock. He moaned several times. His breathing quickened.Debbie could feel pre-cum on the end of Leroy’s shaft. She rubbed her finger over it then raised that hand to her mouth tasting the salty nectar. As she did, he took a deep breath. He was close to exploding.”Oh yeah! Go you dirty little girl,’ Tony mumbled into his beer as he watched his wife Debbie suck her love juices off her date’s fingers. It drove him crazy watching her stare into her date’s eyes as she did. It also drove him crazy because she would never do that for him. But at this moment he was past his jealousy. Tony was cheering her on wanting her to go further. She watched as she slowly sucked each of his fingers off. Then she took her right hand from his crotch; the one she knew was giving him the hand job and tasted the tip of it. Apparently this drove the guy crazy. It was driving Tony crazy. He could feel the pre-cum starting to come from his black cock as well.Looking around, Debbie took a bold step. She scooted all the way to the left of their booth then leaned over. Her hand guided her new guy’s black cock to her wanting lips. She could smell the musk as her nose near it. As her lips neared Leroy’s shaft, her tongue flicked across the tip. Then her lips were on it and wrapped quickly on the hood. Knowing that she did not have much time, she ran her tongue down the shaft until it neared her clinched fist. She briefly caressed his black cock before sitting back up. She looked at him pleased with herself. He was on the verge of losing control of himself. She loved having this control over men.What she wanted and needed Debbie could not get in the bar. Debbie whispered in her lover’s ear what she intended. Of course Leroy agreed. Waving for the waiter to bring the check the two prepared to leave. She guided his hand one more time up her thigh guiding his fingers to explore her wet and wanting cunt one more time. As Leroy did this she removed her hand from his pants carefully zipping them up. As the waiter approached the table Leroy reluctantly removed his fingers. Somewhat awkwardly he stammered for the check.Tony was somewhat taken by the waiter approaching Debbie’s table. It was clear they were leaving. Tony downed his beer and let the bartender know he was ready to leave. Not wanting to wait, he left a $20 on the counter and left. He waited outside for his wife and her boyfriend to exit. He could not risk being spotted. Once outside he reached for his phone and sent Debbie a text message. All it said was, “Hope you are having a great time. Thinking of you.” Then he found a somewhat excluded spot near the entrance, in shadows. Pulling his camera from his pocket he turned it on and readied himself. Tony wanted some pictures of tonight for later. He would get off over and over viewing them. It was not a long wait.******************************************************************************Debbie and her guy stood, straightening and adjusting their clothes. Both needed to use the restroom before leaving. She thought hard about taking him there. She had fucked before in a restroom. In fact it was in an international airport in Ireland and it was some of the dirtiest sex she had ever had. She liked it dirty. She gave him a kiss and patted his love’s tool urging him to hurry.Once she was alone in the room she quickly took care of the more pressing needs then looked at herself in the mirror. She liked what she saw. Her hair needed some adjustment. She also made sure her cleavage and breasts were showing. No problem there. Stalling for time she pimped herself a couple more minutes. Part of the game was to make a man wait. When they waited they wanted. Exiting she saw him standing; he was very fidgety. She smiled. It was a clear sign that her date wanted her badly.Kissing him one more time exchanging tongues she worked at get his piece ready. Feeling it stir she knew it was time.The two walked out arm in arm. Once on the outside Debbie’s phone buzzed. She looked at it. It was a text message from Tony. Reading it she chuckled. Glancing down Leroy asked it was an important message. “Nope,” she replied. “Just some guy who isn’t getting what you are about to get.”With that she turned towards her man and walked him into the wall. With the thought of her husband fresh in her mind, Debbie wanted to kiss her new lover. Pressing her massive Ds into Leroy’s chest, she laid on a very sinuous kiss. When she had first met her husband, she would time how long it would take kissing before he got hard. Her husband never lasted more than two minutes. Her lover beat that record by a good sixty seconds. She confirmed this by reaching down and grasping his monster in her hand.A few feet away Tony overheard Debbie’s comment. Instead of anger he felt arousal. She was a slut but she was his slut. He almost missed her move. As she pressed her date against the side of the restaurant and laid on a massive kiss, Tony clicked away on the camera. He even caught his wife grasping her date’s black cock.Debbie grabbed her date by the hand and led him up the street. She kept her eye for a spot. Just a few yards up she saw it — a secluded entrance to a small alley. At the entrance she looked quickly to see if it offered a little bit of privacy. It did. Without a word she guided her soon to be lover down the passage way. The darkness would conceal them from the street but the soft light of a back entrance would let her see what she needed to see. There was the possibility that the two would get caught but what the fuck. That just made her hotter.Tony began to trail the couple. It was easy. Their minds were wholly concentrated on each other. He watched as Debbie guided her man into an alley. He readied his camera. He could tell that she was on fire. This was going to be great.She saw the perfect spot almost at the end of the alley. Leroy was too excited to ask any questions. He knew whatever happened would be good. Debbie pushed his back against the wall and began with a very hot kiss. As she kissed him her hands returned to his pants. She unbuckled his belt and pants. Then she carefully unzipped his pants. Without much effort a very erect black cock sprang out. She took it in her hands. Breaking the kiss she gave Leroy a very playful smile. Then her gaze drifted down. Debbie licked her lips and dropped to her knees. She felt so naughty. In her red dress kneeling an canlı kaçak bahis alley wearing her husband’s favorite dress she was about to blow her new boyfriend.The black cock was gleaming there. She looked at it then licked the head. It twitched. She licked it again and again. Then she ran her tongue from the tip down the vein thick shaft until she reached the balls. She took them in her mouth and kissed them. He kissed her way back to the tip and then took the head into her mouth. Slowly she worked his black cock deeper in her mouth and throat. God she loved black cock so much. Quickening her pace she started to fuck him with her mouth. She glanced up and looked at Leroy’s face. He was in ecstasy. Wanting to taste him in her mouth but still wanting a good fuck she reluctantly pulled out his black cock. Probably just minutes before an eruption.”Now it is your turn. Fuck me hard baby. Pound my pussy.” Debbie moaned.Leaning over and bracing her hands against the brick wall, she readied herself. Leroy positioned himself behind her great ass and hiked up her skirt. She stood there in her thigh highs, heels and a very wet pussy.”C’mom baby — fuck me!”That is all it took, Leroy guided his black cock between her thighs. Debbie reached behind her and placed the swollen head at her opening. Not able to control herself, she thrust herself backwards impaling her cunt with a very hard, swollen black cock. This was the first cock she had fucked since marrying Tony. And it felt great. Leroy grabbed Debbie by her waist to get better leverage. He matched her rhythm. He was not going to last long, especially with Debbie looking back over shoulder urging him to pound her. Feeling her pussy contract on his black cock. Leroy knew he was about to cum.”Do you want me to pull out?” he grunted.”No baby. I want you to cum in me. Fuck me!”With that Leroy exploded shooting loads of hot, white jizz into Debbie’s pussy. After a few more strokes, Leroy rested leaning over Debbie. He could feel her pussy pulsating around his black cock. She was mumbling how good it felt.He caught the whole act on his camera which was set to video mode. Tony wanted to join in so bad but he knew she would be anger with him if he interrupted her fuck session, especially after Tony pushing her for so long to do this exact thing. Tony wanted so badly to pull his cock out and jack off. This was hotter than he ever dreamed. Not only did he watch his wife fuck another man, he caught the whole thing on camera. She looked so beautiful. Listening to Debbie urge her love on was exhilarating. He loved her more than before.Seeing the couple finish and start adjusting clothing Tony knew he would have to get going. He knew he would have to return home quickly.Walking back at to the street he walked a block and flagged a cab. He had to beat her home. Sitting in the cab he reviewed the photos and videos. Making sure the cabbie could not see, Tony stroked himself looking at the pictures. He was more turned on than before. Punching Debbie’s number in the phone he texted her again. “Are you ok? Where are you? When will you be home?”Standing up, Debbie adjusted her dress. She loved the feeling of cum in her cunt. Turning around she told Leroy she would fix him up. She went back to her knees and licked and sucked the remainder of cum and pussy juice off Leroy’s softening dick. Her lips smacked. Making sure he was clean, Debbie returned her new favorite toy to its place and zipped up the slacks.”Let me get you a drink or something,” he offered.”No, but thanks. I want to keep this taste in my mouth for a while baby.””Can I get you a cab at least?” Leroy wanting to be the gentlemen offered.”No, the car service guy will come back when I call. He is in the area. But you can wait with me? I would like that,” she purred. Her hand rubbed down his chest. Her fingers pressing into his firm chest and stomach.They reached the street and looked sheepishly both directions to make sure no one saw them exiting the alley way. A lot of the boldness ending with their climax.Debbie called the service. They would be there in ten minutes. As soon as she put her phone in her purse it rang. Thinking it was the car service calling back, Debbie opened the phone. It was a text from Tony. She was surprised he did not call more. Knowing him, she could see him at home half excited and half pissed off that she finally went through with it. “Fuck him,” she thought. “That was hot and I enjoyed getting my pussy pounded.”As the car arrived, Debbie gave Leroy a kiss good night and whispered that there would be more fucking in their future. Leroy was very agreeable to that.In the car, Debbie finally texted Tony back. “I will be home soon. Everything is fine. Tonight did not go as expected.” Well it didn’t, Debbie only thought she would give him a blowjob. She smiled.Getting home, Tony quickly fixed something to eat. He did not want Debbie to know that he saw all of her exploits. Sitting on the couch, eating his dinner Tony waited. After a half hour he heard steps outside. The door opened and Debbie walked in. She was glowing.”Hey baby. How as your night? You look great!” Tony greeted her.’Did you get my clues??”Yep! I was very surprised and very turned on. You really surprised me. I have been going crazy thinking about everything you might have been doing. It was all I could do not to jack off.””Really? You are not upset?” Debbie seemed relieved but only half believing,”Nope, I am ok. I want to hear all about it.””Ok but first I need a good fucking; I am hot and bothered.” Debbie had a very wicked thought.Debbie walked back to the bedroom and sat on the bed. Tony quickly followed her. Once there she told him to kiss her. Tony gave her a long kiss. He could still taste Leroy’s black cock in his wife’s mouth.Debbie smiled. “Yeah baby. I sucked his black cock. But I left hot and bothered. I only wanted to get him going this first date. God it was so hot baby.” Debbie did now want to her Tony, her husband that she had fucked her new guy tonight. It was all part of being naughty.”So he had a nice black cock huh baby? God I can’t believe you did it. That is so fucking hot. You should have seen me when I found your clues.”Debbie lay on her back. She wanted to keep her dress on tonight. This was her new fuck dress. Spreading her knees, she invited her husband closer. Tony took off his pants, his black cock still rock hard. He straddled her waist. Debbie sat up and took Tony’s white cock in her mouth. Sucking it in, she could not help but compare the two cocks she had tonight. Both within an hour from each other. She needed her husband’s white cock in her pussy to finish the comparison.”Fuck me baby.” This time the request was aimed at her husband.Tony reached down and began to stroke Debbie’s pussy.”I am good and wet baby. Just fuck me….””Hmm then I want a taste.”Before she could stop him, Tony dropped his face to her cunt and started to kiss it.He could smell the sex all over her. She was so wet. Tony kissed her pussy and then started to lap it up. She tasted great.Knowing that her husband was lapping up the cum from her black lover was more than Debbie could take. She grabbed his head and grinded her clit into his face. An enormous orgasm erupted.As soon as she came Tony looked up. “Wow!”Wanting to complete the night, Tony rammed his cock home. He braced himself over her body and looked in her eyes as he quickly reached his limit. With just a few strokes Tony let loose. Now it was his semen mixing with Leroy’s in his wife sperm bank.When came, she did not look in his eyes but was at a different place.”I wonder where she is now.” Tony thought.As if on cue, Debbie smiled and looked back at him. She would need a closer comparison to see which dick she preferred. But then again, why just limit herself to one or even two dicks… Leroy has friend’s

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