Subject: Wild Encounter This is a work of fiction; any resemblance to any real people or places is purely coincidental. I was living in a bedroom community of a big city in the south. On the far outskirts of town there was an ABS with several booths, group rooms, and a lounge. The ABS was located across from a truck stop and a Park-n-Ride. I was in the truck stop paying for gas one afternoon and these men came in. They had on high-visibility vests and were strapping laborers of some sort. One was about 6’2″ and thin. The other was about 5’9″ and built like fireplug. The tall one says, “The old lady just texted, she is going to be late, probably after six before she can pick us up.” “What the fuck are we supposed to do for three hours?” The tall one replied, “I’m going across the road and look at some titties.” Well, if there is one thing I know, the straightest man on the planet gets less and less straight the closer he is to a glory hole and an open mouth. I paid for my gas, hopped in my car, and headed to the parking lot across the road. I went in and it was considerably darker in the store. I paid the arcade fee as my eyes adjusted. I went through curtain then the door to the arcade. I looked in the lounge on my left and there were two men sitting on one of the sofas. Both had their cocks in hand and were stroking. I turned left and moved to the left along a hallway of booths. I’ve been here before. I knew the first one didn’t have a glory hole. The second one only showed straight porn, but it did have a nice bog hole in the wall. The third booth showed hardcore gay porn. While the other booths had chairs, this third booth had a nice stool perfect for getting right in front of that hole. I took to the third booth and flipped through a couple of channels. A scene of two bull cocks in the same hole flashed across the screen and my cock jumped. I sat there a few minutes and heard the creak of the door and the two men talking. I then heard the hinges squeak on two doors as they opened and closed, then two loud clicks as each locked their doors. I waited another minute before sneaking a peak. The tall guy was in the booth next to mine. He was slouched back in the white patio chair that was in the booth. His legs were splayed out in front of him, and one hand was in his waist band. My own cock jumped again. I looked back at the movie in my own booth and watched as these two built studs painted the face of the otter they had just fucked. I undid my own trousers to adjust my aching cock. I bent to look back through the hole. His t-shirt was pulled up and behind his head. His jeans were open, and a long shiny cock rested on his abdomen. His eyes were glued to the screen, and he ran a finger up the underside of his shaft. He was teasing his own cock. I quietly pulled the stool close to the hole and began watching this hot fucker play with himself. He teased himself, stroking the underside kocaeli escort of his cock and pulling on his balls for a good five minutes. He brought his hand up to his mouth and filled his finger with spit and he began to stroke his cock slowly from tip to root. This continued for a bit, and he used his other hand to pull on his balls. He stood and took a wide stance; his jeans and boxers fell to his ankles and he began to stroke with purpose. When he caught a drop of pre-cum and brought it to his own mouth, I let out a low moan. He looked over at the hole. I immediately moved my mouth to be visible and licked my lips. I looked back and he was now facing the hole and still slowly stroking. He stepped closer. I used a finger to beckon him closer. He stepped to the hole and slowly presented his cock to me. He made it jump a couple of times. I crooked my head to run my tongue along the underside from his sweaty balls up to his purple head. I swiped a big drop of his precum. It was super salty– delicious. “Fuck!” he exclaimed. I took just the helmet in my lips and pushed my tongue to his piss slit. More moans, “Take it! All the way.” I pulled off for a moment and blew on his cock. I opened wide and in one big gulp, I swallowed him to his balls. I could feel his shaft push past my palate and down my throat. I held my head to the hole, and he pulled back and began deep fucking my throat. He pulled back and his cock was covered in that deep throat slime. He fisted his cock a couple times and then bent to the hole, “Can I come over?” “Ummm” “Let me come over.” He pulled his pants up and his t-shirt down. I heard his door unlock and second later a tug on my booth door. I moved to unlock it. He pushed in and closed the door quickly locking it behind him. As he pulled his shirt back up over his head, his pants fell back down, and that cock arched up to his abdomen. I moved towards him. I was getting to fall to my knees as he reached behind my head and pulled me into an open mouth kiss, better described as a tongue lashing. he ran his hand up my shirt and began to flick my nipples. Pulling back from our kiss, I moved to his neck, kissing and licking the salty results of a hard day’s work. My mind raced with lust. I licked my way down his torso, returning to my knees and the worship of his cock. With unfettered access, I licked every millimeter of his cock and balls. I made sure to return to the head often as he leaked copious amounts of pre-cum. As I tongued his balls, I felt him adjust his stance to give me more access. I moved my tongue as deep as I could along his taint. The smell was intoxicating. Not dirty, not spring fresh, just manly. “You eat ass?” he groaned. Without answering, I used my hands to turn him. This wasn’t his first time. I knew by the way he arched his back to open his ass and make the rosebud available. I dove in, alternating lapping at the hole and drilling kocaeli escort bayan it with my wet tongue. “FFuuuucccckkkkkk!” he moaned. At this moment we were both on another plane. Rutting in a world of our own. “Eat that ass boy! Tongue that hole” His commands were encouraging me to go deeper. He was stroking his own cock as I ate his ass with passion. “What the fuck?” we heard and both froze. Then “Tommy, dude! You gotta let me in on that!” Tommy as it were, turned and looked towards the opening in the wall. It was his buddy watching from the glory hole. Not missing a beat, as Tommy turned, I engulfed that cock again. With my mouth stuffed, I looked up to see his reaction. His head went back in pleasure. “C’mon! Dude! It’s our secret. Let me get some of that!” Tommy looked down at me and I grunted “Yeth!” He shifted away from the door, saying “What the fuck! C’mon!” It seemed like the other guy bulldozed his way through the door. He didn’t even put his cock away before switching booths. He squared up next to Tommy and started smacking my face with his hard cock. He was about the same length as his friend, but much thicker. “Goddamn, Josh! That’s a fucking log you got!” I felt Josh put his hand on my head and turn me to his cock. I opened wide to accommodate his girth. I noticed the hair above his cock was ginger. Not sure why that turned me on even more but it did. I am stroking Tommy and bobbing on Josh’s thick shaft. They are both encouraging me with some raunchy talk. I am going as deep as I can on Josh, but the size makes it difficult to deep throat. I pull back and take his balls into my mouth. His smell is a like soap– fresh and sexy. I can feel their hands moving over my head and each other as they push me down on whichever shaft I am worshipping. I hear Tommy say, “Eat his ass!” Josh began to protest, but Tommy cut him off, “You don’t have a clue man. This will blow your mind.” Tommy twisted Josh around and pushed his legs back, “Arch your back man, let him get in there!” Josh said, “I’ll fall!” Tommy took Josh’s hands and put them on his shoulders. “Lean on me!” Josh’s ass was a furry heaven. That carrot-colored hair around his pink hole was almost more than I could take. I glanced down and there was pool of pre-cum under my cock. I started at the back of his balls and did one big lick up his crack. I wiggled my tongue as it passed his hole and I felt his knees give a little. He moaned and I focused on that bud. The moaning continued and I needed to shift my knees on that hard tiled floor. I look up and Tommy and Josh are locked in a passionate, piggy kiss. I stood for a second and Josh shifted, pulling me into the kiss. We are locked in a tongue battle and I hear Tommy ask, “Do you fuck?” “I do today!” Josh shucked his shirt and said to Tommy, “Let me have yours.” He folded them together and laid them out, “That’ll help your knees.” Tommy looked at me and said, izmit escort “Lose the pants.” I Toe-kick my shoes off and step out of my pants. I get on my knees. Tommy says, “I’ll go first. You’ll break his ass open.” Josh replied, “We got lube?” “I don’t need lube!” said Tommy before attacking my hole with his tongue. He got me as wet as I needed to be, I could feel the saliva drip off my sack. Josh began to feed me his cock slowly. Tommy pulled our a little brown bottle, undid the cap and held it under my nose. “Get ready.” I could feel him press his rod against my hole, and I knew to push out. I felt his cock slip past that ring and literally yelled, “Goddamn!” He collapsed on my back as he collected himself. Josh cheered him, “Tear that ass up!” Tommy raised back and began a wild bucking session. Every time his long cock punched that button, I felt like I would black out. I was moaning around Josh’s cock, and saliva was dripping from my chin. Tommy began power stroking my hole, and grunted, “I’m close!” He pumped a couple more times and began shaking as he unloaded in my ass. He slumped over my back again and kissed my neck. Josh pulls out of my mouth and says, ‘My turn.” Tommy slides over and collects his breath. “I never fucked another man’s load.” Josh said as he eased into me.” The stretching of my hole was both painful and incredibly pleasing at the same time. Tommy said, “There’s no better lube than a hot load.” Without getting up, Tommy slide around in front and said, “Clean me up!” and I did! I could taste my ass and his cum. Josh said “Fuck yeah!”, and I heard them high five over my back. I was focused on squeezing out as much as I could from Tommy’s cock. I could feel him getting hard again as Josh picked up his pace. Punching my prostate with the stretched hole was more than I could take. I knew I was close. I began pushing back on that fat cock. With every thrust, I slammed back. Tommy held that bottle to my nose again and I felt like I was floating! I began to tremble as my orgasm welled up inside of me. I could feel myself pouring my load on their shirts and the floor. “That’s it! Fuck, yeah bitch! Squeeze that hole! Holy fuck!” as Josh unloaded in me, pumping the whole time. Tommy took a long huff of his poppers and came again on my face. I collapsed on the floor, and Josh stood up and penguin walked around to the front. “Clean my cock.” As I pushed up on my hands, I saw Tommy engulf his buddies cock. He choked a little and even gagged, but it might have been the hottest thing I have ever seen. When he finished, he took my face in his hands and shared every bit of Josh’s cock slime with me. I sat back on my haunches and handed them their shirts. They were spotted with my load. Tommy took his and licked the white globs off his shirt. He looked at Josh and said, “Too late to turn back now!” Josh smiled and licked the spots from his own shirt. They dressed rather quickly. Before opening the door, Tommy asked, “You gotta phone?” I answered as he held out his hand. He added a contact quickly. It was only entered as Tommy and included an email address that started with “fuckbuddy1994.”

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