Will You Love Me ‘Til I Die? Ch. 08


The day of the big trip had arrived. We were leaving from JFK in the late afternoon so we would get to Paris about eleven in the morning. We were staying at the Hotel Le Bristol in a suite that had a great view of the Eiffel Tower for three nights so we could do a little sightseeing before driving to Bordeaux. Since this would be our only trip to Paris we went first class with everything.

We were able to sleep comfortably on the plane and getting through customs and picking up our luggage was easy enough. Suvarna’s travel agent arranged for a limo to pick us up at the airport and drive us into the city. We arrived a little past one and checked in. The suite was very impressive and the view of the city was spectacular. We wanted to take a bath after a night on the plane but we had to use both tubs since only two of us could get in at a time. I paired with Mitra because I hadn’t had much time to be alone with her the last few days. Suvarna and Vitesha took the other one.

There was a bottle of Champagne in an ice bucket on one of the tables so I opened it and poured us all a glass.

“Mitra is Champagne allowed on our macrobiotic diet?”

“It’s made from grapes isn’t it?”

“That’s the answer I was looking for.”

“I think we can relax the macrobiotic restrictions for tonight since we are in Paris and none of us has ever been here before. Just don’t go overboard with cream, butter and fat. I’m sure they must have some excellent grilled fish and fresh vegetables in this city.”

Each of us brought one dress up outfit to go to expensive restaurants and other places that required you to be dressed in more than shorts and t-shirt. Considering Suvarna’s newfound fascination with nudity I’m surprised she even brought two suitcases. We had reservations at a very expensive and world-renowned dining establishment for eight o’clock. There was a very plush lounge in the hotel so after we got dressed we went down to have some more Champagne before going out to the restaurant.

Considering we were in Paris, a city known for beautiful women, I got more attention being with the three beautiful women I had temporarily added to Paris’ population than I would have expected. Not that they didn’t deserve it. They wore their expensive couturier gowns better than fashion models since they actually had something to fill them out underneath them. Mitra was spectacular. Hair, makeup, dress, shoes and lingerie were breathtaking. I told her that as much as I loved her I thought she might actually look sexier dressed than naked. Vitesha’s blonde hair and angelic face put her in a category all her own and, like Suvarna, love radiated from her and seemed to attract people to stare at her. Suvarna was gorgeous despite the fact that none of the jewelry she wore was real. The real stuff was at home, these were copies. It didn’t matter, she sparkled more than the jewels did.

“There is not a more fortunate man in the world than I am tonight. To be with any one of you even on a casual date would make me feel like a king but to be with all of you and have the unbelievable good fortune to love you and be loved by you truly exceeds the limits of my ability to imagine what I did to deserve this. Thank you so much for more happiness than I ever thought I would have.” I raised my glass and took a sip of the bubbly wine and they all joined me.

“Prem whenever we toast to things, I will never forget that without your loving wife’s understanding, kindness and compassion we would not be here tonight. She is the real hero of this drama and I say a prayer for her every night to thank her for what she is doing for me. I want you to promise that some day you will bring her here and toast her for being the most special woman in the world. To Sandy.”

We finished our wine then took a cab to the restaurant where we had a marvelous leisurely dinner with impeccable service. It was after eleven when we finished so we headed back to the hotel and got ready for bed. There was a king size bed in each of the two bedrooms. We all piled into the one where you could see the Eiffel Tower out the sliding glass doors.

Suvarna told me to lie on my back. She and Vitesha lay on either side of me with their heads on my stomach. They then proceeded to take turns sucking my cock. One would suck the head and play with my balls while the other one stroked my shaft. When they traded places they would kiss each other and put their lips on either side of my cock head and lick me.

Meanwhile Mitra straddled my face and I finally got to feast on her bare pussy. “I love to have my pussy licked and you do it so good.” Her hands were holding onto the headboard while her hips moved gently so she could slide her slit over my mouth. She would hold still so I could suck on her clit until she had to slide forward and let my tongue explore her vagina. She had marvelous control over her arousal and let it build up slowly. That was OK with me. I was doing something I loved with someone I loved so I was in no hurry.

I tried to alternate cinsel bilgiler on focusing my attention on my tongue and Mitra’s pussy and what was going on with my cock. Suvarna and Vitesha were thoroughly enjoying playing with me and had now begun to see which one of them could keep my entire cock in their mouth the longest. This was a contest I wholeheartedly endorsed. It had the added benefit that while one of them deep throated me the other one put my balls in her mouth and worked them over with her tongue.

Vitesha said, “Prem I love the way your naked crotch feels. It really makes sucking you extra nice. I’m going to see if it feels as good to my bald pussy.” She straddled my wet cock and Suvarna guided me into her vagina as she lowered herself down on me. “Ohhh Prem baby, it feels fabulous. I’m just going to take a little ride for a while so keep on loving Mitra’s pussy with your mouth and loving mine with your cock. Mitra would you mind turning around on Prem’s face so I can see that pretty pussy of yours while Prem is licking it?”

Mitra obliged her and while she was moving I saw Vitesha sitting on me and rocking her hips forward and backward as she fucked me with a steady rhythm. Suvarna was kneeling beside her so she could suck her tit. In a couple of minutes Suvarna got off the bed and went to the bathroom. When she returned she had one of the strap on dildos and a bottle of lube with her.

“Vitesha it’s my turn now. Get off him and put this on. I’m going to get on him and when you’re ready pour some lube on that life-like cock and put it in my ass.” Vitesha slid off my cock and picked up the strap on and stood by the bed so she could put it on. Suvarna straddled me and lowered her hips down as she guided my hard cock in to her pussy.

“Bend over and lay your chest on his Suvarna. That’s right, perfect. OK, get ready.”

“OH! Oh yes. Easy now, I want to feel every inch of it as it stretches my ass. Oooooh Yes Vitesha, just like that. Oooohhhh, Oooohhhh. Prem can you feel that?”

“Oh yeah, I can feel it. I didn’t know it vibrated.”

“Not only does the dildo vibrate but there’s a five inch vibrating cock in the harness that goes inside me so all three of us can get a thrill. Now you lay still and let me get a nice rhythm going before you start up again on Prem. I’m not as skilled at this as he is you know.”

I felt the artificial penis rubbing against my own as Vitesha began to slide it slowly in and out of Suvarna’s rectum.

“Ohhhh, Ohhhh, Ohhhh yesss Vitesha that feels soooo gooood. You can go a little faster now. Fuck me and let your thighs slap my ass and push me forward to fuck Prem. Put your hands on my hips and pull me back to you as you shove it in me. Ohhhh Vitesha DO IT! Fuck me Vitesha. Show me how much you love me.”

I wished I could see what was going on but my face was still covered by Mitra’s pussy, which by now was very wet from my saliva and her juices. She continued to slide her slit back and forth on my tongue directing my licking to the part she wanted. My nose was in her ass crack and I had to use my hands to hold her cheeks apart so I could breathe. It finally occurred to Suvarna that she was in a position now to join me in licking Mitra. I felt her tongue against my chin as she began to lick her clit. Mitra moved forward to let her have better access to it and this put her vagina directly over my mouth. Her juices were really flowing now.

I let Vitesha do all the work as far as fucking Suvarna. As she stroked the dildo into her ass she caused her pussy to slide up and down my cock. It wasn’t long before Suvarna cried out, “OHHHH MYYY GODDD I’m going to cum. Push it in me Vitesha all the way and let me cum all over both of these cocks in me. Ohhhhh Yessssss, Yessssss, Ohhhhhhh.”

I guess the sight of Suvarna climaxing on two cocks and the oral attention we were giving her pussy was too much for Mitra as she came on my mouth and squeezed her legs against me. Suvarna’s throbbing vagina and the spasms in her rectum was all I needed to set me off and I started pumping hot cum into her, which only seemed to set her off again. What a way to spend a night in Paris!

Vitesha slowly pulled the dildo out of Suvarna and Mitra got off my face so Suvarna could sit up and slide off my cock. “Wow, what a way to celebrate Paris. My first DP. That may become my favorite way to fuck. Mitra, can we work that into the Tantric meditations?”

“I don’t see why not. I’d like to try it standing up with you and Vitesha. Prem could sit in lotus position and meditate on us.”

“That’s a great idea. You’d like that wouldn’t you Prem. Do you think you could watch us without getting a hard on?”

“No. But it would be fun to see.”

“I don’t think we can all sleep in one bed so Prem, why don’t you and Mitra use the other bedroom. Vitesha’s going to stay here with me and suck your cum out of my pussy while I’m licking hers.”

When Mitra and I got to the other bedroom she cinsellik bilgileri said she wanted to return the wonderful oral loving I had given her. Her talented tongue had me back to full erection in no time. Then she laid on her back and spread her legs. “Prem lie across the bed and let me put my legs over you so you can slide that lovely cock in and out of me real slow.” Her pussy was still soaking wet and I slipped into her easily.

Sex with Mitra wasn’t fucking. It was always an elaboration of love; a demonstration of the deepest affection; a heartfelt offering of devotion; an expression of pure joy. I didn’t have to try to be meditative with her, it simply happened. We stayed like that for a long time as I played with her; sliding my cock in and out of her then rubbing it all over her pussy and swiping the head across her clit. My hands glided over her thighs and my fingers fondled every warm fold and crinkle of her hairless crotch, tingling everywhere they touched. Finally I felt another orgasm starting and pushed into her as far as I could go. She rubbed her clit while I sprayed my hot liquid tribute that she so richly deserved deep inside her.

Mitra’s orgasms were unlike any other woman’s I had ever known. It was like she was standing on the shore of an ocean watching her orgasm approach as if it were a gigantic wave. She waited patiently as it approached, relaxed and ready for it as it built up and filled her with sexual anticipation. Then when the face of the wave was inches from sweeping her away she dove headlong into it and swam deeply through it, playing in it like a dolphin until she had wrung all the power from it, turning it into pleasure until she was forced to come up for air. It was majestic and awesome.

I crawled up beside her and took her in my arms and kissed her while I held her tightly. Her full soft breasts pressed against me as she gently stroked my back. I thought about how this whole adventure had started by my agreeing to teach Anne how to love. Now here I was in Paris in a three thousand dollar a night suite learning about an entirely new dimension of love from the most incredible, fascinating, beautiful woman I had ever seen. I felt that falling sensation again so I let go and fell into her. And that’s how we went to sleep.

I awoke feeling better than I had ever felt. Mitra had told me that when lovers sleep together their spirits watch over each other while they are sleeping and care for them. There could be no doubt about the truth of that. I’d never felt more cared for and loved that I did at that moment. Her eyes opened and she looked at me and smiled. “Good morning my love.”

“Good morning Mitra and thank you.”

“And what are you thanking me for?”

“For the gift of your being here with me, for the love that we share, for opening my eyes to see things I never knew existed and for a world made better simply because you are in it.”

“You’re very welcome my love. Come, kiss me and let’s get ready to celebrate the miracle of another day together.”

I held her and we kissed tenderly but passionately. “Mitra I’ve figured out why kissing you is so wonderful. You always kiss me like it will be the last time.”

“I do that because one day it will be.”

We got up and headed for the bathroom for a morning pee then got in the shower and lovingly bathed and dried each other before going to see what Suvarna and Vitesha were doing. Like us they were in each other’s arms smooching like a couple of teenagers.

“Good morning Prem, good morning Mitra. I see you two have already taken your bath. As soon as we take ours we need to go get some breakfast. The driver will be here in about an hour to take us on a tour of this beautiful city.”

It was a fabulous summer day with sunshine, perfect for sightseeing. Our driver took us to all the places tourists want to see on a day in Paris and we had a great time seeing it with each other. We went to another five star restaurant for dinner and came back for more love making before we paired up for sleeping. I would spend this night with Suvarna. I was so happy she was having such a good time. I was even happier that I loved her exactly the same way and just as much as I loved Mitra. It was as if all the love that any of us shared increased the love we all felt for each other. This genuinely surprised me.

In the morning after we finished breakfast I asked her, “Mitra how is it possible that the more I love you the more I love Suvarna and Vitesha?”

“One day when we were sitting together with my guru a disciple asked him how he could love all of us equally and wondered if it were because he was the only one among us who was enlightened. His answer was very surprising. He said that he was not the only enlightened one there. All who were there were enlightened. But he was the only one who had realized it. He explained that he was not trying to make anybody enlightened, that it was impossible because we already were. He was only cinsel bilgi trying to wake us up, to help us stop dreaming and desiring so we could see it.”

“When your love reaches the final stage, when it becomes divine love you stop loving people and things as objects. You simply love. You are love. So there is no other way to love except totally. Prem this is what is happening to us. As we move deeper into love and approach divine love we pull the others with us and none of us can feel more for one than they can for another.”

Suvarna ran to her and fell to her knees and bowed down and kissed Mitra’s feet. “Mitra I know you told me not to do this but I had to. What you just said is the most wonderful, beautiful thing I have ever heard in my life. And what’s even more wonderful is I know it’s true. Not because you told me but because I feel it and I know now that I will die with that kind of love in me. Oh Mitra I can’t tell you how happy you’ve made me, I can only show you.”

She bowed down again and began sobbing with her head on her feet. I moved up beside her and Vitesha took her place on her other side and we bowed down with her. This was the most powerful realization I had ever had because like Suvarna, I knew it was true.

“My gentle lovers come with me. It may be a little crowded but we all need to get into one bed and be with Suvarna. She is experiencing what is known as a Satori. We need to all be near her and hold her.”

We helped Suvarna up and took her to bed. Mitra put her arms around her and Vitesha and I squeezed in around them. Suvarna sobbed for three hours, crying uncontrollably as her heart opened and tried to contain all the love that suddenly came pouring into it.

I was lying behind Suvarna and it suddenly came to me that I needed to put my forehead on the back of her head and do the visualization for her because we had not done it last night. I whispered the words so as not to disturb her and half way through saying them I felt the light that I had felt during our circulating the light meditation flowing out of my forehead right between my eyes and into her head.

We didn’t go out the entire day as we rotated lying with Suvarna while she continued her heightened state of consciousness; which appeared to me like some sort of trance. She didn’t eat but we did get some water into her and helped her use the bathroom.

By the time darkness fell we had all drifted off to sleep. Suvarna was still in Mitra’s arms and I was behind her with my arm draped over both of them. Vitesha and I decided to get something to eat in the hotel restaurant then returned to the suite and moved to our own room about eleven and went straight to bed. In the morning she awoke early and called room service so there was a complete breakfast waiting for all of us. I got out of the bed and went out to the living room.

“Vitesha, is she alright?”

“If she’s in Mitra’s arms, my guess is yes but I was a little worried there for a few minutes. She poured me a cup of coffee. I took it and sat it down then put my arms around her.

“Some night huh?”

“Prem I feel very different today. Something very significant happened last night. When Mitra initiated me I tried to do it as totally as I could but I realize now that I held back part of me. When I bowed down, I bowed to her. Last night her words made our guru real; she brought him into the room with us so when I bowed down I bowed to him and I did it totally, reverently with the deepest gratitude because for the first time in my life somebody had finally told me the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth. This morning some things I used to think about myself have disappeared. I feel a calmness, a serenity that I’ve never felt before.”

“That calmness was the first thing I noticed about Mitra when she came to the house to be interviewed. It is a quality that is very appealing to me especially in a woman. I feel it in you now and it makes you even more beautiful.”

“Oh Prem I love you so much. Drink your coffee and then let’s go take a bath.”

The tub in the main bathroom was available so we dumped in some bath salts and turned on the water. We brushed our teeth and I took a leak then got in the tub. We reclined facing each other with her legs lying over mine against the side of the tub. This elevated her hips a little and positioned my cock between her legs adjacent to her pussy. She poured some body wash into her hand and started washing my cock. I raised my hips up so my cock was completely out of the water and she continued to stroke it under the pretense of washing it.

When it was completely hard she began to rub it against her pussy and move her hips up and down. “Prem I want your cock inside me. I’m going to raise my butt up so you can put your legs under me and then I’m going to put the head of your cock in my cunt.” When she had done that she started to move backward and forward just enough to allow my head to enter and exit her vagina. “This is like when I was helping you and Suvarna in your meditation and I got to drool all over your cock. I got so excited watching the head of your cock slide in and out of Suvarna. Now I’m getting excited watching you do it with me.” She lengthened her back and forth movement to take more of my cock inside her until about half of it was sliding into her with each stroke.

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