Subject: Wills and Johnny’s Fathers (Gay / Adult Youthh , oral, anal, b /bMM) Adult Youth, oral, anal, b/bMM Author’s Note: This story is a work of fiction and contains descriptions of explicit sexual acts of boys and men discovering their sexuality. It contains graphic scenes of sex between a consenting underage boy and adult males. If this type of content offends you or you are under the age of 18 do not read it. Copyright 2021 Wolf, all rights reserved. You may contact me at ail if you like. All flames will be ignored. Wills and Johnny’s Fathers By Wolf I grew up in a middle-class family that happened to own a dairy in the community of Hemet, California. There was a family that worked for my parents that had a boy my age. Both my parents and his family came from the dame area of Oklahoma and were a mix of I English, Irish, German, and Scot heritage. Our parents were protestants to be nondenominational Christian Churches. Even though our fathers were a little more amoral. Growing up around farm animals we became aware of the act of reproduction at a young age. We had seen chickens, dogs mating as well as cows and horses. We also became aware that dominant males mounted other males to reinforce that they were the dominant male. I remember the spring afternoon on rainy day Johnny and I were playing in the wet green alfalfa when we spread a sheet plastic over the top of the green hay to protect us from the us from the rain and while we listened to rain dropping onto the plastic, we clung to each other and we kissed as we grouped each other. We unfastened each other’s pants and pulled out each other’s dicks and scrotum and masturbated with each other. We were well aware that dogs not only licked their own cocks, they licked other dogs, pussies, assholes and cocks. We were curious enough to be willing to find out what each other’s dicks tasted like. After that day we would look for isolated locations where we thought we would not be seen and we would duck each other’s cocks. Unknown at the time, my father must have suspected what we were doing and found out where we were hiding out, so he could verify his suspicions. Rather than confront me, he befriended Johnny. çorum escort I was unaware that my father was spending a little time with him. One day when our mothers had gone shopping in Riverside and to have dinner at the Mission Inn in Riverside. I stayed after school to play baseball with a group of guys. At the end of the game when everyone was getting hungry. I rode my bike home planning on making a sandwich and getting a glass of fresh whole milk right from the pasteurizer and cooling coils. I made the sandwich in the kitchen and walked out the back to the milking shed and used the stainless-steel cup to fill it with ice cold whole milk. I sat on salt blocks to eat my snack. I hung the cup back on the end of the pasteurizer when I was finished. I was about to leave the shed when I saw a light glowing from under the door of the tack room (the tack kroon is where saddles, nits, and horseshoes and medicines are kept) at the end of the hay barn. I went to see what was going on. When I drew close to the tack room, I heard the sound of soft voices. I went into the hay barn and climbed up into the rafters where I had a vantage point to be able to look down through a vent into the tack room. My father and Johnny were both completely naked Johnny was draped over Dad’ s saddle resting on the barrel sawhorse. Daddy was playing with Johnny’s dick between his spread legs and he leaned over and was licking Johnny’s asshole. When he finished playing with his dick he stepped up and inserted his cock into Johnny’s asshole and fucked him slowly until he was ready to cum. Johnny was making what sounded like painful sounding moans with every thrust of his butt. When he pulled out and squirted his cum all over Johnny’s butt and back. When he was finished, he used his hands to rub the cum into the skin. watched them until they started getting dressed before I climbed down and returned to the house. Later that night I lay in bed thinking about what I had seen. My dad and I were toe headed at birth. His hair became a light dish water color as an adult. He had a lean body and worked outdoors in the fields shirtless, weather permitting, most of the time. He had a tanned torso but his legs were a white as raw plucked chucken çukurambar escort legs. His pubic hair was a light brown and his body was almost hairless. Thinking about his cock was enough to keep my dick hard. I had to jerk off three times to be able to get some sleep. I confronted Johnny at school during lunch. “How long had my father been fucking you?” Johnny was nervous by my question. “Your father saw us sucking each other’s cocks a few months ago and swore me to secrecy. He started sucking my dick whenever we were alone and a few weeks ago he started breeding me, as he called it. Last night was the fourth time he fucked me.” After school we went home and climbed up to the top of bales of hay in the barn and took off all of our clothes and took turns laying across the bales of hay and fucked each other. Johnny prepared me for my first fuck by licking and spitting on my asshole before he penetrated my asshole and fucked me slowly. The pain of his dick stretching my sphincter was very painful but I endured it. Johnny assured me that it would get easier. That evening my throbbing asshole kept me up and while I was jerking off, I happened to think if my father is fucking my best friend why shouldn’t I see of his father would be into breeding me. The next day after I got home, I went to the gid garage where the tractor and farm tools were stored because it also had a machine shop. Johnny’s father, Hank, could be found working there anytime he wasn’t in the field. As I approached the garage, I heard the lathe turning. When I entered the garage, I smelled fresh cut white pine. I saw that he was turning a 4 X 4 on the lath. I approached him and stood there watching for a whole before I stood behind him and I could smell the pine shavings all over Hank’s body. I reached around his body and placed my hand on the crotch of his jeans. Hank almost jumped and dropped his cutting tool. “WHAT DO YOU THINK YOU’RE DOING WILL?” “I want to have sex with you!” I tugged on the top button of his blue jeans and all five buttons popped open. He was wearing white boxer shorts and the fly was open. I reached in and pulled out an impressive cock. It was throbbing in my hand. Hank hit the switch to turn ankara escort off the lath and pulled to the work table behind the table saw. He removed all of my clothes before he removed all of his own clothes. I was laying on my back on top of the table as I watched him undress himself. He turned out to be one of the hairiest men I ever saw. His crotch was covered with a thick mat of black hair that ran down his hairy legs and up his hairy belly to a very hairy chest. Even his back and butt were hairy. Out of that thick mat of pubic hair was a dark-skinned cudgel of a cock with a large purple head. Looking at the girth of his cock frightened me. I feared that it was going to hurt me too much. Hank pulled a tube of lubricant from a drawer and coated his cock and my asshole before he took hold of my ankles and lifted my legs up and placed my heels on his shoulders and aimed his cock to the little opening of my pink ass. He slapped my butt and told me to relax as he eased the head against my sphincter. It felt like my asshole was being split open. One I was spread open he was able to slide the rest of his cock into my ass. When he started fucking me, I heard his body slapping against my butt. He even took hold of my dick and milked me whole he was fucking me. I had an orgasm that squirted cum on my belly before Hank had an orgasm. When he did, he squirted cum all over my scrotum, cock, and belly. We rubbed the cum into my skin before I cucked his cock clean, and we washed up before we got dressed. Dad and Hank must have discussed having fucked us because the next time we came home from school the two of them suggested that we go in a weekend camping trip. Johnny and I were thrilled at the prospect. Arrangements were for a neighbor to milk the cows and feed the stock. We loaded the pickup with the camping gear, food, water and beer. We made our way south on highway 74 to the turn off to Rock Point. We parked in a secluded location where we felt safe that we wouldn’t be bothered by hikers. We set up camp and removed our clothes. Johnny and I spent the weekend with our fathers breeding us until dried cum crusted the insides of our legs and our jaws ached from being held open while sucking cocks. When we returned home there was an understanding between us and our fathers that set the mood for a new relationship to last the rest of our father’s lives. If you enjoyed the story and have a story you want me to write about your introduction to the world of male sexuality, please send your outline to ail

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