With A Twist


She’s been sitting in the bar alone all night, wearing a black crisscross dress cut to the thigh; She’s beautiful; long legs, thigh highs and heels. Head to toe, gorgeous. Pouty lips still nursing the same drink as when I came in, slender fingers holding an occasional cigarette to those same lips. She’s still alone and how I don’t know; she would be any guy’s type. Definitely mine. I could sit here and drink her in all night, I think as I search in my pocket for a match. Don’t have any. Maybe… I rise from my table in the corner, drink in hand. I seat myself two stools over, she doesn’t even glance at me.

“Bartender, you have an extra matchbook?” I ask loudly.

He reaches under the bar, then flips a book of matches at me, grinning widely.

“Thanks,” I reply. “Left mine in the car I suppose.”

I light up, staring off to the right, throwing an occasional glance at her on my left. She just sits there, taunting me to speak, yet words won’t come. Finally, she finishes her drink, asking the bartender for another of the same, her sweet voice sending a shockwave of heat through me. How delicious it would be to hear her say my name, again and again. I feel a warm hand on my arm and turn. A smile is creeping across her lovely face.

“May I borrow a match please,” she says.

I fumble quickly with the matchbook, getting it open and removing a match to light the cigarette she is holding in her tightened lips.

“MMMMMMM, thank you,” she says, smoke escaping her pouty lips. I find the courage to speak and ask her name. She smiles breathtakingly, not answering me immediately.

“Destiny,” she finally says, taking another draw. My heart fills my throat as her eyes meet mine.

“Destiny,” I say. “Such a unique and beautiful name. It fits you.”

With her eyes locked on mine she adds, “And?”

“Oh, John,” I reply. “Plain and simple John. Nothing unique or beautiful about that.”

She laughs, her breasts heaving against the tight material of her dress.

“So, you married, John?” she asks , her eyes surveying my hand, the tan line of a ring showing.

I frown. “Yes, I am. Are you?”

She grins. “Yes, I am, to a wonderful man. He is great in every aspect. I just feel I need a little excitement in my life… a little more.”

I smile knowingly, saying, “And he doesn’t give you this more that you need?”

“He would if I asked, I suppose, but I am not the begging kind. I wouldn’t want to seem desperate you know,” she responds.

I quickly acknowledge her, saying, “I understand what you mean. It seems to me that a woman as beautiful and charming as you should never have to beg. You should have everything you want handed to you… excitement, love, attention… anything you could ever want laid at your precious feet.”

She firmly covers my hand with hers, a gleam in her gorgeous eyes.

“I think I like you John. Your wife is a very lucky woman. A man that would give me anything I asked for, now that would be nice,” she says. “So do you think she would mind if I borrowed you for a while?”

Again my heart rushes to my throat as I stumble for the right words.

“For you, love, I don’t think she would mind… as long as you return me when you are through with me.”

She empties her drink, sets down the glass, picks up her purse, keys jangling and reaches for my hand.

“I think we have some unfinished business then. Shall we get started?” she says.

My face flushes with excitement, as I take her hand, paying the bartender with the other. We walk quickly out the front door, her leading me to a car parked on the side of the street.

“You drive,” she says, flipping me the keys. I open her door allowing her to step in, my hand brushing the naked skin of her back. I shut the door and circle around to the drivers’ side, opening my door and sliding in beside her. demirlibahçe escort I start the car and pull away from the curb, changing gears smoothly. Suddenly her hand is climbing higher and higher.

I gasp, trying to keep my eyes on the road and not worry about what is happening in my pants. The light on Third and Fifth catches me, so I slow to a stop. She leans forward, unbuttoning my pants, zipper falling with the tug of her fingers. I close my eyes, her hand closing in on me, rubbing, stroking, a moan escaping me. A car behind me blows its horn, interrupting my ecstasy. The light is green.

I whisper, “That feels good but it is getting hard to concentrate on the road.”

She laughs. “It’s not getting hard, it was already hard before I ever touched it and I am not worried about your concentration……..you handle very well.”

I groan. “Is this enough excitement for you or do you want more??” I ask eagerly.

“More, please, more. I want so much excitement that I can’t stand it any longer. I want to feel wild and free and alive,” she screams.

I sharply push the accelerator to the floor, tires screaming as I laugh, “OK. Where to?”

“Mmmmmmmm, that hotel over on Tenth will be fine. Hurry, I am impatient,” her hand still stroking me, in long, soft tugs.

I take a deep breath in, her fragrance filling my senses, car quickly exceeding 75mph, yet I get caught at another light. I swear under my breath, impatiently waiting for it to change. She places her hand on mine on the wheel and pulls it toward her, onto her breast. Her nipple hardens at my touch, her breast filling my hand and I hit the gas running the light. Nothing is stopping me from possessing this vixen, including a stop light. I quickly pull into the parking lot of the hotel, stopping the car and jumping out, hesitating only to zip my pants.

“Wait here,” I say, “Be back in a minute.”

I run inside asking the desk clerk for a room.

“317,” he says. “Third floor. Tenth door on the left.”

“Don’t worry. I’ll find it,” I answer, taking the key and rushing back to the car where she is waiting.

I pull the car around the back of the hotel, as she trails kisses around my ear with wet lips, sliding her warm body onto my lap. I abruptly stop the car, shoving it into reverse and parking. I shudder as her hands roam over me, my hardness pressing on her leg. She moves her lips from my ear and down to my mouth, teasing my lips as she gently nibbles, I grasp her firmly against me, pulling her tongue into my mouth, tasting her, her tongue darting in and out between my lips. She pulls away from me slowly, sliding off of my lap and back into her seat.

She smiles. “Are you coming with me or not?”

I laugh. “I sure hope so.”

I fumble to find the key in my pocket and we climb the stairs to room 317. I open the door quickly and step inside, holding the door open for her to join me.

“I need to use the ladies room,” she says, walking around the corner to the bathroom. I quickly pull off my pants and shirt, throwing them on the floor. I pull back the corner of the bedspread and climb in, flipping the TV to radio with the remote, finding an easy listening channel. I wait, checking my watch, every two to three minutes. After about thirty minutes has gone by, I begin to worry. I walk to the bathroom door and knock. There is no response. I can hear water running, the shower maybe. I slowly open the door, hot steam hitting me in the face. I can see the shadow of her body behind the curtain. Tall, voluptous curves. I stand, staring, eyes taking her in, head to toe, passion enveloping me, when the water stops. I quickly shut the door, going back to rest on the bed.

A soft whisper comes from the bathroom, “John, could you go get us some ice. It’s a little warm in here.”

I put my dikmen escort clothing back on and head out the door in search of the ice machine, bucket in my hand. Hurrying I return back to the room, bucket full of ice and no key. The door is locked. I knock but there is no answer. I head down the stairs to the lobby, clerk laughing at me as I ask for another key. I eagerly climb the stairs again, ready to take this wild woman somewhere she has never been. Give her all the excitement she can handle. I slide the key in the lock, opening the door and rushing in. There is a XXX movie playing on the TV and she is nowhere to be found. I check the bathroom and the smell of her perfume lingers on the air. I begin to leave the restroom, when a hand reaches from behind the door and grabs my arm. I jump, frightened, and she bursts into laughter, stepping out of the darkness where I can see her, a tiny black leather negligee hugging her body.

“Mmmmmmmmm, you like … don’t you?” she says, smiling, nipples poking out through holes in the leather. “I thought it was a little risque but I am glad that you like,” she giggles, grabbing my hard cock in her hand through my pants. She prances in front of me, the cheeks of her ass shining at me through the holes in the back of the outfit, black garters accentuating her long legs.

“So,” she says, reaching into a bag beside of the bed, “Have you ever seen one of these before?” as she pulls a blue vibrator from the bag. I watch in amazement as she sits back in the wingback chair beside of the bed, spreading her legs open, exposing the open crotch of the negligee. I sit on the edge of the bed watching as this angel places the vibrator in her mouth, sucking heartily on it, lusty look in her eyes, while her other hand squeezes her breast. My eyes follow as she slowly trails the vibrator down her body.

Her eyes meet mine, and she smiles, flipping the switch to turn the toy on. I can see the wetness glistening on the inside of her thighs from her excitement. She moves the toy back and forth across her clit, occasionally raising her hips, whimpering, eyes closed. I can feel my cock pulsing in my pants with every stroke as she plunges that blue vibrator deep inside her, over and over. Her eyes open, locking on mine, as suddenly she shudders, moaning. She slowly eases it out of her, her eyes still locked on mine. I laugh.

“Well that eases some of your tension. How about mine?”

She smiles, telling me to look in the bag. I open the bag carefully, afraid of what I might find inside.

“What on earth is this?” I ask, holding up a flexible, pussy shaped object for her to see.

She moves towards me, arms wrapping around my waist, nails scratching my back, slowly working them around to the front of my pants. My pants drop to the floor and I step out of them, seating myself in the wingback chair. She takes a bottle of liquid from the bag and drips it onto my hardened cock, pausing to run the tip of her tongue across the head slowly. She looks up at me mischieviously.

“You taste good. Like cherries.” She then takes my hand, wrapping it around my cock, slippery wet and hot from the liquid. She guides my hand with hers, up and down, slipping her tongue between my fingers and easing down to tease at my balls. My balls tighten visibly and she smiles up at me, “Not yet.”

She reaches for the fleshy contraption in my other hand, filling it with the liquid. She then slides it down over my cock. She places my hand on it and I give her a devilish grin as I work it back and forth over my cock. She sits back on the edge of the bed, her eyes glowing with excitement, burning deeply into my cock. I close my eyes, an intense sensation overwhelming me, sending waves of pleasure through my body.

I slow my hand, saying, “This is gonna make me cum, you know.”

The ankara escort corners of her lips curl, lust in her eyes, as she says, “Cum for me. Just a little though. Save some for later.”

With her last words, I feel myself going over the edge, shudders ripping through me, cumm quickly filling the object in my hand. I slowly pull it from me, attempting not to spill my cum all over the rug. She walks over to me, getting down on her knees. She leans over and takes my softening cock in her mouth, slowly sucking. Instantly I am aroused again as she licks and teases me, caressing every inch of me with her tongue. I drop the toy onto the floor, not caring anymore if it gets on the rug or not, as she slowly sucks one ball at a time into her hot, wet mouth. She stands and pulls me to my feet, boxers around my ankles, directing me to the bed.

Her mouth is on mine, lips pressing hard against mine, her hands gripping my shoulders. I lift her up and she wraps those tightly clad legs around my waist, pressing her wetness against my throbbing cock. I trace circles with my tongue, down her neck, between her breasts then back to her cherry-tasting lips. She slides down me and onto the bed, leaning back on her elbows, exposing her drenched hot flesh to me. Her smell invades me as I eagerly spread wet kisses along one thigh and then the other, circling around and around her core, making her wiggle beneath my mouth. Suddenly she grabs my hair and pulls my mouth directly over her, moaning, “Stop teasing me, please.”

I run the tip of my tongue back and forth over her clit, her back arching her against me. I glide my fingers along the inside of her thigh, up to her pussy, flicking at her with my tongue and thumb. Gently, I ease one finger, then another deep inside her as she pushes against me, sliding hotly up and down on my fingers. A look of urgency crosses her face as I withdraw my fingers and tongue, pushing her further onto the bed. She smiles at me and rolls over onto her hands and knees, exposing those gorgeous ass cheeks to my hungry eyes. I gently nibble from one cheek to the other, giving her a little slap, which she receives with a groan, pulling me onto her.

I slowly tease her clit with my hardened cock, sliding it back and forth before plunging it into her wetness. She pushes her ass into me, harder and harder, her pussy clenching my cock, urging me deeper into her.

She matches my rhythm, harder and deeper, until I feel I will lose control. I gently withdraw, flipping her over onto her back, taking her lips with my mouth, teasing her pert nipples between my fingers. She holds herself open for me as I again slide into her, throbbing. She raises her hips into mine, again and again, her tongue pressing deeper and deeper into my mouth, her arms and legs wrapped around me pulling me into her, soft moans emanating from her throat. I feel myself begin to lose control and begin whispering, “Destiny,” over and over. She slows her movements as I slide my hands under her ass, rolling her over onto me.

She straddles me, her breasts rhythmically rubbing against my chest as she plunges up and down on my cock, I squeeze her ass, pulling her down onto me, her hair falling across my face, her breathing heavy against my neck. She quickens her pace, breathing erratically, her teeth biting into my neck, groans of ecstasy coming from somewhere deep inside her. I feel myself giving into her, her movements intensifying, as she moans my name again and again, ripples of pleasure ripping through her. I tighten as I feel her tighten around me again and again, losing control and shooting cum deep inside her with every squeeze of her pussy. We moan together, gripping each other tightly, as she collapses onto me. She raises herself onto her hands, staring into my eyes, smiling as she eases herself off of me and works her way back down to my softening cock. She softly teases the head with her tongue, looking up at me, smiling.

She laughs as I stiffen again.

“Do you think we should call the sitter and tell her we’ll be late?” she asks.

I laugh, pulling her head down onto my cock, “I already told her we’d be late… Destiny.”

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