With Strings Attached Ch. 22

Ass Worship

Kiss me $$$

I let out a deep moan as the girl kissing me groped my ass, the whooping and hollering from the women around us now mere background noise. Finding a LGBT friendly spring break location, Nicole proposed spending the week there as a way of getting a taste of college life. Not really having a choice I traveled with Nicole, my voyeuristic girlfriend/mistress, April my pretend sister, Vicky my Hooter booty call, Jacklyn my dominant classmate and her girlfriend/slave Kathy, along with Scott and John who were pretending to be Jacklyn and Kathy’s boyfriends but were spending spring break together without us girls. Nicole even came up with the challenge of seeing if I could raise enough money to cover my expenses and the “Kisses $1” button pinned to my shirt had already earned me 185 dollars in the first two days. It seemed a large number of girls where interested in kissing a real life Ariel, my cartoon doppelganger.

For me it was a completely new low. At $1 a kiss 185 dollars meant 185 women kissed, easy math. This combined with all the other women I kissed would ensure that the number of women would greatly outnumber the number of boys I would ever kiss. I never liked trying something new and was usually pushed into it by my parents or my friends. Going to an all girl high school helped keep that choice at bay. Now at 18 I have yet to kiss a boy. Yes I thought about it, or used to think about it, but my current situation made it hard even to fantasize about boys. I mean would kissing that many boys make me a slut, and if I had sex with as many boys as I had women would that make me a whore? Was I a slut and a whore now even though I have never even touched a boy? Those labels seemed to apply only to women being with men. Boys want women who are willing to have sex but at the same time think badly of them. Boys have no such thoughts about lesbians, and women do not seem to judge them the same way either.

But Nicole had added a new element, money. Nicole was now charging money for an intimate act with me. Yes, it’s only for a kiss and nothing like the feeling I got when the woman from the bathroom on Valentines Day dropped money on our table. But it added a new label; Prostitute. Was Nicole now prostituting me to other women? Does she have a new label; Girlfriend, mistress, and now pimp? Or like the other labels, did it even count? I was a heterosexual girl, and if kissing and sexually performing with large numbers of women did not make me a slut or a whore, would getting paid for it make me a prostitute? For me, mentally the answer was no; so long as I was Nicole’s puppet it was not my choice, and as long as I liked boys the answer is no.

Finally having enough, the girl pulled her head back but kept me firmly pressed against her breasts. The young coeds seemed to know no boundaries, and the act of paying a dollar for the privilege to kiss me gave them the impression they could feel me up in the process, an assumption Nicole not only allowed but encouraged. When Nicole first made me wear the button one of the kissers slid her hands under my skirt, exposing my bare ass to anyone looking. Knowing this was too risky, even for Nicole, my customary skirt was replaced with a pair of tight purple low rise yoga shorty shorts. The shorts molded themselves to my ass so you could make out each buttock as well as the tight furrow between them, offering a tempting target, with a figure hugging green tank top that exposed my midriff and rubbed against my nipples making them constantly hard. Per the rules I was not allowed to wear any underwear, so a pair of flip flops were my only other clothes. Nicole had also placed my hair in a high ponytail, keeping it out of the way of my face as well as only strawberry lip gloss to keep my face smudge free. With a giggle the young woman gave my ass a final squeeze and a quick peck on the lips before releasing me.

“Any other takers?” shouted Nicole, “Only a dollar!”

I hated it when she did that. It made me sound like some trinket she was hawking on the street corner. But at $1, Nicole was going for quantity not quality.

“I’m in,” replied a blonde leading a pack of young coeds.

I let out a gasp as I saw Catchmer University, the college I was going to attend in the fall, written across her chest. While Susan had blackmailed me into a lesbian relationship with Nicole and made everyone from my parents to my classmates believe I was a lesbian, this was all supposed to end when I left for college. I was supposed to be able to put this false lesbian lifestyle behind me and get my normal life back. Now future classmates were witnessing my deception, violating that separation.

“Say isn’t that the school you’re going to next year?” inquired Jacklyn.

Never a good liar, I simply nodded, too overwhelmed to speak. The fear of this tainting my college years had put me on autopilot, all I wanted to do was run and hide but my present circumstances prevented that, I had to pretend to like this, that this lifestyle was me.

“Seriously? You’re coming to Catchmer next year? That’s awesome!” responded the coed as she walked up and gently caressed the side of my Uzun porno head. “You’ll be an awesome addition to the student body, not to mention our sorority.”

I could only look into the girls eyes as her fingers playfully danced over my exposed shoulders before sliding down my arms.

“It seems we have a potential future pledge here,” shouted the girl as she pulled a crisp $20 out of her pocket and slid it into the front of my shorts. “You know I’m going to be the pledge mistress next year,” whispered the girl as she slid her hands around my body and fondled my ass. “Now give your future mistress a good kiss.”

I did not have time to think before she pressed her lips to mine and pushed her tongue into my mouth. Falling into my training I wrapped my hands around the girls neck and sucked on her tongue. As usual I pretended to be a good lesbian, even though the kiss was with a girl who would carry my secret to my future college where I was planning to be a normal, heterosexual girl.

Take that ass!

“Oh Yes! That’s it! YES!” Screamed Vicky as her fingers anchored into my hair, pinning me to her crotch. Her familiar taste filled my mouth as she came and I dutifully lapped up every drop, just as Nicole required of me.

“You must be the best pussy licker alive,” purred Vicky as she released her hold and gently caressed my hair. “I’m going to so miss our time together.”

“What do you mean?” I asked, taken off guard.

Sitting back Vicky crossed her legs. “Do you remember the wedding we attended, and Holly?”

“Yes,” I replied as I mirrored Vicky’s posture. How could I forget it? Vicky had asked Nicole if I could accompany her to her ex boyfriends wedding. Apparently the bride was not too happy that he was still friends with an ex, and only allowed it because he had told her Vicky was now gay. It turned out that one of the teachers Nicole and I met when she was choosing the dildo to take my virginity was the sister of the bride. Not happy with the dildo gag gift, Holly’s sister banished her to the back of the reception with the two lesbians. The three of us wound up in a threesome in Holly’s hotel room. Holly even took us to the bridal suite after the newlyweds left, to do a photo shoot with her in her sisters wedding dress. The pictures of me going down on the bride are some of Nicole’s favorites. “How could I forget that night?”

“It was wicked crazy,” replied Vicky with a naughty grin. Anyway Holly and I kept in touch and well; we’re kind of dating.”

“Really, that’s awesome,” I responded, wondering how you could explain that you were involved in a lesbian threesome the night you met.

“Thank you,” stated Vicky as she rubbed her hand up and down my arm. “However, I want to, we want to, take it to the next step.”

“It sounds serious.”

“Yes it is, and as much as I love being with you, I cannot continue if I want it to work with Holly. Not that what we do is wrong, I mean, I did the craziest things in my life with you. I never had a threesome before I met you, and we have had several since, not counting all that other kinky stuff. However it was never meant to last forever. You and Nicole even agreed that you would be going your separate ways once you start college, I just need to go a little sooner, Holly even convinced me to go to college too, to become a teacher like her. How about that, we’ll all be in school at the same time.”

“It sounds great,” I replied as I lean in to give her a soft kiss without knowing what I was doing.

“However, I promised myself that this would be my last hurrah before settling down, so we have a few more days together before I need to become a responsible adult. Now it’s getting late and Nicole wants to go clubbing, so we better get showered,” stated Vicky as she climbed off the bed.

I couldn’t help staring at her body as she walked towards the bathroom. She had a nice curvy waistline that widened into a perfect set of hips, and her o-shaped butt swayed hypnotically as she walked. It captured my attention and I was powerless to look away just like the first time I saw her. I could only think of kissing those lovely cheeks and pushing my face in the valley separating them.

For a self proclaimed heterosexual believing she was only pretending to be a lesbian, I was infatuated with her. Since the beginning I had taken the position that I was being forced into sexual relations with other women, that it was not me but something I was made to do and something I expected to get away from as soon as I left for college and became free of Susan’s control. However, meeting the sorority girls from Catchmer had put a wrinkle in that dream. Now people involved with what I hoped would be my new life knew of my present life.

More importantly how could I justify my infatuation, my girl crush, with Vicky on being forced to play a lesbian? Was I bi? True, Vicky had a body to die for, and who wouldn’t be turned on by her full breasts, shapely legs, gorgeous ass, or the silken texture of her skin? Anyone, man or woman, would agree she was beautiful. But to lust after her? Why would I want to do that if not Öğrenci porno forced?

“Care to join me?” purred Vicky as she leaned seductively against the bathroom door pulling me out of my thoughts. Gay or not, this was the last week I would be spending with my friend, and the last chance to explore her body.

Vicky pressed her amazonian like body against me, her thigh pressing into my crotch forcing my legs apart. My back to the wall, I had no choice but to stand on my toes as Vicky placed her hands on the wall under my armpits, effectively pinning me. We kissed for a long time as the water rained down on us. Even with my dislike of Nicole’s control over me, I felt more comfortable taking the submissive role, and with Vicky being a good eight inches taller than me, it was very easy to just let her lead.

“I’m going to miss our little play times,” whispered Vicky as she broke the kiss.

I let out a low moan as her body shifted and rubbed against my clit.

“Are you going to miss our play times?” Inquired Vicky as she shook her leg seeing what it did to me.

“Oh, yes,” I gasped as I started to rotate my hips.

“Seriously, even with all of your other lovers you’ll still miss me?” Purred Vicky.

“Of course I’ll ..ahh…uhhh… miss you. You’re … ahhhh… gorgeous… Everything anyone …ahhh would want in a woman.”

“How sweet of you to say,” responded Vicky flashing her beautiful smile before moving in for another kiss. “Now rub yourself against my leg, I want to see you cum.”

With that statement I relaxed my legs, pressed my crotch into her thigh, and started grinding. My breath deepened with each thrust like, a bitch humping her masters leg. Her breasts now right in front of me, I could not resist pushing my face in between them as I slid over her smooth thigh.

“You like this?” Asked Vicky coyly. “You like worshiping my body?”

“Yes,” I moaned into her breasts as I rubbed faster, my own fluids adding to the lubrication of the water.

My whole body shivered as my scream was muted by Vicky’s ample breasts, my pussy gushing as I came on her thigh.

As I slowly came down, Vicky held me in place, gently kissing the side of my face and neck. Removing her hands from the wall, I slid down her thigh and then to my knees before her.

Pulling away, Vicky turned around and leaned against the far wall, arching her back as she pushed her ass towards me. It was now her turn and she knew my obsession well. Moving forward I focused on her ass as I bent my neck back so I could position myself between her legs directly under her sex. Looking up I could not help but think about what sort of pervert I was turning into. Not only was I about to perform orally on another girl, but I was about to do it with my face buried in her ass. Wrapping my arms around her thighs I slowly moved up until my face came in contact with her bottom, my cheeks wedging themselves between her thighs until my lips came into contact with her sex and my nose pressed against her puckered opening. Looking up all I could see were her twin cheeks rising like two flesh colored pillows. In this position I could orally pleasure her and see her glorious ass at the same time. It was almost like I was worshipping it.

“Ahhhh,” purred Vicky. “Your nose feels so good. You’re the only one who has ever done this to me … I love it!”

At that moment a thought entered my head. A very wicked and very perverse thought. Knowing that if I thought too much I wouldn’t do it, I gripped Vicky’s thighs tightly and pushed my face up. Until now Nicole had taken all of my firsts; She was my first kiss, the first person I performed oral sex on, the first to perform oral sex on me, she even took my virginity. Now that I knew I would no longer be with Vicky, I wanted to give her a first.

I felt her body shiver as I shifted my head and my lips made contact with her rose bud. She let of a deep gasp as she tightened at my unexpected move and after the initial shock I felt her muscles loosen and turn to butter. Her legs weakened and it felt like she was sitting on my face as I continued my assault. Her thighs rested on my shoulders, forcing my face deeper into her ass. Her soft flesh surrounded me as my cheeks pressed tightly against hers. With no way to move my head I began to lick her slowly, around the perimeter of her hole. Puckering my lips I placed a quick kiss right on her opening, causing her to clinch her ass, pushing me away from her rose bud. Extending my tongue I gave her a wet lick as her muscles relaxed and I was able to give her a second kiss. This one was more passionate and caused her anal ring to shiver.

I kissed her asshole several more times, each time getting a delightful moan in response. I took several more licks along her ass before circling her anal ring once again. Then pointing my tongue I pressed my lips to her one more time, forcing my tongue in.

Vicky let out a sharp squeal as she tried to keep her body still. Her asshole had a firm grip, but I was able to move my tongue back and forth in a steady rhythm. This continued and I began to wonder if cimcif porno I would be able to bring her off in this position. As I had no way of getting out of it and Vicky showed no sign of wanting to release me I began to wonder if I would remain a prisoner of her ass. Just then I felt Vicky’s body convulse as she groaned deeply. I had trouble maintaining our balance as her body continued to spasm.

After several moments she collapsed. I held tight as her legs gave way and she slid first to her knees forcing me onto my back beneath her before passing out and collapsing on the shower floor pinning my face in her crotch, her cum oozing down onto my face. Unable to free myself I dutfully began to link her clean.


I kept my head down, tormented at what I had done with Vicky. Not only did I have sex with her, something Nicole had made me do with her and countless other women, but I had really gotten into it. It was not just sex, I made love to her. I made love to another woman. Yes she’s very beautiful, and even heterosexual girls could be attracted to her, but I was starting to become sexually attracted to her.

When she told me we were no longer going to be together, emotionally I wanted to be relieved. It was the first time that one of the sexual scenarios Nicole had forced me into was coming to an end, it should be a victory, I would no longer be made to have sex with her. But I was also saddened, like my girlfriend was breaking up with me. Why? Did I see Vicky as my girlfriend? Did I want her to be my girlfriend? Was she my lesbian crush? Several months ago the thought of being in a long term sexual relationship with a woman wouldn’t have been something I would have even remotely entertained, but now the whole situation made me feel worse. I was losing Vicky, a woman I seemed to be making into my ideal lover, and was conflicted over being free of a forced relationship and a relationship I wanted. Also in my haste I not only had sex with Vicky but rubbed myself off on her and ate her ass. What would Nicole do when she learned this? I wanted to tell Vicky to keep it private, but what if Nicole discovered I wanted it a secret, or worse Susan? For now I did not want to think about it and just played the part I was supposed to, that of Nicole’s submissive girlfriend.

Nicole was being very particular about the bars we entered, even though most of the males celebrating spring break here were gay she still wanted to keep me away from boys as much as possible, and focused on lesbian themed locations. By the time we entered the third bar I was too drunk to care who saw me or what they thought. As I had been trained I scanned the room to assess all the women and that is when I saw them, a blonde and brunette who looked absolutely gorgeous.

However what shocked me was the fact that we looked so much alike. Both girls were about the same height as me with the same facial features and firm petite bodies, in fact I would have been surprised if we were all more then five pounds off of each other. We each had on the exact same sinfully tight sleeveless little black dress, ending on the upper thigh, and black stiletto heels. If it wasn’t for the fact that one was blonde, who I mentally named Aurora and the other brunette, Belle, we could have been triplets.

“So you see them too puppet,” whispered Nicole as she wrapped her arm around my lower back.

“Yes mistress,” I responded my body becoming aroused knowing Nicole would command me to seduce my doppelgangers.

“Can you imagine the three of you together?” purred Nicole as she caressed my ass. “It would be like caressing yourself, kissing yourself, making love to yourself and in a way it is even better. With three of you, you can watch yourself.”

Nicole’s was creating a brand new fantasy. A fantasy where I make love to myself. This new seed was planted in my mind next to all the others growing within my head, planted and nurtured by Nicole. Fantasies of public exposure; lesbian love and sex; bondage; submissive fantasies; domination fantasies; incest fantasies with my sister, even if she is only pretend; cosplay and many, many others. All crowding out my dreams from before this nightmare began.

My clones welcomed me with open arms. Living in the same dorm as freshmen, both being exhibitionists and free spirited, they became lovers and roommates. It seemed they too shared Nicole’s fantasy about being sexually active with oneself, and had no issues turning their sexy twin fantasy into a triplet one.

On the dance floor, sandwiched together, we danced as one, moving to the music, ass to crotch, our hands roaming over each others bodies like some mirrored version of self play. Nicole made sure we were all well supplied with drinks while she photographed and filmed the display, adding to the record of my sapphic lifestyle. I had given up fighting and just allowed myself to be swept away. It was easier to be directed as a puppet controlled by her mistress than to fight. I did not have to think, just keep our hips pressed against each other. We continued our intimate encounters even while sitting. Taking turns being in the middle, the center girl kissing her copy on the right and then the left. The three of us kissed like we were lovers for years, an identical threesome that had been doing this their whole sexual existence. Nicole even came up with the idea of charging $20 to kiss the three of us, we made $860.

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