Wives surprise satisfaction

Wives surprise satisfactionShe felt pleased, proud of the affect she was having making his cock huge, her mind began to wonder if the rumours of big black men were true, the evidence in her hand and mouth certainly suggested as much. A few minutes of attention on his magnificent specimen had her burning with desire, her own crutch moist and throbbing and she was very aware of the wetness escaping into her panties, so she knelt up on the bed, smiled at her husband, who was virtually falling out of the chair trying the see the show, and she decided she would go all the way.Turning her back to Troy she removed her bra and slid her thong down over her thighs, she climbed out of it and cast it to her hubby with big smile, he examined the gusset finding it damp and musty, he was feeling awkward after watching his wife’s antics so far, so much so he daren’t play with himself, he needed to calm down. He was stunned, he wanted to watch he couldn’t bring himself to watch. He was wishing he hadn’t agreed that she could have control and take any direction she wanted. He stood up and went off to the bathroom he was gutted. She was having fun, it was a little c***dish depriving çorum escort himself of the fantasy he had set up but he had persuaded her into this. She paused momentarily and looked up at Troy who just shrugged, he stood there, tall and handsome, his body lean and tense, his prize procession standing proud of his body, its many inches ready for action, hubby sloped of to the bathroom looking back. All the way she thought, so she was now going to have a little fun of her own. Quickly peeling her stockings from her long, soft legs watching Troy caressing his thick member she turned round, presenting her soft white bottom as she crawled slowly backward on her hands and knees, her heart thumping and her tummy turning cartwheels with fear and excitement, as her knees reached the edge on the bed Troy grasped her hips, stopping her.Her husband was leaning with his head to the door, through the crack he couldn’t see anything, it wasn’t fair, there was silence on the other side and he was going mad wondering what was going on. He heard them moving about, the bed creaked a little and then he heard a slap, definitely flesh on flesh. Was he spanking her? His wife escort çorum squeaked and then another, two more in quick succession and she gasped and squealed with a giggle. Then silence, he strained at the door, quiet, low moaning, then a gasp, it was driving him mad. He looked round the door this time but could just see her head and shoulders from the back, she was rocking back and forth, slow and gentle, and sighing as she did. A little jealousy rose in him, he really wanted to watch. In frustration he took his own prick out, it was wet and slippy from his juice, his hand stroked, it felt so good as he heard his wife’s sweet groans from the bedroom. Clearly she was getting some satisfaction from the big, black cock inside her.Once her hubby had gone and Troy had positioned her at the foot of the bed, she didn’t have to wait long for what she yearned for. Instantly he pressed his smooth knob to her warm bottom, gliding it round against her outer lips, just parting them a little to give her a tease of what was to come. She relished the engorged tip against her, it already felt significantly bigger than anything before, it felt delicious and she groaned çorum escort bayan gently and couldn’t wait for the full insertion, her juice flowing freely in her swollen love tunnel. Then to her total shock Troy slapped her buttock, she jumped, squealing with shock, then several more blows. They were perfectly place, firm but sympathetic, they were good, her skin tingling and her blood surging with excitement to her nipples. She instinctively squeaked and giggled, her arousal causing her pulse to pound and just before she got control Troy pushed a little further in, the head breaching her inner lips, the ridge of it popping into her hot wet hole. She gasped. It really was massive. And he began rocking back and forth with several inches climbing up inside her with each stroke. She was nearly ready to come already.She felt the engorged head travelling up inside her, touching the soft, silk walls as it was pushed onward by the shaft behind it. It was an exquisite feeling of pure physical pleasure. Her juice squelched inside as he enter her slightly more with each delicious slow drive. He knew what he was doing and she was already extremely grateful. Consciously she tried to keep quiet, but the breath was pushed out into little gasps as he rocked forward. Her outer lips stretched and slid along him and in her he was deep, so deep, it was amazing but she knew she didn’t have it all yet.

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