Word of Mouth


Word of MouthWord of Mouth At the County FairI walked down a path between the two livestock stables to an old unmarked tent. The flap was open and I peaked in. A voice said, “Hi – are you here to make a donation?”“Ahhhh, Ahhhh, Yes….” I stammered.A pretty girl stood up saying, “Oh, Please come in. My name is Charity.” As my eyes got used to the dim light I could see her hair was long and lovely, her age a mystery and her smile genuine and inviting. She wore a long silky dress that buttoned down the front. It hid her figure, but swished around nicely and she moved about. “Please, please come in.” she said motioning to an armless chair in the corner. “Please sit. Relax. You have come to the right place” she continued as she flashed a cock stroking gesture in the air. She closed the flap and tied it then sat a on a small stool opposite of me, but close. “And, what your name?”“Tom.” I lied.“So, Tom, if you’d like to donate you may put your contribution in the in the box next to the tissues.” She pointed at the box to my right. It had a slot in the top. I slid a twenty into it.“Well, let’s see esenyurt escort what you have, Tom.” She said pointing to my zipper. Her relaxed manner lent to my trusting her. I opened my fly, snaked my index finger in and fished out my soft cock.“Oh, hummmm. Let’s see. I bet I can wake that boy up.” She said unbuttoning to top three buttons of her dress. My eyes were riveted as she clutched at her tits over her dress, lifting and squeezing her unseen treasures. I yanked a little harder.She whispered, “I see him beginning to come out now. Very nice, but I think it will grow bigger.” She opened a few more buttons. “Oh Tom, Longer, harder stokes. Pull it now. OK. Let’s see it free standing.”I let go. Out it stood.“Mummm, I think it would help if you let your jeans fall all the way down. Open yourself up. Let it breathe.”I complied, yet was still in a quandary as to what was going to happen. I had heard that some touching was OK with Charity, but didn’t know who would do what.She accentuated her wrist action and said, “Load it up, Baby! Jerk faster, but not too avrupa yakası escort hard. I love just watching you stroke your cock.” I turned my stroking up a notch. “Tom, I bet you’d like to rub your cock all over my body,” she said as she allowed her dress to fall from her shoulders to her waist. “You’d like to cum all over these tits, wouldn’t you?”“Yes, Absolutely.” I stood and took a step toward her.“No, No, No, Not so quick Mr. Tom. Please sit down. Keep stoking, but don’t cum yet.” I felt the beginnings stirring in my balls.“You’d like to cum on these titties wouldn’t you Tom.” She continued playing with her boobs. They were lovely, pendulous and luscious with dark centers. I wanted so badly to touch them I was practically drooling. Charity continued to squeeze her delicate fruits then fanned her nipples pebble taut with the spread fingers of both hands.I nodded my head eagerly, but kept my seat this time.“Would you like to watch me play with my clit?” Without hesitation, I made another donation into the anadolu yakası escort slot in the box. She hiked up her dress and spread her legs wide. Her fingertips immediately went to work circling and slapping her pussy.I stoked harder. Faster.“Hold it. Not yet! I want to watch you cum a great big fucking load. We’re not ready yet.”I slowed. My cum was gurgling inside – waiting to spew forth.“Look how hard you are making my nipples! Stroke that cock harder Tom!” I did. “Good. Keep stroking. Nice and steady. Keep jerking. Now stand up and stoke it hard. Show me!”I stood. Charity stood and came close. Without warning she picked up my other hand and placed it under her tit. “Feel them, Tom. Touch me” She moved to the side and said, “Now, Tom Now! Shoot that load across the tent!”It was already on its way. Zoom. Three long warm, white spunk burst forth across the grassy floor. Charity now cupped my balls, squeezing, moaning, and praising my performance, its strength, its distance and its volume. She kissed my cheek and guided me back to my chair. Slowly I gathered myself together and was grateful for the tissues. Without a sound, she buttoned up her dress as I restored my pants.Charity untied the flap and opened the tent. I rose slowly, made another contribution to Charity and left.As I passed her by, she felt my butt and whispered, “Word of Mouth is my only advertising. Maybe you know someone who may want to make a donation…”

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