Work Interrupted Again


Tom sat in down in front of the computer, switched it on and waited as it went through the irritating processes before he could start working on his new project. Today he intended to get down to work without any distractions but as he waited for the computer to burst into life his mind started drifting and it soon turned to thoughts of sex. No, he said to himself – today I am going to get straight down to work and soon he was tapping away on the keyboard thinking that today would be very productive.

However, after about 10 minutes he felt restless and couldn’t concentrate on his work. He felt agitated so he thought he would just check his Emails and switched the screen over to the internet and quickly checked his mail – nothing important there and he was just about to switch back to work but he just could not resist a quick look at another website. Of course, it was a porn site with loads of video clips which he just had to look at every day. As the first page loaded he feasted his eyes on the array of naked flesh before him and clicked on a clip showing two beautiful looking girls dressed in super-sexy clothes and titled “Lesbian encounter”.

As the clip loaded he felt that familiar feeling go through his body – a rush of adrenaline in anticipation of what he was about to experience. The mouse clicked on the play button and before him were two gorgeous young females dressed very sexily in tight jeans and even tighter skimpy tops. Both girls were slim and very beautiful, one Ankara travesti had short dark hair and the other had long blonde hair, but their faces were so perfect they could have been models. They were obviously attracted to each other as they hugged and caressed each other, their hands gliding smoothly over their feminine curves. He found this very arousing and could feel his penis stiffening inside his pants. The two women were now kissing passionately, their soft luscious lips locked together and every now and then their wet tongues darted in and out of each others mouths. As they savoured their kisses the blonde started to slide her hand under the top of the other girl and gradually it moved around to her firm breasts. Soon they were both fondling each others ample bosoms and quickly removed their tops to reveal two really sexy pairs of breasts. As they enjoyed each others bodies the camera was showing close ups of their assets which were getting Tom even more aroused.

Soon their passion was increasing and the dark haired girl began to slowly unfasten the blondes jeans – the camera moved in showing the erotic detail – a shot of the dark girls superb rump in her tight jeans followed by her slowly unzipping the blondes jeans and sensuously sliding them down her slim hips to reveal her slim body which was now clad only in a pair of very skimpy white panties. Her sex lips were obviously aroused as they could be seen clearly through the thin material and Tom was Antalya travesti sure he could see a slight damp patch forming at her pussy. The blonde then reached out and her soft hands glide erotically over the denim clad bottom of her partner, lingering as she savoured the tight rump.

Tom was now so horny he just couldn’t resist unzipping himself and rubbing his throbbing bulge through his tight white briefs which were now very damp where the tip of his hot rod lay. The blonde was now slipping the other girls jeans down and Tom gasped as her sexy firm butt was revealed clad in see-through blue knickers . The blonde slipped her fingers under the elastic and slowly and sexily slipped them over that delicious rear then began to caress it with her sensuous soft hands. Tom had his stiff rod in his hand as he stroked it through the now wet material, the sight before him was so stimulating and he could not wait any longer to free himself and enjoy the sight before him.

He quickly slipped down his briefs and threw off his T-shirt so he was now naked with his jeans and briefs around his ankles – naked enough to really enjoy what he was about to do. The two girls were now naked and both in a 69 position giving each other some serious pussy licking. The blonde was on top and Tom was mesmerised by her gorgeous butt – so soft and feminine but a perfect shape, round and curvy but not too big – just how ho liked them. Oh how he would like to put his juicy cock between her İstanbul travesti cheeks and slide it up and down until he shot his load over her arched back and all over her lovely arse. His hand was now stroking his penis and coating the shaft with the copious amount of precum juice which was flowing from its tip. This was getting him so horny now and as the two girls rolled around they too were getting close to their finale as they both fingered pussies and stroked clits – the camera showed each detail in close up so this got Tom so taut he was close to exploding . He masturbated like this was his last time – his hand coaxing his penis towards that ultimate goal as he also squeezed his balls to add to the experience.

The girls were close now – Tom was close too – both girls were now rubbing their clits together and shouting in ecstasy as their climax took hold and suddenly they both clung together as they simultaneously orgasmed – the blonde on top thrusting her gorgeous butt and giving Tom a view to die for. Of course Tom was in heaven as he watched this erotic sight before him and that perfect rear was the last straw.

His hand was now a blur as he wanked his cock faster and faster – the precum making the action smooth and sexy – suddenly his butt thrust forward, his balls tightened and his cock jerked as an almighty orgasm burst forth. Hot creamy cum erupted from his penis as he continued to wank it vigorously – the first jets shooting almost to his face then further spasms emptied more white love juice over his belly and the final drops dribbled slowly and sensuously down his hand as it still gripped his softening cock.

The video clip faded to a black screen as he fell back in his chair feeling totally satisfied. Now for some work!!!

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