Work Wife Ch. 01


Alright, so Hannah is my supervisor and has been one of my closest friends since I moved up here. When I first moved here, she showed me around, gave me tips on where to move, where to hang out. When I was having trouble with my marriage, she was there. When I was going through my divorce, there. When I told her I was practicing polyamory, she didn’t bat an eye and encouraged me through my exploits.

Part of me thought she enjoyed living vicariously through the stories I told her at work. At some point that morphed into flirting pretty heavy for the past couple of months to the point where she’s gotten into the habit of sending the odd sexy selfie. Nothing too scandalous, a bit of cleavage here and there. Very tasteful. She has this gorgeous hourglass figure and long, wavy blonde hair. Her aesthetic is very scene kid grew up to be a sexy well-dressed librarian with a splash of 90s grunge. She’s also been touching me, like a lot. Touching my shoulder to get my attention, unnecessarily squeezing past me to reach something. She’s really not a casually touchy person, either.

Friday, we had the office to ourselves for a couple hours at the end of the day and she had this smirk on her face every time I caught her eye. She looked hungry. She was wearing her tight dark coral dress with the gold zipper running up the front so she can show exactly as much cleavage as she likes and I could’ve sworn that it kept falling just a smidge lower every time I passed her office.

Finally, the last person left the office and moments later I got a Skype message, “Come here,” and I didn’t make her wait.

I walked into her office and she asked, “Can you help me with my zipper? It’s stuck.”

Ever the gentleman, I obliged and gave the zipper an upward tug. It didn’t seem stuck to me. She pouted, “Other way, silly.”

I visibly gulped like something out of a goddam Saturday morning cartoon and inched the zipper down, glancing up into her eyes every few inches for any sign that I should stop. She had the most shit-eating grin on her face and that’s when I knew it was on.

I unzipped her dress the rest of the way down to reveal her firm breasts encased in a black, lacy, see-through number with a matching thong and garter belts holding up her stockings. I helped her the rest etlik escort of the way out of her dress, and tossed it onto her desk.

She was something to behold and I told her as much. She giggled and told me she could tell that before I’d said anything glancing at my crotch where my cock was at that moment trying to bust out of my pants as we were speaking.

I couldn’t take it anymore. I pulled her towards me by her waist and kissed her, softly at first but slowly harder until we were pawing and grinding into each other like teenagers after a first dance. I entangled a hand in that gorgeous blonde hair and pulled her head back to kiss up and down the sides of her neck. Meanwhile, the other hand was alternating between groping her bare ass cheek and sliding up her side to squeeze her breasts and toy at her nipples through her bra.

She was breathing really heavy at this point, turned away from me and swept everything off her desk, turned to giggle at me and say she’d always wanted to do that. I walked up behind her and pressed my dick into her ass while reaching around to cup a breast with each hand while kissing the back of her neck. I gave her a bit of a nibble while pinching each nipple and she gasped, pressing her ass into me that much harder.

I took that opportunity to unhook her bra, and while she discarded the offending article of clothing, I shimmied her thong down her lovely hips and legs. With her bent over the desk, I spread her ass cheeks and began eating her pussy with gusto, licking up and down her lips with a swirl around the clit and probing her entrance over and over again until she was shaking.

Then I stuck an index finger into her and massaged the front wall of her pussy while my thumb ran circles over her clit. I stuck a tentative tongue to her asshole and she went nuts, pushing back into my face hard and reaching a hand back behind her to pull me in closer and grinding my face into her ass.

Once her orgasm eased off, she collapsed on her desk breathing heavily. I got undressed while she recovered and started playing with my cock. She looked back and asked, “Mmm, is that all for me,” and giggled?

She dropped to her knees and gave the wettest sloppy blowjob of my life. Spit and pre-cum were going everywhere. gaziosmanpaşa escort My cock, my balls, and her face were completely soaked. She looked up at me and told me to bend over her desk at which point she started jerking my cock while rimming my asshole which felt fucking amazing. Then she stuck a finger in my ass and started massaging my prostate. I told her if she kept that up I was going to blow my load all over her desk.

She told me to turn around and started doing the same thing while pumping my cock into her waiting mouth. I couldn’t hold out any longer and came ropes all in her mouth which dribbled a little out the corner of her mouth before she swallowed.

The elevator bell went off and in my post-orgasmic state, I limped to the door to slam it shut while Hannah was giggling her fool head off. We’d forgotten about the cleaners that come in every afternoon.

We locked the door to make sure they didn’t try to get in while we were in our current state of undress. The janitor tried the door, and Hannah told them through the door that she didn’t want to be disturbed. There was a bit of back and forth through the door, and that’s when I had an idea.

Hannah was sitting at in one of her guest chairs and I crawled over to her and started inching my face back between her legs kissing and licking all the way up until I was lapping at her pussy again. The custodian was still trying to insist upon getting the trash all the while Hannah is doing her best to keep from giving away that she was currently taking two very different kinds of tongue lashings at the same time.

I kept licking away and began sucking on her clit while flicking my tongue against it. Finally, the custodian agreed to come back later, partially because Hannah yelled none too quietly for him to vacate the premises.

By this time, my cock was rock solid again and I bent Hannah over her desk and pressed my dick firmly into her dripping cunt. With all the lubrication, I slid right into the hilt eliciting another pleasant gasp from Hannah who was now moaning/whimpering something unintelligible. I smacked her ass which gave a nice stinging sound and left a cute little pink handprint.

She yelped. We couldn’t have that. The people in our ankara escort neighboring floors would hear, for sure. I pulled out and grabbed her panties off the floor which were more than a little damp, stuffed them in her mouth and told her that this had better keep her quiet. I bent her back over and started thrusting with a bit more force than before. She was still moaning, but the fabric in her mouth was muffling the sound well enough.

That’s when I twisted her hair into a quasi ponytail, using it has a handhold while the other hand rained blows on her cute little ass. Hannah’s pussy was absolutely gushing at this point. I could feel her dripping down my own thighs as I sawed in and out of her. I stuck my thumb in my mouth to get it nice and wet and started rubbing circles around Hannah’s tight little asshole which made her moan even more.

Taking that as encouragement, I started applying more and more pressure until my thumb was all the way into her ass. I could feel my dick thrusting into her and started pushing down against it which got another nice little squeal out of her. I removed my thumb, wet my index finger and repeated the process, then again with my index and middle finger. I started alternating thrusts with my dick and fingers.

Hannah was going absolutely nuts and at this point, I couldn’t differentiate between when she was orgasming and when she wasn’t. I could feel my self getting close again and let her know. She spat out her underwear and gasped, “Fuck my ass. I want you to cum in my ass,” and I wasn’t about to argue.

I pulled my dick out of her soaking vagina and my fingers out of her spit lubed ass and started pressing into her ass while she rubbed away at her clit. It took a second, but this wasn’t either of our first rodeos.

Her ass opened up beautifully and I was inching into her until I was buried as deep as I was going to get and she looked back and me and said, “I’m ready. Fuck me.” I grabbed her hips and gave it to her as hard as I could for as long as I could, but her sweet little ass and the situation, in general, were checking a lot of boxes for me and before too long I was emptying my cock into her for the second time that afternoon.

Hannah excused herself to the restroom and I peaked out her door to watch her cute little butt waddle to the other side of our floor trying not leak cum onto the carpet. Once she was out of sight, I sat down as I was feeling pretty worn out, but all I could think about was that in two weeks we would be staying in a hotel and I hoped she’d booked our rooms next to each other.

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