Workplace Romance Ch. 05


My brain was processing this incredible sensation as I awoke. As I laid on my back, this fantastic feeling was washing over me. Warmth, pressure, wetness, and movement, sliding up and down my raging stiff morning hardon…and moaning. Moaning that was vibrating my cock so delightfully that it forced me more awake quickly.

I opened my eyes slowly to a little morning light streaking in the rough the window of the hotel room. Looking down, I found such a beautiful sight. Michele, on her knees between my legs, she looked up at me with lustful and appreciative eyes, as she was slowly sliding my stiff morning cock between her lips. She took half my mast into her mouth and moaned again, never breaking eye contact. Her saliva already coating my mass, and dribbling down the shaft, pooling a little around her fingers that gripped the base of my cock. She’d been at work for a moment already before I was fully awake. My morning hardon was always so stiff and painfully erect, bringing my full 9 inches to bare, this morning was no exception. My full length completely rigid, standing tall, and so sensitive as every nerve ending disappeared into her warm mouth. She pulled back, just an inch off the head of my cock, a thin rope of saliva connected my head to her lips, and whispered, “Good morning baby,” a smile crossed her face that I’ll never forget.

She then did something so beautiful, one deep death and she took me into her mouth again, she took me as deep as she could. Then with an inch or two left sticking out, I watched her wiggle her mouth back and forth as I felt the head push into her throat. She gagged a little and held me still until the feeling passed, then wiggled more, another bit slipped into her warm embrace. She looked up at me with wet eyes, the gagging causing tears to well in them, but she continued her eye contact, wiggled her mouth again, and impaled the last inch or so of my cock into her mouth. Her throat hugged the head tight as she buried her nose in my pelvis. She never looked away, still gazing up at me, her glassy eyes wide, and I felt her tongue slip out of her mouth and lick the front of my smooth balls. I nearly exploded right then.

Her tongue slipped back and she pulled my cock out of the depths of her throat, the cool air in the room felt freezing on my soaking wet pulsating flesh. Long thick ropes of her saliva from her throat now spanned the distance between her lips and my cock, she again lowered her head as she stroked my cock slowly with her fingers, she took one of my smooth balls into her mouth. The skin felt each sensation her warm mouth gave me. Still looking up at me, she sucked gently pulling back an inch, giving me a gorgeous view as she licked and sucked each of my balls into her mouth. Stroking my slick cock with her fingers slowly and deliberately. Her tongue slipped lower over my taint and flicked over my tender skin before slipping back up again over my balls and along my entire shaft to the head. She licked and sucked on the sensitive underside and flicked the head with her tongue.

She stopped her attention for just a moment, looked at me deeply. Her tongue extended as she licked the sensitive underside, rubbing my cock head over her lips.

Her next words were so demanding. “Give me your cum baby, I want all of it down my throat.”

And she took me deep again. Every inch slipped in easier this time and she impaled herself with my dick, holding me deep, now her hand massaged my heavy balls that were getting ready to empty their load for her.

This wasn’t going to take long as my cum boiled and my body raced toward orgasm. My breathing increased, my heart beat faster as I watched her control my body. She began moving my cock slowly in and out of her throat. Taking me all the way down with each stroke until her nose touched my pelvis. No woman had ever been able to give me this feeling before, they had all came up short. But where they failed, Michele succeeded, she was giving my cock the attention I had dreamed to experience one day.

I groaned, “Oh Michele, I’m coming baby.”

She took a quick deep breath and impaled herself again, looking up at me just before my head snapped back against the mattress. As I felt her lips wrap around the base of my cock, I exploded violently. My hips involuntarily flexed skyward as my back arched, and my balls began to empty into her embrace, she struggled with my sudden lurch, but kept me deep as my cock erupted for her. The semen surging through my cock and emptying in her throat felt like a firehose with each eruption form the engorged head. The waves were intense as I came, pumping stream after stream directly down her throat. She didn’t even need to swallow as my warm load emptied into her belly.

She held me there for what seemed like forever, I thought she’d pass out. I looked down at her as my last few pumps of semen spurted into her warm throat. She slowly released me, taking a deep breath. She licked my cock head, sucking it gently, playfully, beşevler escort making sure I was clean and completely empty of my seed. She smiled up at me.

“So yummy baby, thank you for giving me your cum!” And she giggled, sliding up the bed, laying next to me, putting her head on my chest for a moment.

“That was amazing Michele, thank you.” I complimented her, still breathless from my intense orgasm.

“Good morning, I hope you enjoyed your alarm clock!” She smiled against my chest, and then gave me a passionate kiss. “See you at the office!” and she slid off the bed.

She slipped her silk dress over her head and grabbed her shoes, her bag of work clothes that had been delivered from the store last night and quickly slipped out of my room to her own.

Only then did I look at the clock, 6:30, which gave me about an hour to get cleaned up and dressed, and get to her favorite coffee place. I owed her coffee from our little bet last night which had lead to so much more. ‘What a night’ I thought to myself. Smiling, I rolled off the bed and headed for the shower. Time to get ready for work, and one last day with Michele before we both headed home to our respective lives tomorrow.

I thought about the last few days a lot in the shower. We’d both been loyal to our spouses until a few days ago, when we both found a partner we could trust and confide our deepest sexual fantasies and live them out without judgement. It was an experience both of us had needed more than we knew. Would we be able to just go home like nothing happened? Would we be able to appreciate our spouses and move forward not seeing each other? I wasn’t sure, but I knew I wanted to make the most of our last day together.

Her bet-winning-coffee was sitting on her desk when she entered class. She addressed class in her usual fashion and sat down, noting the coffee. Looking up at me with a little surprise, then remembering our bet from last night that had set in motion one of the most memorable nights of our lives. That same wry smile crossed her lips.

“Thank you.” She said quietly.

“You earned it.” I said flatly, no one in the class but us knew what I was referencing.

“It was all my pleasure.” She responded.

“Not entirely, there are several people who feel appreciation of your efforts.”

We both smiled, and laughed quietly, together but to ourselves. She got a little self conscious and averted her eyes, still a twinge of guilt was there. Her mind wrestling with all we’d experienced too, not just last night, but the rest of the week as well. I watched her, she smiled broadly and shook her head back and forth. When she looked up at me again, the guilt was gone, and she was strong, confident and proud. I smiled again, content to see her happy.

The morning session went by quickly. I had some trouble focusing on the task at hand, as I had all week. Watching this beautiful woman who just hours ago had inhaled my cock like no other. She’d brought me an incredible amount of joy this week as we’d explored some deep depths of each of our sexual desires and fantasies. We’d shared things together, things we weren’t even able to talk about with our partners. Fantasies we’d both written off as ‘it’ll never happen’, after meeting her four days ago, not only had they happened, but they were better than we’d ever imagined. Both of us finally feeling a sexual connection to each other, comfortable in our sexuality to make each other desired and satisfied.

I looked at her standing in front of class. Those same black three inch heels made another appearance today, along with a black skirt that hugged her legs just above her knees. The blue silk blouse was stretched over her belly, her nipples hidden, tucked away in a some type of bra underneath. She wrote on the board, and I studied her ass, trying to make out a panty line. Her hair was down today, and her blonde hair flowed as she wrote on the board, as her ass wiggled in her skirt. She looked professional again, still sexy, but clearly not giving off the vibe as last night. She was able to play both roles very well, and I was enjoying seeing this side of her too.

She was so professional in the office, and as we had discussed, both of us had way too much to lose to risk any kind of rumors getting out about us. Here we were both under the pressures of our careers, our marriages, our real world responsibilities. But the hotel had been a nice escape from reality, providing both of us with a level of anonymity and freedom to act how we pleased, and do whatever we wanted to do, I hoped tonight would be no different.

She asked me to cover the next lesson as she excused herself from the class. I stood in front of the class, talked to them about goal setting, and what they’d need to do. My phone buzzed in my pocket, I ignored it and continued speaking. Seconds later it buzzed again, I ignored it a second time and continued the lesson. A moment later a third buzz told beypazarı escort me something must be going on, and I asked the class to excuse the interruption, asked them to read the next section of the lesson for a moment and fished my phone out of my pocket. Three text messages from Michele, I opened them.

What followed both took my by surprise and took and enormous amount of self control to hide from the class as I stood in front of it. I read the messages.

“OMG, I’m so wet.”

“You need to get in here and taste me.”

The third was a picture, in the frame was the bottom of the bathroom stall, she was clearly sitting on the toilet, but in the foreground, her fingers…dripping with her juices.

‘Holy shit!’ I thought to myself as I tried to keep my cool in front of the room of people. My cock began to throb, not only at her wetness, but that she’d slid her fingers through it, and shared with me. I stared at the image, her clear fluid spanned between two of her fingers as it dripped. I needed to respond, clearly I couldn’t join her, that was too risky, we both knew that. What to respond with, how to further her state, without compromising our secrecy?

I typed, “Bring me your panties…now.”

Trying to gather myself, I addressed the class again. Continuing our conversation from earlier, a moment or two went by when the door swung open again. She stood back a few feet from the doorway, concealed from the rest of class, but right where only I could see her. She opened her left hand so I could see it. A tiny swath of blue fabric that matched her blouse was in her palm. She shut it again tightly concealing it, and entered class.

I stammered, thoughts now entirely of her bald, and very wet pussy, squishing between her legs as she walked behind me to her desk. Instead of going to her desk though, she continued and walked to where I had been sitting and sat in my chair. As the employees focused back on me, I saw her lower that left hand to my briefcase and slip it inside. I tried to focus on what I was talking about, but now something else got my attention. As I faced her, I could see the skirt slipping up her legs. Still talking to the class, I looked back at her, she smiled and did something unexpected, she slowly spread her legs wide. Even in the low light under the table, she gave me a very clear shot her her perfect pussy, the wetness obvious from across the room, her perfectly smooth lips glistening in the light.

Those lips that I had been ravaging with my mouth, and my cock for the last few days were ready for more attention. Just the sight of it made my cock throb, and my mouth water. She closed her legs quickly before anyone else could see what she did. I could not focus and just about told the class to take a break, but turned to the board to gather myself. Writing there, they couldn’t see the bulge forming in my suit pants, and Michele didn’t have the opportunity to make my situation worse, but damn, she was so sexy.

The rest of the morning was relatively uneventful, we got through it quickly. When we broke for lunch, she grabbed me by the arm and told me quietly to follow her out of the building. She told me to stay 20 feet behind her. As she moved quickly out of the office, and I followed her deep into the parking lot far from the building, all the way to her car. She got in and had it started and in gear by the time I joined her, hopping into the passenger seat of her Ford SUV.

As I closed the door, she quickly left the parking lot. We hadn’t left the campus for lunch at all this week because of time constraints so I was curious as to where she was taking me. She drove fast, and our destination was reached in a few minutes. Just around the corner from the office was a public park, lots of grass and shade, with picnic tables surrounding a large man made lake filled with swimming ducks and a few geese. A couple of fisherman looked as if they spent most mornings there, quietly seeking their catch. Other than them, the park was primarily deserted as it was a Thursday and most people were working.

She parked quickly and got out of the car, I followed. We met in front of the hood, and immediately embraced in a passionate kiss. Our tongues intertwined as I pulled her petite body close to mine. She moaned into my mouth as we kissed in the sunshine, and I felt her grind her body against mine, her pregnant belly pressing into my stomach, preventing what I wanted, which was her pussy rubbing against my rapidly stiffening cock. My mind raced that we were alone again, and she didn’t have any panties on, I wondered if her wetness was dripping down her thighs by now, and I intended to find out soon.

She took me by the hand and lead me to a picnic table in the shade of a large tree by the edge of the lake. She immediately sat up onto he edge of the table and spread her legs, grabbing my hips and pulling me in between them. We kissed again, more passionately than a moment ago. ankara escort Her lips were soft and full, engorged, and I already knew her other lips must be the same, now just inches away from the cook trapped in my suit pants.

“I prepared your lunch baby…” she said quietly. Out of earshot of the fisherman who were about 200 feet away. Close enough to see, but not close enough to hear. She laid back on top of the picnic table, bringing her legs up as she did. She spread her legs wide, and her skirt fell away, pooling around her hips. Her bare pussy immediately exposed to me was so beautiful. Her small lips were swollen and glistening from her juices. I could see lines of wetness running along her thighs where she had already dripped down them while standing a moment ago. As I looked on, enjoying the sight of her beautiful body laid out before me, she urged me on.

“Taste me baby,” she pleaded, “I need your lips on my throbbing pussy!”

I complied quickly, and kneeled at the edge of the table, her sopping wet pussy just inches from my face. After inhaling her scent deeply, I moaned at the sweetness and freshness of just the scent of her pussy. I lowered my head further, licking her dribbled juices off her inner thighs. She tasted so sweet.

“Mmmmmmmm,” she moaned at the touch of my warm tongue.

I licked further, down her thighs to the cleft of where the backs of her thighs met the cheeks of her ass. That sensitive little crease where her juices were beginning to pool in this position.

“Oh fuck baby,” she cooed. “I want that warm tongue on my pussy.”

She wasn’t mincing words, and we weren’t really in a place to take things slow either. Exposed here in the park, for anyone to see. I wondering if the fishermen had begun to watch, or even noticed. I didn’t care, all I cared about now was following her instructions and tasting her sweet juice directly from her pouring honey pot.

My tongue flicked along the crease of her ass, over her tender starfish, she shuddered, the sensitive nerve endings sending electrical impulses through her body. I stalled, flicking her asshole a moment longer, letting her enjoy the prolonged anticipation of my tongue on her pussy. I slipped to the sensitive skin between her ass and pussy.

“Oh yes, baby,” she moaned.

Her tight little pink pussy was pouring and I dipped my tongue inside her. Sticking it in as deep as I could until my nose rubbed against her clit. Then I slipped my tongue through her folds, finding her clit straining against her hood, desperate for attention. With my fingers I gently pulled her hood back and exposed her hard, pulsating nub to the cool air. I immediately lowered my tongue and began flicking it gently.

“Fuck yes Scott, lick my clit baby!” She squealed.

Her words only inspired me to continue my assault, more forcefully now gently increasing my pressure as her hard button throbbed against my swiftly moving tongue. I felt her moving, and looked up to see her blouse slip off both sides of her belly, she must have unbuttoned her shirt completely. I broke contact with her clit with my mouth for a moment and replaced it with my finger, looking up, I saw she had pulled her strapless bra down and had both hands cupping her breasts, pinching and pulling her hard and sensitive pink nipples as I ravaged her clit below. I lowered my face again and continued my attention to her most sensitive region.

With the fingers of one hand pulling her hood back, my tongue was licking her clit hard and fast now, she began to breath more quickly. Shorter, faster breaths, I could tell she was getting close. She began pumping her hips up into my mouth. With my free hand I dipped a finger inside her pussy.

“Of yes baby, don’t stop!” She cried out.

I slipped my middle finger in and out briefly and then pulled it out, replacing it with my index finger. With my middle, I gently tickled her asshole as my tongue continued it’s assault on her clit. She moaned loudly, and pumped her hips with more urgency now. She was getting close. I didn’t move my tongue, just kept at her stiff button, wanting to push her over the top.

“Yes Scott, I’m gonna come!” Michele nearly yelled out.

With that, I plunged my fingers inside her, one into her sopping pussy, and the other dripping finger pushed into her tight starfish, now finger fucking both her holes as my tongue ravaged her hard nub.

“Ugh, fuck, fuck, fuck!” She screamed at the top of her lungs. Her hips flexed up, all her muscled tightened and I felt both her pussy and ass clamp down on my fingers.

The wave of her orgasm was like her first oral orgasm from me earlier in the week. Her pussy literally exploded for me, all I could do was cover her pussy with my mouth and suck and swallow every drop of her cum as it squirted forcefully into my mouth. My fingers gently pumped in and out of her, and I continued to lap and suck at her engorged lips as her orgasm gently subsided. My fingers slipped out and I raised my head, looking at her, her juices dripping from my wide grin.

She sat up quickly and brought her face to mine. Kissing me hungrily, and tasting herself all over my face, still dripping from her orgasm. She pulled back for a moment, and looked at me as her hands went to my belt buckle.

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