“Worship” She Said

Brutal Dildo

Editor’s note: this story contains scenes of incest or incest content.


I wrote this story when it occurred to me that there are probably male bimbos who go through extensive modification to make themselves attractive. I didn’t know what to call them, so I landed on “kendle” after Ken doll. It’s a dumb word, but that’s the point, so is bimbo.

This story is my imagination of what such a person might be like.


She sent a limo to pick him up when his flight arrived from Thailand. All the pictures she’d received indicated that the expensive procedures were successful. It was even worth it for her to wait until he had fully healed.

The sign held by the limo driver said, “a kendle”. He took a deep breath reminding himself that “a kendle” was as much of a name as he’d get from now on.

On the trip back to her estate, the kendle thought of how he’d been shaped and trained for The Mistress. Five month of behavior modification and conditioning in Germany had left him with a head full of knowledge on how to please a woman and very little else. Another 5 months at an expensive plastic surgery resort in Thailand had molded his already fine body into that of a god. And there were a few exotic modifications güvenilir bahis he’d been trained to use and live with.

As the limo pulled around the courtyard to drop him off, she sent him a text.

“Inflate Now”

She watched through the window as he read the text on the phone she’d bought for him. He ripped off the stripper pants he was wearing. The snoopy limo driver watched in fascination as the kendle grabbed his own balls and began to pump.

What had been an average to smaller limp cock quickly stretched to become a turgid thick shiny purple monster. When it seemed like the skin might split, the pretty man let go of his balls and tore off his shirt, leaving his clothes behind him on the drive as he walked up to the door. His already tight broad chest was now a chemical and surgical masterpiece. Every ab muscle he had pushed against his skin, each competing to be the best defined piece of male flesh not drawn by a comic book artist.

As the kendle shook out his luxuriant chestnut hair, the bald limo driver shook his own head and got back into the car. He’d be telling his wife about this while they fucked this weekend. If only he could have taken a picture without being obvious, she’d probably have let him fuck her more güvenilir bahis siteleri than once.

As the sound of the limo tires receded into the distance, the kendle stepped over the threshold of the door being held by a lovely young maid. He didn’t even notice the material miserly French maid uniform the maid was wearing. He couldn’t, his brain now only had room to think about his mistress’ pleasure.

As she studied him entering the sun room, she said, “How was your flight my toy?” He wasn’t able to reply, his tongue had been enlarged and lengthened to completely fill his mouth.

He’d learned at the resort that anything he had to say wasn’t as important as what his tongue could do. Mistress had sent her niece to Thailand to test the tongue modification. Bethy was intimately familiar with Mistress’ pleasures when it came to being orally pleasured. A week at the resort had almost convinced her to apply for the other team, or at least a part-time position. Once back home with her aunt she was again comfortable with her own naturally long thick tongue probing auntie’s delicious holes as Mistress led her phone conferences. She loved nothing more than trying to bring her father’s sister to completion while on a call. The pleasure iddaa siteleri of serving made her forget anything but the wonderful sweet-tart taste of her Mistress nectar and the deliciously sharp, slightly bitter flavor of her wonderful ass.

The Mistress let her gaze wander over the strong, now slightly dimpled chin. As the direction of her eyes lowered to his now swollen cherry red nipples, she almost drooled at the thought of playing with these now ultra-sensitive pleasure buttons.

She spun her finger and the kendle immediately turned around and bent over presenting his granite ass to his owner. She’d explore more thoroughly later, but for now she satisfied herself with sticking her finger in. Just as she’d specified, his prostate had been slightly moved toward the opening. His now self-lubricating pleasure hole easily welcomed the invading digit. Almost immediately long ropes of pearly man essence burst from the giant cock painting his feet and the antique Persian rug. She smirked when she thought of how he could no longer take a shit without cumming. Of course she’d peg him later, but for now she just wanted to inspect what she’d paid for.

I imagine he’ll make as lovely a sight in a tux as in a speedo she thought as her nails grazed the top of his tush shelf. “Stand and turn” she said as she sank into her divan.

A subtle finger point to the floor in front of her had him kneeling before her spread legs as her vintage silk floral robe fell open.

“Worship”, she said.

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