Worth Waiting For


There was a knock at the door or was there? Carrie was so lost in her own thoughts that she was not certain what she heard. She put her book aside. She wasn’t expecting anyone. In fact there were very few people who knew where she was. She had retreated to this private cabin in the woods of this exclusive ski resort to read, rest and have some fun. It had been a crazy year and she’d worked hard; she’d worked almost every hour there was. At times she had given up sleeping and eating and she’d certainly given up on accepting the various offers for dating that came her way. On the whole she hadn’t minded at all but there was just that one man that she hadn’t been able to get out of her mind. The one man who made her wet just by looking at her. They had never been in the right place at the right time, passing like ships in the night; their lives taking them off in different directions before anything had a chance to develop.

The knock on the door sounded again. She had not imagined it. Getting off the sofa she went to the door. She wondered for a moment if she should open it or not. She wondered if she wanted the company. She wanted to return to the thoughts that were so rudely interrupted; thoughts about her, the guy and his perfect cock. She wasn’t exactly dressed for company either. It was warm in front of the fire so she had only bothered to throw on a sweater over her underwear. The knock sounded for a third time. Carrie could not avoid this any longer. Opening the door HE was standing there, a bag at his feet.

“How did you find me?”

“I have my ways,” he smiled, a little coy, but not at all ashamed of coming to find her. “Can I come in? It’s cold out here,” he smiled at her as he spoke. The wind swirled around him emphasising his point.

Carrie stood aside to let him in and closed the door behind him. The flurry of snowflakes that followed him in quickly disappeared in the heat that filled the demirlibahçe escort room. He removed his coat and her body began to vibrate with wild excitement that she always felt when he was close by. He was tall with broad shoulders and he emanated strength. She wanted to know how his body would feel against hers; skin against skin. Outside of her own head Carrie had only ever seen him with his clothes on but mentally she had undressed him many times. She had a good idea about what she would find. He came closer to her and she could smell the mix of his own scent and the musk of his after-shave. He was so close that she could feel him but still he didn’t touch her.

“I’ve missed you. I thought we might spend some time together. See what happens. I think we’ve waited long enough.”

The look in his eyes made her feel naked even though she wasn’t. Her nipples were hardening and pushing against the silky fabric of her bra and moisture was pooling between her thighs. He was what she wanted. Pulling his mouth down to hers she was the aggressor at first forcing his mouth open, pressing her lips against his. Her hands were on his body, tracing his form and dropping lower to caress the bulge of his erection. Matching her feverish exploration his hands sought out her body, his fingers insinuating themselves beneath the lace panties. Grasping her hips he pulled her closer to him, grinding his erection against her. As he removed his sweater and t shirt Carrie worked on loosening his belt her fingers stopping only to wrap themselves around his cock. Massaging it through the jeans she could feel how hard and aroused he was. He moaned a little as her grasp hardened, demanding his response.

He pushed her panties down over her hips. The room smelt of sex as he led her to the sofa. Directing her to sit he knelt in front of her. They both remained silent, their whole focus was dikmen escort completely on one another. Drawing her to the edge of the seat he pushed apart her thighs so that she was totally exposed to him. Their breath mingled as he moistened a finger and slid it gently into her fevered wet pussy. His fingers were long and graceful and his reach was deep with her. Withdrawing his finger slowly he joined the first with a mate. His two fingers now slid deep within, tracing circles within her engorged pussy as they travelled. Carrie shuddered and sought out his cock again with his hands. Fumbling with the belt she released the zip and directed her hands to seek out his cock. She took hold of the erection and matched her strokes to those he inflicted upon her.

He lent forward to kiss her; open mouthed hungry kisses that devoured her. It appeared to Carrie that he had greater control than she did. Already she could feel the deep response to his touch threatening to draw out a deep orgasm. She could feel the deep flush covering her face and neck. She thrust her silk covered breasts into the air as her nipples sought out some sort of satisfaction. Friction made them harder as she crushed herself against his chest. He stopped for a moment, all tension, focus and feeling in her body remained centred on the fingers he was fucking her with.

“I’m going to make you come, then I’m going to fuck you,” he said. He kissed her again, their tongues mating as they fought to catch their breath.

Pushing his fingers deeper into her his thumb started to circle the hardened bud of her clitoris. Fully exposed there was no way for her to escape his touch; and she had no desire to. The harder and faster his fingers entered her pussy the closer she was to coming, the hotter she felt, until every muscle in her body tensed. She cried out and arched her back impaling herself on his touch. Her mind swam ankara escort wildly as she fought to catch her breath. Removing his fingers he bent down and drew one long wide tongued lick along the wet and engorged lips of her pussy. Another series of small sensations shuddered through her body. Carrie drew him closer to her and she could taste herself in that kiss. Still eager she removed her sweater and bra and watched as he removed what left of his clothes as well. Naked with anticipation his cock continued to rise, rampant and hard. Carrie could not take her eyes from it, nor stop herself from reaching out and wrapping her own fingers around it again. She wanted him and she wanted him deep inside her.

The firelight was playing on his skin. Taking the condom from his pocket of his discarded clothes she watched him almost reverentially as he slid it down over his erection with hasty efficiency. Once again he parted her thighs. Carrie reached for her breasts, her fingers seeking out the nipples that were hard and erect. Her fingers passed over them, clutched them, rubbed them adding to the sensations that were building up again in her pussy. Lifting her hips he guided his cock into her. Entering and withdrawing, entering and withdrawing, entering and withdrawing, he teased her until she was begging for him; begging for his cock to fill her. She held onto his shoulders, pulling him closer to her. As he thrust again Carrie ground her hips against his feeling him sheathed within her to his balls.

“Please, please fuck me. Fuck me. Make me come,” her voice did not sound like her own.

Leaning over her he drew each hardened nipple into his mouth and finally satisfied her with a series of deep sharp thrusts. She came again as deep and hard as the first time and just as good. It was all good. He settled into a steadier rhythm, each thrust deep and slowly gathering in speed. She could appreciate the full length of him over and over and over again. Hammering his body into hers he pounded her harder and faster he was determined and there was nothing that could stop him from coming. As he gasped for breath he kissed her brushing the hair away from her damp face.

“That was definitely worth waiting for.”

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