WoW 20 : The Country Hotel, Day 4


You tell me that June has been asking for a session with me ever since we signed her inclusion in our Contract. You still feel a little reluctant, but you know that it is for the best if we are to keep your team happy, and free of investigation by Glenda of HR.You have now shown June the confidential recordings of my previous encounters with Kira and with Mia. They had each agreed for her to see them, and she was accompanied by the girl receiving ‘training’ as she viewed each recording; you thought everyone had very much enjoyed these ‘review’ sessions and had relived their experiences as they shared them with June for the first time. Both of the girls are much more relaxed about discussing sex now, and even about viewing their own performances with me. It helps that they are friends with June, of course, and that they regard her as more sexually-experienced already.It had helped them all to bond together, but June feels she is not really part of the team until she also has an introductory session she can share. You have been trying to understand what she wants to gain from her session, but you still feel that she really just wants to have a good fuck! I am slightly concerned that you may be a bit jealous of June’s youth and apparent experience, though you have no need to be; you would be my first choice of partner.I say that I think June is already highly sexualised in a sense, but she had suggested before that she often went unsatisfied by her sexual encounters (of which there may have been many). I suspect that she is full of the impatience of youth and may rush her encounters to an end much too quickly. She probably regards the male climax as something she has to ‘achieve’ without enough consideration for her own pleasure. If she could achieve full satisfaction, it is possible that she could settle into a more long-term relationship, as Kira and Mia have done, and of course, as we have done. Such a regular and satisfying relationship does not necessarily mean total exclusivity.I say that I think we need to understand her past experience and her wishes for how they could be improved. I am happy to fuck her, of course, but neither of us wants her to become too dependent on me; she should be pursuing other relationships with men of a similar age.You agree and say you will follow up those thoughts with her, but you do now mention that our own ‘anal’ Training Session has not been shared with June, nor with the other ankara travesti girls. You want to keep that as a complete just secret between us, and I understand that you would not approve of me fucking June’s ass, nor the other girls’; that will be our own secret, if occasional, pleasure now.When you arrange the session with June, at your apartment, you tell me that my assessment of June seems to be about right. She regards making her partner cum as the object of the exercise, and thinks if it happens quickly, she has succeeded, and must be very “sexy”. She doesn’t seem to understand yet that making a man cum is not very difficult, in fact! We need to train her to take enough time to achieve her satisfaction, even if it means delaying theirs; in the end, they will enjoy that more too. We can help her to slow down, to ask for what she wants, and to try out methods that work for her personally.So I arrive at the agreed time and you welcome me in with a grin. June has ‘dressed for the occasion’ in every way and seems rather nervous for some reason, so I ask her why. She does not deny it, and says, in a rush of words, “I’ve seen you and Michelle teaching the others about blow-jobs; and how you made Kira cum even before you fucked her into a second cumming; and how you let Mia fuck you so, so slowly! I’ve seen lots of porn before, but this was so much more exciting because I know you all as people. I could talk with them about it too, and it is all so real, not just glossy porn! I am more nervous than I expected because it is so real now and I don’t have to try to impress you, just enjoy it.”I ask her what she thinks she needs and she says, “Just to slow down, really, whether I’m sucking cock or fucking; and to persuade a man to go down on me, like you did with Kira; that would be just wonderful. I think my sex education has been led by porn and now I need to stop trying to perform. Just take the time to enjoy it!” I tell her I think that is a very good self-assessment (probably led by discussions with you and with the other girls).“So what do you want me to do?” asks June, in her soft and sexy accent, while casting down her eyes. She is already playing a role, I think!“We should dispense with preliminaries,” I say, “as I’m sure you have no difficulties in attracting men and making them want you, so let’s just get naked and start from there.” She seems surprisingly embarrassed, but undresses in front of travesti ankara us, while I do too. I have kept myself under control and she seems a little surprised that I am not yet erect, though I do feel an irresistible response as I watch her body emerge from beneath her stylish and expensive clothes. As I had noted before, she has invested in full-body waxing and has a completely hairless pussy; indeed, a completely hairless body, apart from her well-coiffed blonde tresses.You suggest that we all move to your bedroom, and as I follow June, you give my ass a firm stroke and whisper, “Please fuck her until she screams! I want her to feel what real sex is like.”I ask June to lay on your bed and say, “If you really want a man to go down on you, the best way is to go down on him, but in the dominant soixante-neuf position. You will have seen Michelle do that with me, to demonstrate a deep-throat technique to the girls, but that isn’t obligatory. You just need to take the top position and present your man with your pussy right in front of his face. If he can’t take the hint, you may have to give up on him! So get him to lie alongside you, like this.” I lie alongside her, while you stand with the cam at the end of the bed. I say, “Michelle, if you have any thoughts or advice to give, please just tell us at any stage.” You nod.June lies alongside me and turns to press her breasts against my shoulder while running her hand down my chest and belly towards my cock. You tell her sharply to “Stop that!” and only to do what she is told. You instruct her to turn with her head towards you and straddle my body with her legs so that her head rests by my cock and her open legs are above my face. By a superhuman effort, I have remained relatively soft, and you tell June to take my semi-erect cock into her mouth. She eagerly does that and sucks me deeply inside her, so that her lips are pressed against my balls; she proceeds to play gently with my soft cock by squeezing, licking and sucking it. She looks up at you for approval of how deeply she has taken me in, but you say, “Just stay like that for a minute, June, and suck him slowly.” You reach down and gather her blonde tresses to tie her hair back and to give a good view on cam.You know very well what will happen and inevitably my cock begins to stiffen, lengthen and swell inside her until she feels the head filling her throat now, and she gags on it. She has ankara travestiler to withdraw and gasp for breath, looking now at my fully erect cock and saying, “Christ, Simon, that has grown. I don’t know if I can take it all now!”You smile, as that all happened exactly as you had expected, and you say, “You can try again later, June, but now I just want you to hold Simon’s cock firmly and play your mouth over the head. Remember that you must not make him cum, or this session will be over, and you have a lot more to learn today.”You tell her to lower her naked pussy to my mouth and feel where my tongue is, then move herself to feel it reach forward to her clit and then slide back between her spreading outer pussy lips to slip between her inner lips, now pouting to reveal the inner depths of her vagina. Her pussy lips are relatively large and prominent and are spread wide in front of me, but I simply suck and lick whatever is presented to me, as I am unable to move much, pinned beneath her.She feels my tongue probe inside her vagina, and shivers, then moves to press her clit against my mouth. She tries these alternatives quite a few times! You ask her which position is best for her, and she says, “Both!” but after some more testing and deliberation, she favours the licking and sucking of her clit, now firm and prominent in front of me.So we agree that this is what she should ask and expect of her men. I supplement her pleasure now, by slipping a finger inside her while sucking on her (rather long) clit, and she moans with excitement.“Now,” you say, “you need to reward your man by sucking his cock, but only when he gives you pleasure first. He will soon learn how to get his cock sucked!”June plays awhile in this way, then says, “Michelle, I saw how Simon made Kira cum, just with his tongue and fingers. I’d love him to do that for me too… please!”You say, “I’m sure Simon will be happy to do that, and when you have cum, I will help you to take his full cock into your throat again, but first, Simon, you know what to do!”While June lies on me, with her large breasts pressed against my belly, and my cock against the outside of her cheek, I work with my hands and fingers, my lips and my tongue, to bring her to orgasm. I feel her hips moving above me and taste her juices as they flow more and more. I probe her inner depths with one, then two, then three fingers, twisting and turning, pressing them against her sensitive inner walls, and sliding them more and more easily in and out of her. I suck and tongue her clit with more and more urgency as her movements become more and more rapid, her groans become louder and louder, and her pussy presses more and more firmly down on my mouth.

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