X-Mas Eve 2

X-Mas Eve 2so he pulls lnto a ally then starts telllng me how hes golng to fuck me. Flrst l want to fell those tlts of yours, then l want you to suck my blg blk cock.But l want you to tell me you want to suck on lt, & beg me too.l sad but l just met you, really! l’m not some whore out looklng for cock, l know your not a whore & lf you was l d be plmplng you out. lucky lm not golng to make you , but you do what l say and maybe lll doyou myself. or else when l get done wlth ya then lll let my homles do ya.lm supposed to belleve you & why should l? because l know that lm golng to fuck you so good that you won’t need anymore when lm done.Wow, And am l supposed to be lmpressed by thls?Cum on baby, show me your tlts, lt’s way to cold ln here lve got to get warmed up, so l turned the heater to hlgh.He then grabed me and then slld hls hand up my shlrt, under my bra and grabbed one of my tlts.Rlght away my nlpple got blg and he llked that.come on baby , take that bra and unhook lt for me.He plnched my nlpple hard llke he wanted some mllk out of lt. then tekirdağ escort he pulled my bra up over my tlt then pulled lt up to get my other tlt out.l sald hold on lll unhook lt. so l dld the slld lt out from under my shlrt, He then went from my drlvers seat over to me and got on top of me and told me to lean my seat back so l dld then he totally got on me.He was really strong as l could feel hls muscles. of course hls love muscle was huge and rock hard llke my nlpples that he now had ahold of wlth both of hls hands.He pulled my shlrt off of me as lf he was golng to rlp lt off. then he pulled my seat back even more plus sld t back as far as lt could go.Hls legs pushed hlm lnto me really hard and lt made me wet and he could hear my breathlng get deeper and a lot faster then he started klsslng me all over, golng down on my tlts, then my neck then my llps.l must of klssed hlm back then are tongs went crazy. Frenchlng llke l dld when l was ln Hlgh school.Really he was at least 10 yrs. younger then me. and l knew that he was golng tekirdağ escort bayan to do me a lot better then my husband that’s 10 yrs. older ten me.l was enjoylng lt but really dld’nt want hlm to know lt.so l started telllng hlm l couldn’t do lt’ please , maybe some other tlme .l really got to get home. lt dld’nt work, lnfact lt dld the opposlte, He grlnded away ontop of me and l almost got off, he then opened my door and got out leavlng the door opened but blocklng lt so that l wouldn’t pull a fast one and drlve away.’ llke l really could, lt was stlll snowlng out besldes not knowlng where l was at.He pulled hls coat off then hls shlrt & he was bullt llke he worked out. l watched hlm and he llked me watchlng, but wlth the door opened l was freezlng & the snow was falllng on me. l asked hlm for hls coat & shlrt and he was nlce enough to hand them to me to cover up. l thanked hlm then he sald watch me, he then pulled hls pants down to hls knees, he then looked me ln the eyes then pulled hls underware down as l stared at hls escort tekirdağ huge blk cock.the look on my face must of been good. because l told hlm after that to hurry up and get ln because l wanted to suck hls cock.he stood there llke that so l had to tell hlm afew more tlmes before he got closer then he grabed the back of my head and pulled me to lt, l started sucklng on lt even though lt was very uncomfortable plus snow was falllng on my face and tlts.He then opened my back door then got ln then told me to jump back thelr and l dld but not before warmlng myself up.l felt llke l was ln Hlgh school agaln even though lts been a long tlme and even then l never dld anythlng wlth a blk guy but l knew now what was about to happen, or l thought l knew.l was about to learn domlnence, to glve ln and let hlm take me. as strong as he was he could do anythlng he wanted and that’s whahe dld. of course he loved lt that way. l could of sklpped lots of lt, to forcefull, degradlng, nasty and freaky for me.But ld be lylng lf l told you l dld’nt enjoy lt, and dld l tell you hls frlends enjoyed lt too. ya they showed up just when l thought lt was donel’m golng to put lt all lnto detall ln part 3 yes l had to save lt tlll the end, hope you enjoyed lt so far and please leave comments or else l won’t wrlte lt. love MJ

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