Yes Sir! Ch. 02


The next morning, I was downstairs cooking breakfast for Riley and I. I figured after a night like last night he’d need some food to regain his strength. He came down the stairs barefoot in his jeans following the scent of eggs, bacon, toast and hot coffee.

“Buenos dias tiger!” I said to him cheerfully,”I thought maybe we could talk about last night over breakfast. Sound good?”

“It sure does smell good. I don’t think any man would turn down that breakfast.” He stated without eye contact.

I brought the eggs and bacon over to the table and hurried back for the coffee, anxious to get this convo going! As I sat down I went to tell him how much I enjoyed it and the wait was completely worth it. I wanted to tell him how long I’d been wanting him and that, without knowing it, he gave me my first orgasm. However, Riley had other plans.

“Sweetie, let me talk first please?” I nodded my agreement as I sat there letting the son shine on my face through the window knowing this wasn’t going where I wanted. “What we did last night was wrong baby. We shouldn’t have done it. I’m your dad’s best friend. You’ve always been like a daughter to me. I don’t want to risk hurting you. You have your entire life ahead of you. You can have any guy you want half my age. This is all wrong. ” he said, uncertain of his own words. He looked at me with nervous eyes as I’m sure he could see my heart sink.

“Listen to me. ” I said, unsure of what I even had to say because my mind and my emotions where running a million miles a minute. “I love you. I honestly do. After everything we shared last night I was under the impression you felt the same. Unless you lied last night, you definitely do have some feelings for me. I’ll be damned if something such as my age or our relationship will get in the way of our feelings for each other. Love hurts, Riley, it burns, it scars, its unfair, and its unpredictable, but you can’t deny it and you can’t control it. Last night was the most beautiful night of my life, brazzers please don’t take experiencing more of that away from me.”

In making my last statement I moved over to stand between his legs thinking maybe it would help him understand my feelings. I hugged him closely with his head against my chest. I’m sure he could feel my firm nipples through my silk nighty. He let out a slight groan. I knelt down between his legs looking up at him with pleading eyes.

He sighed then stated,” Your so beautiful. I’m not sure I can say no to that face. ” he paused for a moment in thought, almost as to agree with me. “Say we do pursue this, whatever it is. What about your parents? Your dad would ring my kneck! While you are worth it baby, what would they say? I know that matters to you. Are you just wanting to hide from them forever? Wouldn’t you want them at your wedding? To come visit your home, your kids, your husband? And I’m not insinuating any of this is happening soon I’m just putting these things on your mind. I do love you. More than you know. I just don’t want to hurt you. “

I couldn’t help but cry because while his words were the most beautiful words I’d ever heard, they were a wake up call. What would my patents say? Could I talk them into approving of us if it ment my happiness? “I’ve wanted last night to happen since I was ten. I’m in love with you. I’m in lust with you. Nothing has changed about that for almost ten years. I want to be with you. You can’t hurt me anymore than some random guy my own age would. As for my parents, my dad isn’t that crazy. He wont kill you. If they can’t accept us then they don’t love me enough to wish me a happy life. Like I said before, love is unpredictable. We will work it out, together. Please?”

For a minute I thought he spaced out as I was talking but after a few minutes of silence he said, “You’re right. I want to be with you. Fuck everything else. ” he grabbed my face and pulled me in for a long passionate kiss. His hands went from cuckold porno my head down my back to firmly grab my ass, then back up under my nighty slowly slipping it over my head exposing me to his wanting eyes. I leaned in to kiss his full lips, running my hands through his hair and over his tanned torso. It was so masculine with every muscle threatening to rip through his skin. I needed him inside me. He looked me in my brown eyes as he firmly tugged at my erect nipples, releasing one only to grasp it with his teeth.

By now my juices were very obvious as my aroma filled the air around us. I moaned in delight as he alternated between biting and teasing my nipple with his tongue. As he moved to the other one, he let his hand roam down to my ass. He spanked me once, hard, then hurried to play with my pussy. As he spread my natural lubrication all over my cunt lips he let go of my nipple to look up at me and say “I love you”. I smiled and said “I love you more”.

“I know I was rough with you last night but now I’d like to explore your body slowly.” With that being said he picked me up with my legs wrapped around waist, I started kissing his kneck and he carried me up the stairs. He opened the door to my room and placed me gently on my bed, warm from the morning sunlight. I stretched out on the warm bed like a cat then slowly spread my legs to show him his prize. I licked my fingers then rubbed them on my nipples and used the other hand to rub my clit.

“Riley, you can’t just stand there! Take your jeans off and come play with me. ” I said playfully, adding a please at the end of that so not to anger him. He took his jeans and boxers off then moved my fingers from my pussy and kissed his way from my inner thigh up to my pussy lips. Licking me slowly, granting a sharp moan from me each time he brushed over my swollen bud. I brought both hands up to my needy breasts to play with my nipples.

Before long Riley had his fingers thrusting in and out czech porno of me as he enjoyed the juice my body so willingly produced for him. I clung to the bed spread, stuck out my chest, and held my breath preparing for the strongest orgasm I’d ever gotten due to oral. He looked up at me from between my thighs as I writhed in ecstasy.

“Oh Riley! Yeah. Yeah. Yes!” As I started to slow down he kissed his way up my body, stopping to enjoy himself in my large perky tits.

“Please, baby, I need you.” I looked up at him desperately.

“Patience” he said firmly.

He bit my left nipple one last time then moved up to kiss my neck. He knew exactly the spot to stimulate with his skillfull tongue. Only to distract me as he thrust himself in my tight little cunny. I let out a loud moan and instantly wrapped my legs around him as he thrust in and out of me with his thick manhood. He was wider and harder than anything I’d ever felt before. His massive tool, with its curves, pumping me so deep. I took in every second he had to give me. He gently pulled my hair as he reached down with his left hand to push my left leg out for better access.

I scratched his back while moaning to every delightful thrust. He bit my neck as I scratched him then said “That’s a Good girl. Cum for me baby. “

I gave him all that I had. Screaming in pleasure. Squeezing him because I loved him and because at that moment I felt closer to him than ever. He tensed up and I felt his cock grow, as if it could get any bigger, and I knew he’d be cunning for me soon.

“Come on baby. It’s your turn. Cum for me. Fill me up Papi. Fill my tight pussy. I want to fill your hot load shot into me and leak out down to my ass.” I assume the dirty talk pleased him as he emptied his heavy balls into my waiting cunt. He then rolled over to lay next to me, looked at me, smiled, and said “that was a great breakfast honey.”

I looked over at him, giggled and climbed up to straddling him. As I kissed his soft lips, he looked me in the eyes and said “Go shower and let’s go see a movie or something.”

I said yes sir and walked to the door. Before I left the room I turned and went to ask if he was coming but before I could speak he said “I’ll be there in a minute.”

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