You Can Handle It Ch. 02


The next week I spent in Greenville. Again on Wednesday night there was a casual question about whether I would stay in Greenville until Friday. I assured Barbara that I would probably leave for Atlanta about noon on Friday.

What I didn’t tell Barbara was that I planned to make a round trip to Atlanta Thursday. I rented a car in Greenville and drove south. I cruised by Diane’s house around 3:30PM. Barbara’s car was there. I parked near the exit to the subdivision so I could easily see who came in and out. About 4:30 Diane’s car swung into the subdivision. She must have left work early today, I thought. Barbara’s car came out about twenty minutes later. I didn’t try to follow her because I was sure that she’d go back to Beth’s and change before any date.

About 5:30 I drove through Beth’s condo development. I drove past Beth’s garage and I could see both B&B cars inside. I parked in the visitor’s lot on the far side from Beth’s condo and dialed Beth’s number on my cell.

“Hi, Beth. Is Barbara there?”

“Sure, Jeff. Hold on.”

I told Barbara that I was heading home to my Stouffer’s dinner and that later I was going to work out. “I wanted to call early in case you had to spend the night at Diane’s again.”

“No, everything’s okay there, this week. Beth’s fixing dinner and later we’ll probably go see movie.” She mentioned some chick flick. “We decided to go see that since I didn’t think that you would be interested.” We talked a little longer and then I concluded the conversation.

About 7:00 Beth’s boyfriend pulled up and parked. A few minutes later another car came into the visitor’s lot and I saw Harry Winston get out. In ten minutes the foursome returned, getting into Harry’s car with Beth and her beau in the back and Harry and Barbara up front. The twins were dressed smartly in one of their “twin” outfits, identical slacks and blouses. I carefully followed the car to a RubyFriday’s type place. They spent about an hour having dinner. When they left the restaurant, they went to the local Cineplex, probably to see the movie that Barbara had mentioned. About 11PM they returned to Beth’s place.

Beth and her boyfriend went on ahead. Harry and Barbara hung back talking and laughing and she occasionally giggling. During this they were entwined and I saw some light brushes of lips. Then Harry maneuvered into a serious hug topped with an exploration of her tonsils by his tongue. Both his hands moved down to grasp her buns and then one slid back up between the two lovers to fondle a breast. After several minutes, they broke apart and walked to Beth’s condo. I waited for two hours but neither of the men reappeared. I finally left.

On the way back to Greenville I reviewed what I knew. I was certain Barbara was having an affair with Harry. Beth and Diane knew it also. But I still didn’t have any tangible evidence that couldn’t be refuted with lies.

Before I left for Atlanta on Friday, I visited the best camera store in town. The clerk was very happy when I left with a good SLR, a fast zoom lens and high-speed film.

I was tired Friday night, as Barbara and Beth both seemed to be, so we all turned in early. Saturday we went out with Beth and her boyfriend, Hank. I was getting paranoid. Hank seemed to want to avoid me all evening. Maybe he felt guilty about his participation or maybe he pitied me. I couldn’t tell which.

If Barbara was having any emotional strain over this, I couldn’t sense it. She spent most of our private time Saturday night concentrating on me, although I did lap her to ecstasy once. Her blowjob left me drained.


Monday morning I detoured slightly on my way etimesgut escort out of town. I wanted to see where Harry Winston lived. Afterwards I drove to Macon, an hour and a half south of Atlanta. A small manufacturing firm had hired me to help with a major development project. I had been spending about half my time at the plant for the last 15 months. It was an enjoyable project. Even more enjoyable were the client team members. The lead on the project was a redhead about thirty-two years old. She divorced during the first six months of the project. Since the divorce she had come onto me strong but I had finally gotten across to her that I was happily married and not looking. She still flirted with me but had reduced the pressure some.

That afternoon Sandra and I were reviewing some logic diagrams and noting changes on them. At one point she drew a new circle with an arrow pointing to another circle on the diagram. She hadn’t gotten the arrow to touch the next circle though. She stopped talking and looked at the diagram.

“It’s been too long when a logic diagram gets you worked up,” she remarked.

When I looked at the diagram, I suddenly realized that the symbols she added were exactly what you would draw for the male symbol in a biology class. I started to pass by the comment, but an impulse made me draw a female symbol, the circle part touching the male circle. “Do you think we should change the flow,” I asked.

“It’s getting late in the day,” Sandra remarked. “Maybe we should think about this for a couple of hours and talk some more.”

“The Angus Grill is a quiet place,” I responded identifying an upscale restaurant. “We could talk there. Maybe about eight o’clock?” Why should Barbara have all the fun?

“That should give me enough time to think.”

“Perhaps if I picked you up, then you could show me the way and I wouldn’t get lost.” I wanted to make sure that she knew this was serious.

“In that case, pick me up at seven. I wouldn’t want to get back to my place too late.”

The dinner was good, but the company made it fantastic. Sandra may have gotten a divorce, but she still knew how to turn on a guy. It was also that I needed a confidence boost, and she stroked my ego all night long.

We were seated at a table for four, but just across a corner from each other, not opposite. We talked easily about our lives outside of work. We talked about places in Europe that we had both visited, and we talked about books that we had read. She often touched my hand or arm to emphasize a point. When we looked at the dessert menu we leaned our heads toward each other and talked as if we didn’t want anyone else sharing our decision.

When dinner was over, Sandra hooked her arm in mine as we walked toward the car. “What a mild night,” she remarked. Summer in Macon is a scorcher and the relative coolness of the night was a relief.

“As beautiful as the woman I’m with.” Was that laying it on too thick? She had changed from the pants suit I knew at work to a light confection of a sundress.

“Flattery will get you everywhere.” We both laughed at the old joke.

I unlocked the car. As I put the key in my pocket, I put my arm around her waist and drew her towards me. She didn’t resist as our lips brushed. When I put my lips back to hers, she put her arms around me. I licked my tongue between her lips. She opened her mouth and our tongues dueled briefly. “There must be a more comfortable place to do this.”

“Let’s go back to my place,” she answered.

Sandra lived in a two-story that she had gotten as part of the settlement from her divorce. As soon as the front door closed she spun into my arms and we etlik escort resumed kissing. I ran one hand lightly up and down her spine. She shivered briefly and then redoubled her attack on my tongue.

We separated long enough to flop onto her couch and then entwined our bodies once more. My fingertips stroked her belly and caressed upward to the outer swell of her breast. She thrust her chest forward, but I avoided her nipple, continuing to tease upward to her shoulder and down her arm.

I broke our kiss to nibble down her throat while my hand moved to her zipper. The zipper slid easily to below her waist. When I moved my hand up her newly exposed skin there was no bra strap.

I pulled the dress forward and she slipped out of the sleeves. I returned to nibble on her neck and downward between her breasts. As I got to the lower curve of one, I extended my tongue and began a slow spiral around the delightful globe. Almost to the aureole, I started to lift my head. Sandra grabbed it and simultaneously thrust her breast into my mouth. When I flicked the nipple she shuddered and moaned.

While this was going on, I had slipped off my shoes. After several minutes of teasing her orbs, I whispered, “Where’s the bedroom?”

When she stood, a brief shimmy dropped her dress to the floor. She skimmed her panties down her legs and stepped past me towards the stairs. Taking my hand, she began climbing the stairs. The view from behind was breathtaking. Sandra obviously worked out frequently. The globes of her ass were firm and rounded. As she ascended, I could see her pussy peeking from between her legs.

Once in her bedroom, I discarded my clothes in a pile near the door. She watched appreciatively as I moved to join her on the bed. We kissed for a while as I stroked her smooth skin. Then she kissed down my chest, across my belly and began lapping at my cock almost like a cat with cream.

When she began bobbing her head up and down my shaft, I needed some action also. “Turn around,” I commanded. Never losing her up-and-down rhythm, she moved until I could reach her pussy. I began to slowly rub my fingertips over the outside lips. I could feel the moisture that had already leaked out to mat her hair. I lifted her near leg as I moved my head underneath her. I lifted my tongue into her softness and lapped up and down.

When I dropped my head down to rest momentarily, her hips followed until her pussy was pressed to my mouth. I moved to flutter my tongue over her clit. Her mouth pulled off my cock. “Oh, oh, oh, oh, yessssss.” Her hips mashed my head into the mattress, and then she rolled to one side and lay there gasping for breath.

Sandra turned around and snuggled into me for a minute or two. Then she reached down and began to lightly stroke my cock again. After a few strokes assured her that I was still ready, she rolled to her back. “Get in me,” she whispered tugging the relevant part towards her pussy.

In three strokes I was buried to the hilt in the first warm pussy other than my wife’s that I had had since I got married. I started slowly and kept going at an even pace.

“So good,” Sandra moaned in my ear. “Don’t tease me so. Faster. Faster.”

“Enjoy the sensations,” I replied. “No need to rush.” I kept up the same steady pace.

Sandra began to thrust up against me trying to increase the tempo. Suddenly she tensed and then relaxed into the mattress. “Ohhh, nice,” she murmured.

I continued but soon began to speed up as I felt the urge begin to grow. Sandra had wrapped her legs around me and was thrusting in time with me. But then her hips began to gyrate about three times for each of my thrusts.

“NOW! NOW! ankara escort NOW!” She plastered her body to mine so that I couldn’t move in and out any more. She held me tightly for almost a minute as I felt her torso vibrate. Then she released me and dropped back flat on the bed as I popped out of her. I rolled to the side and waited to see what would happen.

Sandra cuddled against me again. I heard her breathing become slow and regular and I thought that she was asleep. After about five minutes she wriggled about. “God, that was good,” she said. “I haven’t had one like that since long before my marriage ended. You’ve still got a problem though.”

I was about 75% hard and waving in the breeze lying on my back. Sandra twisted and took half of my cock into her mouth in one gulp. Admittedly, I wasn’t as big as earlier but she both surprised me with her speed and stimulated me as she slurped her own juices.

After a few minutes, I had grown so that she could no longer take half of me in and she could tell that I was ready to finish. “Let me do the work, now,” she stated as she threw one leg over my hips and lowered herself until we were fully joined.

She started moving slowly, scraping her nipples across my chest. I had not had much time to appreciate her breasts before. I knew they were delightfully firm globes slightly more than I could hold completely. From this angle I could see that they were round and wobbled nicely but not excessively side-to-side. I thrust my hips in coordination with her increasing the penetration.

She kept a steady pace for a while but began to speed up. As she did, she also became more erect changing to a vertical motion from the horizontal that she started with. As she moved faster, the force of her downward movement kept me from responding like before. To increase the penetration she spread her knees wider. Finally, she was moving rapidly and moaning continuously.

“Oh so good, so good. Oh, Jeff. You’re so big inside me. Ooooohhhhh, niiiice, ooooohhhhh.”

I again felt the pressure building in my balls. “I’m going to cum soon,” I said.

Sandra moved even faster. “Ooooohhhhh, yeeessss. CUMMING NOW! NOW! DO IT!”

My sperm boiled into her womb. Simultaneously, she ground down on me and I felt her muscles milking every last drop from me.

“Not that I’m complaining, but what’s going on,” Sandra asked as we lay in bed recovering.

“What do you mean?

“Well, I’ve been chasing you for months. You had convinced me that we would never hook up. Happily married, good sex at home and all that. Then, first day in the office I make one flirtatious comment and here we are. What’s happened? I need to add whatever I did to my file for future use.”

“Sandra, I’m sorry. I took advantage of you. I’ve been a fool. I better go.” I started to get out of bed.

She grabbed my arm. “Absolutely not. You stay here until I understand.”

I paused trying to figure out what to say. No easy words came to mind.

“My wife’s cheating on me. Oh, goddamnit, that bitch.”

For the next half hour Sandra listened to me rave about what I knew, what I guessed, how I felt sorry for myself. Finally, I apologized again for taking advantage of Sandra.

“Look, Jeff, when you give me four, no five, orgasms in one night you have nothing to apologize about. The pickings in Macon have been slim for the past year, but even when I was first married, I NEVER had a night like this. No sir, no apologies necessary. Take advantage of me anytime like that.”

“I didn’t expect long term commitment from this date. I got more than I ever hoped for,” she continued. “Even knowing about your wife, I still don’t expect a long term relationship. I do feel badly for you and I’ll help in any way I can.”

“Five orgasms, huh?” I had blown off all the steam that I could tonight. Men keep score and that was a score that I’d be happy to post on the Internet.

“Sure beats my electric friend in the drawer,” Sandra replied.

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