You Can Tell By The Eyes


Snow falling tenderly outside. My body being heated by the crackling fire that seems to burn my uncovered, long legs. Gently running my fingertips down my body as though caressing myself missing the touch of him. My thoughts run. It had been so long since he had touched me. God, I miss him. Nothing can replace that feeling of his heated hands stroking my fiery, sweat covered physical being. Oh, how I long to feel him again. Like an addiction, I just can not seem to get enough.

“Michelle, come here”, my dad yells breaking the daydream that I was thoroughly enjoying.

I regain my composure, “Coming dad”.

Standing quickly, my hair is repositioned on my back softly. I am a captivating young woman standing 5’7 in height, long blonde natural curly hair, a light ivory complexion, deep, dark blue eyes, and a 38D chest size that most women would kill for. The high-arched soles of my feet press the carpet beneath me as I walk into the other room to speak to my father. Curious of my plans for the night, he and I speak momentarily as I return once again to the living room to ponder on my previous thoughts. Prior to even falling against the cushioned couch my nipples harden. Moisture begins to stir between my legs. I take a deep breath and scream on the inside. His touch seizes my mind like he is feeling me right then. I am in his complete control; however the feeling of his body against mine will not exist for another few months. Saddened by this, but deeply moved at the same time. Knowing inside the wait is worth it all. The absent touch that I am referring to all began about two years ago, and he is my cousin.

Let me elaborate on the situation. In the year of 1999, I had to leave my home town to move with family out of state. The reason of relocating being that I had an ex-boyfriend that was obsessed and my parents were in fear of what extents he may go to. So I obliged their request and decided to pack my bags and leave. A couple of weeks later I was visiting and moving to Florida for the first time in my life. The traveling began and fear temporarily replaced the excitement in me.

Then after five hours of traveling we arrived at our destination. I stepped out of the vehicle and decided to immediately begin unpacking. After this I sat on the patio porch and gazed upon the large in-ground pool below me. It was beautiful, water glistening, sun gleaming with the temperature constant at eighty degrees.

The humidity seemed to make my body glow with small amounts of perspiration streaming down my cleavage. The white halter top I was wearing barely held my breasts from being revealed. My clinging khaki shorts gripped my thighs like they were not wanting to release them. I sat still awaiting the arrival of my two cousins. Anxiously and nervously waiting I knew this was going to be an experience that was never forgot by myself.

My cousins were great. Mark being 20 years old, muscular, sweet (he offered to give me his room prior to me moving down there), articulate, and sincere. Wesley had just turned 18 and put the “sex” in sexy. Standing 5’9, a tan complexion, baby blues, golden blonde hair, and a muscularly defined body that screams to be touched. My daydreaming was suddenly broke as I heard the front door shut. I quickly turned to view Mark as he entered first. He walked to the door leading out on the patio, where I was still sitting. Mark quickly took the seat across from me and we began a conversation that only lasted seconds it seemed; however I was definitely not upset because of the interruption. Not that Mark bothers me because I deeply love him, but my body heated as the front door opened and closed for the second time introducing Wesley.

My mind thought “Damn he’s fine”. He walked through the house and then stepped out on the patio. His eyes fixated upon me. I could feel myself becoming wet in between my thighs. I wanted him and I wanted him bad. I will have him, but I thought yeah right, he doesn’t want me in that way. My heart sank questioning the desires running in my mind. For those few seconds I battled within myself, and my final decision was a moral based one. I would have complete self-control.

After what felt like an eternity I looked back up at Wesley. Eye contact was not made. He was totally taking in the view of my breasts. My nipples hardened at the thought of him looking at them. Turning quickly so he did not notice what I had noticed; therefore I was safe. The real question being was he thinking what I was.

Stop Michelle, I said in my mind. He is just a child. We both then broke back in to reality as my Aunt Kay announced that dinner was ready. My family and I had a long, in-depth conversation during the meal ranging in subject matter; İstanbul Escort however it was enjoyed by myself.

Later the boys and I decided to go for a night swim. Nothing too exciting because over the next few months we just got to know one another like best friends. Mark rushing home everyday from college to tell me all his daily discoveries with women. Aunt Kay working her normal office hour job and Uncle Ray working his long hours at the factory. I became very involved in the boy’s life. I worked my normal office hours as a manager with a small manufacturing company and came home. Wesley finishing homework late at night and staying up talking to me for hours upon end. Prior to moving I was attending college to obtain my associate’s degree in computer information systems so this intrigued him and led to many substantial conversations.

During the months of closeness that my cousins and I shared a number of sexual things began to occur between Wesley and I. Long talks led us to falling asleep together; however we always woke up in the middle of the night and refrained from being seen in the same bed together. He had been one of those guys who had enjoyed receiving massages since he was young and I use to give them to him except for now it was not just my hands massaging him. My tongue on occasion would shortly fall behind the areas that my hands embraced, and my lips loved to kiss every aspect of his well defined body. Never touching or caressing below the waist line though.

One night in particular I had came home late that night after a date and had walked in wearing a miniskirt and high heels and was really wet after being finger fucked by my date and was ready for some love. I walked in the door and went downstairs to my safety haven as I call it where he was laying. We talked for a while and then I told him I was going to go up and change and I’d be back in a second. A moment later I returned with only a long night shirt on. My hard nipples cut the fabric and begged to be released from their restraints. I wanted to excite him and I was desperately hormone driven at this point so while he was laying in the floor and legs and feet stretched on the couch I began to massage his legs. His body was just too much and made me so heated that I could not resist. My hands pressed the muscles in his legs and soothed them with every tantalizing touch that my flesh laid upon his. Then I moved down to his feet where I began to press firmly in the arch and motion my fingers in circles. Seconds later I took my tongue down the center of his foot and then took his toe inside my mouth. Sucking delicately as though it could be his dick inside my mouth. As he turned and looked at me I could see the lust in his eyes. God, the look in his eyes made me weak. I had to stop. I wanted to take him right there. So I stopped, gathered myself, and went upstairs.

Then, as the area was just becoming new to me I decided to date. I went out quite often and had too many unsuccessful dates to count. My interest did not lie in them at all. The interest I had was solely concentrated on Wesley. The more we talked the more attached I became. I became so comfortable with him that we discussed my dates and my sex life constantly. Not knowing anyone really created the problem of me not being able to be sexually active like I had been prior to moving. I had not been involved intimately with a man in about four months. This created a big problem. My attitude began to change because I was frustrated and irritable all the time due to not having sex. I was never alone to masturbate and relieve myself and my sex drive is extremely high. Needing eight to ten orgasms a day, I was dying. Being a somewhat conservative young lady my masturbating technique had always been done with my fingers only. I had never experimented with toys, but the thought entered my mind quite often. Just not completely comfortable with it.

My aunt had an assortment of plastic fruits and vegetables that set on the table for a centerpiece and I found that one particularly fascinated me. It was an eggplant. Much smaller than the regular sized ones; however the thickness of it excited me. My mind raced wondering how it would feel separating the walls of my cunt. One of my ex lovers being thick had made me orgasm multiple times and the width was almost equal to his. I knew I could take it. I could handle it. One day while left home alone I decided to see for myself. My family would not be home for about three more hours and I needed this. I needed it so bad.

Eyeing the soon to be plastic toy, I grabbed it quickly and I went downstairs and removed my shorts. I do not like panties Kadıköy Escort so I rarely ever wear them. The couch was located directly in front of the television and a throw blanket laid across the back of it. The perfect location for my soon to be orgasm. I stepped quickly towards it and sat my half clothed body down on the couch. I covered myself with the throw and ran my fingers against my pussy lips. My wetness had already partially lubricated my thighs. Temporarily I pressed my fingers inside the walls of my screaming hole. Next I took the thicker portion of the toy and began to press it against my entrance. I was too far gone at that moment and with one hardened thrust the plastic intruder entered me.

“Yes, oh my gosh….”, my body shivered as I pictured it being Wesley.

I moaned for what only seemed like seconds and my first orgasm came. My heels dug into the couch., legs tightened and I released. God that felt good, I thought. Just a few more, I thought, and I will quit. I need this. One after another my body buckled in the couch as I released three more within the next thirty minutes. Laying there sweat dripping off my body I took a deep sigh and I yearned to be penetrated just a few more times. I just could not seem to get enough. Knowing the family would not be home for at least another hour so I decided to continue. While pouring cum all over the piece of furniture that my body laid upon came the next orgasm, and before finishing I heard footsteps and a second later the downstairs door opened. Wesley walked in and glanced down at me.

“Whatcha doing?”

“Just laying here watching some television.”

“Oh then why is the tv off?”

I laughed and tried to cover for myself, “I don’t know it just flickered on and off all of the sudden.”

“Sure it did girl,” with an evil smile falling across his face.

Then with a sudden movement he walked over to me and grabbed my blanket.

“What the hell are you doing,” I said.

“Come on, I want to see.”

“What are you talking about?”

“No one is going to be home for about three more hours. They dropped me off because I didn’t want to go to the ballgame. I told them I didn’t feel good and I just needed to rest. I wanted to be with you. So take that fucking blanket off of your ass and let me see what you were really doing.”

I was ashamed and I could feel my skin begin to turn red. “No, I’m embarrassed,” I said.

“Why? Just let me see. I want to help you. I promise I’ll make it all better. Now take the blanket off yourself or I am going to pull it the rest of the way off you.”

“Okay, damn it. I was masturbating.”

He laughed with anger rising inside me because of him laughing at me and then his words soothed the anger.

“I know. I want to help.”

I stood up, having already removed the plastic toy from inside me. My shirt still covered my breasts; however I was standing there with the lower half of my body completely revealed to my cousin. He stared at me and for hours it seemed nothing was said; however only moments later he fell to his knees.

“What are you doing?”, I said.

“Lay down. God you are beautiful and you are soaking wet. I want to taste you.”

“I don’t think this is right and I don’t want either of us to regret it.”

“No regrets, I promise. Give me five minutes and then I’ll let you decide if you still feel it is wrong.”

“Michelle, you are such a tease. You know you want me. You have always wanted me. I want you more than anything too. I see the way you look at me. Lustful eyes, wearing shorts that revealed just the least little bit of your pussy lips. Remember when we were playing basketball and you were guarding me and without any notice my hand accidentally slipped up your shorts and cupped your ass cheek in my hand. It didn’t stop there though and I slipped a finger in you just to be able to smell your scent. Do you remember?”

“Yes I remember. I remember being in the pool with you and you going underwater and you slipping my bottoms over and blowing bubbles inside me. Do you know how horny that made me? How wet I was? How bad I wanted you?”

“Yes I know and here I am. Let me touch you, please.”

“Okay,” I said. Standing there I slowly removed my shirt. Teasing once again by taking my time. As I laid down on my stomach on the couch with my nipples pressing hard against the fabric.

Then he walked over to me and pressed his tender hands upon my back. He brushed my hair to the side and laid his lips upon my neck. My body trembled. He ran his fingertips down the center of my back and his tongue followed. He traced the outline of my body with each movement Kartal Escort his fingers made and grasped my hips lightly. Seductively he concentrated on me like a very experienced man would. Taking in every aspect of my body. Tasting my heat. The aroma of sweat and cum filled the room and it seemed to intoxicate me. I wanted him so fucking bad, but I did not have any protection and I knew that this could lead to disaster so I rolled over and looked into his eyes.

“We can’t do this, Wesley.”


“Because neither you nor I have any protection and I don’t want to risk that.”

“I’m not going to fuck you baby. I just want to please you. Take care of you, fulfill you.”

“But fucking is what I want.” At this point I was a little frustrated. Thinking so now he is simply going to tease me.

“Spread your legs. I promise I’m not going to fuck you. Just tell me if you like what you receive.”


My legs opened as wide as possible. I trusted him with my life why not my pussy. His short fingernails scraped softly across my stomach and then they found my swollen clit. Damn, I’m fucking horny. Seconds later, Wes slipped his finger across my clit and had my hips grinding. Rubbing it briskly and just right.

“aaaaaaaaaawwwwwwwwww…” I whimpered as I was receiving exactly what I needed.

Next the first finger slid in me. Yes I had wanted this for so long. I had waited for what seemed like an eternity. Was he going to regret this. Was I a terrible person. My mind was rushing with questions that seemed so irrelevant because the fact of the matter was, there I lay with my dripping cunt spread out in front of my cousin and him taking control and oh my God was he taking control. A shiver ran through my body for the second time and I could feel myself coming to an orgasm as the second finger slipped in.


“I love you too,” he whispered as he looked into my lust filled eyes.

Was I falling for my cousin. Was it the heat of the moment that caused me to say those things. He is so much a part of my life. I do love him; however was I falling for him just to be made a fool of. He is so young, so indecisive as to what he wants. I can not allow my feelings to go much further than this, but it felt so fucking good. The third finger slipped inside my sopping wet cunt and I could not help it.

“Ohhhhhhh fuuuuckkkkkkk yeeeeeeesssss. Fuck me. Yes, please.”

His fingers penetrating me so hard it felt like he was ripping me. Their length seemed to reach my area of contentment because with a few more harshly driven thrusts and I was whipped.

“OOOOHHH YEESSS, I’m cumming baby. I’m cumming. Don’t stop, finger fuck the hell out of me baby.”

With that final exhausting scream I released an orgasm that seemed to squirt cum. The hardest and most intense sexually satisfying orgasm that I had ever had in my life. My muscles finally released as though holding me captive, and then I felt a wet intruder begin to flicker my clit. I looked down as he glanced up at me with a cum covered face that shined from my lubricant covering him. He was tasting me and did not want to stop. My hand pressed the back of his head and pushed him into returning to the area that he was at previously. His tongue slipped inside my wet tempting hole and licked me until I reached another extreme never felt.


My moans cried out and seemed to echo throughout the house. Before I could release my body completely I felt another climax overtaking me when he slipped his cum covered finger inside my tight puckered asshole. Like a pro, he was fucking my asshole and my pussy, and flickering my clit with every lick he had in his tongue. “aaaaaaaaaaawwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww” As my thighs grasped his head and would not let go. I climaxed twice within a split second. Wow I thought. He raised up and looked at me. Stood to his feet with my body still shaking and kissed my lips.

“I love you Michelle. We better get dressed before the parents get home.”

“I love you too Wesley.”

He laughed as he watched me stand to my feet and try to gather my composure, “so perhaps now we should stop this madness. Don’t you think?”

“Hell No, what is wrong with you.” I laughed in amusement.

“That’s what I thought dear. I love you. I’ll take care of you. No need for any other dates. You have what you need right here for as long as you want, okay.”

“Double okay baby.”

He watched my every move as I put my clothes back on slowly. After I was fully clothed he looked at me and said, “come on I’ll go fix you something to eat honey.”

We walked upstairs and a little while later my aunt and uncle walked in and asked, “what have you two been into?” Them not knowing any different we smiled and said, “nothing just being bored.”

And this began the sexual encounters between my cousin and I.

If you wish here more about us please e-mail me and let me know what you think. Thanks so much.

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