Young and Dumb


I remember how it started like it was yesterday. I was on a date with a girl named Amanda. We went down to the river where there was a fire going and drank some beers. We were laughing and joking and having a great time. Then the sun started to come up and she was getting feisty. We started kissing.

It was good, our mouths were in harmony, I went up she went down I nibbled her lip she moaned and vice versa. Then she reached her hand on my chest. She felt my body and liked it, she stroked my abs and eventually made her way down to my pants. I pulled back from making out to give her a seductive look, which she reciprocated. Her eyes were screaming her own contentment.

She smiled and plunged her hand onto my very hard dick. She felt around and grabbed my balls too, she cupped them tenderly. But the look on her face changed. Instead of arousal she looked like she was confused. Then she pulled her hand out from my pants in a split second and apologized profusely. She kept saying how sorry she was and how she was just tired and drunk and needed to go home and sleep. She said she would call me after she got some rest.

I took her home and drove back to my own place fighting the autumnal winds that we experience in the Midwest. I couldn’t explain it but her denying me at the last minute was really arousing. I told myself it’s because she was playing hard to get, I didn’t yet know what door she had unlocked. I didn’t know anything really.

So for a little background information when this happened I was 21. I was 6 feet tall on the dot and weighed about 170. I had broad shoulders and shoulder length blonde hair. I worked out constantly and worked for a scrap yard that was very obviously moving drugs on the side. My job however was just to use a 125lb chop saw to cut up valuable metal off of old cars or train cabins. All this is to say that I was young, cocky, and in great shape.

I expected to pick up girls anytime I went out. And I often did, I never worried about my dick enough to measure it because I never had anyone complain (though I didn’t have many callbacks either). I used to worry about my speed of ejaculation, almost obsessively actually. I would look at the clock before and after I finished, I rarely exceeded 5 minutes, but again, no one ever complained. I figured I was hot enough to get away with it, or that maybe most guys my age were in the same boat as me.

I got home and I went to bed with a raging hard on. I thought about jacking off real quick, but decided it would be better to wait until later in the day when I was desperate to cum. I drifted off into a sound, heavy, dreamless sleep for about 6 hours.

I woke up and my phone said 1pm. I showered, ate some breakfast, and worked out. Then I saw a text from Amanda on my phone. She was apologizing about how she reacted last night and said she was being really shallow and that it shouldn’t matter. She asked if I wanted to come over that night. I of course agreed. I wasn’t sure what she meant about being shallow or what shouldn’t matter, but reasoned it to mean that she didn’t see herself as a slut who had sex on the first date. The male ego is truly astounding. Or I was an idiot. Or both.

That evening after I showered and changed into something nice I grabbed some condoms and made my way over to Amanda’s. I had delayed jacking off again hoping that the feel of her pussy or mouth would be that much nicer with the added wait time.

I arrived and we talked and joked a bit. Nothing was said about the early morning or her text. We just had a great time. Then we started making out again and exploring each other’s body. I had a hand in her brown hair and looked into her brown eyes and gave her a smile. I wanted her to know that she was going to be taken care of. I felt around her slim waist down to her tight perfect ass. I gave her an over the pants squeeze and a smack. She moaned and yelped at me.

I picked her up and walked to her queen sized bed while we continued to make out. I set her down so I could get her shirt and bra off. She had broad shoulders for a woman that was brushed by her hair, and she had a massive pair of tits. Her bra had 6 hooks which felt like a cruel joke to me, but after I struggled for a minute she took it off for me laughing. She said not to worry about it, and so I didn’t.

Finally her DD’s were free and staring right at me. She had dark nipples about the size of a quarter, I wasted no time before putting my mouth on them and sucking. I nibbled a bit too as I worked my hand down to her pants. She continued to moan out in pleasure. When I got her pants unbuttoned she grabbed my hands and lifted them up off of her. I stopped kissing her chest to see her face but I saw she was just trying to get her own pants off, so I moved a little bit to give her the room.

I went back to kissing her neck after she got herself down to just a pink lace thong. She laid back completely no longer with feet on the ground and I brought bursa escort bayan my hand down to her panties to begin my exploratory mission. I inched down them hoping to build up anticipation for her. I felt along her perfectly shaven mound until I felt her little bean. Then I rubbed it very gently to get a reaction, before moving my fingers down into her wet hole. I put my 2 fingers in and started feeling around for nothing in particular.

I made sure to get my finger good and wet with her juices before I brought it back up to her clit to rub it a little more intensely. I went from kissing her neck to sucking on it, to nibbling on it and then to her ear. We did this for what seemed like an hour but was about 15 minutes in all reality (remember I was obsessed with time). Then I pulled down her panties. She looked up at me wantonly. We wanted each other more than 2 people have ever wanted anything at that moment.

Her nipples were hard enough to cut diamonds, her eyes were big enough to swim in, and her pussy was wet enough to quench the thirst of a man in the desert. My dick was so hard it was starting to hurt, and I had precum leaking through my boxers into my own jeans.

I stood up and took off my shirt letting her admire my body while I dropped my pants. I climbed on top of her at 9:58 and entered her welcoming hole. I started off slow with a few slow pumps. Then I felt a tickle, and realized my balls were tightening already. I stood up and asked if she wanted to do doggy style so I could see her beautiful booty more. She giggled and rolled onto all fours for me. Her ass was so perfect I had to bite it on each cheek and give it a smack. She moaned again before saying to fuck her already.

She arched her back and I tried to slide in. But her but was too big. I couldn’t reach it. I was shocked. Her ass was too big for me to fuck her. She turned her head and asked if everything was okay back there. I smiled and responded in the affirmative. Trying to think fast I pushed her down onto her stomach. She looked back at me confused but complied with my unspoken request. This worked much better, no resistance. I pulled her legs off the bed a bit and stood as I plunged myself balls deep into her silky pussy. It was now 10:03.

That counted as 5 minutes I figured and I started to fuck her with a steady rhythm. It wasn’t the full on ‘I’m about to cum and gonna to caveman on your hole’ fuck, but it wasn’t the slow and sensual one either. She moaned and started giving directions.

“Mmm, yes harder…yeah like that, oh my god yes that feels really good”

“Yeah baby you like this dick”

“Yes baby keep fucking me… yeah now go deeper, put it all the way in baby fuck me “

I was confused, and realized after the fact I shouldn’t have said anything. Instead I said “oh I am baby, take this dick” and I upped my speed.

I was going hard now, backing out and ramming myself into her. I was beginning to feel like she wasn’t getting much out of it. Like I got her too wet and now she couldn’t get off because there was no friction.

“Oh right sorry I forgot. It’s okay baby fuck me with what you got. Ungggg yeah there ya go keep going”

“Mmmnnngg” I grunted as I busted my load into my condom at exactly 10:06 pm. I started to slow down giving her a few more long pumps before my dick went soft. Then I pulled it out and took off my condom. When I came back into her room she was lying on her stomach. She looked mad.

“Something wrong?” I asked

“Well I mean, you got me all revved up and then came in like 2 seconds… are you able to get hard again and keep fucking me? I wanna cum too.”

“I can go down on you if you want?” I responded hoping my tongue game would make up for my apparently too quick dick down.

“That’ll just get me more frustrated right now. I need to be fucked.”

We stared at each other for a few moments. Me completely out of ideas and confused. Her with something she clearly wanted to say but not sure how to go about it. Finally she broke the silence.

“It’s fine, we’ll try again later I guess, it’s getting late anyway and I have to work early tomorrow. I’ll call you tomorrow if you want to try again.” She kissed me on the mouth again looking longingly at me.

I took my leave pretty quick hoping that she wouldn’t get mad again and made my way to my car. I started my engine and did my usual feel around, for my phone, smokes, wallet, weed, and lighter. I couldn’t find my phone. Anything else I could live with leaving there overnight but not that.

Still I wasn’t eager to run back inside so I searched my car and her driveway using her porch light to navigate it. No luck. After a few minutes of searching I bit the bullet and walked back to the door. I stopped not sure if I should knock or not. I decided not to think that if she was getting ready for bed, the walk to the door might annoy her, and that was the last thing I wanted. So I quietly entered.

I moved görükle escort deliberately toward her bedroom where I suspected it fell out, and I saw the outline of my protective case right outside her mostly closed door. I felt so lucky thinking I could get it and go back to my car without her noticing. When I bent down to grab it I had a really good view of her reaching into her dresser drawer. She was completely nude, which excited me to imagine her sleeping naked.

Her back was to me but her dresser had a large vanity mirror on it and I could see her front in the reflection. She could have seen me also but she was too busy rummaging. Finally she seemed to find what she was looking for. I went to move toward her living room to make my exit but first I saw what she had been looking for so intently. It was an enormous dildo. Easily twice my girth and probably 2 inches longer.

“There you are.” She said to her toy. “You’ll have to do, I don’t want to get used to big cocks as long as I’m fucking Glenn, not with his little guy.” And she smiled as she turned toward her bed and I retreated to my car as quickly and silently as possible.

I drove home and smoked a pipe but I couldn’t get my mind off of what had happened. Did I have a little dick? That dildo was huge but she acted like it was the smallest one she had. What was going on? I tried to take my mine off it saying to myself that she was still clearly interested, she did imply that she planned to fuck me again after all.

But I couldn’t stop thinking about her saying I had a little guy. Then I thought about how she reached when she felt it, and how she said to fuck her with what I had. Was I small? Or was she just used to really big cocks? Finally I broke down. I Googled average dick size. Apparently it was about 6 inches in length with 4 to 5 in girth. That seemed pretty big to me, not quite as big as her toy probably, but still big. Then I measured myself. I was amazed at my own arousal after this whole affair, I was leaking precum again!

I got out a ruler and measured from the side pressing into my pubic bone (the way the internet recommended). I was 4 inches in length. Then I measured from the bottom reasoning that that was what went inside her, it was 3.25. For girth I used an old shoe string, wrapped it around my dick and made a mark, which I then untied and measured. I was just a smidgen under 4 inches in girth.

“Oh my god, I have a small thin dick…” I said aloud to no one. But this revelation had me rock hard. I was about to hump the air out of reflex; I was so horny. I brought my hand down to stroke it. There was so much precum that I used it as lube on the underside of my circumcised head. Within two strokes from a single finger I was ejaculating. Iaid down and went to sleep confused and horny


The next day went pretty normal. I went to work, cut up some scrap metal from 6 till 4, went home and showered. I decided this time I would jack off before I went to Amanda’s house. This was a common trick to make sure you didn’t cum too early, it never really worked for me, but I figured it couldn’t hurt.

Amanda sent me a text saying she wasn’t able to have me over tonight since her friend Rachel was back from college, but was willing to come over to my place after. I agreed and took the time to tidy up. In the 4 hours it took for her to arrive I jacked off another 5 times. I couldn’t stop thinking about her massive dildo stretching her out and how tiny I must feel in comparison.

Eventually I saw headlights pull into my driveway. I saw a girl driving that I didn’t recognize and went over to open my window. I couldn’t really see well from the glare of the headlights but it looked like Amanda popped her head up from the girls lap after they stopped moving. She opened her passenger side door and said bye.

“By babe, good luck with Glenn tonight” she laughed a bit as Amanda shushed her. “Hopefully his little guy doesn’t prejac again” and she let out a snicker as she backed out and left.

I convinced myself in the 30 seconds it took for her to knock that it was nothing to worry about. Amanda was still interested in me even if I did have a tiny dick. I mean slightly below average. And this Rachel girl was her friend so of course they shared the details of last night’s misadventure. I’ll just give them something else to talk about after tonight. That’s what I told myself confidently. As I went to let Amanda in.

She immediately kissed me, her mouth tasted different, it was salty… and slightly sweet. Like a salted apple or something. We tongue wrestled for a minute before making our way toward my bed.

As we were making out I couldn’t help but think how much chemistry we had. Our mouths and tongues were in perfect harmony. Her pants came down easily since we were still standing and her shirt was just as smooth. She stood in front of me in her bra and panties with her brown hair slightly messed from my hands. bursa escort bayan I started kissing her neck again and unhooked her bra myself.

Off to a better start. I thought to myself as I moved my hands down to her partially bare ass cheeks. They were so firm yet so squishy. Her ass was so perfect. Then I felt bad for ignoring her tits so I moved my mouth down to her nipples to let her know I loved all of her body. Her hand meanwhile had unbuttoned my pants and unzipped them. They fell to my ankles and she reached into my boxers grabbing my still soft dick.

All the jacking off had kept it limp this whole time I realized, which was probably for the best. When I’m hard through the kissing and groping I bust early. Maybe this will give me some extra time inside her beautiful pink pussy. When she cupped my soft dick she also had my entire sack in her hand. I felt her stifle a laugh inside my mouth but didn’t let it break my stride.

She brought her other hand to mine and did a quick comparison, or at least I think she did. It was very fast. Then she locked her hand into mine. Her hands ended just before the second knuckle on all my fingers.

She pushed me onto my bed and had me sitting up while she got onto her knees. She pulled my boxers down and revealed my still mostly soft dick.

“It’s so cute” she said as she started to take it into her mouth. I quickly hardened and she teased it in her mouth. For a second I felt like I had a dick too big for her mouth. Then she took it all the way in her mouth and brought her tongue to the bottom of my balls. It tickled but also felt amazing. Then she came up smiling. “I’ve never been able to do that before. I feel like a boss” she joked and then she pulled down her panties and revealed her already wet pussy.

She pulled a condom out of her pants pocket from the ground. I couldn’t read it because it looked like the writing was in Japanese, but the fit was perfect. Normally condoms are a bit loose, but this one felt like it was made for me.

She sat on top of me with her booty cheeks on my thighs. She tried to take me inside of her but her ass was too phat. She could only get my head in. She tried to fuck me like that but I kept slipping out of her. Then she told me to lay on the bed and tried it that way. I went a little deeper into her but still only about halfway. She tried to bounce on it but again I slipped out. Then she grinded on me which worked a bit better but I still slipped out before she could really build any momentum.

She seemed frustrated at this point so I told her to lay on her back. I pulled her legs toward me as I stood again and entered her that way. I was all the way in with absolutely no resistance and started to build a rhythm. I saw the clock was at 10:55 when I stood up. I fucked her for about 5 minutes like this before she moved her hand down to her clit to start working that herself.

“Ohh yeah, oh my god that feels good. Don’t cum yet baby I’m getting close”

I had no intention of cumming. I felt like I could go forever right then. I had a good steady rhythm and I seemed to be getting the desired result. Maybe size really didn’t matter I thought. Then it happened.

As she viciously played with her clit and continued to slowly build and orgasm she gave another direction to me. “Put in a finger or two Glenn, stretch me out” I did as she requested with my index and middle finger. This was essentially like two of my dicks inside her I realized. These two fingers were just as wide as my dick, and my middle finger was actually the same length.

I tried to sync up my finger fuck with my dick but it was too hard, I could tell that her once very near orgasm was starting to retreat. So I acted purely on instinct. I pulled my dick out completely and added my other 2 fingers while slowly inserting another finger from my other hand into her ass hole. Then in unison I fucked her with all 5 digits. This combined with her clit play caused her to finally kick down the door of the orgasm.

“Ooohhh yesss, that’s so much better, if only your little dick could do that” she said she came aggressively. I don’t think it was premeditated. I think she just said it in the heat of the moment. But it was out there now. The thing we both knew but hadn’t said aloud had been said. I had a little dick, and my fingers did a job that it couldn’t. I’d like to say that her saying that didn’t make me cum hands free… but I’d be lying. At exactly 11:18pm both Amanda and I came, and I wasn’t even inside her.

She moved to lay on the bed like she was going to sleep, I moved to lay beside her. We cuddled for a minute or two before she finally asked if I wanted to talk about it. I didn’t really, or so I said, but she was keen enough to know that I came from her orgasmic statement so I must want to. I relented.

“I think you’re great Glenn. I really do. You make me laugh, you’re hot as fuck, you have your own place, you just also have a really small dick. But it’s fine, I’ll adjust. And it seems kinda like you like it.

I was getting hard again. It was slow, but I could feel my dick starting to come to life again. “Is it the smallest you’ve ever had?” I asked not sure why I went that route.

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