Young Women with Daddy Issues


When I entered the restaurant, I was very excited. After two years, I would see my two best friends again. We were best friends since high school and we were almost inseparable, me (lain) and Jennifer and Stacey. We were like sisters, always together, even slept together most of the time, every night in a different house, once at my place in my little pink room and the other night at Stacey’s, but never at Jennifer’s place because we were afraid of her dad.

I went to college to study medicine, and Stacey studied biotechnology and now works in a food factory, while Jennifer stayed in our hometown and worked as a waitress in a coffee shop. Jennifer is married to her high school sweetheart Mark, Stacey is living with her girlfriend, and I am still single, spending my time between family and studies. But we have talked on the phone constantly and stayed in touch. The last time we met was three years ago at Jennifer’s wedding right after high school. We decided to spend a summer vacation together again in our hometown.

We had dinner and talked about everything and tried to keep each other updated. After dinner and lots of drinks and talking, I suggested that we call it a night and try to spend more time together this summer since I still had two weeks before school started again.

Jennifer jumped up and exclaimed, “We are going to stay in a hotel room for the whole two weeks. I am also going to take a vacation from my stupid job and we are going to spend some quality time together. I miss the times when we just talked all night. Please let us do that.”

Stacey immediately agreed, and after spending quality time with my family, I also thought it would be a good idea to hang out with the girls and catch up. So we decided to go to a hotel the next day.

The next day, Stacy picked me up from my parents’ house after picking up Jennifer, and she drove for almost two hours to the top of the mountain south of town. Then she turned off the main road onto a side road and drove another ten minutes.

“Where are we going? There’s no hotel here!” I asked.

They both laughed, and Jennifer replied, “Wait and see… it’s a surprise.”

The car stopped right next to a wooden hut that looked very cozy and nice.

“We will stay in this cabin for the full two weeks,” Stacey explained.

“We brought everything we need, food, drink, and I even brought my sex toys,” Jennifer said cheerfully.

After spending the rest of the day playing games, eating, drinking, and talking, we retired to the cabin’s only bed. The cabin was a huge space with a living area, a small kitchen and dining table, an open shower, and a bathroom with a hot tub on one side and a large bed on the other.

We changed into sleeping clothes and got into bed, it was time for intimate conversation and sex talk.

Jennifer explained to us her disappointment with her sex life and that sex with her husband Mark was not that great and did not satisfy her. Stacey, on the other hand, told us about her great sex with her girlfriend and that they are very happy together and give each other every pleasure possible, but Stacey also said that there is one thing that is missing in their sex life. Then they both turned to me and started pestering me with questions about why I do not have a boyfriend, and why I do not have sex at all. And I answered that I am fine and I am satisfied.

“You can go fuck yourself. I have no daddy issues… I am not you,” I protested.

“I’ll always have daddy issues. You know that. And I admit it. You, on the other hand, want to deny it, which is very wrong and will always bother you. Look at Stacy, she admits it too, even though she’s a lesbian, but she has daddy issues and she’s honest about it.”

“Because of you, we both have daddy issues,” I replied, admitting my guilt.

“That’s right,” Stacey confirmed, “your story that night confused us and caused us to develop a daddy complex only after your erotic experiment with your daddy and especially because of the way you told us that story.”


Jennifer’s story

After high school graduation, we met one day at my house for a sleepover, and after talking about silly topics, we also talked about sex. Then, surprisingly, Jennifer told us that she had a secret to share. Something that happened to her and she felt strongly about sharing it with us.

I and Stacy lay down on my bed while Jennifer sat down between us and began to tell her story:

A few weeks after I turned eighteen, Mark and I decided to have sex for the first time. He invited me to a party at his friend’s house and after the party, we were going to go to a motel to have sex.

We went to the party. In the beginning, it was very fun, we drank and danced a lot, and Mark tried to excite me by kissing me and touching me in different places. And he managed to turn me on and make me so horny that I needed sex, and fast. But suddenly I lost Mark and could not find him anymore. And while I was looking for him in the house, I ended up in the master bedroom. But it was empty and just as I was about Girne Escort to leave the room again, a body pushed me in. I turned around and saw Sam, one of Mark’s friends. He pushed me in and I knew immediately what he wanted. I resisted fiercely and managed to escape him.

Shaking and angry, I ran out of the house, I ran into the street, and when I reached a good distance between me and the house, I stopped to catch my breath. I was all alone on the dark street and began to feel afraid. I reached for the phone and called the only person who could help me and whom I could rely on.

My father Danny, a former soldier who now works for a security company, is a very straightforward guy who seems tough and scary most of the time. We and everyone who knew him suspected he was involved in criminal activity with very dangerous types. Everyone who knew him was afraid of him, and his friends and family always knew they could trust and rely on him.

After retiring from military service for a few years, he and his wife found that they could not have children because of his wife. She was a very distracted person after losing her contract as a model. She began using drugs. When Danny returned home, they tried to save their marriage and have a child. That’s why they adopted me when I was only nine years old. We were a very happy family until I turned seventeen and started dating Mark. Danny spent most of his time working, and my mother started using drugs again and got completely messed up.

“Hi Danny, are you home or at work?”

“I am at home. You just woke me up. What’s up?”

“Nothing, I just want you to pick me up, please.”

“Why? Where are you?”

“I’ll send you my location and tell you later. Just come, please.”

“Okay, send me your location, I’ll be right there.”

I sent him my location and waited under the street lights for about twenty minutes until he showed up. I got in the car and he drove back. On the way, I told him everything, about mine and Mark’s intention to have sex, and what had happened at the party. He looked angry and threatened that he would take care of Mark and his friend. I begged him not to do anything because nothing had happened and it would pass.

When we arrived home, I immediately went to my room to shower and put on my sleeping clothes, a long-sleeved cotton gown with no underwear, as usual. But I could not sleep, I was not angry or sad anymore, but very disappointed that I did not have sex, and I was very horny. This time masturbation did not help because my mind could not generate erotic thoughts for that night. So I went down the stairs to the living room.

To my surprise, Danny was sitting on the couch in the living room watching TV. He noticed me immediately.

“Why are you still awake?”

“I could not sleep.”

“Are you okay, are you still scared?”

“No, I am fine, just too many thoughts. Why are not you asleep?”

“You know me, I do not sleep much and you woke me up, so I can not possibly go back to sleep.”

“I am sorry, Dad.”

“No, sweetie, do not worry, I am fine.”

“Can I keep you company?”

“Yeah, sure, come on.”

I sat down next to him and we watched TV in silence for a few minutes. While he devoured the last piece of his sixth bear, he got up and went to the kitchen for more. I also felt the need to have a drink, but I do not drink bears, so I went after him to make myself a Jen Tonic. As I walked past him and he was looking in the fridge, he bent down to reach for his beer, his butt pressed against my thighs and I felt him press the cotton material of my dress against my bare pussy. This touch made me shiver all over my body and I began to tremble, I was so horny that the touch became almost unbearable.

“Oh, you are here! I am sorry I did not notice you.”

“It’s okay,” I said, my voice shaking all over. And he noticed.

“You are still shaking!? It’s all right, honey, come here.”

He embraced my body with his strong arms, wearing tight jeans and a shirt with all the buttons undone. My head rested on his muscular and hairy chest as he hugged me tightly. The feel of his skin on my face and lips and the feel of my erect C-cup tits and erect nipples against his body made the fire inside me blaze so strongly that I could not take it anymore, I could not control my arousal and desire for sex. He tried to break the embrace but I put my hands around his waist and pulled him back tighter, I opened my legs and his thigh was between my legs and pressed my hips against his thigh and started rubbing my pussy against his thigh.

I never thought of Danny in any sexual way, it never occurred to me that such a thing could ever happen. But the situation made me lose control, and I had to have someone, anyone, to relieve the stress and release the tension. Only seconds passed as I felt my labia contract under the pressure and my clit felt his strong, hard muscles, so I felt the orgasm building quickly and very strongly in my body. I pressed my lips to his chest and moaned with pleasure, Magosa Escort trying in vain to suppress the moan, finally gasping with pleasure and shaking all over my body as my pussy thrust and squirted.

After I finished I could not let go of him, I held him tight and tried to regain my strength, I came so hard that my legs became weak and they could barely support my weight. He did not react and did not move from the spot, he just stood there like a statue. I whispered to him, “I am very sorry, Dad; I do not know what got into me.”

Then I tried to free him and distance my body from his. But the ecstasy of that orgasm and the pleasure it gave me left me in a trance and still horny. I stepped back from him; my eyes stared at the floor and I could not lift my head in shame and embarrassment. I leaned back against the kitchen table in the middle of the kitchen. Slowly I tried to lift my head to look at him and see his face and his reaction. In fear and horror of what was about to happen to me. My gaze moved from the floor to his legs and slowly up until I noticed a bump in his crotch. I was surprised to see it, but also somehow relieved that he had a boner, I had managed to excite him too.

This is understandable; I am a very attractive and sexy young woman with large breasts, a full, curvy body, and a big, firm butt, and men have always been attracted to me. Although Danny and my mother have not had sex at all in the last year, he must be very vulnerable.

My eyes moved back up to see his bare stomach and chest, I could see his small brownish nipples through his hairy chest, and when my eyes reached his eyes I found them fixated on my chest. It was the first time I had ever seen Danny with such a look. His withering eyes stared at my big tits and my hard, erect nipples that were now showing through the white cotton. I looked back to his midsection to see his boner through the jeans and tried to imagine what his cock would look like. A thought that rekindled the fire and made me so horny that I could now feel my pussy dripping wet.

My breathing is getting very heavy, I could feel my breasts getting harder and my nipples pushing out the cotton, my lips were getting very dry and my tongue slides out purposelessly to wet them in a motion that Danny noticed and thought it was a seductive invitation to kiss me.

He grabbed my shoulder and leaned forward, his lips pressed hungrily and longingly to my lips, and began to kiss and suck my lips passionately. My lips opened as I sucked on his bottom lip, and then my tongue sought its way into his mouth to make love to his tongue. The kiss was so passionate and slightly aggressive that my hands roamed over his back, ass, and neck to touch and feel as much of his body as possible in a desperate attempt to excite him even more and harder and encourage him to go further and faster.

He lifted my body with his strong arms to help me sit on the edge of the table and lifted my sleeping dress to my waist, then he opened my legs to position his hips right between my legs, his hands pressing on my ass cheeks and pulling them to press them hard against his crotch as he kissed my neck, licked over the skin and sucked on my earlobe.

When he felt my bare ass with his hands and knew that I was not wearing panties, he became more aggressive and passionate, he lifted my nightgown and exposed my naked body, he started exploring my body with his eyes and hands, playing with my tits and caressing my hard nipples, he lowered his head over my chest and started licking my breast right around the nipples and then sucking on my nipples.

My arousal reached the highest possible level, to a point where I could feel the juices dripping from my pussy. My hands reached his front and began to unbutton his jeans, then I pushed them down with his underwear to expose his hard cock. Then I held his cock with my hand to feel how hard it was and massaged it as if my hand was trying to stretch it more and make it longer.

I looked at his penis. It was very hard with a reddish broad tip, it was about 6 inches long, not thick, with protruding blood veins.

He grabbed his cock and pushed me back slightly and pushed his hips against my pussy. I could feel his cock against my labia, trying to separate them and gently thrusting into them. I grabbed his ass with a strong grip to keep him from pulling back and whispered in his ear, “I am still a virgin, this is my first time.”

I felt a hesitation in his movement, then I felt him trying to pull back, I grabbed his ass tighter and pulled him to me with force and said, “Please do it, penetrate me… Fuck me!”

He stopped resisting and gave in to my pulling and his cock slowly and gently began to penetrate my pussy, at first I felt the tip of his cock tearing my pussy, it was a little pain like a sting, and the mixture of pleasure and pain made me moan loudly this time and he responded with a powerful thrust into me. I could feel his long hard cock all the way inside me and feel it touching a wall of flesh inside me. Kıbrıs Escort He thrusts in and out of me for a few seconds, making me lose my mind to a high level of arousal and ecstasy, and my orgasm explodes, making me tremble and quiver, my pussy muscles contract on his cock, making faster repetitive movements in and out.

I lost control of my body like I was slumping, and felt myself pissing out of my pussy as he began to push his cock deeper like he was trying to break through that wall, and he began to moan. Suddenly I realized he was about to ejaculate and I had to stop him from cumming inside me. I pushed him back hard, jumped up from the table, grabbed his cock, took it in my mouth, and started sucking, only to feel his cum ejaculate into my mouth for a second, making him hiss with thirst and pleasure.

I had given Mark many blowjobs; he had a bigger and thicker cock than Danny, but he always ejaculated so little and so fast. But Danny ejaculated so much that it filled my mouth, and even after I swallowed a mouthful of his cum, he kept squirting while his hand squeezed my head. Soon I felt him sway and pull back, trying to reach for something to support his body.

I sat on the floor and watched him as I tried to comprehend this incredible feeling of pleasure and ecstasy. He smiled at me, pulled up his pants, and started to leave. I could not let it end so quickly and wanted more. I got up, followed him, and ran up the stairs. I reached him just outside my room, grabbed his hand, and pulled him into my room. He did not resist, I took him to the bed, helped him take off his pants and shirt, and then pushed him onto the bed.

I lay down on top of him and we started kissing passionately again. Then I knelt between his legs and started massaging his soft cock, and when I realized that he was resisting my handjob and not getting harder, I took him in my mouth and started sucking him and licking the tip of his cock. I sucked on him to make him even harder than before and when he was hard enough and I felt daddy was aroused enough for round two, I tried to sit on his cock, but he stopped me and pulled me up to sit on his face. This position turns me on hard and I was fascinated by the feel of his mouth under my pussy and his tongue in my pussy.

I start swinging my pussy on his mouth to feel his tongue penetrate as deep as possible, then I press my pussy on his face to feel his nose pressing on my clit, and then out to feel his tongue licking my clit. When he sensed I was about to cum and gasped loudly, he slid out from under me and with one swift movement, he knelt behind me and pushed his cock into my pussy from behind. As I sat on his face I could feel the orgasm building but his movement stopped the orgasm, the feeling of him behind me pushing his cock harder and deeper into my pussy was amazing but it did not trigger the orgasmic feeling in me. It was like an arousal move that made me very horny and excited without the possibility of releasing the tension. It was a very delightful position for me that drove me crazy.

I tried to reach my clit with my hand and after rubbing it a little, the teasing feeling was gone, now I could feel orgasmic, but he stopped me and pulled my hand away from my pussy. His thumb suddenly rubbed my asshole and then began to penetrate my ass, I felt pain when his thumb penetrated my ass, but it was a pleasant pain, especially when I felt his cock bigger in my pussy, the act teased me more and excited me much more.

He fucked me this way for a long time, I knew I would not orgasm this way and I could not take this teasing feeling and excitement anymore. I felt him moving faster and pushing his cock deeper inside me, I knew he was about to ejaculate again, I couldn’t let him, I have to orgasm before him, I swayed slightly to change my position, I turned my body around and lay on my back, opening my legs wide.

He pushed his cock inside me again and pressed his body on me, he pushed my hard breasts under his chest and started kissing my lips. Now the feeling is incredibly great, orgasmic, and intense. After the long teasing, it took only a few seconds before I felt the orgasm building hard and exploding very hard and intense. I was forced to stop the kiss and turn my head to the side to release my sigh that turned into a scream, but this time the scream was mixed with words and sounds.

“Ohhhh fuck, yes… yes… fuck me Daddy… fuck me hard, Daddy. I am cumming.”

He began chewing and biting on my neck, driving the orgasm to its peak. My pussy muscles tightened around his cock and I felt him thrusting with all his might to get as deep as possible. But this time I collapsed with pleasure and ecstasy, I could not stop him from ejaculating into my pussy and I could feel his body shaking with orgasm as he squirted his cum into my pussy. Then he also collapsed on top of me.

Just a few minutes later we were both asleep in a very deep peaceful sleep like babies.

The next morning I woke up late, naked and very dirty, but alone. Danny was not next to me, the memory of last night and what we did and how great it felt made me feel pleasure and satisfaction. I love Danny and want him again and more. But unfortunately, since that night, he’s been avoiding me all the time and acting like it never happened. So what was the most beautiful night in my life was only once.

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