Your Night


It’s late evening, and you just got home from work. You call out for me as you come in the door, but you don’t get a reply. That’s odd, but you’re so tired you don’t think anything of it. You come on in, and drop your purse and coat. That’s when you notice the candles everywhere, giving the entire apartment an ethereal glow. On the coffee table is a small card leaning against a small bud vase with a single rose in it. On the card it says, “Look in the bedroom.”

You walk to the bedroom, and on the bed you see a beautiful nightgown spread out on the bed. On the gown is another rose, with a card attached. The card says “For later. Go into the bathroom.”

In the bathroom, the tub is filled and steaming with lightly scented water. There’s another rose in a vase, and this card says, “Relax darling.”

You quickly strip down and ease yourself into the hot water. As you lie back, letting the heat remove the tension ease out of your muscles, you start to doze lightly.

A little while later, you notice that you’re no longer alone in the bathroom. Awaking with a start, you realize that I’ve managed to sneak in and am now perched on the edge of the tub.

“Hello darling. Hope I didn’t startle you.”

As you lie back in the tub, grinning at me, and promising me the spanking of my life, I move around behind you, and start washing your hair. I use just a small amount of shampoo, and massage your entire scalp gently and slowly, relaxing you more. I wash and rinse your hair, and then I gently nudge you forward so I can wash your back for you.

I soon follow this up by moving to the other end of the tub, and wash your legs, working my way up to your thighs…

By now, the water is starting to cool. So I suggest we finish this later, and grab a large towel.

You stand up to step out of the tub, and I wrap the towel around you, helping you out of the tub.

“Come along darling, it’s time for your massage.” I kiss you lightly on the lips, barely allowing my tongue to enter your mouth.

I lead you to the bedroom, where another large towel is spread out on the bed. The gown is now hanging from a hook on the back of the bedroom door.

You lie down on the bed on your stomach, and once you’re comfortable, you feel the bed give as I climb on top of your legs, just below your adorable ass. You raise up slightly as you feel me tug the towel away.

I begin kneading your shoulders, working my way down along your arms, then up again and across your back, following down along your spine gently trailing my fingers along your sides, working my way down the small of your back and across your beautiful ass. I continue my way down, along your thighs, gently rubbing away all the tension from your legs, right down to your feet.

“Roll over darling, so I can do the front.”

As you roll over, you realize that I’m still fully dressed. You reach up to start unfastening my pants, when I grab your wrists, and say “Not yet darling, we’re going to do this right. Just relax.”

You lie back to accept the inevitable in this situation.

I start by massaging your temples, your forehead, and your cheeks, working my way down to your chin. I lean over to kiss you again, for just a moment, then begin massaging your shoulders, your chest, and just barely brushing my hands over your breasts. As usual, soon as my fingers touch your left nipple, you convulse. That has always been your most sensitive spot, and it’s one of my favorite places to kiss and nibble. However, this time, a quick flick of my tongue is all you get… For now.

My hands work their way down across your stomach gently kneading your skin, relaxing your muscles as they go… Down along your thighs again, just avoiding your pubic mound, which you thrust up at me, begging me to do SOMETHING at this point. But I choose to ignore your wanting to rush me for now…

I work my way on down your legs, rubbing and kneading, relaxing every inch of your legs, all the way esat escort to your toes.

Once you have been fully massaged, I get up, and help you up off the bed. I reach you the nightgown, telling you, “I love you. Let’s go see what’s waiting in the living room.”

When we enter the living room, you see the dining table has been moved into the center of the floor, along with two chairs. Only one place has been set however, and two wine glasses.

“Aren’t you going to eat?” you ask, glancing at me.

“No love, I’ve already eaten. Tonight is YOUR night.”

I seat you at the table, and place a plate of food in front of you. I have prepared one of my specialties. Chicken Parmesan, with fresh baked Italian bread, and Sphang for dessert. I pour us both a glass of champagne to finish everything off.

After you have finished eating, I pick you up and carry you to the bedroom. Finally, the moment you’ve been waiting for…

I lie you down on the bed, telling you, “Just relax love. Tonight is YOUR night.” I quickly undress, and lie down next to you. I kiss you, barely brushing my tongue in between your lips again, and then kissing your eyes, nose, and chin. I unbutton the nightgown, one tantalizing button at a time, kissing each bit of skin uncovered, taking my time with each one. Finally the gown completely falls away, and you slip your arms out of it, as I whisk it off the bed to the floor.

I move down to the foot of the bed near your feet, and kiss the sole of each foot slowly, running my tongue over them, working it in between your toes, and nibbling on the tips of them.

I kiss my way up your shins to your thighs, where I gently nudge your legs apart, kissing, licking, and nibbling my way up to your beautiful pussy.

I kiss your pussy, lightly flicking my tongue along your lips, barely pushing in, just enough to entice you.

I ease two fingers in, just far enough to spread your lips as I start licking deeper and deeper. After about fifteen minutes of this, with you bucking your way off the bed, I ease off, and start kissing and licking my way over your stomach towards your breasts.

Knowing how sensitive your left nipple is, I kiss, lick, and nibble my way onto your right breast first, just to tease you a little while longer… I suck, lick, nibble, and downright bite on your right nipple, while massaging your breast itself with my hands.

Then I slowly trail my tongue across your chest to your left breast, circling around your very firm and sensitive nipple, without touching it. You squirm around on the bed trying to get your nipple into my mouth, but each time I just move a little further out of the way… This continues for a few minutes until you finally grab my head in both hands, and push yourself up so your nipples squarely hits my open mouth. I gently bite down, just nibbling lightly, as you shudder and shake from the sensation.

I give you time to relax a bit before I start nibbling again, massaging both breasts with my hands while I take turns nibbling on your nipples, driving you wild each time…

Finally, I stop, move up so I can look you right in the eye, and say, “Edith, I love you.” at which point I kiss you again, deeply.

While I’m kissing you, you feel the head of my cock grazing your pussy lips. You spread your legs wider, and wrap them around my back, pulling yourself up, trying to work your way onto me. But, once again, I pull back, teasing you, not allowing you to have what you’re wanting, yet.

When you finally relax, with your legs wrapped around me, I lower myself back down, and you feel my cock grazing your lips again… And again, you try to guide me into you. This time I allow the head of my cock to barely enter you before I pull back, teasing you even more. After a few more minutes of this, with you begging me to enter you, I kiss you again, my tongue pushing deeply into your mouth, searching everywhere, as your tongue wraps around mine, your arms etimesgut escort and legs wrapped around me.

While we are kissing, you feel my cock slowly sliding into your pussy. This time, instead of trying to force me in all at once, you decide to relax, just like I’ve been wanting all along. I slowly slide in, inch by inch, until my entire cock is in your pussy, and you’re comfortably filled. We stop kissing long enough to say “I love you” to each other before I slowly start moving back and forth, deep inside of you…

While I’m thrusting in you, long deep slow strokes, I wrap my arms around you, holding you tightly to me. I kiss you again, pushing my tongue into your mouth and pulling it back out in time with my strokes into your pussy.

After a few minutes of this, I roll us over so that I’m on my back, and you are laying on top of me. I let go of you, and you raise up, so you’re sitting on me, straddling my cock.

I reach up and gently caress your breasts, lightly tweaking your nipples.

I begin thrusting deeper and deeper into you, meeting you as you raise and lower yourself on my cock. You are soon bouncing on my cock, almost letting it slip out before sliding back down on it again, pushing me as deep into you as I can go.

I move my hands down your body from your breasts so I can hold on to your hips, thrusting deeper, harder, and faster. We’re both right on top of the moment, and I can feel the walls of your pussy spasming, trying to draw me even deeper inside of you.

Just before the inevitable, I let go of your hips, and pull out, my cock spasming wildly, covered in your juices.

You fall down onto the bed beside me, and ask, “Why’d you stop?”

Instead of replying, I turn around on the bed so that my face is mere inches away from your beautifully dripping pussy.

I start licking and nibbling on your lips, running my tongue deeper and deeper inside of you, as you roll over on top of me, and inhale my cock. I feel the head of my cock pressing against the back of your throat, and that makes me push my tongue even deeper into you.

It doesn’t take long before we’re both squirming all over each other, desperate for the final moment of release. Again, just before we reach it, I stop, roll you over, and get up.

“Again?” you ask, desperately grabbing at my still-erect cock, which I quickly move out of the way.

“Yes love, again. We’re going to make this last all night long,” I say, as I reach down to kiss you. “Now get up on all fours.”

You raise up on all fours, and look around to see what I’m doing. I’m on my knees behind you, gently rubbing your ass cheeks, spreading them and smoothing them with the palms of my hands.

I spread your ass cheeks wide apart, and run the head of my dripping cock up and down between your pussy lips and your asshole… “Decisions, decisions.” I say… “Should I push in here,” and I barely push the head of my cock into your pussy, just far enough to make you moan and say “Yes!” But then I pull back before you can draw me deeper into you.

“Or maybe I should try here…” I say as I slide my cock a little higher up and push in just a little bit on your deliciously tight asshole.

As you feel my cock starting to slide into your ass, you shove back against me as hard as you can, catching me by surprise. My cock slides deeply into you, as you moan out in pleasure. I match your moaning with a groan of my own, as I feel my balls slapping against your pussy lips.

You don’t even pause for breath, but start grinding your ass around on my cock, trying to drive me deeper. I start thrusting in and out of your tight ass as hard as I can. I don’t want to hurt you, but you’re driving me crazy squeezing my cock so tightly…

I reach around you with both hands, my left hand going straight to your extremely sensitive left nipple, tweaking it and pinching it, while my right hand drifts down to your soaking wet pussy, where I quickly ankara escort start shoving two fingers in and out. You start bucking like a wild animal, shoving your ass back on my cock harder and harder, moaning like a banshee, and clenching your pussy around my fingers.

You finally start calming back down after a few minutes, so I slow down my thrusts… You slump, landing face down in the pillows as my cock starts sliding out of your ass. Just before it slides out all the way, you moan and say, “No, leave it in. It feels so good in there!”

So I ease your body the rest of the way down onto the bed, keeping my body tightly against yours. I don’t put all my weight onto you, but I do lie down on you enough to let you know I’m still there.

I slowly start thrusting in and out again, pushing the entire seven and a half inches in, then pulling out slowly so that just the head of my cock is still in your ass.

You begin moaning again, softly at first, but gradually becoming louder. Your ass is bucking against my cock quite hard, so I decide to slow down a little more…. I pull back, with just the head of my cock still in your ass, when you say “Oh please, not again, I need you to come deep inside of me!”

“Yes love, and I Will, but not yet…” I say, as I pull the head of my cock out of your ass and raise back up off of you.

I move down the bed and slide your legs further apart.

Massaging your thighs, I lean forward, and start licking, running my tongue around your slippery asshole… Sliding my tongue around in circles, barely pushing in towards the middle, and sliding my tongue down along your “taint” just to the edge of your pussy lips. Then back up, teasing you again and again.

“Oh god, please, lick my pussy,” you moan, “eat me please!”

And of course, since I love to please you almost as much as I love to tease you, I go a little further down each time, until I’m licking all the way from your beautifully tight asshole, across your “taint”, along your pussy lips, stopping only long enough to rub my tongue over your clit before following trail of saliva back up to your ass.

“Please, I’m begging now, eat me!” you moan.

“Roll over love, and I will.”

You roll over and spread your legs wide. I lean over and lightly caress your clit with my tongue, then slip it in between your pussy lips. You moan with gratitude and grab the sides of my head, guiding me in and around your delicious pussy, letting me stroke my tongue in and out, and all along your lips.

You soon begin thrusting your hips up off the bed again, mashing your pussy against my face, trying to get my tongue deeper into you. Agreeable, I push your legs even further apart, trying to lick you deeper with each stroke. You feel my nose nuzzling your clit, which drives you to push my head against you that much harder.

When I finally come up for air, you wrap your arms around my neck and start kissing me, licking my face, and forcing your tongue into my mouth, so we can share the wonderful taste of your pussy.

“My god, I want you in me so badly right now!” you whisper, while trying to climb into my lap.

I lean back, giving you enough room to work with, and you finally maneuver yourself onto my cock, sliding down with a satisfied “Ahhh, that’s a prefect fit!”

You lock your legs around my back, and I wrap my arms around you, holding you tightly against me as we start thrusting and grinding again, in perfect rhythm.

This time around, when we finally reach the peak, I decide to give you what you’ve been wanting, and thrust as deep as I can into you, coming almost immediately as I feel you clamp down on me with your own orgasm.

Finally satiated, I ease you back down to the bed, and lie down beside you, just as the alarm clock goes off.

Watching sunlight stream through the window, I laughingly say, “So love, what would you like for breakfast?”

“Mmmm, anything is fine by me, but first, I have to ask you something.”

“When did you get that cock ring?” you ask, as I reach over and hug you.

The End

This story is fully dedicated to the woman I love more than anyone else in the world. And maybe someday soon we’ll get to turn it into a reality!

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