You’re Such a Tease…


I hop up on your back with a small giggle, my arms wrapping around your neck and my legs around your waist. My nose brushes against the back of your neck and I feel your body shiver as your hands curl around my thighs, sliding along my legs until they reach my plump ass. My own hands slide over your chest as my lips brush lightly across your skin, leaving a delicate kiss upon your neck before my teeth take a light hold in a small nip. I hear your sharp intake of breath and feel your heart quicken beneath my finger tips, my eyes closing as your hands grip on my ass. I slide one of my hands up into your hair, my fingers curling amongst dark locks and my teeth nipping again. You groan lightly and I let out my own soft moan against your skin, slowly releasing my legs from around you and sliding down to the ground.

You’re taller than me, so you tower over me just enough to rest your chin on my head if you crouch slightly. My arms stay around your neck as you turn to face me and your own arms slide around my waist. You pull me harshly against your body which makes me gasp a little as I look up at you, and you lean down to return the kiss to my neck. I feel your hands sliding upwards slowly, your thumbs tucked beneath my shirt so that you pull it upwards to reveal my pale body. I lift my arms as you pull the shirt over my head, my ample bosom sitting comfortably in a black and white lace bra. As you toss it aside, I start to lift your shirt too, though you stop me and grin. I pout, but you simply press your hands to my waist and push me backwards against the wall. With another gasp uttered from my lips, I press my back to the wall and stare up at you, my hands sliding up your arms as I drag my nails lightly across your skin.

I can tell by the way you bite your lip that you like it, so I slide my nails down again, pressing a little harder which makes you mutter a groan. My eyes glance downwards and I can see the tell-tale bulge in your jeans that tells me to do it again. Not wanting to disappoint, I slide my hands around to your back and slip them beneath your shirt, dragging my nails down your back slowly which makes your body arch as you grunt.

Clearly I’ve excited you, as your hands now separate; one sliding downwards to unbutton my shorts while the other moves upwards to cup my breast. Your movements seem a little hasty now, but you get a hold of yourself and slow down again. Unbuttoning the shorts, you leave it up to me to slide them down and with a wiggle of my hips, they drop to reveal a pair of panties that match my bra. Now I’m stood half-naked, while you haven’t removed anything. I shiver a little, though not from cold, and you grin. Your lower hand moves up to join the other, both now pressing my boobs together and squeezing them gently.

Under the touch of your hands, I shudder and let out a small whimper, one that begs for more. You seem to understand as you start to circle your hands, your thumbs pressing against my nipples through the fabric. I bite my lip, grip your back and let out a sudden moan as pleasure is pressed upon me by your hips pressing to mine. I feel your bulge against the front of my panties and the thought of it starts to make them wet. Your hands pull my bra down to let my boobs poke out, your touch rough but gentle at the same time. You slide your fingers over my hardened nipples and let out a chuckle at my reaction, my breath quickening as I tilt my head back and close my eyes. I feel nothing for a moment until something warm and moist presses to my nipple and I realize it’s your tongue. I whimper and move my hands to your hair, my fingers gripping lightly as I pull your head closer and my face scrunches with pleasure. You sense that rokettube I want more but continue to tease, your tongue barely touching my skin until you suddenly press your lips down and start to suck.

I can’t help but moan, my back arching off the wall which presses my chest against you even more, causing your touch to get a little rougher. I hear you moan against my breast and you grab my hips, your mouth lifting to move to my other nipple where you continue. Your warm tongue flicks against my nipple now and then, causing my body to shiver in your grip.

Suddenly, you stop and lift your head, pressing your lips against my neck again. Something else presses against me too, though not as rough as before, your groin barely touching against my own. I whine in desperation and try to push my hips forwards, but you’re still holding them in place so I can’t. I grab your waist to try to pull you closer, but you’re too strong, and you simply let out a small laugh at my futile attempts. Slowly, you allow me to pull you closer, but never quite enough, pulling away again at the last minute. You move away from my neck and wrap your arms around my waist, lifting me up into the air. Wrapping my legs around your waist and my arms around your neck, I lean forwards to take your ear between my teeth, nibbling lightly which makes you groan and clutch at my body. You lower me down just enough and I feel that bulge press into my panties, my weight pressing me against you causing me to groan in pleasure.

You start to carry me to the living room, each step rubbing that bulge against me, teasing through the fabric of our clothes until I can almost bear it no longer. It drives me crazy and I can tell from your grip and the throbbing coming through your jeans that it’s doing the same to you.

When we reach the living room, you drop me down on the couch and I let out a small giggle, repositioning to get comfortable as I slowly part my legs. You settle between them and pull off your shirt, tossing it aside before leaning over me. Biting my lip, I slide my hands over your chest and you unhook the straps of my bra. Reaching behind me, you undo the clasp and pull my bra away, throwing it to the ground before your hands move to my breasts. Once again, you start to massage them and I bite down on my lower lip. I feel one of your hands start to slide down my body and I wait with anticipation. Sure enough, I soon feel your fingers glide over the front of my moist panties causing me to shudder and grip your body tightly.

Feeling my reaction, you press your whole hand against my panties and rub gently, driving me crazy with so much teasing. I groan and push my hips up against your hand which makes you pull away, giving me a look that tells me you’re in charge of how quickly we go. A chill runs down my spine at this lack of control but I love it, I feel my heart race and I obey, laying my hips down to allow you to continue.

I can’t help bucking my hips now and then as you rub, but you let it slide. You know I can’t control it, and it makes you chuckle. Just when I think I can’t take it any longer without demanding for more, you stop. Your hands leave my body and you simply look down at me, as if admiring your handy work. One of my hands moves to my breast to continue massaging it while you watch and for a few minutes, you let me. But I get a little too brave and slide my free hand down to my panties, you make a grab for my wrist and shake your head, a sly grin crossing your lips. I look up at you pleadingly and you consider for a moment, then stand up.

I watch as you unbutton your pants and let them fall, leaving you only in your boxer shorts. I feel goose-bumps rise asyalı porno over my skin as my eyes settle on that large bulge, almost panting in lust as my legs part further. Surely now I’d get what I’ve been waiting for? You climb back between my legs and press your hips to mine, making me moan as I feel that hard bulge against my wet panties. You seem to enjoy it as I feel a quiver against my panties and I feel your fingers hook into them, slowly pulling them down. Inch… by… inch…

But we’re not quite there yet, as you pull them down only enough to slide your hand in. The touch of your warm fingers against my skin already has me whimpering, my hands reaching for your body to hold onto you tightly and you grin, as though proud of the state you’ve put me in. One of my hands slide down your chest in a desperate move, my fingers hooking over your boxers and tugging on them and for a moment, I think you’ll let me. But you pull your hips away and your hand stops, just before it reaches that sensitive area. I can feel the heat from your hand and it drives me crazy, so I lift my own hand back up and you continue.

It doesn’t take much now to make me moan in pleasure, with so much teasing I’ve been worked up and my body is twice as sensitive as it usually is. My legs wrap around your waist and my arms cling to you tightly, my nails pressing against your skin which makes you shudder. But no matter how much I moan for it, you continue at your pace, your fingers delicate and barely brushing against my pussy. With a sly grin, you press your middle finger against my opening and wriggle it slowly, the very tip pushing in slightly before coming back out, over and over. I can’t stand it, I whimper and whine, my body begging for it as my back starts to arch.

This time, you oblige. You press your lips to my neck and slowly slide your finger into the slit. My grip tightens and my body trembles as I groan deeply, feeling each thrust of your finger as my inner walls throb around it. I can feel your smile against my skin as you start to suck on my neck, leaving a hickey behind, but I barely notice as my attention focuses on the pleasure from my groin. I tilt my head backwards and close my eyes, my hand dragging my nails across your back while the other moves up to curl my fingers in your hair.

Just when I think I’m starting to build up, your finger slides out of my pussy and teasingly glides over the skin around it, back and forth. I pant lightly in your ear and nibble on it once more which seems to be the toppling point. You let out a growl against my neck, which sends a shiver down my spine, then sit up and look down at me. Your hands travel up and down my body, feeling each curve slowly before settling on my panties. In one swift move, you tear them off and throw them aside, ignoring the squeak that bursts from my lips. You lower your gaze to my naked body and already I can practically see the bulge in your boxers throbbing with lust, and I know it must ache to hold yourself back like this.

But now the wait is over. You stand up and keep your eyes on the prize between my legs. I watch with baited breath as you undo your boxers and slowly reveal what I’ve been waiting for; my eyes darting to your hard cock as it stands to attention. Your boxers fall to the ground but my gaze never shifts, even as you climb back onto the couch between my legs. My breath quickens as you slide your hands along my inner thighs, pushing my legs apart a little further before you move your hips forwards. I shiver, feeling the tip brush against me, but I don’t think you’re here for teasing now. Those games are over.

In one swift thrust, you push your solid azeri porno cock deep into my pussy, causing me to cry out in both surprise and pleasure. Your hands grip my legs and pull my body closer so you can get a better angle, your hips starting to push back and forth. Each thrust inwards is quick and hard, but you pull it out slowly and gently. With each thrust, you grunt along with my moans, my hands reaching for your body. Seeing me unable to reach, you lay yourself on top of me and wrap your arms around my body, your hands holding onto my shoulders from behind so that you can pull my body to yours with every thrust.

My legs lift to wrap around your waist and I push my hips up against yours, moving in time with your body as we moan together. Sweat starts to drip from my body as my hands tighten on your figure, my back arching upwards off the couch. Every groan from my lips seems to spur you on as I feel your cock growing harder and longer in my pussy, each thrust getting deeper and deeper as my inner walls throb around your swollen member. I feel your lips against my neck again but the kiss soon turns to a bite, and you grown against my skin, sending shivers across my body like ripples.

Your thrusts begin to quicken as you push back and forth, sweat dripping from your body to land on my own, where it mixes with mine and trickles down my sides. We’ll definitely need a shower after this… I can feel the pressure building in my abdomen and I know I’m not far now, and judging from the throbbing against my pussy, you aren’t far either. Your hands clutch at my body just as mine clutch at yours, tilting my head back as your lips move down to my breasts. I can see your back arching and I take the opportunity to drag my nails across your skin once more, leaving red lines as you moan against my breast. I push my chest up against your mouth and you take hold of my nipple between your teeth, sucking on it gently and tenderly while your cock continues to pound my pussy. Such a contrast in sensations drives me wild and I know you can sense it. With each passing second, I grow closer and closer to my climax, my moans getting louder and louder.

But then you stop, your cock resting inside of me, throbbing wildly. I stare up at you and whimper, desperate for the end which I knew was close. My hands scramble at your body, my hips pushing against yours though not to the same effect as your own thrusts. You grin that sly grin and then slowly push your hips hard against mine, your cock sliding as deep as you can get it. I whine with lust, begging for you to continue. Why must you tease me…? My hands grip your shoulders tightly, my nails pressing in once more as I writhe beneath you, desperate for you to thrust again. After you’ve had your fun, watching me struggle, you seem to be unable to take it much longer either and start to thrust again. I gasp at the sudden continuation of pleasure and moan thankfully.

It doesn’t take long for the pleasure to build up and up and I can feel myself, mere seconds away and I can tell from the concentration on your face that you’re almost there too. I try to hold on, waiting for you to get there but I can’t help it; with a cry of ecstasy, I throw my head back as wave after wave of pleasure washes over me. This pushes you over the top and with a growl and a groan, you release your cum into my pussy and I feel the warm, thick liquid fill me. I shudder and whimper softly, my legs falling weakly from around you as you collapse on top of me.

My arms wrap around you and my fingers caress your hair as you rest your cheek on one of my breasts, your hand laying on top of the other. Both of us pant together, trying to catch our breath as we lay in each others embrace, our bodies entwined as I wrap my legs around yours and you slide your free arm beneath me to hold me close. We rest for a few minutes with our eyes closed before I lean down and whisper against your ear;

“Shower time?”

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