Yui’s Awakening. Sana’s story.

Yui’s Awakening. Sana’s story.Sana was quite young when her mother signed her up to the junior section of the agency. Her single mother had been juggling several boyfriends at the same time, some of whom had abused Sana. She complained to her mother, who chose to believe her boyfriends over her own daughter, so began Sana’s complete distrust of men and her mother. In an effort to relieve herself of the responsibility of a teenage daughter, her mother signed her up to the agency under a contract that allowed the agency to look after Sana indefinitely.She began modeling swimwear, and it was during this time that she first met the older Ayaka. Ayaka took Sana under her wing, treated her more like a sister than a daughter, and made sure she was not trabzon escort getting into any trouble. In fact it was Ayaka’s gentle touch during a video shoot that made Sana trust people again, and indeed brought her closer to Ayaka than she had expected.Still naive about her body, desires and sexuality, she moved in with Ayaka, and soon realized that Ayaka had a deeper interest in her. Sana, longing for a closeness that she never had at home, was accepting of Ayaka’s attentions, albeit a little nervous and unsure at first. It was through Ayaka’s consistent support, gentle friendship, and positive affirmations about her that gradually produced a crush on the older girl.Ayaka would often compliment Sana on her body, telling her that her beautiful escort trabzon skin was so soft and smooth, her tummy was perfectly flat, her thighs were long and perfectly formed, and this kind of attention made it so that Sana would eventually do anything that Ayaka asked of her. This lead to the two young women becoming lovers, although this was kept a secret from the agency due to Sana’s age.Eventually, Sana moved out of Ayaka’s apartment as her career blossomed and she became more independent. She would often frequent the gay and lesbian nightclubs and bars, and pick up women and girls to satisfy her almost insatiable thirst for lesbian love.On her first trip to Thailand, she discovered the delights available for a foreign woman, trabzon escort bayan and quickly became heavily involved in numerous liaisons with the local girls, which included lesbian orgies. She would apply for these kind of assignments as often as she could.Indeed, it was Sana who gained the reputation at the agency for being the girl who would enthusiastically do the kind of things that most of the other models would not be so keen about. For example, she was called upon to make audio recordings of her voice ‘narrating’ a sexual liaison, or fantasy. She also threw herself into any lesbian themed shoot with a passion that often proved to be almost overwhelming for the other girl involved.It was on one of her assignments to Thailand that she met Yui, and while she was not immediately attracted to Yui’s wholesome beauty, she liked her for her adventurous nature, and willingness to play along under Sana’s direction during shoots.Sana and Yui will again visit Thailand in the summer.

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