Yummy 6

Yummy 6DISCLAIMER: All characters are fictional, no relation to anyone living or dead, all are 18 or older. If you do not like sexually oriented material, LEAVE NOW.”Oh yes! Oh fuck! Don’t stop! Keep going.. make me cum! Wanna cum so bad… Unghhhh.. oh fuckkk…. gonna… cummmmm…..ouuuuuuu!” I yelled and came down his throat in hot, loving gushes, him eating all my fucking seed! “Ohhhh shit that was soo fucking good! And the fingerfucking.. ouuuu yessss!” I groaned, and rolled over into a fetal position.The guy who elicited my pleasure so well, my neighbor, Jimmy…. oh gawd he did me… sucking my cock, balls, my asshole, fingerfucking me…. it was just pure lust!I had no idea he was even into such stuff, I thought I was ‘the odd one’ who likes this shit! But, today, I went over to see if he needed his lawn mowed and walked in on him jerking off…Oh. I’m Zeke, 22, neighbor to Jimmy, 43, married, 2 k**s. Jimmy invented some big thing in his 20’s and no longer had to work, living nicely off the patent royalties and stuff….. Jimmy’s wife was never home, taking the k**s to theme parks, shopping, out to dinner… never home, leaving Jimmy alone.I moved into a studio apt. next door that he owned at a very cheap rent. I’m single, studying for a degree in IT, and, as you can tell, horny as hell!I went to knock on his door when it pushed open. Jimmy was in the recliner, naked, his cock in his hand stroking it, his eyes closed, but he had been watching a porno on the huge fucking TV screen that was still playing with 3 guys in a daisy chain; he was imagining that very scenario when I jostled him, me standing there stroking my hard cock sticking out of my shorts, my hand then going to helping him stroke….”OH SHIT!” Jimmy exclaimed, then saw my hard cock with my hand wrapped around it.”Sorry, Jimmy, just wondered if you needed your lawn mowed, but I’d much rather suck your cock for you…””Ohhhhh fuck yesss…!” and groaned loudly when my lips wrapped seductively around it, eliciting a long, sighing groan as I enveloped his cock with the warmth of my cocksucking mouth! I pushed his stroking hands away and concentrated on long, slow sucks, making him quiver! Soon, he shot load after load into my cocksucking mouth!”Ohhh my fucking love of lust, that was fucking fantastic! Now…. lemme do you… please, Zeke… oh fuck yessss!” as he sucked my cock in his mouth!…………………………………………………………………..Jacob was on all fours, Kurt behind him, his big fucking cock buried up Jacob’s asshole, both dressed in women’s lingerie. Kurt had on a red garterbelt, malatya escort black stockings, and lacy pink bra and panty set, his thick cock sticking out the side of his panties, fully engorged in Jacob’s asshole. Jacob had on all black bra, panties, garterbelt and stockings and a black mask; he had been playing the masked bandit….”Oh fuck you little cunt whore… you fucking slut… accept my hot cum up your asshole baby!” Kurt yelled at the top of his lungs!”Ouuuu yesss darling… fuck me honey…. fuck me good big boi….!”Then Matt strolled out in his gurlyboi outfit, all white lingerie, a sharp contrast to his ebony skin, and pushed his 6″ cock into Jacob’s mouth, telling him to suck his cock for him, which Jacob dutifully did, while Kurt and Matt made out passionately, tongues intertwining and Matt yanking on Jacob’s hard cock, sweetly jerking him off….It only took a few minutes for them all to cum – Kurt in Jacob’s ass, Matt in Jacob’s mouth, and Jacob in Matt’s hand, which Matt eagerly licked up, then kissed Kurt, sharing Jacob’s hot cum!”Ouuuu darlings… that wa… OUUUU!..” Jacob exclaimed, feeling Kurt’s tongue licking his asshole… “…was so much fucking FUN!” The three stood together, each making out with the others, sharing mouthfuls of cum!They changed their clothes, all making arrangements to meet again next month at their private ‘club’ – The HornyFuckers club – aka Fishing club! They were in their 30’s and forties, all enjoying their mutual likes, wants and needs apart from their wives….. who didn’t like sucking cock or eating ass or getting fucked in the ass. ‘The boys’ had bought a large party boat, remodeled it and would go out in it, rain or shine, once a month like clockwork. Little did they know, however, the wives had their own ‘club’…………………………………………………………………….Jacob’s wife, Jenny, Kurt’s wife, Karen, and Matt’s wife, Mary, all looked forward to once-a-month fishing of their husbands. They loved going to a hotel with a spa, getting pampered with pedi’s and facials, their nails done, then retiring to a luxury suite with each other, and sometimes other hot studs and girls, to fuck and lick each other into frenzied orgasms! It was their ‘getaway’….Jenny, Karen and Mary would vary where they’d go to, just so their hubbies didn’t find out what they were up to…”I mean really, girls… to go on a fishing boat? How totally boring!” they laughed, all sipping their alcoholic drinks at a hotel, getting tipsy, anxious to get it on!”Well, nails and pedi’s first, then massages….” Karen grinned, slinking escort malatya into the spa, the others right behind. They changed in ‘the common room’ which they’d reserved privately so they could all make out sensuously as they undressed, fondling breasts and fingering hot, dripping pussies, then donning large, fluffy robes, removing all makeup. They got their nails done and their feet pampered, offering sneak peeks of their unkemp pussies, requesting ‘special service’ during their private massages as a singular group…”Oohhhh fuckkkkk….” Jenny groaned, her pussy being trimmed and fingerfucked while getting a dildo up the ass. Karen moaned, rolling back and forth as her hot massuese did the same. But Mary had specifically requested Anton… a primping he-she fucking her over and over again in the cunt and ass while trimming her bush….”Ouuuuu now for some fun! Bring some food and some playtoys, girls and boys….” Mary announced, all retiring to the suite. Mary donned a bra, panties, garterbelt and stockings as did the others, languishing on couches and chairs, snacking on fruits, decadant chocolates, steak strips, etc., trying to feed each others’ pussies and asses…Yes, they all agreed they didn’t want anything to do with their husbands’ cocks up their assholes or them sucking their cocks… it was far better to have their boy-toys do them the way they wanted for them to do them! That they could control, not being dominated like their husbands wanted!”OUuuuu fuck fuck fuck…” Jenny groaned as Karen licked her pussy and ass and reamed her with a vibrating dildo, Mary doing the same to Karen, and sissy-boi Timothy fucking Mary’s asshole with his slender cock! He pulled out and came all over Mary’s tits, then pissed on all of them, causing immediate multiple orgasms! Jenny turned to Bruno, another stud with a 9″ hard cock and sucked on it lovingly, something she’d never do for her husband! But with Bruno, it was pure fucking lust, not love or affection!…………………………………………………………..”You sure she won’t be home?” I asked Jimmy as he snapped my bra behind me….”Oh fuck no, they’re on a Disney cruise…. won’t be home until Sunday afternoon, and it’s only Monday, baby… we got all fucking week to play, honey!” Jimmy moaned, his panty cock rubbing on my stockings and garterbelt. “I really fucking get into this shit…. oh fuck do I get into it! See my leaking cock in my panties, darling? It’s leaking for you, sweetheart! MMmmmm let’s rub them together…. ouuuuuu fuck yessss….” as Jimmy rubbed his cock back and forth on Zeke’s, both malatya escort bayan in their panties, hugging, then madly kissing each other, open-mouthed, tongues dueling.”Jimmy…. let’s put on our lipstick… oh fuck just the thought of it…..” Zeke groaned as they applied slut red and passion pink to their supple lips, then made out some more, rubbing stocking’s legs up and down each other, then slipping into high heels to prance around in! Zeke bent over provacatively, as Jimmy blatantly rubbed his hard cock in his panties on his ass, then they reversed…”Ohhhh my fucking gawd….!” Jimmy groaned. “I never thought I could enjoy something like this, but fuck! I dooooooo….” Jimmy grunted, holding Zeke’s face while he kissed him, then felt him sliding down, tugging on his panties with his teeth, groaning as the young tenant enveloped his penis, slowly sucking on it… “Zeke… fuck me Zeke… fuck me darling baby Zeke….” and lowered to all fours, pulling down his panties all the way and spreading his thighs while Zeke positioned his throbbing cock in Jimmy’s entrance to his asshole…. Zeke moaned as he buried his cock in Jimmy’s ass, slowly pushing it in.Jimmy took it; he’d been fucking himself with a dildo while he jerked off, getting used to it up his ass and knew all about lubes and what he liked!”OUUuuuuu yes baby.. fuck me honey! Fuck me fuck me fuck me! Ohhhhh yessss darling! Fuck me hard, slam your fucking hard coc.. oh fuck yesss.. like that, baby!” Jimmy grunted with every push up his ass. “Cum in me darling… cum in meeeee….” and Zeke held his hips as he shot load after load of cum up his asshole! Finally, gasping, he slid out, his cock flaccid and spent. “Ohh fuck yesss…. now….. ” Jimmy groaned and looked back at Zeke… “Put your fingers up my asshole.. go ahead… oh yess…. 3… now 4…. oh fuckkk… oh gawd… now… fistfuck me baby… fist me!”Zeke was amazed at what he was doing, fisting his landlord up the asshole! His hole opened right up and actually sucked his fist up in it, and Zeke could feel the suction as he pulled out and pushed back in, fucking him! Jimmy just moaned, over and over, with every thrust. He cummed all over, then pissed all over…. once he finished pissing the last drops, he told Zeke to slowly pull out his fist, which he did – it was all covered with lube and shit and had him go to the sink and wash it all off, then sanitize it and his other hand too for good measure. Then, they both climbed into the huge bath and shower and soaped up, washing each other, playing and once clean as a whistle, sucked each other to climaxes one more time. Jimmy made a call and steaks, medium rare, salad, potatoes, with braised carrots were delivered to the back kitchen entrance, piping hot and ready to eat!………………………………………………………………………..

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