Subject: Zachary All Grown Up Chapter 53 Zachary All Grown Up Chapter 53 By JJ [ ail ] EVERYONE IT COSTS A LOT TO KEEP SITE FREE SO LET US ALL GIVE A FEW COINS TO KEEP NIFTY ALIVE !!! Chapter 53 The first time I heard the plows was a little past 3:30am it doesn’t mean that they didn’t go by before. I could hear little footsteps coming from Stephen’s room I heard him moving around. Then I heard ‘Wow’. I got out of bed and put on sweats and went to see what he was doing. There he was on his knees leaning on the window sill looking out. I asked “What was so interesting?” He jumped he didn’t hear me come in. “Papa” I never saw such a big truck and snow plow. Look at the snow coming down you can’t even see Noni’s house.” he was beside himself. I told him to get back to bed after the plow came back up the street it is too early to get up. I asked him if he wanted me to stay with him for a bit and he just nodded. He got in and I went to get boxers on, there would be no way I would survive under the covers with sweats on. Of course Zachary was oblivious to all of this never moved a muscle. I got into bed and he was full of questions. He wanted to know, “How much snow do you think is out here? How big is that truck? When is it going to get light out? Where is Zachary?” I answered them all rubbed his back and the alarm went off in my room. I heard Zachary moan get up and turned it off and then came looking for me. As he entered the hallway Stephen yelled ‘Papa is in here’. I was hoping Zachary was smart enough not to walk in naked. My mind was reeling and I touched Stephen on the shoulder and he turned over to face me and I whispered I’m going to pretend I’m sleeping and Stephen says “Yeah do it” and put his head on my chest. Luckily Zachary realized he was naked and threw on his sweat shorts. He came into the room and asked “What was going on?” Neither of us moved and he said “It’s getting late I guess I will get ready to go to the gym and work” and started to walk out of the room. Stephen whispered “Wait, Papa is sleeping you can’t go anywhere it is snowing real bad out.” He got up and made him look out the window, he tells him you can’t even see Noni’s house. At this point I said “You aren’t going to work and it is too early for us to be up, so who is sleeping where. Stephen says “Papa stay here till I fall asleep and Zachary you go back to bed and Papa will come in later. Zachary tells him sounds like a plan and goes back to bed. Stephen comes back to bed and I rub his back and he is asleep in ten minutes. Then I went back and got naked again and slipped my boner between Zachary’s legs and he moved closer to me. Even I nodded back out again according to the clock it only a little after 4am. I could hear the wind and Zachary had turned on the tree in the room. When I woke up again it was 5:20. I was wide awake and got up. I brushed my teeth got dressed and went downstairs I put on coffee and turned the TV on. We already had a 10” and they expected another 2-4 before it stopped mid-morning. I made pancake batter and cooked up more turkey sausage. I took my coffee and lit the tree in the living room and sat and watched the snow come down, I called Stanley’s phone at work and told him neither I or Zachary were coming in and did the same with James. I was hoping Stanley would be smart enough to stay home, I knew Hector would. It was beautiful out and the snow was coming down heavy again, I saw the tree get lit at the grandparents and knew they were up. I texted telling them neither of us were going to work today. Maria answered she was happy and wouldn’t have to worry. After my coffee I went an finished off the turkey sausages. I decided to make the pancakes I could keep them warm with the sausages in the oven. I knocked them off pretty fast and it was almost 7, I decided to get the two of them up. I went upstairs and roused Zachary first, we kissed for a while and I asked him if he wanted to get off and he smiled. I went to get the Palmer’s out of the other room and as I walked in Stephen was at the window again waiting for the plow to come back up the other side of the street. I asked him how long has he been up and he answered just now he heard the plow go by. I knew he was still sleeping when I came upstairs. I crouched down and looked out the window with him as the plow came back up. He giggled and pointed that he could see a little of Mario and Maria’s house. I told him breakfast was ready go pee and put on his slippers and come down. Zachary came in all dressed and said ‘Morning’, Stephen told him to come and look at the snow, which he did and he grabbed my ass as we were all huddled looking out and laughed at me. I asked “Who is hungry everything is ready.” Stephen ran to pee and Zachary and I went down. Stephen and he got the plates, etc. out. I got their juices. I asked who wants eggs with their pancakes and they both wanted them. I said fried or scrambled and they both answered fried. Stephen told us this is the only way to eat pancakes and waffles and we agreed. The eggs tasted even better being fried in the sausage grease. Stephen no sooner finished and he ran to the bathroom. Zachary looked at me and said it must be in you guy’s genes he’s as regular as you. I laughed on my way to another bathroom. The two of them cleaned up the kitchen of the kitchen mess. I went up to make the beds and straighten up. The snow was still coming down at a good clip. I called Stephen up to brush his teeth and wash his face, while I did the same. When we came back down the plow was going by again. Zachary was talking to his grandparents and Stephen talked to them also and told them he liked watching the plows and never saw so much snow. He wanted me to light the fireplace and sat there watching it drinking eggnog. I told him Zachary had something for him in the cellar. Zachary brought him down and showed him the sled. I had burned his name in it with the wood burning electric pen I had gotten it one Christmas as a kid. I used it on everyone’s sleds and toys. Stephen saw his name and couldn’t believe the sled was his and Zachary had bought it for him. When he came up he ran to me and cried and kept going to Zachary to hug him. There were tears in Zachary’s eyes too. I told him the only downside was that he would have to leave the sled here that it always will be his sled but until he lives where this is a lot of snow it will stay here. Stephen saw the point to that and said when he is old enough to go to real school, he is moving up here to live with me and will go to school here. I told him I don’t think that will be possible, not on my part but your parents will never allow it. Stephan just said we will see there is still a lot of time. Zachary looked at me as if to say he wouldn’t be surprised. By 10am the snow was starting to slow down and we had gotten a solid 11″ of fluffy snow. Maria called that she had a saved some snowsuits of Zachary that Stephen may be able to wear. Zachary volunteered to run over and get them. He dressed in sweats and boots and ran across the street and came back in a few minutes, he ran right upstairs to change and throw his wet things in the dryer. I put his boots in front of the fireplace to dry off. One of the snowsuits fit him perfect the other he could use next couple of years. Stephen tried on the boots she sent and it was the same thing. The kid was all excited, I told him as soon as it stopped we would go outside. By 10:30 it stopped and I got dressed and got Stephen ready. Zachary went across to start Mario’s snow blower and I got mine and Stephen walked behind me. The snow was light and fluffy not really snowball or snowman building snow. We were both done in about 20 minutes, and then cleaned off the cars and the steps at both houses. I went in and got Stephen’s sled. I made him get on it and Zachary got his sled and we walked to the school to go sled riding. People were just starting to come out and clean up their properties. The roads still had snow the plows hadn’t made their final sweep yet. No one was at the school, and the hill in the back was all ours. Zachary went down first on his sled and I got on Stephen’s and told him to get on my back and we went down. We picked up good speed and he laughed. This was the first time he ever went sled riding. He took turns gong with each of us. Finally he wanted to go on his own and we made him take Zachary’s sled which was a foot shorter than his. I stayed at the bottom waiting for him. Zachary told him what to do and he did okay. In fact after that he went by himself. Before anyone else arrived Zachary and I went down on Stephen’s sled first with him on the bottom then it was always me on the bottom. Once people came we went down separately. Stephan must have gotten to go at least 14 times before it got crowded and I didn’t feel comfortable then he took turns with us before we left. I told him that we would go again tomorrow. I figured maybe I would take another day off and enjoy it with him and maybe get Zachary to also. The plows still hadn’t made the final sweep, so we went in and asked ankara escort if they wanted grilled cheese and soup for lunch. Zachary threw everything in the dryer to dry off and we all were dressed in thermals and socks. Zachary said we could pose for an ad in one of the catalogs the way we were dressed. Zachary sent Maria, Andrea, and Sr. videos of us sled riding. Andrea texted back he will never want to come home. The chicken soup and grilled cheese was perfect on this day. Stephen liked the orzo pasta in the soup. He said he was going to tell his Mom to buy some. As I was finishing cleaning up the plows went by and I said I was going to shovel what was in front of the driveways and the other two said they would help so everyone got dressed again and we went out. Stephen was mad he missed the plows but then the sand and salt trucks came by and he was happy. We cleaned off Mario’s too and they both waved from the window, Stephan helped Zachary throw down the pellets and helped me finish cleaning off the back deck. We brought the sleds down the cellar to dry and got undressed again. Zachary hung everything downstairs by the furnace to dry seeing we weren’t going out again and Stephen put our gloves and hats by the fireplace to dry and boots by the baseboard heat. The wind was starting to pick up and they were forecasting another storm for late Thursday going into and ending on Saturday. This meant that Stephen may be here longer than Saturday. If that was the truth the only thing I would need is milk, eggs, and fruit and I could do that late Wednesday or Thursday before I go to work. I was stocked with everything else. I will mention this to Sr. and Andrea tonight they may want him home. I asked Stephen if he wanted venison steak and potatoes for supper, he liked that and set out to prepare dinner. They were playing a game for a time then he came and watched me get things ready, I said baked or mashed sweet potatoes and they said mashed. We sat and ate and I could tell he was getting tired he didn’t nap today. So as they did their chores cleaning up I texted Andrea that we would facetime at 6:30 that he was getting tired. After they were done and I was sitting with my coffee and them with their eggnog we called his parents. The older boys were doing their homework so it was just Sr. and Andrea. Of course he told them both about his day and the big plows and sand trucks. He left to go to the bathroom and I brought up about the big storm they were predicting. They both knew because it was also going to impact Virginia as it was picking up strength as it came north. Sr. already called the court and the other attorney and told them he wanted a postponement. The other parties all agreed. The court will let them know by the end of the week a definite date right now it is tentative January 27. But depending on what impact this storm has there are cases that have precedent over civil cases. Andrea says if it is later then the 27th she or they will come up for him on the weekend or early next week. They used the excuse of it being a strain on me and I laughed and said it wasn’t but I can understand them wanting him back home then they laughed. It is only right and fair he should be home. Then Sr. said let’s see what happens even if it is a few days after the 27th what is the big deal. I really don’t want to fly twice so close together. So Andrea who surprised me says “Dad if the date is in February we will come up and get him but from now till the end of the month what is another week or so. He is having a good time.” I just answered “That it is Ok with me; I want you two to be comfortable with it.” Sr. answered “I want him to have these memories; it would bother me, if I denied them. Isn’t that right Andrea.” She agreed wholeheartedly. Stephen came back and climbed on my lap and was asked if he washed his hands and nodded then asked his parents if they could move to Connecticut. That he really liked living up here, they told him they would think about it, and I think they will. Nothing would be said to Stephen till we knew for sure. We talked a little more and the older boys got a little jealous of the snow and sled riding, the only one who can remember snow is DJ, Eric and Stuart were young when they moved from here. We all said our goodbyes and Stephen went up to shower. He is getting good at washing himself but I still have to do his hair, and he is spoiled by the warm towels. Zachary went next then I followed. They were drinking eggnog when I came down. I asked what did he want for lunch and I got it ready. Stephen asked me if I was going to work tomorrow and I seriously was debating it. I told him that I might have to only because there may be more snow and the end of the week and I will home then. I told him that we could go sled riding when we came home from work. Zachary told him he would definitely take him when he came home just the two of them if it wasn’t that cold out. That cheered him up; he also told him that Mario might help him build a snowman tomorrow. I asked if they both wanted oatmeal tomorrow for breakfast and they nodded and tomorrow night would be rigatoni with ricotta and venison meatballs. I went to get what I needed out of the freezer. We were all in bed for 8:00 even though I heard Stephen get up and look when the sand truck came by. The alarm went off I got Zachary up dressed, packed up and out the door I told him text me as soon as he gets in the lot and to drive slow. I went back to bed waiting for his text which came sooner than I expected and went back to sleep for another hour or so. I wanted Stephen to sleep as along as possible. I know he had a flu shot and believe me Maria would not let him outside as much as he wanted to go if he wasn’t dressed for it. He was awake before me and came and in got me I got him washed and dressed and packed extra socks, thermals, and clothes just in case. He didn’t want to eat and said he would eat across the street with Maria. I kissed him goodbye and left with Mario. I had a good workout and went to work. Mario said the club would probably be dead today just the diehards some even went yesterday for their pinochle and cribbage games. When I got to the department I found out no one showed up yesterday and I got an email from HR saying the day was excused for anybody that didn’t show up. That made the guys happy they didn’t have an occurrence or have to use vacation time. During the day we all talked about the forecasted storm. I got a text form Sr. right before lunch there next court date was February 1st. Stephen will go home on the 2nd. I sent back a smiley face with two thumbs up. I showed the text to Zachary and he said happy. I was over the moon myself I will have the guy for two more weeks. The day flew by and when we got home there was a snow man in my yard and Mario’s front yard. We had sex right in front of the fireplace, but my knees are starting to kill me on the hardwood floor. He said tomorrow he will ride me. He went and cleaned himself up and went across the street to get Stephen. I cleaned myself started dinner. I threw our gym stuff in the wash and went to gather stuff for another load. I heard them laughing outside they were having a snowball fight and Maria was yelling don’t get wet the both of you or I’ll beat you. They crossed the street and came in. I ordered them both to get out of those clothes and put slippers on. Stephen came back with everything still backed and I left it. He informed me after they built the snowman Maria made him put on Zachary’s thermals and dried his clothes. He said they were Spider Man long johns and he laughed at that. Zachary asked what was so funny, and Stephen answered he is not Captain America. Stephen liked the rigatoni with ricotta and mozzarella and said to me show my Mom how to make it. He loves venison and Zachary was going to tell him what venison was and I said not until he asks. As we were eating I told him to go up and get his calendar, he assumed to mark off another day. He didn’t ask about sled riding till then, I told him we didn’t go because when we went by it was too crowded and we wouldn’t have had a good time. He also asked if we could go in the dark and Zachary answered there are no lights there and he didn’t want him to get separated from us. I assured we will go a few more times before it disappears. I asked him if he built the snowmen himself and he looked at me like I had three eyes. He goes “Papa they are taller than me how could I?” I answered with a ladder, he thought about it and said “Papa you are smart.” Zachary piped up and added “He sure is.” He told us how Mario showed him by rolling a snowball till it got bigger and bigger. I asked if he napped and he said after lunch. Zachary asked what did he have and he told barley soup (he liked that) and a liverwurst sandwich. Zachary asked ‘You ate that?” He said “Yeah with mustard and lettuce. My Mom and I always have them.” Then with the devil in his eyes and looking straight at Zachary asks “Papa when are we going to have pasta fagioli?” I told him Friday. He went up to get his calendar and then helped escort ankara Zachary clean up. We all sat back down them with eggnog and some cookies for him and a Klondike bar for Zachary. He got on my lap, and I said there has been a change in plans. I circled February 2nd, this the day you will be going back home. He looked at me like he just saw Santa Claus in disbelief. He turned and hugged me and said Thank you, I said you should call your parents and thank them. I put in the number and gave him my phone and he told his mother thank you this was the best thing that happened to him and he asked for Sr. and thanked him too. He wanted to call across the street and I told him you can tell them in the morning. I then suggested a shower and he went dancing up the stairs. We were all showered and ready for bed at 8:00. They are still forecasting between 2- 3 feet of snow by the time it is over. In bed I said to Zachary tomorrow after work we are going to stop BJ’s to get gas for the truck. The other vehicles have gas and get milk, eggs, and some fruit. In case we don’t get out Sunday. I will have Mario get gas for the snow blowers. I said to remind his Noni we are going after work in case they need anything. Then I said I think I am going to suggest to him we go to BJ’s tomorrow morning when he gets up to get what we need I have a feeling it will turn into a zoo by the time we get out of work. I said text them see if they are still up. They were and he suggested that Zachary take his truck to work he filled it up today and got gas for both snow blowers. He forgot to tell me and I didn’t even notice my gas cans were on my back deck. We would go to BJ’s in mine and get and do what we have to do. I was going to give up my workout but didn’t care I could always do it at home tomorrow. I hung up with them and got back into bed. Then I snuggled next to him and slipped my boner under his balls and said “Not for nothing but I need more than a quickie a day. We are becoming like a married couple and I love the little guy but we are going to start doing it at night or in the morning.” Zachary says “I’m too nervous that he may wake up, you know how loud I get. Believe it is not that I don’t want you, I have been jerking off in the shower at night and at the gym.” I laughed and said “I knew it there was no way you were fine with this. It’s okay what is another two weeks. But it would be nice if you came to bed with your ass lubed some night.” As I massaged his ass, he moaned quietly and turned to me and kissed me and whispered “I love you so much.” I replied “I love you more.” Before you know it we were both asleep. I got up with Zachary and got his stuff together he ran over across the street to get the keys to his grandfather’s truck we both insisted that he didn’t get up till later. I walked him out and kissed him goodbye and again told him to text me as soon as he parked. I went back in and got dressed and laid down on the couch to watch the news and weather. It was a good thing we changed plans the storm was moving and forming faster they were expecting to hit us 3pm on Thursday instead of late Thursday. I went out and warmed up my truck and had Mario come over and stay with Stephen while I ran to get gas. The pumps were open a couple of hours before the store, I was 3rd in line and by the time I was done the place was filled up when I got back Mario suggested we go to the Big Y they opened at 7am for seniors I agreed and he said Stephen was still sleeping to go straight to the store seeing it was almost 7. The store was dead four people if you were lucky. By the time I left the parking lot was filling up. I got everything both houses needed and was back home at 7:35. Stephen was up and Mario said if you want why don’t you go work out and keep your normal schedule. I said ok I would be over a little after 8 to get you and bring Stephen over. Mario texted Zachary he would let him know when we were near the shop to meet us outside with his keys. As I got ready for work lunch, clothes, etc. Stephen said he was surprised to see Mario there and how he helped him get dressed and washed. Mario told him how I went to get what we needed because I didn’t want to miss spending any time with him when I came home from work. I went along with it why get the kid scared about the storm. On the way to work I told Mario to tell Maria how Stephen would be here till February 2nd in all the confusion last night and this morning I forgot to bring it up. Mario was happy and I also insisted any plans or appointments the two of them had not to break, that I was going to take time off anyway to spend with him. Mario laughed and said don’t worry about that, they were both happy to do it. I told him about Stephen asking his parents if they could move up here. I said by their answer I think they were thinking about it. Mario said well Sr’s. Mom is alone now so maybe they will consider it. Zachary just got there when we pulled up and exchanged parking places, he hugged his grandfather and nudged me and ran back in. I had a good workout; I know I was pumped from all the running around this morning. When I got back to the department Zachary was on his desk phone with Maria, before I panicked I realized what is was about. Stephen had told her at breakfast that he was staying till February 2nd, she wanted to know if it was true. I told him to tell her in all the confusion between last night and this morning we forgot. I told him to make it a point not to cancel anything that they had in the next two weeks that I was planning on taking time off to be with him. He asked why didn’t she call his grandfather and even I knew the answer to that. No one bothers these guys playing pinochle, bocce, or whatever unless it was a life or death situation. Our work load was normal, but the first quarter was always slow. Jim came in after lunch and told us ‘the powers that be’ have decided to close the shop Friday and the weekend. Try to finish up what you can tomorrow, there will be O/T today and tomorrow, but it wasn’t mandatory and not to put ourselves in harm’s way to be smart. Afterwards Jim, Stanley, and myself talked about for years they never closed you were supposed to come to work even if you had to take a taxi. Jim said lawsuits, these young kids got smart and sued saying they got in accidents and hurt because they were forced to come to work and it was held against them if they didn’t. I said in a way they were right, let’s face it when we first started there were quite a few days we shouldn’t have been on the road. Stanley said to me “Remember that one storm that took us 3 hours to get home on what is usually a 12-15 minute ride.” I laughed and said “Yes I remembered that one.” The rest of the day flew by, and when we got home, we had sex and didn’t even get fully undressed, it was hot, heavy, and believe me FAST. I had to play catch up with what I didn’t get done in the morning Zachary helped once he got the laundry started. Tonight was going to be lamb chops on the grill with asparagus and sweet potatoes; I picked up another few pounds of them this morning. Tomorrow night would be a ham that was already defrosted and Friday would be his pasta fagioli. Zachary ran over to get Stephen. I got the grill ready outside and went in and talked to Stephen he had a good time with Maria they made sugar cookies and chocolate chip cookies and he will bring them home tomorrow after they frost them. I asked what did he eat for breakfast he said soft boiled eggs, he liked eating the egg out of the shell, and he had orzo with butter for lunch. Zachary told him he always liked those things when he was young. Stephen helped him get our gym bags packed and I told them to set the table then go watch TV. Andrea called to say that they already called school for them tomorrow and she was off till Sunday but was on call and Sr. would be working from home. It was supposed to start there after midnight and they were calling for 8-10″. That much snow will shut down the state completely they aren’t use to that kind of snow. I told her what was going on here how we were all set and had her talk to Stephen and he told her about the snowmen, baking cookies, about Mario being here in the morning and how much fun he is having with Zachary and me. She must have asked if he missed them, he said yes he does but he doesn’t get to see Papa everyday like he does them and it hurts inside when he can’t see me. Stephen then asked Andrea what was wrong that she sounded funny, and she must have told him it was a bad connection. Zachary looked like he wanted to cry. I told him to tell his Mom we will zoom tomorrow night or Friday morning. I motioned for him to get on my lap and I hugged him and said have I told you how happy I am that you are with me and kissed the top of his head. Zachary kept his back to us cooking the asparagus. I love watching them eat, they both eat with gusto and Stephen has learned from watching me how to suck the meat off the chops. They cleared off the plates and got there eggnog and my coffee. I told them I bought the last two half gallons ankara escort bayan this morning they both cheered. We watched the Weather Channel and they were still saying unless this pulls out to sea we were in the realm of getting 2 1/2 to 3 feet of snow and it was moving fast and should be hitting New York around noon. That would mean for us it should be starting when we are getting out of work. While they were doing a puzzle, I put together the baked beans for tomorrow and decided to make the ham before I went to work in the morning. We talked and laughed as I moved about the kitchen. I told him to get his shower out of the way and we went up Zachary came with us to put away clothes and take his dirty clothes to start another load. He stripped as I was adjusting the shower and shook his butt at Zachary and farted. Zachary told him be careful payback is a bitch. He turned to me and says DJ always tells him and his brothers that and nothing ever happens. Then added Eric says that is because we are cute and lovable. I roared and Zachary who heard everything said as lovable as diarrhea. Stephen laughed and agreed. He is getting good and showering by the time he goes home he may be able to wash his own hair. Zachary came up with a heated towel and he told Zachary thank you. Zachary looked at me as to say he really is a good kid. It was almost 8 by the time we were all showered and was waiting for the last load of clothes to go into the dryer. We were watching TV it was like a Thursday after all it was the last day of work tomorrow. Stephen asked when the snow was going to start and I told him after we were home from work. He was happy he wanted to know if we could walk in the snow after supper. I didn’t see a reason why we couldn’t. The two of them went up to bed I said I would wait for the dryer. I told him I would be up to tuck him in and he said hurry he was tired. I went up and tucked him and kissed him goodnight and he asked if I was happy he was staying longer. I told him very happy, but if he wanted to go home I would arrange it. He got mad and said no, he wanted to come back in the summer. I told him I think that could be arranged. I got up at 3am for a piss run and put the ham in to cook, this way it would be cool enough to put away before I left for work. Zachary got up and left for work, I got ready and before you know it was 8am and I was on my way. Traffic was heavier than normal; the stores were already getting crowded. Mario said it was a good idea that we did everything yesterday. I was hoping everyone would be home by the time we got out of work. He was going to the club and would be home by lunchtime or so. Everyone seemed to be on edge, I guess because of the weather. The one good thing is that it wasn’t supposed to be a heavy snow again, which would eliminate a lot of power outages. The white out conditions were because the heavy snow bands not so much from the wind. We left work and even Hector and Stanley left normal time, they didn’t want to get stuck in traffic. We all told each other have a good weekend see them on Monday. I told Zachary if it wasn’t crowded we should stop at KFC to get coleslaw to go with the ham. Luckily the drive thru wasn’t and they just made fresh. When I was backing into the driveway there were a few flakes floating in the air. I also decided I was going to make cornbread to go with supper. So I said sex was off the table till later tonight in bed. Stephen was going to sleep in his own bed so he could watch the plows my bedroom was in the back of the house. Zachary just looked at me wearily, I said we could put a towel down and you do the sheets on the weekend anyway. Zachary emptied the lunch totes and gym bags and wiped them out and put them away we weren’t going to use them for three days. Twenty-five minutes later the cornbread was in and laundry started Zachary went across the street to get Stephen. Everything was covered with snow, and it seemed to get colder but no wind which was good. I made a couple of good size cornbread so he could bring one to his grandparents. By the time they were coming back they were coming out of the oven and I told them to bring one right over and Stephen went with him. I figured this would be his walking in the snow if we didn’t get out later. I got dressed and met them outside with another hat and gloves for Stephen to double up I know he had thermals and corduroys and a heavy coat on. We walked for about 20 minutes then I said we had to go back that to make sure nothing burned. Stephen was happy he got to walk in the snow. Maria called Zachary that Stephen forgot his tins of cookies. He ran across the street as I got the little one in and undressed. He wanted to stay in his thermals and his socks were dry I told if not slippers another pair of socks so his feet didn’t get cold. Supper was good Stephen says “Papa you make all my favorites.” They both had seconds. As they cleaned up I took care of the laundry we sat and the three of us had eggnog I was coffeed out. They had cookies I passed I was full. The snow wasn’t heavy yet, maybe we were going to luck out and not get that much. We facetimed with Andrea and family they had gotten 9″ and the highways were jammed with accidents and some people were going to be stuck there all night. Stephen told them it wasn’t snowing much and what he ate for supper and showed them the cookies he helped make. The boys were off from school tomorrow also so they wanted to go watch a movie and said goodnight. Stephen ran to the bathroom and came back and four people asked at the same time if he washed his hands. He was upset that a plow hasn’t gone by yet. He told his parents he wants them to move up here before the summer, this way he can spend every weekend with Papa. He was sitting on my lap and his hands were on top of mine rubbing them while saying this and I started to tear up Andrea and Sr. and Zachary saw this. I excused myself and said my turn for the bathroom. I heard Stephen say you sit here till Papa comes back to Zachary who answered “You need me now.” and Stephen says “Yes I can’t see the screen.” Zachary told me later by the time he sat down Andrea and Sr. were visibly shaken by what had happened. They made small talk for a few minutes then said they had to get going it was late and to tell Papa goodnight for them. Just then there was a plow in the background and Stephen says to them “love you” and takes off. Andrea told Zachary to tell me she would call in the morning and Sr. said to tell me goodnight. Stephan was at his window watching the plow go up and down the street and Zachary found me sitting in the living room; he came and sat next to me and asked if I was alright. I said “I didn’t know what happened I have never been this emotional before, it’s your entire fault; I’m supposed to be the rock.” Zachary laughed and said “You are the rock. You should have seen the look on the rent’s faces they looked like they were going to ball their eyes out, damn I was ready too. The only one oblivious was Stephen.” We kissed and Zachary whispered “I know exactly how Stephen feels; when I was his age I felt the same way. I wanted to be with you every day.” I looked at him and kissed him and whispered back, “But you also wanted to do pervy things with me.” As I squeezed his thigh, and being quick “Not till I got a lot older and realized I could do more with my dick than just pee with it.” We kissed again and I said let’s see what he is doing. Stephen was kneeling at his window and I joined him and put my arm around him and he told me there wasn’t much snow yet and you can still see Noni’s tree in her window. I told him he should sleep in his bed tonight so he can get up and watch the plows when they come by, but I wanted him to put on his slippers or put socks on so he wouldn’t get cold. He agreed. I said let’s get you in the shower and we can watch some TV, no one has to get up early tomorrow. I forgot to tell him we didn’t have to go to work. With us all showered we hunkered down to watch a movie. Stephen said with the snow and the tree and fireplace it still felt like Christmas he wanted to watch a Christmas movie. It was my turn and I picked ‘The Homecoming’ the first show ever made about the Walton’s, they both knew who the Walton’s were from reruns still on TV. They both enjoyed it and Zachary said he was surprised I never showed him this movie, and to be perfectly honest I did forget about it. My Dad loved ‘The Walton’s’ he grew up near that era. They both stayed awake for the entire movie. After the movie they went up as I locked up and turned everything off. I went and tucked him and left a pair of socks on his bed to put on as soon as he got up to look at a plow. Zachary was in bed and as I slipped in I felt that we were lying on a towel, I got immediately hard. We proceeded to fuck slowly for the next 30 minutes on his side. He would have to bury his face in my arm if he felt he was losing control. I haven’t come as much as I did that night in a long time. He was giggling and swearing as he ran to the bathroom. I followed him and cleaned up, the bed was dry. I looked in on Stephen as he was in a deep sleep. So were we shortly after that. JJ Any comments or questions feel free to write.[ ail ] PLEASE DONATE TO NIFTY WHATEVER YOU CAN TO KEEP THIS GREAT PLACE UP AND RUNNING!!!

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