Zandra Rides – A week at home with Cindy… (Part 1)


Zandra Rides – A week at home with Cindy… (Part 1)We’d only met through a common friend just a week before and Cindy and I were getting on like a house on fire. Since the Orgy at the beach house we’d be itching to spend some time together and today she had spent the day with me by the pool. Troy, Cin’s long term lover was at a film shot which meant he would be out of town for the rest of the week. After a short discussion it was decided she would stay at mine until ‘ Tory – The Destroyer ‘ returned. Cin after speaking with her well paid and well respect porn stud partner had, as she laid by pool relaxing, said he wanted us to enjoy each others company for a few days as he had a big surprise planned for when he returned. Both excited as to what it entailed it was agreed we would spend the time at the apartment and meet him at the airport upon his return.The afternoon and evening had passed quickly, a few lines and glasses of wine soon had left us feeling hot and aroused. Moving into the lounge to relax we had watched some films of the last time the twins from next door had come round visit. Dave and Grant were of similar build, both around 6ft and regular attendees to the gym. The twins well toned bodies had been put to good use by me, their needy hostess. As the footage rolled on the widescreen television Cindy took off her tight black mini skirt, revealing her black stockings and lingerie. Pulling her lacy thong to one side she fingered herself as we both watched the reasonably endowed men have their wicked way. She had cum quite loudly while she watched the pair shoot their sticky cum all over my face and pert breasts while I pounded myself with a very large black dildo. Having paused the film in several places, I enjoyed showing the best bits in slow motion as they shot hot spunk over me which dribbled everywhere. By time the film had finished Cindy wore nothing but her stockings and black high heels and had both her hands working feverishly at her eager pussy. Shortly afterwards we had stumbled giggling to bed and were soon sprawled across the duvet and finishing off the last of our wine.” Let me watch you touch yourself before we go to sleep… ” Cindy asked teasingly after taking off her black heels and stockings. She laid at the bottom of the bed, with one knee raised and the other leg hanging off of the edge as she absent-mindedly toyed with herself. ” I can’t stop thinking about your neighbours, they look like they could be quite a lot of fun. “Laughing out loud I replied, ” I thought you’d like the film, we’ll have to make one of our own don’t you think? They certainly know how to make a mess and show a girl a good time…” Having taken off the black lycra mini dress that I had worn earlier, I sat in front of the gorgeous brunette as she played. Spreading my legs so as to show my smooth shaven pussy, I licked my fingers and tongued them slowly to tease her. Letting a small amount of spittle trace from my mouth to my hand, I slowly and provocatively ran my fingers across my pert breasts and belly button towards my tingling snatch. Meeting Cindy eyes with a naughty glint, I then slowly moved my fingers down my across my labia pushing my lips firmly but slowly apart. Teasing hot juices across the eager digits and letting her see my tight and needy gash I leaned back against the pillows and arched my back, spreading my legs wider apart.” Mmmmm, you look so hot Zan… ” said Cindy pushing herself up onto one elbow so as to properly enjoy the show. ” Spread your pussy wide open for me you dirty girl, let me see your sticky puffy lips. “Using both of my hands as requested I spread my vulva wide apart and used my eager fingers to tease my clitoris and virginal opening. Soon wet love juices ran freely from my sex and I could feel it running across my puckered anus. Cindy groaned with pleasure and I could hear her fingers squelching deeps inside her own wetness, the sound thick with eroticism sent waves of pleasure rippling up my spine. Letting my legs relax back down on to the mattress I rolled slowly over and with my head on the pillows pulled my knees up under my stomach. Reaching back I ran fingers teasingly along my hips and then across my buttocks and worked them deep inside my eager quim. Arching my back I made a proper show of fucking myself from behind. Spreading my knees slightly further apart, I teased my guest pushing two, then three fingers deep inside myself. Feeling my abdomen tighten I writhed before her, using my other hand to rub my throbbing bean. Panting loudly so Cindy could hear, I then with both hands worked steadily closer to climax. It was not long before we both were cumming and I moaned with pleasure as my stomach muscle contracted and thighs trembled. My bedroom guest also gasping loudly several times had clearly enjoyed my performance before the bedsheets for a short while were still.After a few moments Cin made her way to the pillows at the top of the bed next to me. Her hands gently caressing my back and shoulders, her mouth kissing my neck. ” That was beautiful sweet thing, you are a very sexy girl… ” Cuddling together our with legs intertwined we enjoyed the warmth of our bodies close together. Comfortable in each others company, sleep soon found us both and I looked forward we were to a day relaxing round the house and by the pool. Excited about getting to know each other better, talking, playing and exploring each others bodies in the blistering sun.Having woken early the next morning we had again partaken in a reasonable size line of party powder and decided what to wear for the rest of the day. As was usual this involved as little and revealing as possible. Cindy having chosen a black crotchless body stocking to go with her matching stiletto heels again relaxed against the large pillows on the bed. Her long legs spread wide, she used both her hand to tease and stimulate herself. With one hand on her shaven mound she pulled back her hood and gently stroked her clitoris. Smiling I watched intently as she teased pussy juices over her large virginal lips, they were already dark red and swollen. Running one hand over my pert breasts I squeezed my nipples hard while quickly rummaging through the bedside draws deciding what to wear. Looking towards me she smile, ” I like your home, I feel comfortable here. Thank you for inviting me… “” Feel free to treat it as your own. There a toys in the draw if you need them babe, help your self. ” Leaving the top draw open so they could easily be seen, I then went to the walk in wardrobe to leaf through the clothing which hung in there. Eyeing myself in the mirror, I enjoyed the look of my all over tan and ran my fingers across my firm stomach and again teased my tingling snatch. Squatting down to look at the swim wear and undies in the bottom draws I ran two fingers down and along my already needy lips. Rubbing gently in a circular motion against my eager bud, I pushed my legs further güvenilir bahis apart and lifted myself onto tip toes enjoying watching myself masturbate. Sliding both fingers firmly into my tight slot I then worked myself until they were wet and moving freely back and forth. This done I traced them back to my tingling clit and rubbed my juices there, squeezing my pierced bud between my fingers briefly before turning my attentions once more towards my clothes. Choosing shortly to wear my smallest white bikini and open toed stiletto heels, I moved back into the bedroom.Cindy after prompting had taken several toys from the bedside draw and masturbated freely. Seeing me she smiled and adjusted her body so I could watch her play. ” Your so rude…” I laughed, enjoying the sight of the leggy model pushing a rabbit style vibrator deep inside herself. ” You’ve got me hot and horny already, I knew we’d have fun together the moment we met… “The brunettes eyes sparkled mischievously as she drew the toy slowly from her, the glistening purple shaft purred loudly as she teased her inflamed lips. ” Your more than welcome to come and help baby girl…” The models voice was etched with pleasure as she spoke, her legs trembling slightly as she came for the first time that morning.Placing the clothes I’d chosen on the small sofa to the side of the room I then slid onto the bed next to my naked friend. Taking the mirror from the top of the bedside table I then readied two lines while watching the well lubricated toy slide deep into Cindy’s shaven mound once more. Her labia lips and clitoris were now swollen and purple red, fanny juices soaking the clean bedsheets between her legs. By now heavily aroused I swallowed before leaning forward to the mirror and snorted a liberal line of cocaine. Placing the mirror with a second line and the rolled up note near my partners head. I then moved between her legs and placed my hand over Cindy’s and took the toy from her grasp. The models wetness covered the toy and letting go she turn onto her stomach and pushed her legs wide apart, kneeling so as to be able to snort the line. Taking the rabbit I drew the toys gently across her well spread pussy, teasing it against her swollen bud.” Saucy… ” Cindy laughed, her hips bucking from the pleasure that rippled through her body. ” You’ll make knock this over! “Smiling back as I eased the vibrator down along the bombshell shaven snatch and teased her gapping and sodden hole. Pushing it slowly into her I used my other hand to spread her pussy lips wide. Cindy thrusting back against the penetrating toy, spread her legs even wider, snorting the line as she did.” Mmmmm… ” She groaned, ” That feels good! “” I’m going to make you cum sugar lips, your body gets me so hot and horny. Your husband is a very luck fella to have you tucked up in the sheets. You’re welcome to spend all the time you like here and Troy as well of course “Pushing the toy deeper into her well oiled quim I reached my free hand around her thigh, with eager digits teasing at her swollen clit. Two fingers slid between wet and sticky lips, squeezing at her love bullet which throbbed at the touch. It was not long before Cindy with her head flat to the bedsheets, had two hands pulling her vagina wide apart. With steady thrusts I pushed the shaft of the rabbit deeper into her gaping gash, changing its setting to pulsating whirr which had Cindy moaning loudly as she came. The force of her orgasm leaving me to hold her shaking body upright.After Cindy had recovered a little I moved back up the bed to lay next to her on the pillows. Spreading my legs ever so slightly apart and taking the rabbit I teased myself with it. Enjoying the thought of my pillow partners pussy juices mixing with my own as I teased the purring phallus again my aching lips. ” We should take some pictures for Troy, if you don’t mind… ” I purred smiling at Cin’s through half closed eyes. ” I want him to see that I’m looking after you while he is away. We wouldn’t want him to worry now would we?”Cindy laughed, ” That’s a very good idea, he’ll love to see us having fun and it’ll give him something to look forward to when he gets back from out of town. ” As she spoke her fingers traced across my tanned and toned stomach. Making their way to my breasts and gently teasing my nipples hard. ” Shall I use my phone to take some now baby? “” That would be great… ” I giggled winking, ” …we could take a few over the rest of the week and make an album for him to look at on the flight home.” That sounds like a brilliant plan! ” She replied excitedly. ” You look so sexy playing with yourself, it would be rude not to… ” Reaching over to the bedside table where they had left her phone the evening before, she unlocked the device and opened up the camera.” Before we start I’ve got a few pictures to give something to think about… ” She rolled back over and handed me the phone which had a photo album open for me to view. ” ” Here’s the lump your looking for babe, nearer 10 inches than the boys and thick like a young c***ds arm. “Taking the phone eagerly I let out out a wanton sigh seeing her boyfriends swollen cock. The first picture she showed what was a semi-hard but gigantic manhood laid against her cheek, its bulbous head close to her mouth even when soft seemed too big to easily fit between her lips. “ Mmmm, that is sweet… I bet you need to slide that bad-boy in slow to start? “ As I flicked to the next picture which showed Troy’s fully erect penis throbbing hard and proud, I pushed the vibrator between my lips inside me, wrapping one of my legs round Cindy as I did. ” You are such a lucky girl… ” I exclaimed. ” That is a monster of cock, I’d love to feel it girth stretching me wide apart! “” When he cums it shots everywhere, big thick sticky wads of cum that keep cumming and cumming. You wait till he gets back I’ll get him to cum all over you. He’ll love your tight little pussy and you’ll love him deep inside you. “Purring at the thought I flicked to the next picture which showed my lovers mouth wrapped round her boyfriends bell end. Thick white cum ran down his shaft, covering her face with sticky strings which also stuck in hair and all around her glossy red lips. It was clear that Troy could make a very large mess when he shot his load. Pushing the whirring toys as far as it would go into wanton gash I press my hand over its end, enjoying the heat of my lips against my fingers. Pressing the base of the toy I change it settings to continual vibration and then looked at the next picture.Leaning over me Cins took my one of my hardened nipple into her mouth and sucked gently, flickering her tongue across it as she did. I was in seventh heaven my 8 inch rabbit pushed it full length inside my tight little hole with my harden nipples be teased by a porn stars wife. The next picture showed her shaven pussy with Troy’s huge length pushed three quarters of the way in. Her güvenilir bahis siteleri swollen pussy lips were stretched wide, tightly wrapping around his girth. I imagined his length pounding into me, his sweat across my cleavage and breasts. ” Mmmmm, I think us three will have to be very good friends. Your hubbies cock is a thing to behold, my fanny is aching just at the thought. “Lifting her head the brunette smiled at me and replied, ” That’s for sure, you love him deep inside you. He’ll make you scream the house down when you cum. We’ll film it and we make you into a proper little porn star! “Laughing I spread my legs wider, letting her see the toys buried all the way inside my burning twat before handing back the phone. Once she had taken it I slid my leg off her and squeezed my pussy muscles together letting the vibrator slip back out into my hand. Its sticky shaft warm with love juices. ” Can we take these photos please? ” I begged, with a dirty smile that must have spread from ear to ear.” Now that sounds fun… ” She answered laughing and rolled off the bed positioning herself so as to take better photographs. ” Think of his big swollen cock baby girl getting all hard for you, think of his cum shooting all over you lithe and wanton body… “Spreading my legs wide and grinning lustfully I rubbed the whirring vibrator against my aching pussy, hot wet juices covered my hand and its shuddering shaft. Curling my toes against the mattress and arching both feet I pushed firm arse cheeks off of the white linen sheets. Pouting with pleasure and aroused I let my friend take the pictures for her husband, rubbing the pulsating toys along my inflamed virginal lips like a wanton whore. Pushing its length slowly inside my eager snatch, I worked myself to the first orgasm of the day. Pushing it again firmly, steadily deeper into my hot gash I spread my legs even further apart and start to rub my pierced clitoris between two fingers from my other hand. Cindy obviously enjoying the sight very much moved to the edge of the bed and took a succession of photos as she sat spread legged playing with herself at the same time.” I’m cumming Cin… ” I gasped, enjoying the sensation of my pussy muscles contracting around the toy. I allowed it’s length to pushed out towards the camera and slid it slowly up and pushed it with both hand against my aching bud as the camera took several more pictures. ” Mmmmmm, are you getting some good shots for Troy? I want his cum dribbling out of all my holes, literally oozing all over! “Laughing out loud the busty brunette nodded her agreement, ” That can be arranged for sure, I’d love to see you two fuck. You have a beautiful body baby girl it gets me very horny… ” Placing the phone on the bedside table and moving across the bed with her legs at the headboard she slowly traced teasing fingers across my thighs. ” I’m going to have kiss your pussy babe, I need to put my tongue deep inside you… “My eyes rolled at the thought and I eagerly pushed her legs further apart giving my lover enough room to slide her head easily between my tanned thighs. Cindy then slowly ran her tongue across my firm stomach muscles, teasing my snatch gently by running lips and teeth very close to my sex and then tracing the sensitive skin of my groin. It was not long before I pushed my wanton quim into her face and mouth, urging her to suck my swollen bud. As if sensing my need Cin opened her mouth fully and spread it over my hot bullet and labia lips, teasing them with a firm flickering tongue. ” Ahhhhh, that’s good… ” I shuddered through an open mouth, my voice edged with pleasure and urgency ” That so good, don’t stop! “Grasping my arse cheeks with one hand the porns stars wife clamped her mouth softly over my now tingling and pulsating pussy. Teasing my clitoris and sucking swollen lips deep into her mouth. Taking her free hand she teased at my sodden hole and eased two finger slowly into hot wet juices. Working them steadily in and out she then pushed them deep inside me and curled them as to tease my g spot bringing on another shuddering climax. Running my hands through her hair I then pushed her mouth hard against my soaking gash, mumbling wildly as I did. ” Fuck baby, that feels good. You’re making me cum like a train. “As my hands relaxed Cindy traced her hands across my body and made her way back to the top of the bed, leaning over me she kissed me with firm and passionate lips. The heavy perfume of my lust dancing between our mouths before she turned and took the cocaine tray laughing. ” It must be my turn to do the honours surely… “” How can a girl say no… ” I winked, taking a moment to recover I watched her as she shook the powder onto the the tray and used my credit card to break it into two reasonable line. As she placed the bag and card back down and re-rolled the note into a tube, I asked. ” Do you think Troy will like the photo’s sweetie? ““ He’ll love them baby… “ Cindy’s replied. “ …you look well hot playing with yourself, we’ll get some more down by the pool later. It looks like it going to be another hot by the clear skies outside. “Looking towards the patio doors the led outside to the garden it was clearly going to be another scorching day. Sitting up I took my heels from the sofa and slip my feet quickly into them and tightened the strap round each ankle. Collecting the empty glasses from the side and made my way to leave the bedroom, enjoying the sense that my guest eyed my body as I brushed against her. ” Leave mine on the side and I’ll do it when I get back, time for some morning refreshments… “Smiling Cindy nodded and winked before sniffing one the lines she had prepared. “A morning tipple would be just perfect… “Making my way quickly to the kitchen I took a bottle of champagne from the fridge along with some fresh orange juice, also taking two clean glasses from the washer. After placing the bottle next to them on the side and taking some ice from the dispenser then preceded two Bucks Fizz’ and carried them back the bedroom next door. Once back I handed one of the glasses to Cindy who was looking through the various toys that were in the draw of the bedside cabinet. ” Feel free to help yourself, there should be batteries in there as well if any are running low. “Taking the glass from my hand the buxom brunette smiled. ” Thanks honey. You’ve got all sorts in here, we should try a few out today, it’ll be fun. “Winking in reply I placed my glass next to the tray and then finished the line that sat waiting for me. Walking back round to the draw, I took out the long string of clear anal beads and placed them on the bed. Kissing Cins on the back of the neck, I slowly traced my fingers down her spine, letting my nails run gently against her lightly bronzed skin. ” You can try these now if you wanted and we’ll take the draw out into the garden a bit later so we can play together by the pool “Looking at the beads iddaa siteleri she picked them up and toyed with them with her hands, clearly enjoying the weight and feel she leaned her head back and opened her mouth to kiss me. Our lips met tenderly and our tongues danced eagerly between our mouths, warm saliva wetting both our lips. Passion surged through my body, both a mix of the euphoria of coke and that of wanton lust as I enjoyed her kissing my newest of friends. Our mouths parting I then gently kissed her cheeks and forehead, quickly moving down the other side of her face and softly under her chin. Clearly enjoying this Cindy leaned her head back so I could kiss her neck as well. Opening my mouth I ran my tongue across her soft skin, biting her gently and sucking in a small amount of skin.Murmuring with pleasure the model raised the string of beads to her ample bosom, letting them lay between her cleavage she began to tease her darkened nipples hard. Letting her weight ease back once more onto the bed, I ran my lips down her neck and towards where her hands now played. Taking the end of the beads into my mouth I wetted them before teasing her nipple with my firm tongue. Taking both my hands I took her breasts and squeezed them gently together and flickered my tongue from one nipple to the other enjoying then sensation of them become full and erect. Drawing her knees up I watched as one of Cindy’s hands trance across her stomach and towards her shaven mound. It was not hard to watch her masturbate and I enjoyed seeing her finger touch and spread her dark red swollen lips. Her clitoris stood proud and eagerly awaiting to be touched. Sucking her now hardened nipple deep into my mouth I traced my hand along her ribs, over the top of her thighs and pushed it under her hand towards her swollen bud. Instinctively she cupped her hand allowing me to touch her too and together we worked her juices from deep inside.Leaving the anal beads between her ample breasts the busty model reached her free hand between my legs and teased with tender fingers to my eager quim. Slowly she eased her firm digits inside my now soaking gash and I ground down against them so they entered me as deeply as possible, my hot juices flowing freely across her hand. ” Ahhh babe, that so good… ” I groaned, my own hand now soaking wet from her hot sticky cunt was flat against her swollen clit, rubbing it intently for all I was worth. ” …fuck me hard, make me cum! ” As I gasped the words she increased the speed and intensity of her hands movements pushing three fingers deep inside my needy hole. ” That’s so good, that is so fucking good… ” The words shuddered from my mouth into my lovers cleavage, as my legs shook freely and I came.Moving her other hand from inside her Cindy laid it over mine and together we rubbed at her throbbing bud as she spread her legs wide apart. Her firm touch increased as she slid warm sticky fingers in between mine and together we made her body tense as we brought her to an orgasm too. ” That feels so good baby girl, that feels so very good… “Taking a moment to recover we laid together in our post orgasmic bliss, hands gently kneading and touching each others tanned skin. After a few moments Cindy pushed my hands over the anal beads that lay between her cleavage. ” There is some oil in my bag baby girl, feel free to use it and put these deep inside me. They look fun! ” As she spoken the busty brunette spread her legs apart and pushed her abdomen up off the mattress. ” You certainly know how too entertain your guests. I’m going to pop my heels on, you can take a few pictures of me as well if you like? “Winking, I replied. ” You wish is my command… ” Standing I retrieved and handed Cin her black high heels, then after a quick look and finding her hand bag I opened it and looked for the lubricant. As I rummaged through the bag I also found a small clear saleable bag with four white tablets in it. Picking it up I wavedthem at my friend and laughed. ” What do we have here then? “Smiling back as she sat putting on her heel. ” They’re some ‘E’ left over from the other weekend. They are pretty nice an mainly MDMA, if you want to take them we can. It’s up to you! “” Now that sounds like a very interesting idea, we could put somer music on and chill out for the day. I’m looking forward to seeing you in your body stocking. A couple of jack and jills could make a fun afternoon of it. ” Dropping the clear tube of lube on the bed close to where Cindy had left the beads, I walked around the bed and made my way to head to the kitchen again. ” I’ll get some water babe and we can take one now if you wanted? “” A girl after my own heart… ” the porn stars wife replied, running her hand across my back as I moved passed her, she cheekily pinched my bum whilst laughing.Returning shortly with a large glass of spring water, I placed it on the bedroom cabinet and took two of the ecstasy tablets from the baggy. Giving one of the pills to my partner I then popped one in my own mouth and then washed it back with a gulp of water. My body tingled with anticipation, as it had been a good few months since I’d taken MDMA in any shape or form. This done I handed the glass to the brunette who in a similar fashion, swallowed the tablet and smiling placed the glass back on the bedroom side.Now with her heels back on Cin moved back to the centre of the bed with her toned, tanned legs spread wide apart. She casually ran one hand over the clipped hair of her pubic mound and teased herself in front of me. Standing in front of her I made a play of watching her tease herself, enjoying watching as she touched her pussy lips and clitoris. ” You look great in those heels, we should let in some light and begin our days fun in earnest… “Cindy giggled as she continued to played, watching as I opened the blinds. The morning sun, already warm already filled the room. Wiggling my arse I exclaimed excitedly, “ Wow baby, your in luck, the old man’s out on his exercise bike. I’ll move this dresser if you wanted? ” Without waiting for a response I pushed the draws and mirror to the side wall away from the window, which gave a clear view of my bedroom from anyone on the upstairs balcony.Noticing the view upstairs had of my bedroom my lover wasted no time in moving her body to a position where the neighbour could easily see her naked body. Flicking her hair over one shoulder so her ample breasts could easily be seen. ” You are so naughty! What will the neighbours say… “Smiling back over my shoulder I moved to the window and looked up at my neighbour. The boys father was in his mid fifties and still of a fairly athletic build. I often masturbated for him either in my bedroom and sometimes in the garden. The widow, who had never complained and who would to be fair, often relieve himself as he watched. Gently wrapping my knuckles on the patio doors I drew his attention by smiling and waving afterwards. Hearing the knock Troy nodded and waved back, clearly noticing Cindy spread legged behind me. ” I think they are pleasantly surprised at a guess, shall we open the doors up and let in the fresh air sugar lips? “” Now that sounds like a great idea… ”

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