836 kay and the dungeon 2


836 kay and the dungeon 2Kay and the dungeon 2I will continue in her own words, me not having been there: Prompt at 7’30pm on that Friday , we met at the coffee shop, as arranged. I instantly recognised Jack from the pics he had sent me. he said, “you’ve come then? I am so glad,” and he seemed genuinely to be relieved I had arrived. He bought coffees and I soon sat drinking as he gazed over me, I was wearing stay black seamed stockings, 4″ heels, and my little black dress. black cotton lace panties, but no bra, heavy eyeshadow, mascara, rouge, and a pink lipstick, I had a small carry bag with my purse and keys, my tracksuit and a pair of flat soled slip-on`s inside, for the drive home I had no handbag or other bits. he told me I looked good, and I thanked him. We drank up, then walked to his house, only a short walk from the café. He unlocked the front door, leading me into the hall, bidding me leave my bag, then leading me through the kitchen to a slightly intimidating door, opening it and pulling on a cord, lighting up a steep staircase. “After you Kay” he said, and I descended carefully down into a wine cellar. he walked me past the racks of wine then opened another more ominous door, it was a room about 30′ x 20’, brightly lit by banks of lights on each side. there were mirrored panels on each wall, interspersed with racks of whips, straps, canes and crops, some of them had leather harnesses hanging, chains, clamps. there were shelves of weights, a box of ropes, and a couple of small cupboards. there was a raised, vinyl covered box like structure, with 4 timber upright posts at the corners a long narrow sawhorse, a whipping cross on one wall, and a spreader bar hanging from a rope, in the ceiling. the rope was attached to a pulley. Every piece of equipment apparently had numerous metal `D’ rings attached to them, it was all neat and clean, it exuded care and attention to detail, and was precisely as he had described and my apprehension`s dispelled. He had told me he was experienced, and I had believed him, though it was a case of trust, he still could have been a killer.I gasped as I took it all in from the doorway, even though he had described it to me online before I left home, it was awesome, I knew that to enter this world would signify my complete acceptance of the whole mastery, so it was a case of only slightest hesitation, but enter I did , to his obvious joy.”Take off your dress” his tone had changed, to stern and controlling, a tingle ran through me as I pulled my dress over my head, he walked to a cupboard, opened it removed a roll of tape, and a soft leather hood. he took the dress from me and d****d it over the sawhorse. “Arms behind your back and hold your elbows.” I did, and he quickly taped the length of my forearms together, before slipping the hood over my head and zippering it tightly. the effect was instant, and claustrophobic, plus the heavy scent of leather was erotic in its own strange way, it had two eyeholes, both with zippers on them, though he didn’t zip them yet, a big loose hole at my mouth also had a zipper, and an always open nose hole, so at least I could be sure of breathing. I stood there in my stockings, my heels and small panties, my bare tits jutting out vulnerably, and with my hands secured so I felt beautifully helpless, as I stood wondering how many women had worn that hood before me.”Very nice,” he hissed from behind me, his hands encircled me and he began squeezing at my tits, mauling them, digging his fingers into my breast flesh and releasing them time and again, muttering “Let’s get these warmed up” he kept muttering, things like “lovely”, or “ beautiful” while squeezing and kneading them for about four or five minutes, pulling and twisting the flesh in every direction, really hurting them and making me gasp. I could see in the wall mirror, his fingertips disappearing deep into my flesh, see the twisting and stretching, and his smiling face over my shoulder, it felt like they were being torn off my chest. Finally he stopped and I could see my tits had turned a bright red, they were throbbing painfully as he reached down, and rubbed the gusset of my thin panties pushing the material up into the wetness between my already damp labia, before going back to the cupboard and getting a pair of leather cuffs, attaching them to my ankles, and clipping them together. He then lowered the rope, removed the bar, and clipped the rope to a steel `D’ clip at the top of the hood, before tightening the rope, and tying it to a cleat on the wall I was now unable to move, secured at the head, simple but effective system I can tell you! A shudder ran through me, I had of course good idea of some of what was to come we had discussed it on-line, nothing precise but generally, and this I knew, was just a warm-up He went to the wall and fetched a riding crop, which he swished several times in front of me, so I knew what he was going to use, before zipping the eyes and mouth hole tight shut. Instantly I was in airless darkness, he began to hit my left breast first, and bloody hard, the crop had a thick leather tang, so the pain was sharp, and the pain deep, he followed quickly with a second hard hit on the same spot, then a third. My screams were muffled by the leather hood as he worked on my left breast, clockwise, always in groups of three hits, working slowly around the outer side of the orb, then underneath, and then back around the inner side up to the top. each spot received the regular three hits before he moved on, he worked hard and very fast. I was by now screaming and sobbing, already in deep pain, I counted 30 strokes. I was shaking, breathing rapidly through my nose, my only source of oxygen and I thought I was going to pass out, fortunately, the hood taking most of my weight on the rope. He and held me to him as he lowered the rope slightly and unclipped the rope from my hood, unclipped my ankles he then led me, walking blindly and, rather shakily by this time, to face a wall, then he unzipped my mouth so I could take in more air before he opened my eyeholes, I found I was looking into one of the big mirrors, through my tears, güvenilir bahis I saw my left breast was now swollen and completely bruised, black and blue. He said it was “now more beautiful” while looking over my shoulder and letting me absorb the vision, before he rezipped my eyes, and then my mouth once more, walking me steadily back to the centre of the room. He reattached the rope to my hood, and reclipped my ankles together once more. I was sobbing and screaming again, despite my promise of silence but my cunt was dripping, I could feel it quivering, and knew an orgasm was building down there.My whole mental world was now focused into my right breast, which I knew instinctively would be his next target. None the less the impact of the crop slamming into it, still came as a shock and my sobs again turned to muffled screams as I thrashed around, but I was completely helpless, I had told him I didn’t want a safe word, it was a mutual accepted decision, in fact I had promised I wouldn’t speak either, and in turn he had agreed not to cause any permanent injury, though I only had his word for that of course, he continued as before, until about halfway around my right tit, when my expected orgasm exploded, like huge waves of pleasure, fighting against the sea wall of intense pain, it continued pulsing through me, my now wet cunt gushing its wet flood down my inner thighs, my body convulsing but he continued beating my now throbbing tit without missing a stroke though he must have been aware. He continued until it was over, the same thirty strokes, and I had received the full number of strikes he had allotted to this breast beating. I had had an orgasm, and by now I was covered in sweat, my chest on fire with deep, constant, throbbing pain. The inside of the hood was wet with my tears and I was panting, desperately in need of more air, he unzipped my mouth, but I couldn’t speak, just gasp for breath, blubbering and drooling as I sobbed. He lowered the rope slightly, then unclipped my ankles and forced my legs wider apart. I now felt his hand rubbing my wet panties into my now soggy cunt, before pulling my legs together and sliding them down my legs and off. He wiped my inner thighs with them, then very roughly and thoroughly, he wiped my wet cunt, the gauzy material scratching at my clit, and my sensitised vulva, then he pushed them up inside me, twisting them deep in my channel absorbing all the wetness on offer. He dragged them out and forced them right into my mouth, to my amazement, and without a word, he rezipped it. My mouth was now stuffed with panties, exuding the flavour of my own cunt-juices, the taste exploding onto my taste-buds, and me knowing I could no longer even manage to scream effectively.He reclipped my ankles then retightened the hood rope, my head now pulled upwards and I was left like that, in limbo for several minutes, it was a long, long, time, closed in blindly in the hood as I was, my mouth full and unable to move and I stayed like that for a period that was a lifetime but it`s hard to tell in secured darkness so in reality it was probably less than ten minutes. The throbbing in my tits still hammering with every pulse, but also a deep dull ache of bruising as well. I forced my busy mind to slow my breathing and my sobbing turned into low groans. Then without warning, I was shocked back to reality as a crop smacked hard against my left nipple, again and again, for five hard strokes, all perfectly aimed, Jack hitting me only inside the areola, pain shooting direct into my brain, before his aim moved and the right nipple became his target, his aim perfect once more, no holding back, another five cruelly hard strokes, again that searing and sudden lightning-strikes of pain. Then he unzipped my eyes, he had taken off his shirt, and his jeans, I could see he had a huge erection in his briefs. he leant forward and sucked my bruised left nipple into his mouth, I gasped when he savagely bit it, it caused me to lose all control of my bladder, and I began pissing all down my thighs, he smiled cruelly once more then returned and bit the right one. He knelt down and I felt his tongue licking the piss from my thighs and labia, muttering “Mmmm tasty”. He arose, went to the wall and came back with a pair of clover clamps, showing me the things, and I gasped knowing what was to come, the sting in my already tortured and bruised nipples was already massive now, but it tripled as he attached first one and then the second, watching my eyes all the time, his face gloating and his eyes cold.He paused then went to the box of rope, bringing back a long length of thin rope, I screamed when he liftedmy damaged right breast by the clamp and passed that rope under it, circling the base of my right breast and pulling it, oh so tight, then winding it round and round always tightly, he began binding my tit and increasing the pain and pressure on the already tight nipple clamp. He then smiled at me, then did the same to the left one, binding halfway up each of them, leaving two heavily bruised tightly stretched balls of fast colouring breast-flesh, with a clamp poking straight out from each nipple. My tits feeling like they were falling off, but the pain level was steadily increasing, and I was sobbing again, almost hyperventilating, I had never felt so used in all my whole lifetime. He walked to the wall and selected a flogger, returned, he took a stance, and whipped me hard across my soft belly, I gasped and rocked on my heels, as he struck again, and again, setting up a rhythm, as my belly reddened, flogging my poor belly hard for several minutes. The ache spread. He unclipped my ankles, then unzipped me completely out of the hood, the air was a cool relief on my face after the confined hood he said as he pulled the panties from my mouth “Yes, miss to me you do look much better like that.”. I looked in the mirror, my face was a mess, lipstick smeared, tearful mascara runs all down my cheeks, eye make-up smudged all over, my hair wild and drenched with sweat from that all confining hood… He got some scissors and cut the tape from my arms, I hadn’t realised güvenilir bahis siteleri how badly my shoulders had been aching, I gasped as they were released, but it was just a minor irritation to me on this strange day, also increasing the pain in my bound tits as they jiggled and swayed. “Kneel down Kay”. he said.Free now, he knew I was his totally, as I obediently knelt, gingerly down on the cold tiled floor. “Time to get some fluids back into you miss. I’m going to put the head of my cock in your mouth Kay and I shall then take a nice long piss. You are going to drink every drop of it down, and I warn you If you spill any at all, I’ll take a thin cane later on, and I will cane your stretched tits.” I started crying again, knowing if he said it, he would do it. He shouted at me “Open your fucking mouth, cunt.” and I slowly opened my mouth for him, as he pulled his huge uncut cock out, my cunt tingling at the sight of it, a long, thick veined tool, the knob barely visible under the fleshy foreskin, dribbling precum. it was unwashed and smelt strongly of stale piss. I inhaled deeply, feeling a wetness once again between my legs, automatically opening my mouth wider as the thing came nearer to me. He grabbed my hair and tilted my head back, then it was in my mouth, my tongue involuntarily sliding under the foreskin to taste the bitter slime. his cock pulsed, then began squirting a hot stream of acrid piss into my mouth, frantically I gulped it down quickly as his stream increased. I fought hard, swallowing rapidly, drinking his piss, just managing to keep up with his stream, my cheeks bulging, the piss burning my throat, it seemed endless, ten seconds passed, and still the stream was heavy… I was struggling to keep it down, to keep swallowing it all, then just as the stream seemed to weaken slightly, I lost concentration for just a millisecond, I coughed, gagged, and spilt a mouth of piss over my chin, and down the front of me, hot on my bound tits! I quickly recovered, swallowing fast again, terrified of his threat, hoping he wouldn’t notice, as he trickled the last squirts into my mouth. I was gasping, taking deep breaths, coughing, I could feel the hot acid piss burning in my guts, threatening to come back up. he looked down at me, drool hanging from my open mouth, and he grunted. He took his cock slowly from my mouth and rubbed the head over my face to dry it.”On your feet” he said dragging me up by the hair and leading me over to the sawhorse. I stood there watching bemused as he positioned my legs, wide apart, facing the thing, clipping my ankle cuffs to eyelets at the bottom of the sawhorse legs, he unclipped that dreaded hood from the rope, then bent and grabbed my soggy panties, he used them to wipe up the piss I had spilled on the floor, in a very exaggerated way, his face glancing at me said it all, so I knew it would be the cane for my mistake, before he returned and silently pushed them back into my mouth, quickly opened to receive them. He now refitted that damned hood over my head and zipped it up, leaving me in darkness once again, eyes zipped tight and that piss soaked gag jammed in my jaws. I felt him fastening leather cuffs to my wrists, then then grabbing my hood ring, and pulling me forward and down, my belly resting along the length of the smooth wooden beam, my aching tits I knew were hanging down either side of it, throbbing and uncomfortable. He then attached the wrist cuffs to eyelets halfway down the front legs and again I was secured. I heard him collect several things from cupboards, he unzipped my eye holes and showed me a number of metal alligator clip`s, pressing one open so I could see the sharp metal teeth, each clip had a loop of twine on the end. Then he was behind me, roughly wiping my dripping wet cunt with a rough cloth, probably a towel. Once I was dry, I imagined in my dark hood what was to come, making the first bite of the clips a hundred times worse, he pulled on my tender labia stretching it out before clamping that awful clip onto it, then a couple more, evenly spaced along the tender meaty lip, he repeated it on the other lip as well. I could feel the tiny teeth biting deep into my flesh, starting up a new source of stinging pain to my already ravished body, which slowly increased, till making me scream, long and hard, as he added weights to every clip, I, as I turned my head sideways saw in the mirror how madly stretched my poor cunt-lips were. I saw the heavy weights swinging very gently, adding to the hideous pain I was already feeling. I watched him carefully lubricating up a large black butt plug, he caught my gaze in the mirror, “Time to wake up your arsehole sweet Kay” he chuckled. my eyes already wide in terror, widened still more, as I felt the tip slid in, and then as he rammed it up my arse I screamed in pure unbridled agony. he said, ” I do so love the sound of your muffled screams my lovely kay. “white hot searing streaks of pain shot into me as my anus was expanded rapidly, I thought my ring had split, it felt so like it. he dragged the plug out again, I was gasping, as my arsehole throbbing, he waited a few seconds and then without warning rammed it back in, I screamed again, tears pouring from my eyes, as his hands moved underneath me, attaching a few more heavy weights, this time to my nipple camps, the plug still in place and causing me terrible pain. I groaned in total agony, pain exploding from several areas of my body at once, as he slid a finger into my cunt, pulled it out wet. ” You’re soaking wet again missy, your such a fantastic fucking pain-slut” he casually picked up a three tail whip, and started striking my back and shoulders, the tails bit deep, white hot lines acting like electrical burns, as he was striking me hard, each stroke producing another scream from me, though I could feel another, bigger orgasm building as he covered my back in welts, working his way down to my arse-cheeks, and on down the backs of my thighs, my cunt suddenly exploded in a huge spasming release when the leather tails caught my tight stretched labia, the pain doubled as I gushed thick slime onto iddaa siteleri the floor, pissing myself as well, as my bladder released itself. My body now trembling so hard it was shaking the whole sawhorse, as I screamed uncontrollably around that piss and cum soaked pantie gag, my head thrashing from side to side with sensations I had never before experienced to this extent, it felt like it lasted forever this fantastic but painful high. and then I slumped, totally wasted and utterly exhausted onto that hard horse. I suddenly realised the whipping had stopped, my back arse and legs now a crisscross of deep burning red welts. he unzipped my mouth, removed the gag, and I lay there gasping like a fish on the bank. I expected it was over and turned my head, allowing me to watch in the mirror expecting to be released, till with horror I saw he was not taking off weights, he was adding still more to the clips on my cunt-lips. I screamed, a deep guttural wail as I saw my poor labia being stretched even further, those metal teeth biting deeper and deeper into my soft flesh. Then still more weights were added to my nipple clamps, my tits, already well past endurance, became even more painfully elongated, the nipples stretching almost an inch as he pulled the plug painfully from my poor arsehole, then he selected a cane, he had remembered, he declared “I promised twenty strokes for making a mess on my floor and I always keep a promise”. I watched them unfold, unable to move a muscle to stop it, or even use that safe-word I didn`t have, twenty full blooded strikes he had promised and twenty knew I would receive. Accurate as always first on the fleshy cheeks, then in the crease of my buttocks, he focussed five of the strokes right there in the tender fold, each one drawing a full-blooded scream from me as they impacted, my stretched labia as well feeling the swing of those bloody weights. Then another five down the backs of both thighs. I was sobbing uncontrollably as he finished. He left the room for several minutes. the agony washed over my body, tears still pouring from my eyes. he returned with a bottle of water, and unclipped my wrists and ankles, helping me to stand, I winced as the nipple weights bumped against the sawhorse as I dismounted, he walked me gingerly to the centre of the room and clipped the rope back onto my hood. the weights between my legs swaying, stretching my lips with every vibration and swing. He clipped my wrist cuffs together behind my back, then began to untie my poor breasts, they were dark purple by now, with black bruising all over, I groaned in pain as that rope unwound, and gasped even louder as the blood rushed back into them, the weights instantly pulled them as they sagged downwards, they were throbbing, pulsing with the acute pain. He unzipped the hood and led me over to the vinyl covered box/bench. helping me to sit on the edge, the weights hanging free between my spread thighs, it hurt to sit, but I was glad for it, as it was becoming hard to stand. He unclipped my wrists and gave me the water bottle to drink, stroking his cock as he watched me drink, admiring his handiwork, and telling me to drink it all as he went to the wall, selected a short thick single tail whip, my heart sank, he was still not finished with me! He swished it several times, then bent and unclipped the hood, next he picked up my soaking panties, and wiped the goo I had discharged unto the floor with them. he came back to me, “Open your mouth”, I did as asked like an automaton, he stuffed them inside my mouth once more, then refitted the hood onto my head again and zipped it shut. ” I had lost the strength to resist, though I had had I thought, enough, he had other ideas “Stand-up” he commanded and struck my thighs with the whip, I screamed as the welt burned, “Quickly slut” I stood up fast, all the forgotten weights swinging wildly, he bent quickly and removed my heels, moving my legs wide apart, “Now I want you to jump, and keep jumping until all those clamps have fallen off”, I groaned, and instantly felt the powerful sting as the whip cracked hard across the tops of my thighs and pubic mound, I jumped, again knowing the effects on the weights, the whip bit into me just above the first stroke, the weights pulling painfully on my cunt and my tits. “Faster!” That whip struck again, just above my clit, I jumped higher, and when I landed the clip pulled from my right nipple, I screamed, muffled by the gag it was just a gurgle, I felt those clips tearing at my poor labia, again the whip, harder this time, biting into the soft flesh of my thighs, catching the top of my labia and hitting my tender clit, I screamed louder, jumped higher, two of the clips dropping from my cunt when I landed hard, the pain excruciating, “Again” he barked, the whip biting white hot into my lower belly. I jumped, and each time I landed that whip struck again, concentrating on my lower belly, pubic mound, thighs, and my cunt. I jumped more than twenty times before all those wretched clips were off. I was nearly passing out, dizzy from the mounting agony. he pushed me backwards onto the soft-top bench, pulling my legs up and clipping the cuffs high on the two posts, he did the same at the other end with my wrists. I was like putty, a silent rag doll, he was just moving me around as he pleased. It was then he began caning my inner thighs, I hurt all over, but was just grunting by now, as I counted the ten solid cane strokes on each leg, but he noticed I had begun to orgasm yet again so then he really got my attention, using the crop to strike at my open exposed cunt, beating it hard for at least five minutes, it seemed like forever, my labia was now swollen and heavily bruised, a centre of new pain, my clit was mashed but I was having a magnificent orgasm, and I didn’t care now what he did, if he killed me, or worse, it was magic, it was far beyond any experience I had had before and I`ve had some experiences in my formative years that I thought was unbeatable, believe me, this was in a level of its own. but for now, I was sure this was over, as he unclipped me, and removed the hood, and then the gag, the whole area of my sex a blueish bruised mess… “I’ll see you upstairs, when you’re ready, bring your own dress and shoes”. then with that curt comment he left the room and me, a wobbly legged and damaged subject to follow on.

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