A night with Cathy


A night with CathyThe story I am about to tell happened over 25 years ago, and I have never spoken or written about it to anyone until this post. My 2nd cousin: Cathy (That is not her real name), was more of a friend, than a cousin. We lived in the same town, had the same friends, and hung out just about every day. We would talk about issues we would have with our girlfriends/boyfriends. The topic of sex would come up every now, and again, but it was never in deep detail. One night we were hanging out at Cathy’s place, smoking a joint, when the topic of sex came up. However, this time the conversation was far more detailed. We talked about our “first timers”, our good experiences, and the bad ones. Then the topics of sexual fetishes came up. I started talking about some of my fetishes (watching women masturbating, oral sex, wanting to have a 3 way, and sex in public). Cathy casually rolled her eyes, as if my fetishes were every guy’s thing (which for the most part is true). I then told her about the time I had sex with a guy. She jerked her head back, and her eyes bulged out of her head. I thought she was creped out, but Cathy started to laugh, and asked me if I liked sucking cock. I made it clear it was an experience I had no plans on repeating. In turn, she pendik escort started to talk about some of her fetishes. Cathy said she loved having risky sex, and would try just about anything. Voyeurism was her favorite fetish which she called “sneak-a-peek”. Cathy admitted she would sometimes fondle herself while looking in on someone; which added the risk of getting caught. Cathy never knew why, but it was something that always turned her on, and had been doing it for years. Cathy wanted to have sex with her roommate, but knew it would never happen, due to her roommate being “prudish”. So, Cathy would sneak-a-peek on her roommate, while in the shower or getting dressed. I asked Cathy if she had ever got caught doing a sneak-a-peek, she said that she almost got caught a few times, but was lucky she didn’t. Cathy even confessed that she would smell her roommates panties a few times. Cathy told me that when it came to sex, just about everything was on the table, and rarely turned people down. Age, gender and race were never an issue with Cathy. She told me that she had gone to sex parties with certain friends, went to swinger clubs, and had several gang bangs. This was a person I had known all my life, and she never told me any of this before. It was no big escort pendik secret that Cathy was a horn dog, but this was on a totally different level. I asked her why she was telling me all of this now. Cathy shrugged, and said she didn’t know how I would feel about it. I asked Cathy if she ever peeked on me before. She said no, but did admit she listened in a few times while I was having sex. By this time, my hormones were in overdrive, and she knew it. I came right out, and told her how much I wanted to fuck her right now. Cathy leaned forward and asked “What’s stopping you?” I didn’t know if she was fucking with me, or if she was serious. We started to kiss a little, while looking at each other. After a few minutes we started to make out, as I rubbed her tits. Cathy laid down back on the couch, and took off her shirt. I was on top of her grabbing her tits over her bra, but it was only a matter of minutes before the bra was off. I began to suck on her pierced nipples, as I reached in her jeans, and under her panties. Already her pussy was wet, but as I rubbed her more, her panties were soaked. Moments later, we had taken off our clothes. My cock was rubbing against her pussy, as she started to cum harder. Then Cathy jerked up for a moment, and told me to pendik escort bayan get up, so she could get a towel for the couch. I asked about her roommate, but told me not to worry. After grabbing a towel, I sat down, and Cathy got on top of me. She was riding my cock slowly, as I was sucking on her tits. Cathy then spun around and was riding my cock hard, as she was playing with her clit. We were changing positions several times, and by this time the towel was soaking wet. I was fucking Cathy doggy style, when I finally blew my load. She got up, and plopped down on the couch. My cum was starting to leak out of Cathy’s pussy, so I went down on her to clean up my mess. Cathy told me to “leave some for her”. I licked up her cum, and put my tongue in Cathy’s mouth, and she sucked on my tongue. After several minutes, Cathy told me that we could never speak about this, and I agreed. We put our clothes back on, and Cathy put the soaked towel in the laundry. We also agreed that this was a one-time thing. After a few days things were back to normal, as if nothing ever happened. As we got older, we started to go our own way. Cathy went off to college, and I was getting back, with my now ex-wife. We see each other every now and again during family events, where we catch up, and talk about the old times. I still consider Cathy a close friend. But I have to admit from time to time, I remember that one special night we had with each other. I wonder how she felt about it, but I never asked.

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