A Spurned Lover’s Revenge Ch. 01


The black BMW slid out of the night and into the enveloping neon light of the underground car park. It didn’t take long for the driver to find a suitable spot to deposit the vehicle and as the purr of the powerful engine died, a door opened and the owner stepped out. Long brown hair fell over the slim shoulders of the attractive woman now standing in the car park. A long black overcoat hid most of her body with only the lower part of her shapely legs showing. Her attire was finished with a set of fashionable and expensive high heels also in black.

With a shake of her hair Natalie set off towards the lift which led upwards to the exclusive apartment dwellings. The tap of her high heels upon the concrete floor echoed loudly in the wide enclosed space. Her green eyes shone intensely with a strong sense of purpose, her pretty face highlighted by the overhead lights. Arriving at the lift doors she reached into a coat pocket before emerging with her ex-lover’s copied key. Sliding it home into the waiting slot on the right hand console she waited with baited breath. This was the moment of truth.

After several tense seconds the light on the console flashed green in acceptance of her key and she let out a breath she hadn’t realized she had been holding. The lift doors ‘pinged’ open and a stronger light blazed outwards. Stepping inside Natalie turned and punched in the penthouse floor number. The doors slid shut and with a slight jolt, the lift set off in motion. The journey to the top floor normally took around a minute. This left Natalie with more than enough time to reflect on the events leading up to this night.

She had first met Angelina at her bank. It had been infatuation at first site for both of them. Angelina was a new P.A. to a high flying bank official who handled most of Natalie’s dealings in the city. The events of that fateful meeting had fallen on a Monday. Natalie had been particular horny after a disappointing weekend in the night clubs in Paris. Upon sitting down with her bank manager he had offered her a drink at which stage his new assistant, the luscious Angelina had made an entrance.

It would have been hard to ignore the woman at the best of times. However as Natalie looked up at the stunningly long legged blonde now stood in front of her, she was immediately struck by the woman’s raw sexual attractiveness. Her golden hair was cut in an extremely fashionably style, with the fringe becoming longer as it ran from right to left. This gave the effect of half hiding her left eye behind a golden curtain. Angelina’s eyes were a stunning intense blue and flashed beautifully when she smiled a full smile in Natalie’s direction. It was at that stage that Natalie’s eyes had wandered downwards taking in Angelina’s full bosom on ample display inside a white cotton blouse that was practically transparent. The small bra on display inside the woman’s top left almost nothing to imagination with her hardened round nipples poking out clearly through the thin fabric. Onwards and downwards Natalie’s gaze wandered. A short but respectable black skirt fitted snugly over the blonds’ wide and shapely hips before giving way to the long run of an extremely attractive pair of well proportioned legs.

Suddenly Natalie realised what she was doing. Her obvious eye movement as she took in the blond woman’s beauty must have been more than obvious and immediately she had flicked her gaze back up to eye level. This was only to find that Angelina was now giving her the kind of smile that spoke volumes. The imaginary conversation that took place in Natalie’s head went something like this; “I saw what you were doing, obviously checking me out. I’m glad you like my body. I’ve worked so hard to make it this desirable. Maybe you would to have a better look or even better, maybe we should carry out a one on one cross examination of each other’s body? You can stare at my firm tits while I flash them in your face. Once I’ve removed the rest of my clothes you can have a good look at my firm bum cheeks and my beautifully shaved pussy. Then you’ll want to beg me for a taste? I bet you’re just dying to put your tongue around my hard firm nipples? Maybe you’d prefer to go lower and sample my pussy. I adore having my clit caressed by an experienced lover and I bet you’ve had plenty of experience?”

“Tea or coffee?” the question came with another taunting smile. “Or maybe you would prefer something else…?” It was if Angelina was deliberately propositioning her in front of her boss. Mr Collins on the other hand seemed oblivious to the obvious flirtation. “Coffee, please,” Natalie answered with a firm and encouraging smile of her own. ‘Yes I would love to fuck you!’ she added mentally in her head. The blond retreated from sight and Natalie tried to refocus on the affair at hand. They were well into the performance of her share holdings when the P.A. returned with their drinks. As the coffee was lowered to the desk, Natalie was rewarded with a deliciously tempting display of exposed cleavage. There was no doubting that Angelina had incredible breasts and Natalie could feel her own nipples hardening as her hormones Anadolu Yakası Escort raced with desire.

The long legged blond placed a similar cup down by her boss before flashing Natalie a secret smile. Retreating to a chair in one corner of the room she turned and placed her wide bum cheeks down, crossing her legs in the process. Natalie caught the briefest glimpse of white panties stretched across the woman’s pussy before the view vanished from sight. Meanwhile Mr Collins continued his financial review oblivious to the goings on around him.

Natalie couldn’t focus on what her bank manager was telling her. Angelina’s tall attractive form was permanently present in her peripheral vision, a constant distraction with the memory of the woman’s tits still firm in her mind. Every so often Natalie stole a quick glimpse across at the P.A. only to be rewarded by a very lovely and knowing smile. At that particular moment Mr Collins paused in his speech about disappointing market returns and turned to his assistant to enquire about the likelihood of her retrieving some documents from the other room. Angelina stood, treating Natalie to another flash of white panties between her perfect and very long legs. As the blond woman left the office Natalie’s eyes watched her go, her focus purely centred on the swaying hips and enticing shape of the woman’s bum cheeks clearly outlined by her tight black skirt.

Angelina had returned barely a minute later carrying a set of papers which she handed to her boss before returning to her seat in the corner. Naturally Natalie’s eyes had trained themselves on the woman’s crotch hoping for another flash of panties. What Natalie actually got to see nearly caused her to spill the remains of her drink across the bank manager’s desk. As Angelina had gone to sit, she had deliberately faced directly across from Natalie. As she descended into her chair, her longs swung into a cross legged position. This had been the moment Natalie had been waiting for, that momentarily flash of precious white cotton that covered the woman’s private parts from view. Only this time there was no flash of white only of creamy skin and something more. Natalie’s hormones went into overdrive. She could feel her cheeks flushing with excitement at what she had just witnessed. Obviously Angelina had used her time in the next room to do more than retrieve paperwork. Natalie could only guess where the woman had hidden her panties before coming back into the meeting room. The flash of the woman’s naked and shaved pussy had been an incredible thrill, possibly the horniest moment of Natalie’s life.

It was now obviously impossible to pay any attention to Mr Collins lecture on current industry trends and market reactionary forces. Natalie no longer cared how well her money was performing. At that particular moment she would have given it all just to continue sitting there in Angelina’s glorious presence. Natalie took another quick glance in the PA’s direction. There was that special smile again. Sure of herself, a little arrogant, but yet just enough welcome to invite continued curiosity was all hidden in that wonderful smile. This time Natalie found she could turn her eyes away, a fact that Angelina seemed to be enjoying immensely. Slowly the P.A. lifted her pen to her mouth and slipped it in between her full red lips with an unmistakable suggestion. Natalie sat in her chair, her pussy moist between her legs. She was on fire with a desperate need for this incredible woman. Had they been alone then surely they would be busily fucking one another by now!

The idea of screwing this blond P.A. was paramount in Natalie’s fevered brain. She could feel herself trembling in her chair as her hormones raged through her body. There was a desperate need inside her just crying out for release and that very freedom was sitting so desperately close. Just then matters got even worse as Angelina in a portrayal of a certain film, decided to cross her legs in the opposing direction. Time seemed to slow to a crawl in Natalie’s eyes as those long legs slowly uncrossed. Inch by inch the detail between the woman’s legs slipped into view. The image was glorious, the woman’s pussy coming into full and clear sight; a deep vertical groove tipped by the delicious and inviting protuberance of her clit. How Natalie wanted to sink to her knees in front of this woman and to sink her face between her legs. Natalie’s imagination was so strong she could practically taste the woman’s flesh as her long tongue licked lovingly up and down inside the woman’s pussy crack.

Angelina’s legs started to cross in the opposing direction the image of her shaven pussy vanishing from sight. Natalie really was trembling in her chair now. “Mr Collins?” she enquired. God was that a stammer in her voice? “I’m really sorry but you must excuse me for a moment. Perhaps your assistant could help me find the Ladies? I really do apologise.” Mr Collins, being a perfect gentleman and also knowing where his income was being generated, was more than obliging. “Angelina. Would you be good enough to show our guest to the facilities Anadolu Yakası Escort Bayan at the end of the corridor?”

A minute later and they were enjoying their first fuck. Natalie could never recall a time when she had been wetter or hornier. She had practically torn off Angelina’s thin blouse as they had stumbled together in the nearest toilet cubicle. Within seconds a firm and extremely tasty nipple was sliding into Natalie’s mouth as she feasted on Angelina’s exposed right breast. The woman’s body was just as incredible as she had fantasized, her tits natural and incredibly firm. Her lovely buds were perfect; exquisite in shape and taste as Natalie’s tongue flicked and played lovingly first with one and then with the other. Angelina by now had shred her bra and was busily returning the favour by undressing Natalie, rubbing and caressing the shape of her breasts as she hurriedly undid the buttons on her blouse. Moments later and Natalie was topless too. At this stage with her own revealing nudity, she broke contact with Angelina’s tits and moved instead into an intense French kiss. Tongues flicked in and out of the women’s mouths, lips pressing into contact as they embraced fully.

Passion and desire flooded every cell of Natalie’s being. Her hands were already groping around Angelina’s wide bum cheeks as if trying to memorise every wonderful inch of the woman’s toned posterior. She could feel the fabric of her skirt riding upwards revealing firm round flesh underneath. Groping hands were also exploring her own body, Angelina’s fingers first on her bare tits before questing downwards to the fastener on her trousers. Natalie only just managed to pull off Angelina’s short black skirt before her own shaved pussy was exposed to the outside world. Being naked with this woman was an orgasmic experience, one likely to literally true in the very near future. They were both lost to themselves now, animal passions fuelling every passing second with a burning need that threaten to completely overwhelm them.

A long an exploratory finger had slipped carefully into Natalie’s wet and warm love hole, sliding expertly upwards before bending back on itself to probe for a very special place. Natalie was currently lost in her latest passionate full on kiss with her new found lover and it took a couple of seconds to register just where this new extreme of pleasure was coming from. She groaned out loud with a primeval longing, her own right hand seeking out Angelina’s pussy hole. She found it, her fingers fondling around the clit before plunging into the woman’s slippery love temple. Now they were inside one another. Firm breasts pressed upon each other as they drew closer, their moment of release rapidly approaching. Beneath their naked bodies their strewn clothes lay in heaps on the toilet cubicle floor. Fortunately for them both, the room stayed empty whilst they finished their love making, their soft groans of passion echoing out from the cubicle as they both reached orgasm.

‘PING’. The lift doors announced arrival as they smoothly slid open. Natalie blinked in surprise, having been completely lost in her memories. She could almost still smell the expensive perfume on Angelina’s body as they had separated from their sweaty exchange in the toilet cubicle. They had dressed in silence; both of them overcome with the release their exchange had given them. Angelina’s blond hair had been matted with sweat and her skin was covered with droplets of perspiration. Natalie’s own body was in a similar state, the small patch of shaved brown hair between her legs now a mangled mess of spent love juices.

With a faulting step Natalie exited the lift. Quickly she shook her head from side to side to try in an attempt to dispel the images that had flooded her brain during the short trip up from the garage. It had been many months since their first meeting and now that she stood once again outside Angelina’s penthouse door, they seemed as fresh as if they had been only yesterday. She realised with a start that she was shaking, either from nerves or from raging hormones at the memory of their first sexual encounter. All that of course had been before she had discovered that the bitch had been cheating on her. She could clearly remember the cold numbing feeling of shock that had flooded through her brain as she saw Angelina embraced in the passionate kiss with the other woman.

It had pure chance that the encounter had even taken place. Natalie had strayed from her usual chosen paths to dine instead at a small exclusive restaurant in the city centre. She had been eating alone, taking her time to enjoy her food before an afternoon appointment. She had been halfway through her meal when a familiar laugh had caught her attention, the sound coming from someway at the back of the restaurant. She recalled how her stomach had churned as she had made her way backwards through the aisles of table only to come to an abrupt halt as she caught sight of her golden haired lover. Angelina had been sitting at an angle to Natalie’s view but there was no mistaking the woman’s figure; Escort Anadolu Yakası the ample firm bosom peeking out through an open top, nor the long legs vanishing from sight under the table.

Natalie’s shock had started to turn to rage as her brain registered Angelina’s actions. Whilst Natalie had come to a stand still, her female lover had reached over to where her female Asian companion had been sitting. The woman’s beauty was striking and Natalie absorbed every detail of her flawless complexion and deep brown eyes before her face was obscured as Angeline reached over and the two women entered into a deep and passionate kiss. Every fibre in Natalie’s body screamed in protest at the image of betray on show before her. Part of her wanted to cry out in outrage but yet some residue of self control had held her back.

She had fled the restaurant in a cold numbing rage. How dare the bitch treat her that way after all their sessions of lovemaking? She had never known such a good lover before. Angelina seemed to instinctively known every part of her body that brought her joy and stimulus. On so many occasions she had simply let go of herself whilst the blond haired woman had explored her flesh seeking out her erogenous zones. The joy of having Angelina probe between her legs with an expert tongue was an exquisite memory which paled in comparison to the raw sexual thrill of being invaded by a hard throbbing vibrator under her lover’s control.

Natalie was now outside Angelina’s door. The pale red exterior was devoid of markings apart from the solitary key hole and handle. Like the rest of the corridor it was minimalist in appearance but yet reeked of money and class. With fumbling fingers Natalie reached inside her coat pocket and withdrew a solitary key. As she raised it up to the lock hole she saw just how badly her fingers were shaking. Taking a deep breath she fought for control at the same time trying to analyse where her emotions were originating from. Part of it was the betrayal, she thought. She had shared so much intimacy with Angelina that it was hard to believe that it had reached an end. An image of the two of them intertwined, naked on the bed, sprung to mind. Their bodies had been connected both by their mouths and tongues and also by the throbbing artificial device lodged in both their pussies and bum holes. How could you share an experience like that with somebody only for them to spurn you and cheat with another?

The key turned in the lock whilst Natalie focused on another emotion flooding though her. Rage! Raw and red, burning rage. An incredible need for retribution was filling her soul with a demand for recompense. That was the purpose of her visit tonight; the reason behind the copied key and lift pass. This was the same reason that was now opening the door into Angelina’s apartment. The corridor beyond was dark and Natalie stepped into its welcoming fold. As the door closed silently behind her she kicked off her high heels before allowing her overcoat to fall to the floor. Underneath she was naked; her firm small breasts outlined in the dim light issuing in through the apartment windows beyond. As she moved forwards, her small triangle of pussy fur came into view as her body caught a ray of moonlight slanting down through a gap in the fixtures. It was this same light that momentarily caught the metal object held in her one hand and sent reflections dancing off its surface to play upon the wall.

The scissors were meant for Angelina’s wardrobe. Natalie’s nudity was a reminder of what had passed before in this apartment. The stillness of the abode played on her imagination. The low illumination suggested strange shapes in the once familiar dwelling. Nerves were making her need the bathroom. Turning to one side, Natalie slowly placed the scissors down on the nearby table. A light clicking sound registered their presence as she let go. Quickly she turned around, her perfectly toned bum cheeks passing into the shafting moonlight. Retracing her steps down the entranceway corridor she bent down to retrieve her coat and shoes. Fear of discovery was already paramount in her mind and the act of hiding her clothing from sight should help. Next on the agenda was the need to release the sudden burning in her bladder. For a second she toyed with the idea of relieving herself over the furniture or even the carpet but then dismissed it for the time being. Entering the bathroom she recalled a time at a nightclub when she had been washing her hands in one of the sinks. Angelina had come up beside her before yanking down her tight jeans and thong. Seconds later and the blond woman had been sitting with her bum cheeks hovering over the sink basin. A soft hissing noise coming from the basin announced the start of Angelina’s pee and Natalie had looked in shock at her blond lover’s actions. Angelina on the other hand seemed to consider the whole affair as normal as using the loo. With this in mind Natalie thought it only suitable that she use Angelina’s bathroom sink for her desperately needed relief. As it was, this turned out to be a wonderful sensation. Sitting with her round bum cheeks over the basin, her hot pee squirted from her pussy lips and covered the sink wall with her yellow urine. Once she had finished her toilet Natalie clambered down and took an appreciate look at the mess she had just made. The sink was now half full of her cooling pee, the outside walls covered with splotches of spent urine.

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