After School Detention


Resisting one sexy barely-legal teenage school girl might have been possible.

But resisting two?

They came back to the room, which also served as my office, after class, at 4:00pm. I’d written them up for using their telephones in class, and told them they’d get detention for it.

Valeria was Russian; her family had come to America five years ago. She was tall and slim, with long blond hair, big green eyes, and smooth white skin.

Gabriella was American by birth, but her mother was Venezuelan and her father was from Kenya; she had long curly dark hair, and was shorter than Valeria but more curvaceous. Her skin had a lovely golden cocoa color.

They were both eighteen – they’d be graduating soon – and were two of the hottest girls in class, and they certainly knew it. Not that there were many men around to appreciate them, at this all-female academy.

They both wore their uniforms, in accordance with regulations; plaid skirts – past the knee, of course – and white blouses, with a necktie with the school insignia. And white socks with their plain flat brown shoes.

They came into the room as confident as a couple of lionesses.

“Teacher!” pouted Valeria, sitting on the edge of my desk. “We’re so upset that you gave us detention!”

“Well,” I said, pushing back in my chair and considering them. “You did something wrong, and you get punished. That’s the way the world works.”

“But detention! Sitting in the library for two hours after school? It’s awful!” complained Gabriella.

“Yeah, we weren’t doing anything! Really! I was just sending Gabriella a picture that I made last night. Do you want to see it?”

She put her Iphone on my desk, a picture on the screen; it was a picture of her in pink lace bra and panties, posing on her bed, nibbling on a ballpoint pen.

I looked at it, and then at her. “Really, Valeria. Sexting? You might get two days of detention.”

She smiled at me. “Sexting? What sexting! I just wanted to show Gabriella the new underwear that I bought in the city yesterday. It’s nice, isn’t it? Don’t you like it?”

“It’s nice,” I admitted. “You remember that it’s against regulations to wear colored underwear with your white blouse, though, I hope.”

She smiled at me then pulled off her necktie, standing in front of my desk. “Oh, I follow the rules, teacher. You want to see?” Valeria deftly opened the first button of her blouse and toyed with the second. “Hmm, sir? Do you want to check, and make sure my bra is the right color?”

Gabriella removed her tie also. “Mine, too sir. Do you want to see mine? We follow the rules!”

“Well,” I said, throat dry and my erection already starting to swell. “I don’t know, taking off your uniforms, that would definitely be against regulations.” I pushed my chair back from my desk to appreciate these two gorgeous young creatures.

Valeria made a pouty noise. “Well I don’t have to take it off, I can just open it a little … ” she opened the second button and leaned over, putting her arms on my desk, cupping her breasts between her arms and looking at me with those big green eyes as she displayed the beautiful firm pale cleft of her cleavage.

Gabriella moved closer to Valeria and said, “Don’t take all of his time up, you show off! He has to check mine, too!” She opened her blouse even further than Valeria – the second and third buttons – and bent over to show her golden breasts and the white lace bra in which they were held.

“Well, girls … I uh, I’m not sure we’re following regulations here …” My heart was thudding and I felt light-headed.

Valeria stood up, pulling her blouse closed but not buttoning it. “Oh, regulations! I know, there are so many of them. It’s hard to keep from breaking them.”

Gabriella also stood up and pointed at Valeria. “In fact, she has on black panties today. I know the school rules don’t specifically address the color of our panties, but it kind of suggests that we need to wear white. To match the bras, I mean.”

“Well, I think you have freedom, on that issue,” I said, feeling myself start to sweat.

Valeria and Gabriella smiled at each other.

“Did you hear that, Val?” Gabriella said. “Your black panties are okay!”

“Anyway,” said Valeria, looking me in the eye. “It’s not fair, is it? Are there rules about what kind of underwear the teachers have to wear?”

“No,” I admitted. “But you’re the students, and that’s just the way it is …”

“Well, you’re not so much older than us, are you?” asked Gabriella, stepping around the desk and moving closer to me.

“I’m 34,” I said.

“But you remember what it was like to be 18,” said Valeria, moving around to my other side.

“To be young and full of energy.”

“Yeah! Life is so full of … distractions … at this age!” said Gabriella.

“Well, anyway, ladies, I told you not to use your phones in class, and you were doing it.” I tried to take a stand. “If you think coming in here and flashing your breasts at me is enough to get me to cancel tuzla escort that … “

They were both standing close to me, on either side of my desk chair, and I could practically feel the body heat coming off of them.

“Oh but sir!” said Valeria. “No, we didn’t come here for that!” She stepped backwards.

“No sir!” said Gabriella. “We know we need to be punished. But we were thinking, detention, it’s just so boring! And it takes so long. Can’t we do something that could be over more quickly?” She moved away also.

“For example?” I asked.

Valeria leaned over my desk again and displayed the cleavage between her beautiful young firm breasts again and the white smooth satin bra that encased them.

“Spanking,” said Valeria, finally, batting her huge wet eyes at me, unsmiling.

“You girls know that corporal punishment is not allowed at this academy,” I said, weakly.

“Oh, yes sir!” said Valeria. “I know, a big strong man spanking little girls like us? That would be totally inappropriate!”

“Absolutely! Your big hands on our soft little bottoms? It’s unthinkable,” said Gabriella, mockingly.

The two of them were circling me and my desk like vultures, now.

Finally Valeria came closer to me, leaning down to speak in my ear. “We think we should spank each other.”

I just looked at them, and it must have been a stunned look, because they both laughed.

“No, really sir!” said Valeria. “Don’t worry, I’ll spank her hard!”

“Yeah!” said Gabriella. “I won’t have any mercy. I will spank her ass until it’s red!”

“We’ll do it right here,” said Valeria, and leaned over my desk so that I could see her cleavage again and so her ass was right in position for Gabriella to spank.

I tried to speak, knowing I should protest, but knowing that I was never going to.

“You might want to stand up, or move your chair a little, sir, so that you can see … so that you know that I’m not taking it easy on her.”

“I can see fine from here,” I said, looking at Valeria’s tits. She was just smiling at me – a small, knowing smile.

“Are you ready to take your medicine, Valeria?” Gabriella said kindly, pulling Valeria’s plaid skirt up.

I had to stand up and see that; indeed, Valeria’s small string panties were black, and her legs and heart-shaped ass were every bit as beautiful and flawless and firm as the rest of her.

“All right,” said Valeria, licking her lips and closing her eyes.

Gabriella’s small hand slapped down on Valeria’s ass, eliciting a gasp from Valeria.

“Is that all right sir, or should I do it harder?” asked Gabriella.

“Harder,” I whispered.

Her hand flashed down on Valeria’s ass again, and there was a louder crack this time, and this time Valeria let out a little cry, then bit her full bottom lip and moaned.

“Is that good, sir?” asked Gabriella.

“Yes,” I said. “That’s just right.”

“Should I hit her again? How many licks does she get?”

“Uh,” I said, breathlessly. “I don’t know, really, how many do you think she deserves?”

“Oh, maybe ten? How about you, Val? How many do you think you deserve?”

“At least ten,” she said.

“Ten more, or ten total?” asked Gabriella.

“Ten more,” I said. They both smiled at me.

“Ready, Val?” said Gabriella, and smacked Valeria’s ass again, harder, and then harder again, and now she was really putting her weight into the spanks, and then a few more and the loud smacks echoed through the room as Valeria stifled her cries.

“Ohhh,” said Valeria. “How many is that?”

“That’s eight,” said Gabriella. “Four more. Come here, look sir! Her ass is nice and red.”

I stood up, mindful of the huge erection that was now very evident in my khakis, and saw that Valeria’s ivory-pale ass now had some bright red highlights.

“Yes,” I said. “Very good, Gabriella. You’re doing a good job.”

Valeria now had her chest flat on the desk and purred, “Yes, Gabriella, I agree, you’re doing a very good job.”

I sat back in my desk chair and looked Valeria in the eye. “Are you going to break rules again, Valeria?”

“No, sir!” she said. “But I have four more spanks coming, and I’m afraid I’ll make too much noise. Can I suck on your finger while she spanks me?”

“I don’t think that’s appropriate, as we discussed. I’m not allowed to touch the students under any circumstances.”

“Even an emergency?”

“Well . . .” I considered. “I suppose, in an emergency.” This was certainly an emergency – I felt like I was going to have a heart attack if I didn’t touch her. “You could suck your own fingers,” I suggested.

“I can’t suck my own fingers, my fingernails are too long,” she pouted.

I extended my hand and she took my index finger in her wet mouth, rolling her tongue around it and tightening her lips around it. I couldn’t help but moan.

“Ready Val?” said Gabriella eagerly, and drew her arm back and gave Valeria four more hard spanks, putting a lot of energy into it.

Valeria moaned göztepe escort and gurgled around my finger, her tongue dancing around it. When she finally released my wet finger, I felt like I was about to cum in my pants.

“All right,” said Gabriella, bending down over the desk and assuming the position, again cupping her breasts between her elbows and eyeing the bulge in my pants, which I was now unable to keep from stroking.

Valeria was looking at me. “Aren’t you going to give her your finger, sir? We don’t want anybody to hear us!”

“I suppose we don’t,” I said hoarsely.

I put the first finger of my other hand in Gabriella’s mouth. She moaned and ran her tongue around it, as Valeria had done; but then she opened her mouth, took my hand and inserted both my ring finger and middle finger in her mouth.

“Ready?” asked Valeria, pulling Gabriella’s skirt up around her waist. “No problem here, sir; Gabriella’s panties are white. She likes white lace, don’t you Gabriella?”

Gabriella nodded and made an affirmative sound around my two fingers she was sucking.

Indicating the bulge in my crotch, Valeria said, “Sir, don’t worry if this turns you on. The school counselor tells me that it’s perfectly natural to get a bit excited at times like this.”

I just nodded, both ashamed and more aroused than I’d ever been in my life.

Valeria raised her hand and brought it down hard on Gabriella’s ass, and Gabriella gurgled and took my fingers so far into her mouth that she gagged.

“Should I spank her the same? Is twelve times enough?”

I could only nod now; I was getting close to cumming, rubbing myself through my khakis.

Valeria swatted Gabriella’s ass three more times, putting just as much force into it as Gabriella had. Even muffled by my fingers, Gabriella was moaning more loudly than Valeria had.

“Gabby likes to be spanked, doesn’t she?” said Valeria, sweetly, stroking Gabriella’s long dark hair.

Gabriella spit my fingers out of her mouth and was looking up at me, eyes moist with tears and glazed with lust. “Sirrr,” she whined. “Give it to me, please, let me suck your cock while she spanks me …”

“I can’t,” I said, but felt my prostate starting to spasm and knew that I needed relief, and that the rules didn’t matter anymore.

I unzipped my pants and pulled out my cock. Gabriella opened her mouth eagerly, like a baby bird, and closed her eyes as she took my engorged cock between her full lips and into her perfect wet mouth, meeting it with her lively tongue.

I cried out in pleasure, and Valeria was watching us closely and as the cock went into Gabriella’s mouth, Valeria’s hand flashed down again, eliciting another cry from Gabriella, now muffled by my cock.

With the six remaining spanks meeting the six thrusts into Gabriella’s hot wet mouth, I came with a cry of anguished pleasure, feeling like I was unloading from the very bottom of my body and soul.

Gabriella eagerly took every drop in her mouth.

Valeria made a happy sound, watching us closely, and then bent down to kiss Gabriella, sticking her tongue into that mouth that was full of my semen. The two moaned and kissed hard over my desk for a moment as I collapsed, breathless, into my desk chair.

But they weren’t finished with me.

They both stood up, as if they’d rehearsed it, and picked up their discarded neckties and began tying them around my forearms, binding me to the chair.

“Girls!” I said, still trying to catch my breath from the powerful orgasm I’d had. “What are you …?”

They both tied my arms down with bow knots and smiled at me. I suppose I could have ripped my arms free – if I’d really wanted to.

Valeria put her arms around Gabriella’s waist, and snuggled close to her, both of them smiling tauntingly down at me.

“We know you’re not allowed to touch the students, sir, so we want to help you resist temptation,” explained Gabriella, and planted another kiss on Valeria’s full lips, their tongues intertwining.

I just gasped and tried again to make a feeble protest. “Girls, this isn’t …”

“Not what?” said Valeria, bending down and rubbing her nose against mine. “Not allowed? You didn’t touch us!”

“A cock in my mouth, isn’t that touching?” asked Gabriella, innocently.

“No, I don’t think oral sex is specifically addressed in the school rules,” said Valeria. Valeria and Gabriella were unbuttoning their blouses now, and I could see their white bras and full breasts more clearly now.

“Don’t take your shirt off, Val!” said Gabriella. “That would be against the regulations.”

“Oh, I know,” said Valeria, holding her shirt open with both hands. “See, sir? All white.”

Gabriella stood behind Valeria and snuggled up to her, cupping Valeria’s breasts from behind. “What do you think, sir? White enough?”

“Definitely,” I gasped.

“Her skin’s nice and white too, isn’t it?” said Gabriella, fanning one hand down to stroke Valeria’s flat stomach.

“Very,” I said.

“Do üsküdar escort you like her tits, sir? It’s a shame you can’t touch them, they really feel nice … so firm to the touch …”

“Yeah,” I croaked, “A terrible shame.”

Still feeling Valeria’s tits, Gabriella said, “I can feel her nipples right through the bra, sir, I think she’s excited.”

“I am,” said Valeria, her voice quavering with pleasure, and leaned her head back to kiss Gabriella.

“Is it okay if I pull her bra straps down and play with her nipples, sir?” asked Gabriella sweetly.

I could only nod. In my lap, my cock was starting to stir again, without even being touched.

“It’s okay, Gaby, I think the rules don’t address nipples, either,” said Valeria, moaning as Gabriella pulled the cups of her bra down and teased the big stiff pink nipples.

“I have such sensitive nipples, sir, oh it turns me on so much when she touches them,” groaned Valeria. “Even more than when she spanks me. Does that make me a bad girl?”

“Oh no,” I said hurriedly. “It’s perfectly natural, Valeria.”

“Did you hear that, Gabriella? The teacher thinks I’m a good girl,” purred Valeria.

“Well, you know . . he put some things in our mouths, maybe we should put something nice in his mouth?” asked Gabriella, gently pinching Valeria’s nipples between her thumb and forefingers.

“Oh, I’d like that,” said Valeria. “How about you sir?”

“Yes,” I said, gasping.

“Like an apple for the teacher,” said Gabriella.

“Except it’s a nipple for the teacher,” said Valeria. She moved forward and pulled up her skirt and sat down on my left leg, straddling it. I could feel the exhilarating feverish warmth in her crotch as her legs wrapped around mine, the heat behind her panties on top of my thigh.

She pulled her shirt open and arched her back, then put her hands under her breasts and presented them to me.

“What do you think sir? Do you want to suck her tits?” asked Gabriella, pulling up her skirt and straddling my other leg.

“Yes,” I whispered, and Valeria pressed her breasts forward, the left one tantalizingly close to my mouth and then pulled back.

“Yes what?” asked Valeria sweetly.

“Yes, I want to suck your tits, Valeria,” I said, and then she pulled my head and mouth against her breast and gasped in pleasure as my tongue and lips met with her hard pink nipple.

“Does that feel good, Val?” asked Gabriella.

“It looks like it feels good …”

Valeria pulled my head against her other breast, and I eagerly tongued and sucked her other nipple.

“Oh yeah,” murmured Valeria, throwing her head back. “It feels really good. He’s got a talented tongue.”

“Awww,” said Gabriella. “Look, he’s hard again … “and I felt her small cool hand wrap gently around my rapidly-swelling cock.

I gasped into Valeria’s breasts, opening my mouth wide and seeing how much of her tit I could force in there. Valeria was grinding her crotch against my leg now, and I felt the heat and the moisture through the fabric of my khakis, as I could feel the edge of her bra cup digging into my chin.

“Hey!” said Gabriella. “What about me?” she pouted.

I looked at her; she had her blouse pulled open also, and she smiled at me as she released the clasp between the lacy cups of her bra and her breasts sprang free, the nipples small and brown but just as hard as Valeria’s. “Now I hope I’m not breaking the rules, sir,” she said, covering her own breasts with her hands. “I didn’t remove my uniform or my bra! I just opened it.”

Valeria pouted. “I don’t have any bras that open in the front. Should I buy one, sir?”

“I kind of like the way your bra looks pulled down around your tits like that, actually,” I said.

Now it was Gabriella’s turn to pout. “Don’t you like my bra, sir? Don’t you like my body?” She arched her back and cupped her bare breasts, rubbing her own nipples with her thumbs.

“Yes, you’re a good student,” I said as I moved my head towards her tits. She moved her hands and I attacked her breasts with my mouth, my tongue flickering over her nipples. My arms were straining against the bonds now, desperate to touch them, both of them, either of them.

“Suck them, sir, don’t be afraid to bite a little,” she lectured me. “I’m not as sensitive as Valeria; I like to be bitten a little.”

I gently sank my teeth into her nipple until she cried out, “Yes!”

Valeria took my cock away from Gabriella. “You have to share, Gabriella! You’re getting all the fun today,” Valeria pouted.

Valeria’s head bobbed down and I felt the exquisite wetness of her tongue encircling my penis. I moaned loudly, helplessly, into Gabriella’s tits.

Valeria sucked my cock only briefly, and then her head came up. “Why didn’t you tell me he had such a sweet cock, Gaby?” she asked.

“I thought you could taste it on my lips,” said Gabriella, and the two of them tongue-kissed again, their breasts pressing together around my face.

Then Gabriella pushed me back in the chair, pulling my tie open and unbuttoning the blue shirt I was wearing.

“He sucked our nipples so well, don’t you think we should suck his?” asked Gabriella.

“I don’t know. Some guys don’t like that. Do you like that, teacher?” asked Valeria.

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