Alice , Joel


Her: 5’7, with long, thick, wavy dark hair: the kind a man can get his fingers tangled in. A strong nose, heavy brows and olive skin. Pink sensual lips. A desire to please. Soft 38D breasts, light brown areolas with small nipples. A generous belly with an hourglass shape, wide hips and a round ass. Insecure. Thick thighs, shapely calves and pretty toes. Desperate. She loves cock, and will do anything to feel him inside of her.

Him: 5’9, short dark hair. Army vet, several tattoos. Built and toned, strong arms. Depraved. A beautiful 8 inch, perfectly pink cock. Narcissistic.

He works at a highly rated restaurant in dc, so she is sure he will be unimpressed with the simple yet delicious baked chicken she is preparing for their supper.

She is freshly showered, wearing his favorite: a thin, worn white tshirt. The v-neck is all stretched out, so sometimes when she leans over a tit pops out, and he can see her nipples through it.

Paired with red, lace trimmed cotton panties and smooth legs, she hopes he will be happy to see her when he gets home.

He walks in the door and sees her standing in the kitchen, his cock twitches at the sight. He walks up behind her and pulls her back into him, kisses her on the neck.

He slides a hand up her shirt and brushes his thumb against one small, hard nipple. She turns around and gives him a light peck on the lips and looks into his eyes.

He is being affectionate, but she can see in his face that he is tense and looking for a fight. She touches his cheek and he pulls away, leaving the kitchen and disrobing as he walks out.

She hears the shower turn on as she pulls a bottle of red down. She’s nervous – needs something to take the edge off, knowing the mood he must be in.

She tidys up the kitchen, and the preheat sound goes off just as the shower turns off. She waits a moment.

He is still damp from the shower, dressed in clean boxers. He comes around the corner as she is bent over putting some type of food in the oven and her ass looks delicious. She tries so hard to please, it’s sickening.

He walks up behind her and palms her ass, she turns around and hands him a glass of wine. He gulps it down and grabs her towards him, pulling her in by the neck.

She halkalı escort gasps – he really is in a shit mood and she doesn’t know what she’s done. He kisses her, hard. Not the sweet, intimate kisses they’ve been known to share. This is a conquering, he is showing her who is in charge.

Her lips are sore from the demands he is making of her mouth, her panties are getting wet anticipating what she is in for.

He lifts her up onto the kitchen counter, and slides one finger over her panty clad slit. It’s damp.

She’s running her fingers through his hair, her hands slide down over his neck, pressing into his shoulders for a brief massage – they’re still kissing, and she tries to reach down to free his cock and love it.

He grabs her wrist to stop her – god, she really is a horny slut. She can’t wait to please him, but she’ll have to. He reaches up and grabs her hair, forcing her to look up, away from him.

He asks her, “did you play with your pussy today, slut?”

She says, “no, sir.”

“Did you want to?”

“Very much, yes I wanted to.”

He forces her hand towards her pussy and demands that she play with it so he can watch.

So there she is, sitting on the kitchen counter with her legs spread, her red wet panties pushed to the side as she begins to circle her swollen clit.

She dips a finger into her pussy and he can see her juices glistening all over her pretty cunt. She looks up at him sweetly as she puts her finger in her mouth, tasting herself. He kisses her mouth then, getting a small taste of her sweetness.

She keeps rubbing her clit, sliding one or two fingers deep inside every now and again. She’s watching him, watching his eyes, the way they move from her face, to her body, to her pussy.

She loves being on display for him. She starts rubbing faster, with more intensity.

He knows the signs, the labored breathing and the urgency. She thinks she has permission to cum, but he hasn’t granted that yet.

He says, “did I tell you you could cum bitch?” She stops – startled. “I-I-I thought that’s what we were doing,” she stammers.

He approaches her, grabs her by the wrist and pulls her down off the counter. He pushes her ikitelli escort to the ground, so she is kneeling at his feet.

Mmmm, she has been wanting to taste his cock all day – she tells him so. He rolls his eyes at that, of course she has.

He says, “show me.”

She grins up at him as she takes his beautiful, perfect cock in her hand. She starts by kicking the bead of precum that’s formed on the tip. He can see the silver strand from her tongue to his cock, and he likes it.

He slides his fingers back through her hair and simply holds on for now, letting her do what she will. She takes more of his cock into her mouth, eagerly.

She’s using one hand to slide up and down the base as she focuses on the tip, sucking and licking. She pulls back and holds his cock up, using the flat of her tongue, runs it from the base to the tip of his cock, then encircling it with her mouth and going as far down as she can. Which is to say, not as far as he needs.

She goes down again but this time he locks his fingers firmly in her hair, preventing her from coming back up as soon and she gags.

She knows by now what he wants, thankful that she skipped lunch. She willingly tries to go as deep as he is pushing her, but her eyes are starting to water and she’s starting to dry heave.

He can tell she is near breaking, so he pulls her up by her hair so that she is standing in front of him.

He notices the tears on her cheeks and roughly says to her, “you need to practice more, slut.”

She gently nods her head in agreement, as much as she can since he is still holding her tight by the hair. He starts walking, still pulling her, and leads her into the bedroom.

He frees himself from the tangle that he created, and demands that she lay on the bed.

“Turn over, I don’t want to see your pathetic face,” he says to her. “I should leave you here and not touch you for the rest of the night. But I want to cum, so I’m going to fuck you hard and right. You do not have permission to cum tonight, do you understand bitch?”

She whimpers into the blanket a weak “yes, sir.”

He comes up behind her and slides her soaking wet panties down around her knees. He uses his thumbs to istanbul escort part her sweet, drenched pussy.

He slides in easily, and begins pumping hard – he knows he’s hitting the right spot because of the moaning sounds of ecstasy coming from her parted mouth.

He loves that he is going to make her feel this sexy but leave her unfulfilled. He slaps her, hard, on the ass as he is pounding into her. He grips both of her hips and is watching as her ass jiggles and ripples over his cock.

He can hear her sweet southern voice whispering a quick, “oh god…” Followed by a “fuck fuck fuck…”

He continues pumping furiously as her pussy clenches around his hard cock. He smacks her ass again three times, each harder than the last, turning her white ass into a pretty shade of red.

He’s getting close, but wants to see the look in her eyes as he deprives her of his cum in her pussy.

Suddenly she is being flipped over, her face is flushed and she is out of breath. Her hairline is damp with sweat from trying not to cum all over him. He pulls her by the hair to put her face in front of his cock.

She eagerly takes it in her hand and starts pumping, her lips wrapped tight around the tip. Her tongue is pressing against his slit, her eyes are looking up towards him.

He says, “you like the way you taste on me bitch?”

Her mouth is full of cock, so she mumbles an incoherent, positive answer. She focuses on sucking him off and suddenly her mouth is full of hot, sticky cum – she is caught of guard and pulls his cock out of her mouth but keeps pumping, the rest of his load spraying on her cheeks, mouth, some landing in her hair.

He grips her jaw in his hand and glares at her, then uses his thumb to wipe some of his cum into her mouth. He proceeds to wipe all of it from her face into her mouth, and hands her a chunk of hair to suck the cum out of.

She wanted his cum, she needs to act like it. He lets go of her hair and she leans back. He tells her to go clean up and he will meet her back in the kitchen.

She changes her underwear and brushes her teeth. She washes her face and hands, pulls her hair back into a high pony tail.

She comes into the kitchen as he is pulling dinner out if the oven. She pours two more glasses of wine and sets out plates.

They sit down and eat dinner, she asks about his day. When dinner is over, they retire to the bed where he pulls her in close, kisses her on the cheek and says “I love you pretty girl.” She settles into him and easily drifts off to sleep.

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