Amazing Matinee


The service manager at the dealership gave Gary the bad news. It would be 4 or 5 hours before his car was ready. He decided to kill the time at the mall instead of hanging around the dealership. It was close by and the day was pleasant, so Gary didn’t mind the walk. He could think of a better way to spend a rare Monday away from the office, but it was still better than being cooped up in the little cube at work, that seemed to get smaller and smaller as the week went on.

He walked into the coolness of the mall and was greeted by the fragrance from the coffee shop that was not far from the door.

“Sounds good,” he thought to himself and walked up to the coffee shop counter. He waited for the girl that couldn’t be more than a year out of high school to make her way over to him and take his order. He might have been annoyed at her lack of enthusiasm at any other time, but figured he was killing time anyway so he didn’t give it more than a momentary thought.

Armed with his Styrofoam cup filled with Hazelnut coffee, he turned to walk out into the mall and almost ran into the woman that was just entering the coffee shop. Startled, and trying to keep from spilling his coffee with the abrupt stop, he managed an “excuse me,” but his eyes were still on the coffee, splashing close to the rim of the cup. Her perfume was the first thing he noticed about her. He caught the alluring scent and it made him focus on the woman. She was a somewhat larger woman, rubinesque, was the politically correct term, he thought to himself. Whatever the term, it was the type of woman that he preferred. He just didn’t find skinny women nearly as appealing as full figured women. There wasn’t anything particular he could put his finger on, it was just a preference. A preference that caused him to be the butt of a few friendly jokes from his buddies, but he didn’t care, he knew that certain things made him take a second look at a woman, and being full figured was one of them.

He apologized once again to the woman, this time making eye contact. She peered over the top of her sunglasses at him, her eyes were a wonderful shade of brown, with just the right amount of eye makeup. It gave her eyes just the right amount of sultriness without looking overdone.

“Oh, pardon me,” she said as they gave each other enough room to pass, the woman stepping up to the counter and Gary taking a few steps out into the mall before turning and glancing at the woman again, her unique perfume still fresh in his mind. Now that there was a little distance between them, he could get a better look at the woman. Her hair was a dark, reddish brown, full, and just resting on the shoulders of her navy blue blazer. Her skirt, also navy, hung to just below the knee. Her shoes were black patent pumps, with a three-inch heel, he estimated.

This caused him to raise one eyebrow, and whisper “hmmmmm” to himself. It wasn’t often that he saw a full figured woman in heels and it was nice to see. As much as he could understand the “comfort first” policy that most full figured women adhere to, it was a pleasure to see a woman that broke the rules a little bit. A matching black patent purse hung from one shoulder, and a bag from one of the stores was held in her opposite hand.

Gary was impressed with the woman, the air of confidence about her, the way she dressed, kept her hair, the eyes. He admired a woman that didn’t cave in to the pressures of being larger than average in size.

This woman felt good about herself and he thought “good for you, knock ’em dead and take no prisoners.” He watched as the teen queen gave the woman her coffee and the girl said something to the woman and smiled. Whatever it was, it caused the woman to turn slightly and glance over her shoulder at Gary, catching him off guard.

He was in the middle of taking a sip of his coffee and pretended to be looking at the store next to the coffee shop and thought “I’d better start strolling,” feeling like he had been caught admiring the woman.

He turned, pretending to be involved with enjoying his coffee and slowly strolled towards the center of the mall, checking out the stores as he passed. The coffee was very good, fresh and hot, but there was something else that Gary was savoring as he walked slowly. The lingering scent of the woman’s perfume was stuck in his mind. It was a very subtle, yet intoxicating seed that the woman’s perfume had planted in his mind, not overpowering but lingering behind the surface, tapping him on the shoulder every so often. Gary didn’t mind at all.

Gary wandered in and out of the stores, not shopping, just browsing. Spending some time in the Border’s bookstore, checking out the books, magazines, music and software. Gary loved looking at all the books and admired the people who wrote them. He thought that being a writer must be the most perfect occupation. Getting paid to express your thoughts. He wished he had the skills to be a writer. He walked out of the bookstore and across the mall, sitting at one of the benches near the fountain and artvin seks hikayeleri watching the people. Being late morning, it was mostly mothers, trying to keep one eye on the stores and the other on the pre schoolers that were always finding the most direct route to mischief, retirees, doing the “mall walk”, swinging their arms as they got their daily dose of exercise, some high schoolers, who if Gary could bet on it, were probably skipping school, and the people Gary called professional shoppers, or power shoppers, the women who could rationalize any purchase by telling themselves “it was 30 percent off” whether they needed the item or not.

Gary actually liked the mall at this time of the day. It was interesting to watch the people and he liked the relaxed atmosphere in the mall at the moment versus the evening or weekend madhouse that was usually present when he was there. Something kept telling him that he was not the only one in the observing mode, just one of those weird feelings where you feel like there are eyes on you. He looked around casually, but saw no one watching him, then he got that mental, tap on the shoulder from the woman’s perfume and he smiled to himself. That must have been the feeling he had, he thought, and he took a deep breath, half wishing he could catch another taste of the alluring scent, but all he got was a healthy dose of air conditioned, purified, climate controlled mall air.

He sighed softly and thought, “oh well, it was worth a try.” He was jolted out of his day dream by the sound of a security gate being slammed into it’s hiding spot as the mall theatre was opening for business.

He looked at his watch and saw that he still had almost 3 hours to go before his car was done, and thought “why not?” It had been a while since he had gone to the movies. He checked the times on the theatre entrance and saw that he had about a half hour before the movies started, so he decided to grab a quick lunch first so he wouldn’t get hungry half way through the movie. He walked over to the food court and decided that a ham and cheese on a deli roll was just what he needed. He sat at one of the cafe style tables in the food court with his sandwich and iced tea and enjoyed lunch.

When he finished his lunch, Gary got up and walked towards the theatre, glancing at his watch, fifteen minutes before the movie started, perfect, he thought. When he got to the theatre, he was surprised at the two lines of people that were lined up to buy tickets. He got into one of the lines and waited. Suddenly, he felt that strange feeling again, that someone was watching him. He looked around, glancing left and right, but everyone seemed to be in their own little world, yet he couldn’t shake the feeling, which had crept inside him.

The line moved slowly, everyone shuffling a few steps at a time towards the ticket window. There were five people between him and the ticket window, when he heard a sound.

“Tap tap tap tap”……………”tap tap tap tap”………..”tap tap tap tap,” it was a vaguely familiar rhythm, like the impatient drumming of fingers but with a sharper tapping sound. He turned to his left and saw the source of the sound, and couldn’t believe his eyes, four of the longest, gleaming, red nails tapping impatiently on a black patent leather purse. His mouth fell open slightly as he stared at the incredibly long nails, the rhythmic drumming seeming to touch his every nerve. Never had he seen such nails, they had to be well over an inch long, gently curved, a flawlessly finished, gleaming, deep dark red. It was as if each tap of the nails touched him so deeply inside, that he felt under some wicked, intoxicating spell.

He suddenly was aware of himself, staring, and thought “the black patent purse…” He raised his eyes and almost died on the spot. It was the woman from the coffee shop, the full figured woman he had been admiring. As his eyes got higher he saw them, her eyes, peeking out over the top of her sunglasses, right at him. Burning right into his eyes. He felt the rush of blood into his cheeks and ears, he was blushing and he knew it, and could do nothing to prevent it. Her eyes never wavered, locked on his, burning right into his soul. As if she were reading every deep dark secret he ever had, and he was helpless to stop her. Deep inside, he wasn’t sure he wanted to stop her. He felt possessed by her eyes, her unbelievably long nails, and the scent of her perfume which was now snapped quickly back to the front of his mind as if it were the first moment it had filled his nostrils at the coffee shop, even though he was not close enough to her at the moment to smell it.

He was jerked from the intoxicating spell of the woman by the voice behind him, “excuse me, you’re next.” He looked quickly ahead to see ten feet of empty space between himself and the ticket window. Embarrassed, he hurried to the window, fumbling with his wallet and money, and paid for his ticket. He turned to his left and slowly walked between the lines of people still waiting for tickets on his way to the lobby. He felt so embarrassed at being caught staring at the woman’s nails, he didn’t even want to raise his eyes as he walked past her. At the last moment he looked up as he neared her, unable to resist. Her sunglasses off now, her sultry eyes immediately locked on his. It was as if their minds were connected, she felt his helplessness. She did more than sense it. She fed off of it. She controlled it and she knew it, and so did Gary. As he passed her he saw the corners of her mouth curl into a wicked little grin and heard her whisper.

He thought it was a whisper, perhaps he sensed it as much as heard it, no matter, it froze him for a split second when he heard it.

“You’re mine.”

He stopped momentarily, but didn’t turn, then kept walking slowly, around the end of the line and towards the lobby. His insides were a strange exotic mix, emotions and feelings running amok, desires, secrets, fears, cravings, all in an unbelievable, erotic, crazy blend, making his insides feel like they wanted to leap right out of him. He tried to compose himself, his mouth now dry and parched from the last few minutes. He stopped at the concession counter and got a Coke, his every thought still on the woman across the lobby.

He had never felt so vulnerable before, he wanted so badly, to turn and look at the woman again, his heart pounding, but he fought the urge. He paid for his Coke and took a sip as he turned and walked slowly towards the entrance of the movie. He couldn’t fight it any longer, just before he reached the entrance, he turned slowly, scanning the lobby. He didn’t see her, his slow scan turned into a desperate search, his eyes darting back and forth. A small group of people at the concession stand moved away and his heart leapt into his throat as he saw her standing there. She turned and her eyes locked on his again, from all the way across the lobby, he could feel them, undressing his soul, reading his every thought. Then she looked away, and walked towards the entrance of one of the other theatres. Her hair bouncing against the tops of her shoulders with each sure, confident step of her three inch heels.

Just before she entered the theatre, she shot a look at Gary, that same “you’re mine” look she had given him as he walked past her in line. Then she disappeared into the theatre, and Gary turned and walked slowly into his own movie, his thoughts on the woman that had disappeared suddenly a few seconds ago.

Gary walked down the second to last row of seats at the back of the theatre, there always seemed to be plenty of room in the last few rows and he liked room to relax while watching the movie. He settled into the middle of the row and leaned back. If there was one single improvement in the modern theatre, it was the seat. You could actually recline the seat a little by leaning back. He relaxed and sipped his Coke and thought about the woman that had so completely possessed him. He closed his eyes and leaned back, the image in his mind was so intoxicating.

The whisper that played over and over in his mind, “you’re mine”. He could still hear the incredibly long nails, tapping on the purse.

He was awakened from his erotic daydream by the music that started as the lights went down low, and the previews started. After about ten minutes or so, the movie started and Gary settled back in the seat and the daydreams faded slowly in his mind as the movie ran. It was about fifteen minutes into the movie when he felt the air move behind him, he felt it gently tease the back of his neck, and he heard the seat behind him squeak as someone settled into it.

He didn’t think much about it for a moment until the scent hit him. It grabbed his soul and stole every ounce of attention that had been focused on the movie. It was the perfume, there was no mistaking it. It made his blood pump, his every nerve and sense exploded to life and his insides felt like they wanted to leap from his body again at the thought that the woman might actually be sitting right behind him. He felt paralyzed, he wanted to know so badly, yet he was afraid to turn and look.

The woman watched Gary intently, watched his every movement, and watched as his shoulders moved up and down slightly faster as his breathing became deeper since she had taken the seat behind him.

She plucked a few pieces of popcorn out of the tall popcorn cup with the tips of her long, red nails and slowly leaned over and whispered….”popcorn?” as she held the pieces in her nails to Gary’s lips.

He could hardly speak, his voice a quivering whisper, as he said, “thank you” and slowly opened his mouth as she gently eased the popcorn into his mouth, waiting a moment to feel his lips close around her nails before she slowly slid them out from between his lips, dragging them over his lips gently.

He couldn’t help the soft moan that escaped him, he had never felt anything so incredible and consuming, in his life. She heard it too, she knew she would, she sensed it the moment she saw his eyes staring at her nails in the line. She knew she would see that look in a man’s eyes some day, she knew he was out there, it was just a matter of patience and she sensed that her patience was finally about to reap benefits. This man was different.

She sensed his willingness to let a woman be a woman. He wasn’t afraid of the power of a woman like so many men are, unable to give up their childish, playground attitudes about being king of the hill, of letting a woman show them the serenity of giving up their macho man attitudes and stereotypes. This man was passing every test so far, and if he is lucky, and passes the rest, you will allow him the ecstasy of surrender.

She thought, “oh yes my friend, make no mistake about it, it will be surrender and you will be addicted to it by the time I am finished making you mine.” She picked a few more pieces of popcorn from the cup and held them to his lips and waited, and just as she expected, he leaned towards them as his mouth slowly opened and she placed the popcorn on his tongue and felt him softly close his lips around her nails. She paused for a moment and felt his tongue lightly touch the underside of the nail of her index finger near the fingertip, and felt him draw it slowly back to the tip of the nail as she gently pulled it from between his lips, this time slowly drawing her nail over his lips and gently back across his cheek.

Once again the moan was unmistakable, soft but from so deep inside him. Instead of plucking a few more pieces of popcorn from the cup this time, she just placed her nails to his lips and he responded perfectly, slowly parting his lips as he leaned towards the nails, taking them in his mouth and closing his lips softly around them. This time she felt his ever so gentle sucking as he slowly swirled his tongue over and around her nails. She felt his lips relax and she slipped her two fingers a little further inside his mouth. She felt the gentle warmth of his tongue caress her fingertips, sucking them so softly, the gentle, worshipping tongue, dancing over her fingers and nails.

She leaned close to him, whispering softly…”yes ….yessss…that’s it, ohh yess you are mine, aren’t you?” Before he could even moan his answer, her other hand reached around the other side of his face and she gently began stroking his cheek with the nails of her other hand. His breathing was becoming deeper and sharper with each slow stroke of her nails. His responses were better than her wildest dreams, his soft gentle sucking of her fingers, the way he leaned back further in his seat, tilting his head back, offering himself to her hypnotic nails.

She began gently exploring his face with her free hand, stroking, caressing every part of his face. His moans were constant now, soft and never ending, as he leaned back further. She looked over his shoulder and could see the outline of the bulging hardness in his pants against the light background of the movie screen and smiled wickedly and thought to herself, “yes yess…my hard, throbbing friend, you will get a taste of the nails too, oh yessss you surely will.”

The thought made her hips shiver slightly as the gentle tingle shot through them and she felt the wetness seeping from her.

It was time to go before she had an accident right there in the theatre, and from the look of the bulge in his pants and his breathing becoming a rhythmic pant, she knew he was not far behind her. She slipped her fingers from his warm mouth, and gave Gary one last stroke of her nails across his cheek, this time just a bit harder and faster, her nails making a soft hissssssss over his cheek.

She reached into her purse and took out a card and dropped it in Gary’s lap as she stood, whispering.

“Show me you’re mine” and walked quickly from the seat to the exit.

Gary wasn’t sure what had happened to her, she was gone so quickly. He held the card up and read it from the light coming from the projector behind him. It had a single name on it, Marlene, and a phone number. Gary knew his love life was about to take a turn, he wasn’t sure where that turn would take him, but he knew, without a doubt, he wanted to find out. He never wanted anything so badly in his life.

Marlene had hurried from the Theatre and the mall. She was sitting in her car now, in the process of trying to compose herself. She could feel the warmth in her cheeks and ears, knowing that they were red with a combination of blushing and excitement. Her full breasts were still heaving up and down, rhythmically, as her breathing was still keeping up with all the incredible feelings, which had consumed her. She couldn’t count the number of times she had played similar meetings over and over in her head, closing her eyes, savoring the moment the pursuit started, watching the man in her dreams from a distance, planning the moment that she would lock her eyes on his, reading his very soul. Feeling the split second, that one moment, she knew he belonged to her. That moment of transition, where the pursuit had turned to capture. That moment she had visualized and felt in her dreams, over and over, but had eluded her so far in real life, until today.

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