Another Makes Three Ch. 02


I woke slowly with a sense of displacement and no shortage of confusion. I sat up slowly, the room was dark except for a sliver of light from the slightly ajar bedroom door. I rubbed my eyes, thinking hard. Had I dreamt it? It felt real. But why had I fallen off to sleep if it had been real? Somebody had removed my left over clothing, my stockings, garter belt and shoes.

I stood and moved to the light switch. The overhead glared to life, and I blinked a few times to readjust my eyes. No, my clothing was there, on the floor where I’d left it. Why had I basically passed out then? Was she real? Had I drunk at the club? But I couldn’t have. It was a hard rule. We never played with even a little liquor in either of our systems.

I frowned then the frown deepened as I heard their voices, laughter streaming softly in from the living room down the hall. If it was real then why wasn’t he here with me? He always stayed beside me if any extreme reaction occurred and even if it didn’t. I was suddenly angry. No, not angry. I felt like a child who had been denied her way, what she was accustomed to.

I padded down the hallway, following the voices, and stepped into the living room, my hands on my hips. I heard my voice as I stared at them both, a hint of whine crept in. “What are you two talking about?” What I really meant, and I think it was apparent, was, “Why aren’t you here, with me, Master?” I was pouting, actually pouting.

They were sitting at the dining table, sharing a bite to eat. I felt jealousy. She seemed to be sitting so close to him, to attentive, leaning to far in to hear his words. I felt angry tears pierce my eyes, and I must have looked the part of the spoiled, petulant brat because not even seconds passed before he’d crossed the floor and slid a finger under the choker I wore, the ONLY thing I wore. He pulled me close, my lips inches from his, and he spoke roughly, breath hot on my face. “I suggest that you modify your behaviour and your tone.”

I wriggled in his hold, tugging my head back and freeing myself. I opened my mouth to argue with him, to protest and ask what he was doing with this woman we’d only just met. Complete hypocrisy of course. But I never got the words out. His hands on my shoulders forced me to my knees roughly. My knees thudded to the floor painfully, and I bit back a small whimper. He cupped my chin tightly and forced me to raise my face, and I stared at him, tears in my eyes. They weren’t from pain but from growing anger. He glared at me in return and reached to tug loose my choker, his collar. He tossed it on the table in front of the woman and stalked off. I shook there, out of anger, avoiding looking at her.

Master returned moments later, a strip of heavier leather in his hands. He buckled it around my throat and gripped one of the metal loops, tugging my head forward toward his groin. “Do you remember better now how to behave?”

I blinked back tears, feeling like a fool, and whispered softly, “Yes, Master. But you…” I didn’t even have the chance to finish my sentence before Pendik Escort he dragged me to my feet and propelled me to the couch. I found myself bent at the waist over an armrest, gripping the cushions for balance. “No, don’t.. I just.” My words were cut off as I sucked in a breath, the pain of the first slap shook me a little. He rarely spanked me that hard. It was reserved for moments when I really crossed the line.

He spanked me several more times before letting me rest there, my face buried in a throw pillow. The heat had spread across my ass. It must have been as red as the haze that crossed my vision. I shivered slightly, overwhelmed and still feeling some degree of protest. I bit back any words I might have said and resented him a little.

I felt humiliated. The woman sitting at the table has seen all of that. I didn’t know I was about to feel even worse. He grabbed me by the shoulders, forcing me to straighten and spun me around, sitting me on the armrest. He examined my face and nodded silently. I opened my mouth to speak before snapping it shut with a glance from him.

He half led, half dragged me to the table, lifting me to sit on it’s top, their dinner shoved aside. The woman watched silently from her side of the table, and he leaned to speak. “Kneel for me, now.” I did as I was told, scrambling to keep balance and kneel atop the table. I found myself a little above his eye level. I situated myself, kneeling back on my heels with my thighs together. His hands forced them apart. I flushed brightly. I knew that I was wet, even in all this humiliation I was sopping. He saw it too and touched my knees gently with his hands. I felt my pussy clench at his closeness. So many confusing emotions. Anger. Want. Need. Lust. Outright and simple, needful lust.

He placed his hand against my cunt, the heel of his hand against my clit, and curved his fingers inward. Two penetrated me deeply, and I rocked my hips in against them, my hands reaching for his shoulders. “No, lace them at the back of your neck.” I whimpered softly, placing my hands behind the leather of his collar and lacing my fingers together. It left me exposed completely. I felt my flush deepen, spreading across my cheeks and down my neck to pinken the swell of breasts now presented to him in a way that felt obscene by the lift of my arms.

He kept his hand where it was, gripping me gently by my sex. He moved his hand, grinding the heel against my clit and moving his fingers. I moaned deeply, longingly. “You need to be reminded of who you belong to, whose THIS,” he punctuated that with another light tug and flex of his finger tips, “Is!” He looked deep into my eyes as he began to move his fingers slowly, rocking them in and out of my body. “Do you remember now?” I nodded silently and he gripped again, speaking more slowly but with that tone in his voice that made me both want him and want nothing but to please him, “Do you.. Remember now?”

“Yes, Master. I remember,” I barely whispered. I could hardly speak.

“Good. Then beg for Anadolu Yakası Escort me,” his hand moved with practiced ease, it shifted and his fingers began to work in and out of me at an even fiercer pace. The movement of his hand seemed to stimulate my clit with every motion, and I found myself crying out more and more, rocking my hips to meet his touch. “Beg for your Master’s permission to cum,” he growled into my ear, biting and tugging at my lobe while his other hand reached for my breast. His thumb and forefinger pinched my nipple roughly, and I cried out again..

“Please, Master.. Oh, please. I’m begging you to let me cum, Master. Please may I cum for you, Master?” I cried out more and more.. Shudders wracking my body as I drew closer and closer to orgasm.

“Mm.. Yes, my pet, it pleases me to hear you beg, so wanton. You may cum. Because it pleases me, you may cum.” I whimpered again softly and came at his urging. I felt it wash over my body, causing my muscles to twitch both outside and inside, around his fingers. I slumped where I knelt, and he gently drew my hands away from the back of my neck, draping them around his shoulders. He gently lifted me, helping me stand on the floor for a moment. I clung to him tightly, burying my face against his chest.

I pressed close and felt his hardness. I moaned softly, pressing my hips to his, even after that I wanted him still. He thrust me a little away from him and spoke roughly, his voice ragged with his own lust. “Oh, don’t worry. I haven’t forgotten about that.” He pushed me gently to my knees again, my face at the level of his bulging pants. “You’ll suck me, little slave. Now.. I want you to do it now.” I glanced nervously to the woman who’d watched every moment of this, but his hand brought my attention to him again. “Ignore her, she will watch if she wants to, but this is not for you to decide. You’ll suck me dry either with or without her present, and you’ll start now.” His hand roughly twined into my hair and tugged my face to the front of his pants.

I felt my pussy clench again, and there wasn’t anything I wanted in my mouth more then I wanted him. My hands fumbled with his pants, managing finally to undo and lower them, letting his manhood sprung free. I groaned softly. I wanted it so badly.

My hands reached for him, and I closed one around the base of his cock, working up and down slowly as the other cupped his balls. My lips parted, and I leaned in, taking him into my mouth slowly. I leaned back a little, watching his face as he looked down at me. I began to suckle the head, licking at the very tip and teasing the underside.

I don’t know how true it is, but I was always told that women don’t like to suck dick. I do. I enjoy it. I love the look on his face as I bring him that pleasure, and it turns me on. Every bit of it. I got wetter and wetter as I sucked him. Bringing him as deeply into my mouth as he’d fit with every movement. I fondled his balls as I went, squeezing them gently and teasing that bit of skin just behind İstanbul Escort them. He groaned softly, and I answered with a moan of my own.

“You like this don’t you, slave? Bringing your Master pleasure. You love it when I cum in your mouth, don’t you?”

I moved my mouth from his cock to answer, “Yes, Master. I do.”

“It makes you wet doesn’t it? You’re soaked now aren’t you? Such a needful thing. You wish it was buried between your legs don’t you?”

I nodded, my hand working up and down his length, “Yes, Master,” hope in my voice.

He chuckled softly, “Not yet, little slave. Maybe if you ask our friend nicely enough…..” He left it hanging in the air, the potential.

I looked to her, and she looked thoughtful, watching us with appreciation. I swallowed and opened my mouth to speak, feeling suddenly so shy and timid. There I knelt, sucking my Master’s cock right in front of her, but I was to embarrassed to ask her to come closer, to finger fuck me ‘til I came. But I thought it.. My face must have shown the conflict I felt because she came closer and knelt on the floor beside me, facing my side, “You want my hand between your legs, don’t you?” She asked so matter of factly as she reached a hand to caress my breasts. I nodded silently. “Tell me how badly.”

I looked from her face to my Master’s and managed to formulate words, “Please, I want to feel your hand between my legs…” She raised a brow, it hadn’t been enough.. I gulped back an almost sob of intense want. “Please, I need to feel your hand, your mouth.. Anything! Please, I want to feel you between my legs while I suck my Master’s cock.”

She smiled softly to me, almost sweetly and nodded. “You asked so nicely, how could I say no?” with that she reached to rest her hand between my legs while her other fell to my lower back, kneading my flesh as she fingered me slowly. I dropped my mouth back to my Master’s cock, sucking with even more vigour. I moaned softly with her touch and the feeling of him fucking into and out of my mouth.

He groaned more, and I cried out softly as her thumb found that small nub. She played me easily, and I began to moan and cry out with more intensity even as my Master’s hands laced into my hair, pulling me in tightly. “There, just like that,” he gasped out as he held my head still briefly and began to thrust against my lips, truly fucking my mouth and quickening our pace. He loosened his hold enough so that I could move my head again. I sucked him harder as he growled softly, my own cries coming more quickly and raggedly.

Her hand between my legs brought me off easily, and I cried out once more around his girth. As I shuddered, moving my mouth up and down his length, he met me. His hands grasped tightly into my hair, forcing my mouth to stay at the base of his cock while he brought my face tightly to my grown. He came then, with a shivering groan, his groin pressed tightly to my mouth as I swallowed every drop and suckled every bit that was left.

He eventually let my head go, gently touching my cheek as he slid free with a long, low moan of pleasure. “Good girl. Such a good girl, and so attentive to your Master’s needs.”

I licked my lips and looked up at him, the woman’s presence all but forgotten, until she spoke as her hand slid free from my cunt. “And what about MY needs?”

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