I was 18 when it happened. About a size 16-18. Flaming red hair about 2 inches past my shoulders. DD breasts. I was quite developed when it came to sex. I’d had my fair share of men, probably more than. I thought I had all my desires figured out. And then I met Aura.

She was 19. Magnificent. 5’8, slender but strong, dark brown hair and bright green eyes. Pretty much a dead ringer for Joe Brooks, except for the “she” part.

It was a friend’s 18th. Just a house party, nothing really special about it. Loud music, drunk teenagers, lesbians galore. And then me.

Dick loving, red headed BBW.

And yet, as soon as I saw Aura, I wanted her. I have to admit, at first I really did think she was a guy. I hadn’t been exposed to so many manly lesbians before, so what?

When I found out she was in fact a woman, it did sadden me. She really was sensational. Black jeans slung low on perfectly cut hip bones, black t-shirt hidden away under a loose fitting, red chequered shirt. Short brown hair swept to the side, messy like she rolled out of bed looking that delectable.

But I liked men, end of story, so I went and got myself a drink and settled in to watch the poker game that was happening in the living room.

Just when I thought things were winding down, someone had to crank the tunes and then there were writhing bodies everywhere on the makeshift dance floor.

I simply watched on from my spot against the kitchen wall, amused, and then I felt someone press up against my side, erection very present under the rough denim. I didn’t remember seeing any guys here before and yet, this one smelt so good I thought I would melt right into him.

Next I felt a breath against my neck and lips right near my ear.

“That looks like fun, why don’t you come and dance with me like that?”

I’m fairly certain that if my eyes could have popped right out, they would have. It was Aura, and the minute she husked that question in my ear, my knees went a little weak and skin flushed a little warmer. My brain shut down. I could not get a sentence out for the life of me. I must have looked a little shocked when I turned to her, because she just laughed and pressed in tighter, fitted alongside me even closer. I was still a little confused by the hard presence against my thigh but I didn’t move away at all.

I did however, turn my head back toward the dancing. It was so tempting, and would have been so easy to just sway with her to the music all night, but I just couldn’t do it. I couldn’t move away for even that long.

“I’ve been watching you since the minute I got here. That dress is practically begging for me to tear it from you with my teeth.”

Okay, so the line was a little cheesy, but damn did it work. My breathing picked up instantly, eyes fluttered unconsciously as I let my head fall back to lean against the wall. I felt her hand at the hem, playing behind my leg where no one would see. It was a tease, meant to drive me insane and it was working. She knew it. “I think you’ve been watching me too.”

Busted. My lips were less than an inch from hers when I turned Kadıköy Escort back. “I have.”

Grinning like a Cheshire cat, her hand climbed higher on the back of my thigh, squeezing firmly. “See now, we’re gonna go into the free bedroom upstairs, and then I’m going to fuck you. And I swear on that damn fine dress, you will scream.”

And right then I was extremely glad that she was half pinning me between her body and the wall, or I would have been a puddle on the floor at that.

All I could do was nod like a bobble-head and before I knew it, I was being man-handled up the stairs and into the vacant bedroom. I’d been here before, guest bedroom. No personal items to get broken, which was good considering the next thing that happened was my back meeting the closed door hard enough to rattle the dresser beside it. She was strong and it was definitely working for me.

She kissed the way she did everything, hard and with an oozing confidence I’d always envied.

I felt my dress being inched up my thighs, over my hips, her hands searing my skin where they touched, then I was in my underwear, writhing against a fully clothed Aura. With one hand firmly placed against my collarbone, she pulled back just far enough that I couldn’t kiss her. Teasing. She smiled as she placed sweeter kisses along my jaw and neck, then pulled back to watch my face as her free hand roamed around my body. Caressing my flank, down to my hip, then over the top of my lace briefs, teasing and stroking me through the fabric.

My breath caught in my throat at the look of pure satisfaction on her face. She was getting off on my losing it. I had a snarky comment on the tip of my tongue when she decided this wasn’t moving quite fast enough. And with a hand at the small of my back, she muscled me over to the bed and threw me down onto it.

I bounced a little on impact and had the presence of mind to not giggle at the pure absurdity of the situation.

She smirked down at me. Like she were a predator, and I were her prey. I leant up as she came down, unsnapping my bra with no effort at all and then it was gone. I was getting rather anxious, being almost fully naked while she was still fully clothed. I went to cover myself a little, but Aura grabbed my hands and lifted them over my head, holding them there with one of hers, crushing us chest to chest while her other hand crept back down my body, this time sliding under my briefs. Her middle finger teased at my slit, just dipping in for a sample of the slick there.

Back and forth, back and forth, just as her mouth sealed over mine for a hard kiss, her middle finger slid right inside of me. I arched up into her as she swallowed back my moans. We stayed like that for a moment, kissing while she rubbed relentlessly at that sweet spot inside me. Then it all stopped, her hand left me aching for more, my lips tingling from her kiss and then I whined in the back of my throat before I could swallow the sound back. She laughed then, good naturedly and kissed me once before standing up and pulling my lace briefs off.

She Kadıköy Escort Bayan stood back for a minute, just staring down at me before shedding all of her clothes. First the over-shirt and black tee. Then her jeans pooled around her feet and she stepped out of them and over to me, I could see now she was wearing a strap-on. At least 7 inches long and thick enough that it had my mouth watering and my whole body shaking. Now I understood. I fully understood, she was really going to fuck me.

The idea alone was enough to have me moaning, but then she was back, grinding down into my body. Making my skin tingle and raise with goose-bumps. She kissed me again. Her right hand threaded through my hair, moving my head to the angle she wanted, while her left teased it’s way down to play some more, spreading my wetness around. She grabbed the strap-on and ran it up and down my slit a few times, never quite stopping where I wanted it the most. I pulled back to catch a breath and hadn’t even realized I’d whispered “Please” until she was tugging my bottom lip up in between her teeth.

“You think you’re wet enough yet baby? Want me to fuck you?”

A strangled moan was all I could manage as my pleading got desperate. I tried to pull her down so I could kiss those sinful lips again but she wouldn’t allow it. She smiled down as she lined up, taunting me with her eyes, then she licked over my bottom lip and whispered, “Scream for me..” at the same time she thrust fully inside of me. What else was there for me to do, but scream.

The sensation was incredible, being full, so full. And her smile just widened all the more. “God, I knew you’d scream so pretty for me.”

Her left hand came back up and slid beneath my lower back, holding me up for her, keeping me open. When she finally started to draw her hips back, she kissed me and this time she didn’t stop when she fell into a deep and hard rhythm.

I couldn’t keep my mouth sealed to hers though, not with the feeling of being so full, of the delicious friction her body made against mine. My head fell back against the pillows while my mouth was parted on a near constant moan. Her lips trailed down my jaw to my pulse point where Aura promptly sucked a bruise into the already damp skin there.

I could hear the keening sound I was making and didn’t even have the presence of mind to care. I was lost to the pleasure coming from the pounding of her hips. It was intoxicating and I couldn’t do anything but take it.

Just when I thought I would die from the sheer perfection of it all, Aura stopped. And the noise of protest left me before I could stop it. But then she was kissing me, hoisting my hips up closer, pulling a gasp from me. She had me lock my legs and arms around her before cradling my body to hers and raising up on her knees, placing my back against the headboard and letting some of my weight rest there. I slid a little further down her waist, properly seated in her lap. If it were at all possible, it felt as though I were more full.

I took a moment to be amazed at her strength. I have never Escort Kadıköy been particularly small and I definitely wasn’t at 18 either. But Aura was no featherweight, she had a pretty toned, muscular body, soft in the right places but strong where it counted. And right at that moment, it just counted that she could hold me there and still thrust into me.

I marvelled at her, my breath hitched with every stroke upwards and it was a few short thrusts before my moans picked up again. My hands found their way into her chestnut locks and I pulled her lips to mine again, though it was more a sharing of breath than an actual kiss. Her green eyes bore into me and I could feel my orgasm closing in.

The air in the room was rife with the intensity of it all. The sounds, the feelings. The way the light spliced through the curtains and fell across her shoulder, illuminating the dampness all along her skin.

She looked beautiful, and it only helped along the feeling of my impending climax.

I was so close and she must have noticed, she hitched me up and then changed her angle a little to hit my G-spot on every other stroke, not picking up her pace but lengthening the time on every stroke in, going as deep as possible.

A litany of praise and nonsense fell from my mouth. “Oh, fuck. Don’t ever.. Please don’t stop, god.”

I didn’t even know what I was saying at that point and I didn’t care, so long as the delicious feeling didn’t end.

And then came the stream of perfection that finally did it. “God, you’re so goddamn fucking sexy, taking it all so well baby. Ugh, I knew you would be wild, could tell as soon as I saw you. You look so perfect like this.”

Oh god, I was almost there. She thrust harder as she began again, “Look at you, so good for me. Come on baby girl, come for me. I know you can, you’re so close. Just come for me, baby.”

That was the end of it. Shaking like a new colt, my legs tightened around those delectable hips, my nails embedded themselves into unmarred skin covering strong shoulders, I threw my head back and I screamed as she fucked me through my climax. I’m sure the entire house must have heard me and neither of us seemed to really care.

After what seemed like hours but in reality was probably only a minute, I went limp in Aura’s arms, still sure that she would keep me up. I was breathing a mile a minute but it didn’t matter, she just took it in stride, held me to her body while she moved and lay us down, her on her back, with me sprawled atop her sweat soaked body.

Her arms tightened around the small of my back and she began to thrust at a strange angle again, pulling a strangled sound from me. It took my lust fogged brain a minute to realize that she was getting friction from it, and rapidly approaching her own orgasm. I turned my head up from her chest and nuzzled into her neck. While she rubbed herself to completion, I sucked an impressive bruise into her pulse point, marking her mine. For tonight at least.

When she came moments later, it was with a vice like grip on my waist and muffled groan with her teeth sunk into my shoulder, but I didn’t mind.

We settled back, me resting on her chest while she caught her breath, tangled together in someone else’s bed. Just as my eyes began to droop I heard her huff a laugh into my hair, “So fucking perfect.” I smiled then, and kissed her, before sitting up to start round two…

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